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Blood Dance

Li Chang Zai’s momentum was sudden, but Hua Ya Shan was not weak either. His heavy sword’s might had been reduced, so even though Li Chang Zai had used his shoulder to resist his sword, due to the heavy sword having no sharp edge, he was unable to harm Li Chang Zai.

It looked to be a mutual exchange, but in truth, Li Chang Zai held the definite advantage in that exchange. If Hua Ya Shan did not give up his offense to defend, the slender sword would behead him, but if he were to turn to defense, Li Chang Zai could take the chance to attack other parts of his body! Hua Ya Shan who was not proficient in speed had difficulty protecting the other vital parts of his body, so he was at the disadvantage.


Right at that moment of life and death, a hand suddenly extended out and covered Hua Ya Shan’s neck.


Li Chang Zai’s sword had struck the arm and produced an ear shattering sound, Hua Ya Shans hand had many cuts, but none of them were deep.


Li Chang Zai narrowed his eyes and immediately retreated, pulling a distance from Hua Ya Shan.

Hua Ya Shan put his hand down and wielded his heavy sword in one hand, he looked at Li Chang Zai coldly.

“I should have long guessed it with your heavy sword, not only did you train in Swift Wind Spirit Qi, but you definitely have trained in True Divine Spirit Qi, your defense is extraordinary.” Li Chang Zai said.

Hua Ya Shan shook his head, he shuffled his feet, with both hands on his sword, he moved again.

“My strength is not just surprising!”

With that said, his big sword swept forward like the wind.

Li Chang Zai did not dare to face Hua Ya Shan head on, he moved around nimbly, moving while waiting for an opportunity. Hua Ya Shan’s destructiveness was undisputedly strong and with his extraordinary defense, he was like an iron armored fierce lion with endless might! Fortunately, his Spirit Qi attribute was mainly True Divine Spirit Qi and his speed could not be compared to Li Chang Zai, if he were faster, Li Chang Zai would most likely not be able to fight him!

Speed was Li Chang Zai’s only advantage.

Of all the martial arts under the heavens, only speed was undefeatable! Those were no empty words.

Li Chang Zai was extremely fast to the point of not leaving any shadows, forming grayish winds all around Hua Ya Shan, the dense killing intent surrounding him.

The dense Sword Expanse seemed as though it contained many venomous snakes that eyed at Hua Ya Shan, making him trapped.


Hua Ya Shan could no longer hold back.

He raised his heavy sword and smashed it down on the ground in front of him.


With him as the center, a shockwave filled with True Divine Spirit Qi immediately exploded out, the Spirit Qi resonated outwards endlessly.

Li Chang Zai immediately leapt up and flipped over the shockwave, continuously spinning his body like a tornado towards Hua Ya Shan, the tornado erupted with a great amount of sword images, causing the spectator’s skin to turn numb.

“Sword Suppressing the Mountain and Rivers!” Just then, Hua Ya Shan roared, and his heavy sword’s body blossomed with a mystical green light.

In a flash, an indescribable and inconceivable force erupted from the heavy sword, Li Chang Zai was affected by this force, causing his speed to drop more than five times and the originally blurred sword images became clearer.

Hua Ya Shan snorted, he extended his left hand and directly grabbed onto the lustrous slender sword that was aimed towards him, his other hand wielding the heavy sword hacked towards Li Chang Zai’s waist, his intense movements shocked everybody.

With Hua Ya Shan’s strength, it was enough to completely hack Li Chang Zai in two!

Too ferocious!


In that imminent peril, a shot of light erupted from Hua Ya Shan’s left hand, it shot towards the sky and roared in all four directions, giving off the feeling that the slash could cut through anything, Hua Ya Shan’s left hand was instantly sliced off from the sharp light!

“What’s that light?”

“Could it be a light aura from Li Chang Zai’s sword?”

The spectators were all stunned, everyone had their eyes wide open, no one dared to blink, anxiously watching every minute details on stage.

After struggling free from Hua Ya Shan’s left hand, Li Chang Zai once again danced with his slender sword, this sword seemed to be unaffected by Hua Ya Shan’s force as it continued to raise in speed, and thrusted at Hua Ya Shan’s chest.

The sharp Sword Qi instantly ripped the clothes on Hua Ya Shan’s chest, and when Hua Ya Shan reacted, the cold light had already arrived, he anxiously instigated all of his True Divine Spirit Qi to defend, but it was useless for the True Divine Spirit Qi to converge at his chest, as the sword seemed to be able to pierce through anything. His chest that was covered with the True Divine Spirit Qi was cut through like paper.

Hua Ya Shan stared in shock at his chest that started to bleed, a look of disbelief appeared in his eyes.

~So fast!~

~What a sharp sword!~

“Why, why is it like this? My force was actually useless against you, and my True Divine Spirit Qi could not block your sword? Why?” Hua Ya Shan’s mouth leaked with blood as he spoke with difficulty.

“The reason is simple.” Hua Ya Shan laughed, he moved his five fingers and slashed horizontally with his sword.


The slender sword cut Hua Ya Shan’s chest, and cut off his arm.

His arm that was holding onto the heavy sword fell to the ground.

Hua Ya Shan was crippled.

Li Chang Zai kept his slender sword, his five fingers on his left hand touched the lustrous and slender sword body and said indifferently: “My sword is called ‘Blood Dance’.”

“Blood Dance.”

Hearing that, Hua Ya Shan’s eyes widened.

