Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 429
Quick Blade Swift Sword

When Dao Huang and her crew left, Su Yun’s gaze turned and looked at their backs, he asked the furious Lu Zhan Yuan: “Who is Dao Huang?”

Hearing that, Lu Zhan Yuan was surprised: “Brother Su, you’ve never heard of Dao Huang?”

“It’s my first time in New Deer City.”

“Then do you have a backer?”

“Cultivation is for oneself, I am a solitary man, where can I get a backer?”

“Then why did you speak to her so bravely? This little brother I, still thought that you had a backer, thus you were so unyielding to her, and was thus not fearful of the Quick Blade Sect!”

“Must I have a backer?” Su Yun did not understand.

“Huh?” Lu Zhan Yuan’s face instantly turned pale.

He had thought that Su Yun would know who Dao Huang was. From how Su Yun behaved so fearlessly in front of Dao Huang and her men, Lu Zhan Yuan guessed that Su Yun’s backer would not be simple, but who knew that Su Yun would actually not know anything?

“Terrible, terrible, that’s terrible!!”

Lu Zhan Yuan started to panic, he lowered his head and muttered. Suddenly, he raised his head again, he grabbed onto Su Yun’s shoulders and said: “Brother Su, quickly go and apologize to Dao Huang now and do what she says, if not, I am afraid you will not able to leave New Deer City!”

“Zhan Yuan, do you think that will ever happen?” Su Yun’s voice suddenly turned cold.

Lu Zhan Yuan was startled, he then realised that although he and Su Yun had not interacted for a long time, he knew Su Yun’s personality well.

“Who exactly is this Dao Huang? Is her influence in New Deer City that big?” Su Yun asked.

“It isn’t BIG big, but it isn’t small either.” Lu Zhan Yuan sighed, then said: “Brother Su, you should have noticed the Quick Blade Sect’s clothes that she wore right?”


“Sigh, Dao Huang’s identity is not simple, she’s actually the youngest daughter of the Quick Blade Sect’s Patriarch. Because she was birthed so late, her cultivation is the lowest amongst the Patriarch’s few children. The Quick Blade Sect is not considered a very powerful sect, but its strength is something one should never underestimate, as even the City Lord of the New Deer City is somewhat fearful of them. Though the Quick Blade Sect is located far from here, countless spirit cultivators that want to curry favour with them will help her, even the City Lord will protect her! For you to offend her, how can you be safe?” Lu Zhan Yuan sighed and said.

“So it’s like that.”

Su Yun lowered his head and thought.

“Since you are not willing to lower your head to Dao Huang, I feel that Brother Su should quickly leave, take the chance to leave now, give up the competition and go!!”

“Go? Will it be that simple? If it was, then all of those participants that didn’t want to participate would have run!”

Lu Zhan Yuan was startled: “Th-then, what do you plan to do?”

Su Yun shook his head: “I have no plans, I’ll continue participating.”

Seeing that Su Yun was fearless, Lu Zhan Yuan opened his mouth wide, but was speechless.

Just then, one of the Spirit Cultivators behind Dao Huang suddenly stood up and walked over to one of the worker at the side of the stage and whispered somethings at his ear. The worker nodded his head, then tacitly looked around, then headed over to Zhu Wen.

Su Yun caught all of their actions, and he thought…

~Seems like Dao Huang is ready to fight me next.~

The ongoing round lasted for about an incense stick worth of time before the victor was decided, the loser had his legs chopped off and had a hole in his chest, his Spirit Qi leaked out, causing him to be unable to continue fighting.

Although it was not considered spectacular, the spectators watched with satisfaction.

“Alright! Everybody, the competition has reached its climax, now, as everyone can see, we do not have many participants left in the stand, but, all of them are elites amongst elites, experts amongst experts! They will be bringing us breathtaking battles and will bring us a feast for our eyes! Now, who will be chosen for our next battle?!”

Zhu Wen shouted out loudly, waving his fat hands around, he pointed up to the sky.

“Let the selection begin!!”

WIth that said, a light aura instantly shot out from Group B stand!

Su Yun looked, to see that it was Dao Huang.

“Dao Huang, do your best!!”

“Miss Dao Huang, go for it!! You will win!!”

“Dao Huang will win, Dao Huang will win!!”

“Dao Huang will win, Dao Huang will win!!”

Dao Huang stood up, causing the people behind her to instantly applaud and shout out loud. Following their roars, Dao Huang’s fans all stood up as well and screamed.

In that moment, the entire competition grounds was in an uproar, the name ‘Dao Huang’ seemed to envelop the entire competition grounds.

In that moment, Dao Huang seemed to be the main character.

Lu Zhan Yuan looked at the the excited spectators at a loss and sighed helplessly.

And just after Dao Huang’s card lit up, the card in Su Yun’s hand also lit up.

All the eyes turned to look at him.

The opponent was Su Yun!

“How can it be so coincidental?”

Lu Zhan Yuan was startled, but after thinking about it, he understood, and became infuriated: “It must be her who did something! They definitely arranged this deliberately.”

“Such a matter will still come sooner or later, it will be better to resolve it earlier than leave it to the end!”

Su Yun stood up, then took out the cultivation coin card from his storage ring and gave it to Xiao Xiu who was by the side and said: “Xiao Xiu, help me bet it all on me winning.”

“Young noble, because of your previous win, the house set a new rule, saying that all the future bets cannot exceed 1 million cultivation coins.”

“Then help me bet 1 million.”

Su Yun said indifferently.


