Limitless Sword God
Chapter 431
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Limitless Sword God
Author :Fiery God
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Chapter 431

Disregarding The Consequences

It was as though the scene froze!

The entire competition grounds was silent… The participants, the spectators, the evaluators, the host… All of them stared at the stage dumbstruck!

The situation was extremely strange.

Dao Huang twitched for a few moments, then completely lost all signs of life.

Her head was stabbed twice, unless she had some unique treasure that could preserve her life, she would definitely be dead through and through!!

Su Yun stood up then pulled out the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and the sub sword, putting them back into the sword sheath, as though nothing had happened.

Only then did everyone regain their consciousness.

Li Gui Fang suddenly rushed up to the stage and knelt down beside Dao Huang’s body to check on her. After sensing that Dao Huang had died, her face took a great change, she immediately retrieved a pill and placed it in her mouth, biting it into powder. She then lowered her head and moved the powder from her mouth into Dao Huang’s mouth, after completing that, she immediately raised her head, she stared at Su Yun coldly then screamed: “Capture him!!”


A few of the guards on the grounds immediately ran over.

Seeing that, Su Yun frowned: “Why are you capturing me?”

“You killed Dao Huang! You killed a participant!!! Are you still telling us to stay out of it?” Li Gui Fang said coldly.

Su Yun shook his head: “It was by mistake! According to the competition rules, killing by mistake will not be punished!”

“By mistake? If you say it is a mistake, then it’s a mistake? Who do you think you are?” Li Gui Fang snorted.

“I am Su Yun! Who are you?” Su Yun said indifferently: “Aren’t you the evaluators invited by the hosts? Aren’t you supposed to stop me even before I accidentally killed Dao Huang? Why didn’t you? Now that she’s dead, you should all bear half the responsibility, because you guys did not do what you were supposed to do, so if you want to capture me, you guys cannot run from your responsibility either!”


Li Gui Fang was speechless against his words.

Although she was an evaluator, she was not the biggest, there were still the four pavilions in the air and those were the true important figures of the competition! In a nice way to put it, they were evaluators, but in an ugly way of saying it, they were there to work for dirty money!

Just then, evaluator Zhang Guo Hao stood up: “Participant Su Yun is right, an accidental kill is an accidental kill, he should not be held responsible, if it was deliberate, how could we not see that? And why would we let it happen? It is because it was accidental and unforeseen, no one expected such a situation, thus participant Dao Huang died! This matter can only be called an accident and the fault does not lie with Su Yun.”

Upon hearing that, the other two evaluators kept quiet.

In truth, Zhang Guo Hao spoke rather tactfully, if everyone agreed with Li Gui Fang that Su Yun had intentionally killed Dao Huang, that would mean he managed to kill her in the presence of the four evaluators, who were supposed to prevent such a matter, so how could the evaluators escape from such a thing?

“How can that do? How can they treat it as such!?”

Suddenly, a furious shout came out from the Group A stands.

Everyone turned to look and saw that a few participants from the Quick Blade Sect stood up and were all staring at Su Yun with anger! Previously, the sturdy man who was kicked by Su Yun before, stood up and pointed at Su Yun angrily: “Su Yun has to pay for killing, he murdered our senior sister, how can we leave it like that? We want him to pay with his life!!!”

“Yes, pay with his life! Su Yun has to die!!”

“He has to die!”

The participants from Quick Blade Sect all shouted in agitation.

It wasn’t just them, even the few who were trying to curry favor with the Quick Blade Sect or the spirit cultivators who liked Dao Huang all stood up, protesting out loud.

It was the first accidental kill to happen in the competition, so naturally, the response would not be small.

During the competition, both participants would cautiously avoid attacking the enemy’s heads, as no matter how powerful a spirit cultivator was, the head and the heart were vital parts that upon being struck would lead to death or being crippled.


Suddenly, a loud smashing sound came out, evaluator Xiao Zi Ru stood up, she coldly glanced around and snorted: “What are all of you doing? You want to rebel?”

Everyone kept quiet.

Seeing that Xiao Zi Ru was acting up, all of the Quick Blade Sect’s people calmed down slightly but all of them looked at her with eyes of unwillingness.

The sturdy man walked up a few steps and out of the participants stand, then cupped his fists towards Xiao Zi Ru and spoke: “Master Xiao, we have no other intent, we’re just hoping to seek justice, Dao Huang cannot die for nothing.”

“Justice? What justice? This is a competition, death is a normal thing! Previously, didn’t we state that clearly in the rules?” Xiao Zi Ru snorted: “I hope that you all will not give me anymore problems, if you guys are furious about Su Yun killing Dao Huang, then after the competition, your Quick blade Sect can look for him anytime to settle the debt, but right here and right now, you guys are not allowed to do anything! Otherwise, I will cripple all of your cultivations and throw all of you out!”


The sturdy man was furious, but the people behind him pulled him back.

“Senior brother, don’t be angry! This competition is held by the various huge organizations, even though Xiao Zi Ru is an evaluator, she is still considered part of the officials! If you were to provoke her, you are indirectly provoking those huge organizations, at that time, even the Patriarch cannot protect us.” One of the Quick Blade Sect disciples said.

“Are we just going to leave it like this?” The sturdy man gritted his teeth: “For Dao Huang to have met with mishap here, if we were to return to Quick Blade Sect, we will be punished by the Patriarch!”

“Su Yun only harmed her fleshly body, her spirit and soul still exists, we can just take senior sister’s body back first, the Patriarch will definitely have a way to revive her!”

Upon hearing that, the sturdy man thought for awhile, then clenched his fists and nodded: “Such a revival will not keep her cultivation, but will keep her life! Alright then”

The Quick Blade Sect’s people calmed themselves down and returned to their seats.

