Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 430
Su Yun’s Vicious Move

True Divine Spirit Qi focused on force, Swift Wind Divine Qi focused on speed and Wild Blade Spirit Qi focused on destruction and damage.

Su Yun was equally as fast, but in terms of destructive capabilities, Su Yun’s sword could not be compared to Dao Huang’s blade. As time passed, Dao Huang’s eyes became redder, her swinging of the blade became faster and faster and her destructive capability became even more fearsome.

Her situation caused Su Yun to recall the Right Protector Mo Xin Kuang of the Devil Sect. Mo Xin Kuang was a demonic cultivator that had four arms and a height of about 3m with natural berserk eyes and wielded a 5000 kg big blade. Mo Xin Kuang always used all four arms to fight, Mo Xin Kuang’s initial dance with the blade was slow, but following a long drawn battle, the berserk blood in Mo Xin Kuang’s body would ignite, causing Mo Xin Kuang’s power, speed and reaction time etc. to all increase, causing the blade dance to become even faster.

Although the Devil Sect was powerful, it was only so to the people of the Sky Martial Continent, in the Ultimate Martial World, the Devil Sect was nothing and Dao Huang was substantially stronger than Mo Xin Kuang by a lot.

However, the symptoms that the two of them had were identical. If that was true, continuing to fight with Dao Huang in such a way would only allow Dao Huang’s speed and destructive capabilities to become more powerful and Su Yun would only be placed at a disadvantage as time passed.


Dao Huang stomped onto the ground fiercely and suddenly took a deep breath and roared.


The sky shattering roar exploded out like a lion roar, everyone became muddle headed from her voice.

“Su Yun! You can go and die!!”

Dao Huang stopped her roar and slashed fiercely at Su Yun’s head, with the intent of cutting him in two.

“Not good, killing technique!”

Zhang Guo Hao’s face changed, he anxiously stood up and was about to intervene… But then he saw Dao Huang suddenly looking at him coldly.

Zhang Guo Hao’s entire body trembled, he hesitated for a moment, but ultimately did not go up on stage.

He did not know what kind of backing Su Yun had, but he knew for sure who was behind Dao Huang! As the daughter of the Quick Blade Sect’s Patriarch, offending her meant offending the Quick Blade Sect. Maybe the organizations who sponsored the competition would not fear the Quick Blade Sect, but he was just a small evaluator, with minor achievements, how could he dare to provoke the Quick Blade Sect?

Then, just when everyone thought that Su Yun would be killed with Dao Huang’s move, the long Scarlet Blood Sword flew out of Su Yun’s hand and struck Dao Huang’s thin blade from its side.


The blade and sword collided! Although the Scarlet Blood Sword did not have much force, it still changed the thin blade’s trajectory! It swept past Su Yun’s arm and slashed into the ground.

By this time, Su Yun had already awakened from Dao Huang’s roar, he flew in the air and grabbed the Scarlet Blood Sword, he then flipped and attacked Dao Huang’s shoulder.

What surprised everyone was that when the sharp sword touched her shoulder, it actually did not stab inwards! Dao Huang’s yellow robes actually hardened and turned into what seemed like a gold armor, deflecting the sword away.


Su Yun was startled.

“Do you think that you can break a 42nd tier Imperial Equipment? Su Yun, for you to fight me without having any imperial equipment, you are bound to lose!!!”

Dao Huang said coldly, then unleashed another 300 blades.

Su Yun anxiously used his sword to defend.

~42nd Tier Imperial Equipment? So that’s a 42nd Tier Imperial Equipment? Although it cannot compare to my 7th Tier Imperial Equipment, but as a defensive treasure, how can I use my own defensive type Imperial Equipment to break hers?~

~Wait a minute.~

Su Yun suddenly thought about something.

~Although her robe is an Imperial Equipment, clothes are still clothes, it can’t protect her head, hands and legs, if I were to directly attack the parts that are not covered by her clothes, what will happen?~

Thinking about that, Su Yun’s gaze turned cold, he suddenly increased the speed of his sword, unleashing the Divine Wind Sword Technique, his hands moved as fast as gales and he danced extremely rapidly. Dao Huang’s limit was 400 blades, But Su Yun was able to increase his speed to over 600 swords in a breath.

