Limitless Sword God
Chapter 432
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Limitless Sword God
Author :Fiery God
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Chapter 432

The Might of the Cold Sword

“S-so cold!!”

Zhu Wen trembled and anxiously dropped down from the stage. When he looked up at the stage again, he was shocked to realize that the entire stage was covered with a layer of thin ice!

“Host, please announce the start of the battle.”

Han Yue Xin looked at Gold Steel in front of her and said indifferently.

“R-right, l-let the competition begin.”

Zhu Wen’s teeth were trembling as he shouted.


The sound of the bell came out.

In that moment, Gold Steel moved on the stage, the True Divine Spirit Qi around his body were like thousands of soaring beasts, crawling up his body, covering every inch of him, his limbs, his torso, head, veins and arteries, his internal organs, and even to his eyelids.

He stepped up and rushed at Han Yue Xin. The stage trembled intensely like a magnitude 10.0 earthquake, the ice that had covered the surface layer of the stage instantly shattered.

“Force drawing the Mountains and Rivers!”

Gold Steel had his hands wrapped around his pumpkin hammer and with a roar, he swung it on Han Yue Xin.

The intense power caused the air to reverberate, the torrential impact from his one attack caused everyone to fear and panic, even the spectators seated down all felt an intense fear overwhelming their hearts.


A strange and clear sound suddenly came out.

Everyone anxiously turned to look, only to see that Han Yue Xin’s body had an entire layer of ice all over her body, and when the pumpkin hammer struck the ice, it remained intact.

However, the hammer’s force passed through the ice and directly struck the stage beneath them, with a ‘thump’ sound, the stage crumbled, countless of cracks surfaced as the ground started to split inch by an inch and the entire competition grounds trembled.

What a powerful force!

But what shocked the spectators even more was Han Yue Xin’s strange ice technique!


Just then, the layer of ice enveloping Han Yue Xin crumbled, Han Yue Xin came out of the ice and aimed her sword towards Gold Steel’s eyes.

Like a shooting star in the night sky.

Gold Steel instantly closed his eyes, the ice blue sword struck his eyelids, but was unable to pierce in, as though the eyelids were made of metal.

Han Yue Xin did not panic, she turned her body and leapt up, maintaining a distance from Gold Steel, then swung her ice blue sword at him, causing a burst of cold wind to emerge from her sword towards Gold Steel.

Gold Steel was slower by a second, resulting in his lower body to be covered with a large quantity of ice which started spreading very quickly, moving towards his upper body.

“You can’t win against me just by relying on this!!”

Gold Steel spun himself and released a thunderous roar.

True Divine Spirit Qi surged out from his body, instantly shattering the ice on him!


The spectators all released shouts.

“I never expected Gold Steel to look so dumb but actually be really powerful!! His True Divine Spirit Qi is extremely thick.”

Zhang Guo Hao could not resist but compliment.

“I still think that he isn’t Han Yue Xin’s opponent.” Xiao Zi Ru said coldly.

“Oh?” Zhang Guo Hao blinked his eyes as he stared at the stage intently.

Han Yue Xin landed lightly on the ground, using her ice blue sword, she danced around Gold Steel quickly, releasing a large amount of snowflakes, making it look like a hail storm was brewing. Gold Steel’s body was constantly encroached by frost and despite him destroying the layer of frost, ice would quickly form again, repeating with no end.

Gold Steel was enraged, after struggling for a moment, he scolded Han Yue Xin: “Han Yue Xin, is this all there is to you? If you have the capabilities, fight me head on! What’s the meaning of using such despicable means?”

“Oh? Despicable?”

Han Yue Xin frowned, then said coldly: “Since you say it is, then I will give you a head on battle!”

With that said, Han Yue Xin stepped forward and rushed towards Gold Steel.

Seeing that, he immediately swung his pumpkin hammer at Han Yue Xin, but Han Yue Xin was extremely agile and nimble, she revolved around Gold Steel while swinging her sword, while dodging, she maintained her offense, she looked like a butterfly flying in a dance, causing the spectators to enjoy her movements.

Han Yue Xin kept on pricking at Gold Steel’s body, but his gigantic body was extremely tough, regardless of how Han Yue Xin tried, she was unable to pierce his body at all!

“Hahahaha, My True Divine Spirit Qi is strong enough to transform my flesh body into one of Indestructible steel, you cannot harm me!” Gold Steel laughed fervently, and with a breath, red light surged through his gigantic and robust arms, dancing and revolving around it, which somehow made his movements with the large pumpkin hammer seem even lighter, his attacking speed suddenly increased and started to explode with a series of attacks at Han Yue Xin.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every hammer strike that landed was like an exploding landmine! Ice shattered everywhere, an ice cold mist was formed as it shrouded the entire stage.

Looking at the misty stage, Su Yun suddenly focused, seemingly sensing something.


A gentle wind blew, and the stage suddenly quietened down.

The sound of Gold Steel recklessly swinging his large hammer suddenly disappeared, the all the movements on stage seemed to have disappeared.

It was as though the battle had ended!

All of the spectators held their breath as they stared at the stage intently.

When the ice mist dissipated, a large ice statue appeared in the center of the stage!!