Seeing that, Xiao Zi Ru spoke to the startled Zhu Wen: “Continue with the competition.”

“Oh yes, yes!”

Zhu Wen nodded his head, then shouted out loud: “Now, everybody, although there was a minor accident in the competition, but it will not affect anything, let us continue with our next round!”

Everyone immediately screamed out loud.

The next round of competition welcomed the passionate screams of the spectators.

It was not rare for deaths to occur in the Ultimate Martial World’s competitions, but this time, it was slightly more special as the daughter of the Quick Blade Sect’s Patriarch was involved, many people could not help but be worried for Su Yun.

The Quick Blade Sect’s People kept Dao Huang’s body, where a few of the already eliminated Quick Blade Sect Disciples quickly headed back to the sect for the Patriarch to revive his daughter.

As for Xiao Zi Ru and Liu Gu, they flew up towards one of the pavilions. Standing outside the pavilion, they bowed down respectfully, and after obtaining approval, the two of them went in.

After a moment, the two of them left the pavilion and returned to their seats and continued to observe the competition.

Su Yun returned to his seat, his expression not changing much.

But other than Lu Zhan Yuan, the other people subconsciously sat further away, as though they were intentionally maintaining a distance with Su Yun.

Su Yun understood their intentions, although the people of the various huge trading organizations did not see the Quick Blade Sect as anything, the various Spirit Cultivators were not the same! After all, how could they resist a sect alone? For Su Yun to have killed Dao Huang, he had immediately offended the sect and would become the public enemy, if they were to mix with him, who knew whether they would be mistaken as part of his group and would be pulled into trouble.

Lu Zhan Yuan no longer knew what to say to Su Yun.

Previously, he had asked for Su Yun to give up on the competition, but who knew that not only would Su Yun not give it up, he even killed Dao Huang in the competition! Compared to other participants, Su Yun was much more vicious!!!

Lu Zhan Yuan hesitated for a moment, then spoke softly: “Many of the sects here have communication treasures, I believe that the news of Dao Huang’s death would have been spread to the patriarch of the Quick Blade Sect already, he is a man who will repay blood for blood and is a cunning and vicious man! He will most likely send out experts from his sect to come here! Brother Su, are you prepared to handle this?”

“I will compete first then leave New Deer City after!”

Su Yun said indifferently.

Hearing that, Lu Zhan Yuan’s mouth was wide open. He thought of something to say, but seeing Su Yun’s calm expression, he finally decided to stop speaking.

In Group C and D, only four participants including Su Yun remained with the rest being eliminated, while 9 people remained in Group A and B, indicating that the competition was about to be over soon.

Just then, light auras shot out once more, one from Group B and another from Group A.

Everyone anxiously turned to see who the light auras were coming from.

From Group B, the participant was a robust and strong man dressed in heavy armor, wielding a gigantic dual wield pumpkin hammer. It was rumored that this man’s True Divine Spirit Qi was extremely dense and profound, he was able to cut through mountains and break the oceans, his entire body was extremely durable and no one was able to cut into his body, thus everyone called him ‘Gold Steel’.

Upon seeing who the light aura came from in Group A, the entire competition grounds flew into an uproar!!

Han Yue Xin!!

Cold Sword Han Yue Xin!

From the start of the competitions, many battles had occurred, but Group A’s Cold Sword Han Yue Xin had never appeared, no one knew if it was deliberate or coincidental, but now that the competition was ending, they had finally chosen her!

“That’s great! It is finally time for the goddess to appear on stage!”

“Han Yue Xin, do your best!”

“Han Yue Xin, you must definitely win!”

A few excited spectators screamed out loud.

At the resting area, many of the injured participants all walked out to observe the battle, many of them had anticipation written all over their face.

“It is said that Cold Sword Han Yue Xin is a top grade famed genius! They say that she is already at the fifth stage of the Spirit Master Realm!”

“Fifth Stage Spirit Master? Why did the information that I saw indicate that her fighting strength was no more than 5000??”

“I think she has a treasure that is able to change her fighting strength, the proof of qualifications that wrote 5000 must definitely be a lie, her true strength far exceeds that!”

“Zezeze, there’s such a treasure? Then we will have to take a good look at her strength!”

Han Yue Xin stood up and walked over to the stage. She was dressed in light blue robes, her white and slender fingers held onto a blue slender sword, her hair swayed along with the wind while she moved agilely, her facial features were delicate with clear bright eyes and pure white teeth, there seemed to be an internal ice mist lingering around her body, which looked like a blooming blue lotus from afar.

Gold Steel saw his opponent and was rather surprised, however, he was not afraid. He growled lightly and jumped up the stage.


The entire stage swayed, like a large mountain had smashed onto it.

But even when the stage was swaying, Han Yue Xin remained extremely still, and continued to walk on the swaying stage.

Seeing that, Gold Steel stabilized the stage and glared at Han Yue Xin who only reached the height of his waist.

“Miss Han, I have always admired you and hope that you can be my dual cultivation partner! If you agree, I will immediately admit defeat, if you do not agree, I promise you, even for you, I will not hold back!”

Gold Steel spoke out.

“You are boasting too much, you are not fit to be my dual cultivation partner.” Han Yue Xin said coldly, without being courteous.

Hearing that, Gold Steel was immediately enraged, he growled like a beast saying: “Since it is so, then fine! I hope that you will not regret your words!”

Han Yue Xin did not speak further, she raised her sword in hand and gradually unsheathed the sword.

In that moment, the temperature on the entire stage dropped fervently, almost instantly reaching zero degrees and the temperature was still dropping.

Su Yun focused, only to realize that Han Yue Xin’s sword was only unsheathed half way.

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