With the sudden increase in speed, it caught Dao Huang by surprise, as it became difficult for her to resist, she anxiously retreated, but just as when she was about to retreat and defend, her cheek suddenly felt pain, followed by a gust of wind that swept past her.

Dao Huang’s heart trembled, she immediately roared and forced Su Yun to retreat, then she herself retreated back to the side of the stage, she held her face, only to realize that there were three shallow sword marks on her cheeks with blood flowing out.

“So fast!”

In Group A Region, Han Yue Xin could not resist but exclaim out.


Jiang Qing Long frowned: “Miss Han, you’re talking about Dao Huang’s blade right? The Quick Blade Sect is not some unknown sect, as the daughter of the Patriarch, Miss Dao Huang’s blade is naturally fast.”

Han Yue Xin shook her head, her gaze tightly locked onto Su Yun, and said: “I wasn’t talking about Dao Huang, but Su Yun’s sword”

“Su Yun?”

Jiang Qing Long and the rest looked at each other, with perspiration trickling down their faces.

In truth, they could not be blamed, Su Yun’s release of swords had suddenly increased in a breath of time, and initially, when everyone could no longer see their exchange of attacks, how could they see that Su Yun had increased his speed by a fold? Seeing that Dao Huang’s face was cut, everyone thought that Su Yun was lucky.

“I never thought that there would be someone who could unleash such a quick sword!” Li Chang who had his hands folded across his chest suddenly spoke out.

Han Yue Xin looked at him, then said: “I wonder whose sword is faster, comparing Young Noble Li and him.”

Li Chang’s eyes squinted slightly and replied indifferently: “I want to find out as well.”

On stage.

Dao Huang ferociously wiped away the blood on her face, the red in her eyes becoming even more dense.

To any ladies, their face was the most important and to any female cultivator, their face was also the most important. They could give up on their cultivation or their life, but never on their beauty. Although Dao Huang was fierce, she was still a lady! For the other party to actually harm her face, how could she bear that humiliation?

“Since young, no one has ever hurt my face before!!! Su Yun! I will slice you into a thousand pieces!!!”

Dao Huang roared, she held her blade tight and rushed forward again. When she approached, Su Yun was clearly able to feel that the Wild Blade Spirit Qi in her body had started to change, actually morphing into an extremely strange Spirit Qi!

It was a type of Spirit Qi that was faster than the Swift Wind Spirit Qi and more powerful than Wild Blade Spirit Qi, a type of Spirit Qi that Su Yun had never seen before!

When Dao Huang got close, she roared out: “Howling Wind Torrential Rain!!”

The Thin blade unleashed many dense Blade Qi that rushed towards Su Yun like rain, coordinating with her ferocious frequency of attack and in that second, she had unleashed over a thousand attacks!

If it were any ordinary person, they would have long been smashed into powder!!

Su Yun’s face turned serious, without hesitating, he moved quickly and unleashed his 7th Tier Imperial Equipment, causing a thick and majestic Divine Qi to envelop his body.

Regardless of how ferocious Dao Huang’s attack was, they were unable to break through the Divine Qi! The Thin blade Qis that struck the Divine Qi was like hitting on an invincible steel board, other than the sounds produced, there was not even any ripple or undulation formed.

“Imperial Equipment?!”

Dao Huang was surprised.

How could she have known that Su Yun would have an Imperial Equipment as well! And it was also a defensive type equipment

“What a fast blade! The Blade Qi is also extremely stable, but it isn’t enough just by relying on that!”

Su Yun snorted, he looked at Dao Huang coldly, no longer courteous.

He removed the Imperial Equipment and changed his Spirit Qi attribute into Pure Divine Spirit Qi. He unleashed Divine Wind Sword Technique and his arms started to make many large gestures. They may seem extremely slow, but it was the formation of a large quantity of ferocious attacks! The true torrential storm of sword attacks came out.


It was a speed that surpassed what any senses could catch, faster than what the eyes could see!

A speed that choked people!

Even faster than the speed of sound! Even quicker than lightning!

