Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 428
Dao Huang

Upon entering the sword formation, it was immediately activated! Like scalding water, the formation released bubbling Qi which did not explode, but instead grew more and more, continuously sticking outwards, finally converging into a long vein that wrapped around Su Yun’s feet and locking him down.

Bai Mu Jian’s eyes flashed with a light aura, he suddenly turned, his figure exceptionally flexible, as he rushed forward. Approaching the formation, he raised his hands and the blood sword that was stabbed into the ground immediately flew into the air, exploding with a larger amount of Sword Qi in the air, which transformed into a five headed blood dragon that pounced fervently onto Su Yun.

“Look, quickly look!!”

“Oh my god, what technique is that!”

Uproars came from the outside. The majestic technique made countless of spectators stupefied.

“That’s a killing technique! As long as it hits, Su Yun will definitely die! Everyone, should we take action??” Evaluator Li Gui Fang said anxiously.

“Take action? No, I do not have the confidence to take that technique unless the four of us work together! But I am afraid that it will not be good for us either, so I will not go.” Liu Gu said with a pale face.

Xiao Zi Ru and Zhang Guo Hao did not say anything, both of their expressions were gloomy. They stared at the roaring blood dragon that was rushing towards Su Yun, in their perspective, there was no meaning in taking action.

Seeing that the evaluators were not going to make a move, Su Yun could only depend on himself!

Bai Mu Jian raised his hands high, controlling the dragon as it rushed downwards, without any intention of restraining his technique, it seemed as though he had planned to win it with this move!

Countless of eyes stared intently at the scene, all of them awaiting the result.


Su Yun moved.

He released the sword in his hand, which actually flew on its own like a rainbow, piercing towards the blood sword in the blood dragon’s body!


The clear and crisp sound came out, the blood sword was struck, causing a change in its sword tip which caused the five headed blood dragon to strike the side of the stage!

Boom boom boom boom boom!

Half of the stage was smashed to smithereens, the entire grounds trembled, while the remaining power that exploded out from the blood dragon resonated in the air.


Bai Mu Jian’s eyes were dilated.

Taking the opportunity, Su Yun suddenly erupted with power, untangling himself from the blood formation’s restrains, he leapt into the air and grabbed the blue sword that had ricocheted backwards, and hacked down!


Bai Mu Jian’s arm was instantly slashed apart, the sword tip cut through his bones, all the way to the area around his heart, before stopping.

Blood spurted out everywhere, Bai Mu Jian’s right arm was dangling from his body, it was almost slashed off of his body, while his entire body was twitching profusely. All of the Profound Spirit Qi in his body crumbled down like an avalanche, he was utterly defeated. Su Yun suddenly pulled back his sub sword, causing Bai Mu Jian to move back a few steps due to the motion as he stared at Su Yun with his pale shocked face, ultimately falling to the ground.

The blood flowed down the stage.

It was a reversal!

It was the most typical case of a reversal.

Just when everyone thought that Bai Mu Jian had won, Su Yun had caught everyone off guard and countered the opponent’s killing technique!

The entire competition grounds was silent.

Not long later, a tsunami of roars came out.


“He won! Su Yun actually won!!!”

“That’s awesome!”

The spectators roared, continuously shouting out Su Yun’s name, as though they wanted to carve his name into their hearts!

But even more people started to scold Bai Mu Jian.

Who could have expected Bai Mu Jian to be defeated so quickly? The so called Five Dragon Sword Formation was not even used!

“I never thought that he would actually win.”

Evaluator Liu Gu spoke out, his eyes was filled with surprise, he was no longer as languid as before.

“I don’t think it was an accident that he won.” Just then, Xiao Zi Ru spoke out.

Liu Gu looked at her, when she spoke again: “This participant Su Yun was calm since the start, and he was serious. On the contrary, Bai Mu Jian, seeing that his cultivation is higher than Su Yun, moved around arrogantly without taking the competition seriously. Bai Mu Jian always thought that he would be able to enter the last few rounds of the competition, so he underestimated all of his enemies, especially the participants in Group C and D, without even unsheathing his sword. In terms of attitude, Su Yun already won half the match! Furthermore, Bai Mu Jian was kicked twice by Su Yun, he became furious and his thoughts became chaotic, his techniques became unstable and with his unstable fighting intent, he lost another 30% to Su Yun, with this 80%, it is sufficient to cover the disparity in fighting strength, it is no accident that he lost!”