Xiao Xiu nodded, then took the cultivation coin card and ran.

Su Yun gently sighed, then walked towards the stage.

The participants on his left and right all looked at him, their eyes filled with passion, curiosity and reverence.

“Su Yun! Do your best!”

Lu Zhan Yuan suddenly shouted out, although he used a lot of effort for it, his injury made him unable to shout out too loudly, adding that the entire grounds was shouting ‘Dao Huang’, his voice was not audible.

But right then, another shout came out.

“Su Yun! Do your best! Defeat Dao Huang and take the stage!”

Su Yun turned to look, to see that another Group D participant had stood up and shouted out earnestly.

“That’s right, defeat Dao Huang, and let those arrogant brats from Group B know that although our cultivation is lower, our strength is not weaker than them!”

“Su Yun! You have to win!”

“Su Yun! You’ll win! Su Yun! You’ll win!”

More and more angered roars came out, majority of these voices came from Group C and D, even the participants that were resting in the resting area came out and shouted, encouraging Su Yun onwards.

Although their voices were not as loud as the shouts for Dao Huang, but it was filled with unbending tenacity.

Su Yun revealed a slight smile, and with large strides, he walked towards the stage.

Dao Huang stood at the left side of the stage with her hands folded across her soft bosom, her eyes closed, she had long unsheathed her cold and thin blade, which was stabbed into the ground three steps ahead of her.

Upon Su Yun’s entrance onto the stage, she opened her eyes, and immediately, the cold intent on the cold blade merged with the cold in her eyes, causing people’s hairs on their bodies to involuntarily stand.

“Good blade!”

Su Yun could not resist but praise.

The blade had its own spirit, and was able to sense the owner’s mental state, thus producing a dense hatred towards him. Such a blade, even if the owner did not make a move, it would be at its sharpest state against him.

“It’s useless to be boot licking me now. Su Yun, since you dared to come up on stage, then you will have to pay for everything.”

Dao Huang said indifferently.

“I think you got it wrong? I was complimenting your blade, not you, don’t overthink things.” Su Yun said.

Hearing that, Dao Huang’s eyes tightened, the killing intent around her increased, and she spoke sinisterly: “Are you ready?”

“We can begin anytime.”

“Very good!”

Dao Huang stepped forward and extended her hand out, grabbing the blade hilt, then she slowly closed her eyes.

The Profound Spirit Qi in her body was ready, with attributes of the Wild Blade Spirit Qi which was extremely violent like a devastating volcanic crater, ready to erupt at any moment.

“Her strength is higher than Bai Mu Jian by a level, definitely worthy of being the daughter of the Quick Blade Sect’s Patriarch. She isn’t old but has such a cultivation, I am afraid that she walked many shortcuts while cultivating. Even so, as someone from the Quick Blade Sect, she should be focused on speed, why isn’t her Spirit Qi the Swift Wind Spirit Qi but instead Wild Blade Spirit Qi?”

Su Yun thought to himself but he didn’t dare be slow and activated his Pure Divine Spirit Qi, then took the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword out.

The long Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword dazzled under the light, with its appearance, its majestic aura immediately suppressed the severity of the blade.

As a Primal sword, the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword’s grade was definitely not low, and even in the Ultimate Martial World, it was also a treasured sword.

“What a powerful spirit!”

Evaluator Zhang Guo Hao commented beneath the stage.

“Compared to the swords Su Yun used before, this sword seems to be of an even higher grade! Seems like Su Yun prepared many swords for himself”

Li Gui Fang said.

Little could one imagine that Su Yun had over a thousand swords under his belt.

Seeing the two facing off against one another, Zhu Wen did not delay any further. Raising his hands, he shouted: “Let the round begin.”

At that moment, the entire competition grounds calmed down, no one made any more ruckus and focused on the stage.

Dao Huang still had her eyes closed, remaining unmoved in the same position, while Su Yun held onto Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and quietly observed her, watching her hands, legs, and body, every single part of her.


Dao Huang moved.

She was like an awakened lioness, her eyes had instantly turned scarlet.


She unleashed a roar and with her cold blade, she ferociously hacked downwards.

She had instantly appeared in front of Su Yun, and with the sudden attack from her blade, she had unleashed 300 plus slashes in a second, which was extremely fast.

What was even more surprising, was that every blade of hers was accompanied with Wild Blade Spirit Qi, without any hint of Swift Wind Spirit Qi.

Her speede did not rely on Profound Spirit Qi, but purely on her body and technique, purely relying on her ferocious effort.

Su Yun frowned, he raised the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and started to dance with it, almost every sword colliding into every incoming attack from the thin blade.

All the spectators could see was a blur of shadows between the two, along with many sparks and Spirit Qi colliding and exploding, the ‘cling clang’ sounds of the metals were endless.

“So fast!”

Someone shouted with the intention of fawning towards Dao Huang.

“But Su Yun is even faster!! Oh my god, Su Yun is actually so fast! That’s inconceivable!”

“He only has 3000 fighting strength? He is a participant from Group D? That’s impossible, with his strength, he can easily enter Group B!”

Everyone watched the two competitors on stage in shock, Dao Huang seemed to have entered a unique state, the blade in her hand became even ferocious and bold, with the intent of using speed and her efforts to suppress Su Yun. Having to deal with it, Su Yun’s speed was equally as fast, every move of his hand would produce a torrent of sword images, directly deflecting Dao Huang’s blade.

Seeing that, everyone knew that Bai Mu Jian’s loss to Su Yun was not wrong.