Even the sword images could not be seen by the spectators!

It was as though the world was being thrown behind by the swift sword!

Dao Huang panicked, her heart almost jumping out from her throat. She could clearly feel the speed and power that Su Yun had unleashed on her.

Dao Huang immediately used [Quick Blade Arts] blocking Su Yun’s countless of swords that were faster than lightning.

Clang clang clang clang!

Clear and crisps sounds exploded out! Dao Huang realized in shock that Su Yun’s attacks was multiple times faster than before!!! With every blade she produced, he had unleashed 3 swords!

~Why is the difference in speed so great?~

Dao Huang thought with cold beads of perspiration behind her back, she then realized that Su Yun had always been concealing his true strength.

She was completely suppressed in terms of speed!


Just then, a clear sound exploded out, only to see the thin blade being deflected out from Dao Huang’s hands because of the Scarlet Blood Sword, it spun in the air for a few rounds before dropping on the floor.


Dao Huang panicked and before she could even think of the next move, a kick landed on her abdomen, causing her to fly.

Su Yun stared at Dao Huang who was in a panic and had lost her fighting intent, holding the Scarlet Blood Sword, he walked towards her.

Previously when fighting with Dao Huang, he brought an attitude meant to practise, hoping to absorb some skills by sparring with his opponents.

But no longer.

Because Dao Huang had revealed her killing intent not once, not twice, but multiple times.

~She wanted to kill me! She wanted to slaughter me! She wanted me to die!~

~If she wants it like that, then I won’t hold back!~

Su Yun was a man who differentiated grievances and grace clearly, if the other party wanted him to die, how could he sit still and await death?

He stared coldly at Dao Huang who was on the floor, he directly walked forward with his sword aimed directly at her head.

Her head had no clothes for protection or any defense.

“Su Yun! I am Quick Blade Sect’s Patriarch’s daughter! You dare to kill me?!”

Dao Huang panicked, she immediately extended out her both hands and grabbed onto Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, using all of her Spirit Force to cover her hands and hold onto the sword.

But how sharp was the sword tip? Even with the support of Profound Spirit Qi, Dao Huang’s fingers started to be cut, the sword tip gradually went lower and lower, down to Dao Huang’s head.

“What? Why can’t I kill you? You want to kill me, but I have to be merciful to you?” Su Yun said coldly, his pale face revealing an extremely bewitching and sinister look!

Dao Huang’s entire body trembled! For some reason, she felt that the current Su Yun was even more terrifying than a demon!

Seeing the two of them in a locked position, the entire competition grounds was silent, all of their eyes fixated on the stage.

All the participants around were shocked.

What was Su Yun doing? Was he truly trying to kill Dao Huang?

“Are we going to stop them?”

Liu Gu asked with a smile.

“I don’t think so, Su Yun will not kill Dao Huang. Unless he wants to offend the Quick Blade Sect, he should know the proper behavior.” Li Gui Fang said.

“Then he should be slicing off Dao Huang’s arms or legs off and make her lose her ability to fight, so he can win the competition, but it seems to me that he is aiming for her head, if the sword goes down, isn’t that taking Dao Huang’s life?”

Liu Gu said.

“I too, am not sure what Su Yun is thinking.” Zhang Guo Hao said.

But right at that moment, Xiao Zi Ru’s face suddenly changed, she anxiously stood up and shouted: “Participant Su Yun, hold your hand!!”

Upon hearing that, the three of them anxiously looked to the stage.

Only to see that Su Yun suddenly extended his left hand to his sword sheath, and took out another subsword, without saying a word, he stabbed towards Dao Huang’s head.

His movements was extremely fast, by the time Dao Huang reacted, the sub sword had already arrived!

Dao Huang’s eyes opened wide, she wanted to receive the sword but was too late, she could not resist the Scarlet Blood Sword either, how could she withstand another sword?


The sound of sword cutting into bone and meat came out, after that, Dao Huang’s hands gently dropped from the Scarlet Blood Sword and powerlessly spread out over the ground.

Without Dao Huang’s resistance, the Scarlet Blood Sword stabbed down again, stabbing straight into Dao Huang’s right eye.