Hearing that, Liu Gu nodded his head in agreement, then turned and concentrated on Su Yun.

“He should be the black horse of Group D, seems that from today on, he will become the new target!” Li Gui Fang said.

“In truth, I don’t think he’s limited to all that.”

Xiao Zi Ru lowered her head and thought: “Su Yun’s methods were all direct and simple, I can even say he did not use any mystical technique, but how did he so easily suppress Bai Mu Jian’s techniques? Was it a coincidence? Or he had seen through Bai Mu Jian’s sword techniques right from the start?”

Everyone started to ponder.

“He is a man naturally fitted to cultivate in the sword!” Zhang Guo Hao said.

A few workers rushed up the stage and carried the weakened Bai Mu Jian down to the resting area.

Su Yun then turned and returned to his seat.

Just then, the Group D participants who had just walked out from the resting area saw Su Yun, and greeted him.

“Su Yun! Well done!!!”

“Awesome, Su Yun!! That arrogant Bai Mu Jian deserved it!!”

“Su Yun, you’re our idol!”

The Group D participants all shouted out excitedly. The previous humiliation Bai Mu Jian had given them made them all angered but they were unable to do anything. But now that he lost beautifully to Su Yun, a participant from Group D, it made everyone expel the anger in their hearts.

Su Yun returned to his position, where many participants immediately buzzed over, asking Su Yun about himself. Some even wanting to be his disciple, while some were asking about his background and sect, it was extremely chaotic.

Su Yun smiled, but did not answer any of them.

“Brother Su, I never expected for you to be so powerful, it was truly out of my expectations!!”

Lu Zhan Yuan only regained his senses after a long while, who then grabbed onto Su Yun’s hands and said anxiously: “Brother Su, you are so powerful, you must teach me a move or two alright!”

“You don’t even use a sword.”

“Teaching me some techniques is also fine.”

“Heal up first, we will talk about it later.”

Su Yun pressed onto Lu Zhan Yuan’s hands, immediately causing him to scream in pain like a pig.

Seeing that, the people around them burst out laughing.

Just then, Xiao Xiu ran over and squeezed through the crowd gasping for breath when she reached Su Yun.

She spoke softly: “Young Noble, the bet rate was 1:10, you won 20 million cultivation coins, this is it, please take and count it.”

(TN: The author wrote the bet as 1:4, and he won 20 million, but he bet 2 million, thus I changed the bet rate to 1:10.)

“20 million?” Su Yun became dazed and only regained himself after a while.

~This is more than enough.~

He took a deep breath, then took out 100 thousand cultivation coins, he rewarded Xiao Xiu and kept the remaining in his pocket.

~After this competition ends, I will find a place to absorb all of them.~

~With almost 20 million cultivation coins, It should be enough for my fighting strength to rise to 7000.~

“Thank you young noble, thank you young noble!”

After obtaining the cultivation coins, Xiao Xiu was extremely emotional, she had reaped a reward of 200 thousand cultivation coins, which was enough for a low rank cultivator like her to step into the ranks of the powerful spirit cultivators.

Not long later, the participants around dissipated, and Shu Wen began shouting for the next round.

After the battle with Bai Mu Jian, Su Yun could clearly feel the unkind gazes at him.

They all came from Group A and Group B.

Su Yun frowned, he secretly looked at Group A and B, which right at that moment, a few people stood up from Group B.

The one in the lead was in yellow robes, a young lady carrying a thin blade, her face was unkind as she stared in his direction angrily, with four other cultivators behind her.

~Group B experts.~

“I think they are from the Quick Blade Sect?”

Lu Zhan Yuan spoke softly to Su Yun.

Su Yun did not say a word, but he could tell that they were looking for him.