The ice statue was extremely squared with Gold Steel stuck right in the middle of it! At that moment, he was completely sealed within the ice, regardless of how he struggled, he was unable to break out of it!

“What’s going on? How did Han Yue Xin suddenly transform all the ice mist to seal Gold Steel?”

“What kind of mystical technique is that?”

Everyone were baffled.


The evaluator Xiao Zi Ru could not resist but exclaim out when she saw Han Yue Xin’s technique.

“What? Miss Xiao, did you manage to see through her technique?” Liu Gu asked.

Although the ice mist had pervaded out, but with their cultivation, they could see something else within the ice mist. Liu Gu only managed to see Han Yue Xin casually striking at Gold Steel with her sword, and the air all around Gold Steel immediately congealed into ice, firmly locking him in place.

How could Han Yue Xin wield such a terrifying technique?

“In truth, Han Yue Xin was preparing for this technique right from the start! All of you just saw her seal Gold Steel, but did not focus on the ice mist around the stage!” Xiao Zi Ru said indifferently.

“All of this ice mist was in fact the most important point that sealed Gold Steel! Han Yue Xin used her own techniques to release ice and snow, her goal wasn’t to seal Gold Steel but prepare for this technique, she had long known that ordinary ice can never lock Gold Steel down, thus she had to do this!”

When the other three evaluators heard that, they were stunned.

No wonder, the ice mist all around the stage was not ordinary!

“But, now that he is locked inside the ice, although he is unable to move, he is also protected by the ice, so how will Han Yue Xin hurt him now? If this goes on, once the time is up, they will be judged as a tie, Han Yue Xin is unable to win!” Li Gui Fang said.

“Then we need to see what she plans to do next.” Xiao Zi Ru stared at the stage.

Everyone looked on.

Han Yue Xin had sealed Gold Steel within the ice, but did not stop at that. She moved once again, like a fairy dancing around, quickly circling the large ice statue, her sword in hand was like a mirror that produced many minute stardust in the air while she moved around.

When she finished, Ha Yue Xin leapt up and like a feather, she gently landed on the side of the stage, and waved her hands.


Many different sized cracks formed on the gigantic ice statue, and the moment these cracks appeared, all the stardust flew straight into the cracks, straight to Gold Steel.

Sou sou sou sou sou

Countless of white lights cut Gold Steel’s body, and when he thought that he could break out through the cracks, he was locked down by all the of white light, and was instantly immobile.

“After being sealed in ice, the body will start to slow down, Spirit Qi will also slow down, Gold Steel’s defense will start to disappear, and despite the lax in the ice, he is unable to instigate his True Divine Spirit Qi to defend his body, thus Han Yue Xin was able to cut into his body! Her mystical technique is rather strange, I wonder how many of such strange mystical techniques the Ultimate Martial World has…”

Su Yun stared at the stage and muttered.


The ice statue crumbled, Gold Steel’s body was revealed once again, but he no longer moved as he maintained the position he was in when he was sealed in the ice, in the next moment, ‘boom, the large pumpkin hammer dropped to the ground, his arms and legs had suddenly broke apart, and piece by piece, like a human puppet, he dropped to the ground.

Although he was not dead, but his appearance looked extremely miserable, all of his wounds had been covered by ice, his blood even froze, proving Han Yue Xin’s might.

The entire venue was silent.


All the spectators could only watch on with their eyes opened.

Zhu Wen regained his senses, seeing the messy stage, he shouted with trembling voice: “The winner, Participant H-han Yue Xin from Group A!!”

It was only after a few seconds did the spectators regain their senses from his exclamation, not long later, they all started to scream and roar, everybody shouting and chanting Han Yue Xin’s name.

“Han Yue Xin! Han Yue Xin!”

“Miss Han Yue Xin, I love you!”


Gold Steel was an expert that had fought his way up to the top 20s, as a third stage Spirit Master Cultivator, he was actually so easily dealt with by Han Yue Xin! Adding that she was unharmed throughout the whole fight, her beautiful and calm strength had convinced countless of people.

“This Han Yue Xin is interesting!”

Above the stage in the western pavilion, a blurred figure slowly nodded his head.

“Han Yue Xin has extremely high talent and has taken discipleship under the Ice Heart Hall. The [Mythical Ice Jade Arts] she trains in is a first-class mystical technique, so to have such strength is not surprising, what this subordinate finds strange is that our competition is able to attract the likes of her, that is truly surprising.”

Huo Quan Cai, who was standing by the side, cupped his fists and said with a smile.

“Regardless of what her goal is by participating in this competition, you better be prepared, I believe that you will be facing against her in a few rounds, but you better not disappoint me.”

“Master, rest assured, Quan Cai will give it his all!”

Huo Quan Cai immediately replied.

“Our few trading organisations have our own representatives, this is not just a competition within yourselves, but it is also a competition between us, if you win, not only will you be winning face for me, as it involves an agreement between us, we are all fighting for the operation authority within a region! Whoever wins will obtain the rights to this authority, so your opponent is not only Han Yue Xin, but three other experts, so be careful! Whatever treasures you need, just let me know as soon as possible!”

“Yes, master.”
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