“Is it the treasured sword that has the ‘Rising Wind Mythical Formation’ sealed in it? ‘Blood Dance’? Hehe, my loss is not wrong, my loss is not wrong, hahaha” Hua Ya Shan laughed, and his eyes suddenly went black, he fell down and fainted.

The match was over, the winner, Li Chang Zai!

The spectators were all reluctant for the match to end, all of them had their own discussions, but there were some people who had heard Hua Ya Shan’s words. And they revealed looks of shock.

Su Yun had heard his words as well, although his time in the Ultimate Martial World could not be considered long, he still had a few ideas on some formations and such. Especially for the ancient and large ‘Rising Wind Mythical Formation’. It was said that this formation was able to break through all dao, disregard all mystical techniques, and was hailed as the absolute king of formations. As to what was used for the formation, Su Yun did not know much, but without question, it was a unique formation that no ordinary cultivator could touch upon.

Li Chang Zai possessed the ‘Rising Wind Mythical Formation’? Most likely it was a simplified model of the real formation, otherwise it would not be able to be sealed inside the sword, furthermore his current cultivation was not strong enough to control such a large formation.

“Oh? So the sword Li Chang Zai was using is ‘Blood Dance’? No wonder Hua Ya Shan lost! It is said that ‘Blood Dance’ has a formation sealed in it, it is a modified version of the ‘Rising Wind Mythical Formation’. Although its might is incomparable to the true version, it is not bad either, to activate the revised version and to be able to use Blood Dance’s unstoppable power, it will definitely affect the user. It disregards the influence of any Profound Spirit Qi, so although this small formation cannot be sustained for a long time, its might and effectiveness is truly surprising, thus this slender sword, ‘Blood Dance’, is one of the famed swords! But who would have thought that it would actually be in Li Chang Zai’s hands, I wonder how he got it?”

Just then, one of the participant in the resting area spoke to the person next to him.

Su Yun heard his words and secretly nodded his head, it tallied with his own guess and from that, he could roughly estimate Li Chang Zai’s strength.

Although his speed was slower than Su Yun, Su Yun did not know how fast Li Chang Zai’s speed could go up till, as Su Yun’s limit was 900 swords in a second.

~I wonder how many swords can he unleash?~

For some reason, Su Yun was excited to fight with Li Chang Zai.

Li Chang Zai left the stage and returned to his seat to recuperate, he swallowed a pill and closed his eyes to rest. After that, he took a glance at Su Yun.

Sensing Li Chang Zai’s gaze, Su Yun looked over, to see that Li Chang Zai was smiling at him, and cupped his fists towards Su Yun, he then turned his head back and closed his eyes.

“Hey, tell me, Su Yun against Li Chang Zai, who’s sword is faster?”

“Is there even a need to talk about it? Definitely Li Chang Zai! Li Chang Zai’s hailed as the swift Sword! If his sword is not the fastest, who can be?”

“But all of you have seen how Su Yun had defeated Zhang Jiu in one second, that speed is not to belittled as well!”

“That’s right, I say, Su Yun is even faster!”

“Tsk, What’s Su Yun worth, look at how he gets defeated by Li Chang Cai!”

“I can’t wait for them to fight on stage, but it is a pity, the following participants are all extremely powerful as well, if one of them gets eliminated, we won’t have a show to see anymore.”

“That’s true that’s true”

The spectators were all talking amongst themselves.

The formation beneath the stage activated again, slowly restoring the broken stage.

Zhu Wen climbed up the stage and looked around, he then raised his fat hands and aimed towards the gold screen in the air.

“Next up, we have 7 participants left! They are all the excellent figures of the competition, each one of them are giants among men, elites among elites!”

“Han Yue Xin! Shen Wu Ya! Li Chang Zai! Huo Quan Cai! Qin Si! Li Qin! Liu Lang! Out of these seven, who will be the crown champion of the competition! Let us widen our eyes and look at the screen!! For the next participants of the competition! Who will they be!!”

All the clamor stopped! All the spectators had their eyes fixated on the golden screen in the air, where the words were flying about endlessly, after about three seconds of shuffling, four names appeared!

Han Yue Xin against New Deer Auction House Li Qin!

Su Yun against Blade Sword Saint of War, Shen Wu Ya!


The entire competition grounds erupted into an intense joy.

Han Yue Xin’s name had once again blown away the entire competition grounds.

Undoubtedly, the beautiful and tall female warrior was the idol of countless people. Especially for the strong male cultivators who desired her.

Su Yun glanced at the crowd, pulling on his hood, he stood up.


Just then, a loud sound came by his side.

He turned his head to look, only to see Lu Zhan Yuan staring intently at Shen Wu Ya, his new fists were clenched extremely tightly, and because they were just formed, they were extremely weak, his action had caused the bones to break, but he looked as if he did not feel pain, as though he did not know they had broken.

“You hate him?” Su Yun asked.

Lu Zhan Yuan was startled as he turned to look at Su Yun, then shook his head and said: “I am just not reconciled to the loss.”

“You still want to fight with him?”

Lu Zhan Yuan nodded his head: “One day, I will win against him”

Su Yun looked at the deep fighting intent in Lu Zhan Yuan’s eyes, and suddenly felt that Lu Zhan Yuan was the true champion of the competition. From the start of the competition to now, he changed a lot and benefited a lot. Growth was considered the most prized thing to have.

He could not help but chuckle, then turned and walked towards the corridor.

“Zhan Yuan, I will be waiting for that day.”