They quickly walked over, where a few seated people looked at them and started to talk amongst themselves.

The young lady with her thin blade from the Quick Blade Sect walked over to Su Yun, where the other spirit cultivators all surrounded him and looked down at the seated Su Yun.

The young lady had a beautiful appearance, she dressed very skimpy, revealing her white thighs to the sky, giving off a seductive feeling.

She folded her arms across her voluptuous breasts and snorted: “You must be Su Yun.”

Su Yun glanced at them and asked: “Do the few of you have something for me?”

“Stinking brat, Miss Dao Huang is here, but you’re still seated, quickly stand and greet!”

One of the cultivator directly grabbed onto Su Yun’s collar and roared.

But in the next second, Su Yun suddenly raised one foot and fiercely kicked into his stomach.

With Monarch Occult Force, the powerful True Divine Spirit Qi permeated through his feet into the man’s body, fervently shocking his internal organs.

The person’s face changed, he groaned and fell while holding onto his stomach.

“Xiao Ma!” Someone wailed out.

Seeing that, everyone became furious, two of them rushed out and was about to take action on Su Yun.

“Stop! We are still in the competition grounds, there are the experts from the organizations, if you guys cause trouble here, we will be punished.” The lady from Quick Blade Sect called Dao Huang said.

Hearing that, the two of them stopped, they snorted at Su Yun while staring furiously at him.

Dao Huang then sneered and said: “You dare to touch my men, Su Yun, you truly are audacious, if I do not teach you a lesson, how can I, Dao Huang, continue to stay in New Deer City? How can I still stay in Quick Blade Sect?”

“When did I provoke you?”

Su Yun asked indifferently.

“You hurt Bai Mu Jian, which means you have hurt our Miss Dao Huang!” Someone shouted out.

“Bai Mu Jian?”

Su Yun was startled for a moment, he then looked Dao Huang in the eyes, then suddenly burst out laughing: “So Bai Mu Jian is your lover? No wonder you will be so angry with me.”

“You can defeat him, but you cannot make him lose so terribly, much less injure him! But you did so!”

“You didn’t tell me before the competition!”

“It isn’t late for me to say it now right?” Dao Huang replied coldly.

“This is a competition, I was already rather lenient on him, in all his previous rounds, weren’t his opponents beaten up badly too?”

“That’s different! They were all trash, and we do not need to take pity on trash!” Dao Huang snorted.

Lu Zhan Yuan clenched his fists, he was infuriated.

It was not only him, the Group D members nearby were all furious as well. Bai Mu Jian’s opponents were all participants from Group D, for her to say that, wasn’t she saying that everyone in Group C and D were all trash?

Su Yun gently shook his head, then said indifferently: “Then Bai Mu Jian doesn’t need pity as well.”

Dao Huang frowned: “Why?”

“Because in my eyes, he too, is trash!” Su Yun said slowly.


Dao Huang was so furious that her fists were clenched tightly, as though she could smash her fists into Su Yun’s face at any moment.

“You stinking brat! You’re truly sick of living, you think you’re safe just because we are in this competition? When the competition ends, when everything ends, you will definitely regret it!! Kid!”

“I can’t stand it anymore, let’s pull him out and teach him a lesson!”

Someone by the side shouted to Dao Huang.

“No need! If we do that, He will say that we are using our numbers to bully him.” Dao Huang gritted her teeth and said.

“Oh? Then how do you plan on resolving this?” Su Yun asked her.

“Pay us 1 million cultivation coins, then go to the resting area and kowtow to Bai Mu Jian, if not, you and I will meet on the stage.”

Dao Huang said sternly.

“You think too much!”

Su Yun once again sat back in his chair, he turned his eyes back to the stage, as though he was planning to ignore them.

Seeing that, Dao Huang did not seem to be furious, her lips curved in a cold smile, and said: “Since it is so, Su Yun, then we will see, it will be our turn the next round, you best be prepared! I will personally cripple your cultivation, and make you live your life as a cripple!!!”

With that said, She turned around and waved her hand: “Let’s go!”