Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 427
Two Footprints


Su Yun landed on stage, standing steadily in front of Bai Mu Jian.

Su Yun was dressed in a black cloak, thus his features could hardly be seen. Compared to the white haired and red eyed clean looking Bai Mu Jian, Bai Mu Jian looked much better.

The two of them used swords, the only difference being Bai Mu Jian only used the red sword on his back, while Su Yun always used different swords.

He reached for the sword sheath on his back and drew a blue sword.

Bai Mu Jian squinted his eyes and chuckled: “Your sword sheath is truly mystical, there seems to be many swords hidden in it, but as a swordsman, one should only recognize one sword and trust in one sword, are you not afraid that you’ll feel uncomfortable by using so many swords?”

Su Yun shook his head: “No.”


“Because I am the owner of them all, there is no discomfort, only whether they are obedient or not!”

Su Yun said indifferently.

All of the swords usable by him were swords that he had subdued, all of them took him as their master!

“Heh, Master of the sword? What arrogant words. Su Yun, do not treat me like an idiot like Chu Shan, you better not treat me like the trash in Group C and D! It’s simple for me to kill you, defeating you is easier than flipping my hand.” Bai Mu Jian chuckled.

Su Yun did not reply.

“I advise you to use your best techniques instantly, to prevent being defeated in a second, that would be ugly.” Bai Mu Jian said.

Su Yun remained silent.

Seeing Su Yun being so calm, a thread of anger flashed past Bai Mu Jian’s eyes.

Just then, Zhu Wen shouted out.

“The round is about to begin, will the two participants get ready!!”

Bai Mu Jian took the red sword from his back, but did not unsheathe his sword.

Su Yun held his blue sword in hand, the sword tip pointed to the ground in a perpendicular position.

A distant wind blew on his hair and his black robe that swayed along with it.

A trace of severe killing intent emanated around.


Just then, the sonorous bell sound came out.

The round had begun!

Everyone held their breath in. Lu Zhan Yuan who was seated in the Group D stand watched on anxiously.

However, Bai Mu Jian did not move, he simply stood there while smiling at Su Yun.

What was even more bizarre, was that Su Yun did not move as well!

The two of them simply stood on stage and watched each other.

It was terrifyingly quiet!

Su Yun was focused, his pale white face did not have much expression, while Bai Mu Jian maintained his smile of disdain, seemingly treating Su Yun as nothing.

Finally, Bai Mu Jian spoke out.

“There are times that I rather respect you fools that overestimate yourselves, to dare challenge people stronger than yourselves, it requires a lot of courage! If it were me, I would definitely avoid the battle, but respect is respect, it doesn’t mean I like you. Now, let me extract that last bit of courage in your heart and let you know what fear means! I will teach you that there are some that you cannot provoke, kid!”

Bai Mu Jian raised the blood red sword in his hand and pointed it at Su Yun, he moved, and actually formed over 10 afterimages that rushed towards Su Yun.

“Kid?” Su Yun frowned slightly.

Su Yun did not activate his defense even when he watched Bai Mu Jian approach. Although the host Zhu Wen had announced his fighting strength as 3000, but in truth, he had already entered the 5000 range, so his strength was on par with the participants of Group A. In a one against one battle, Bai Mu Jian was not his opponent.

It was extremely easy for him to win the round, but to rely on his mystical techniques and treasures to win had no meaning, what he needed to do… Was raise his own skills!

Only by winning the rounds through comprehending the flaws of his opponent’s techniques and use these flaws to defeat his opponent can he raise his fighting strength and cultivation, the competition would not be a waste of time.

Bai Mu Jian had sufficient overbearingness, it was unknown whether he had activated a treasure or used a mystical technique, but the afterimages that he had summoned all possessed killing intent, all of them had destructive capabilities.

~There is real and fake in everything, although there are many afterimages, one of them must be real. I need to think of its flaws and find his real body.~

Su Yun’s eyes became stern as he stared intently at the approaching ten over figures.

Suddenly, he realized something strange.

The ten over figures had extremely similar appearances, each of them were somewhat connected to the other either by the sleeves or by the arm. But at the most right, there was one of the figure that stood independently from the rest.

~That’s the real one!~

Su Yun held his blue sword tightly, he retreated over 10 steps and pulled a distance, continuing to observe his opponent.

He didn’t dare to constantly stare at the real body as to prevent Bai Mu Jian from knowing that he had seen through his technique, causing him to switch to another move.

The figures all approached, all of their blood red sword sheath thrusted towards Su Yun in unison, with all of the sword sheaths approaching him from all angles, it was like walls covered with nails approaching him, preventing him from escaping.

Seeing that, Su Yun turned his eyes to the real body, like a poisonous snake staring at its prey. Seeing that the real Bai Mu Jian had swung his sword out, Su Yun moved the blue sword and thrusted over like lightning.

The sword pasted itself against the incoming sword sheath, and pierced in a straight line.

There were no hesitation.

The sword tip was aimed at the heart!


Bai Mu Jian was startled.

Su Yun did not defend at all, even with all the sword sheaths attacking him, he continued to attack. To others, it looked like an exchange of attacks, but in truth, it was not.

Although Bai Mu Jian and his afterimages had launched their attacks together, the sword sheath was just a sword sheath! Without Profound Spirit Qi, it was unable to cut a person’s body, but Su Yun only had one sword, one which was aimed straight at Bai Mu Jian’s heart with the intent to harm!!

In this exchange, Bai Mu Jian was at the disadvantage.


The afterimages suddenly disappeared. Bai Mu Jian had stopped his technique!

He used his sword to defend his chest and blocked the incoming blue sword.

Su Yun seized the opportunity and kicked at Bai Mu Jian’s abdomen.


Bai Mu Jian was struck, and dropped from the sky.

He anxiously stabilized himself, using his hand to support himself on the ground, he flipped and landed safely, preventing himself from faceplanting into the ground.

Although he managed to save himself, an extremely clear footprint was pasted on his abdomen area, which was extremely obvious.


Bai Mu Jian lowered his head and saw the footprint, his smile immediately disappeared.

All around him, the spectators all sighed with disappointment which sounded like steel needles piercing into Bai Mu Jian’s eardrums.

“You should unsheath your swords, since you’re competing, you need to give it your all.”

Su Yun raised the sword in hand and said indifferently.


Bai Mu Jian’s eyes calmed down: “You’re rather interesting, not bad, not bad, since the competition, you’re the first person to have touched me! Seems like I need to treat you seriously.”

With that said, Bai Mu Jian raised the blood red sword in his hand in one hand, and used the other to grab the sheath, he then unsheathed his sword.

Buzz buzz buzz

The clear sword cry sounds came out.


Countless of Bai Mu Jian’s fans all stood up from their seats, all staring at him with passion in their eyes.

Bai Mu Jian was arrogant, which was obvious for everyone watching. All of his opponents were toys in his eyes, he had never been serious and when he grew tired of playing, his opponents would then be brought down the stage. In all of his previous battles, he had never needed to unsheath his own sword and always used his sword sheath to attack.

But finally, Bai Mu Jian had unsheathed his sword.

No one knew how sharp or fast his sword was, but the moment his sword was unsheathed, the sharpness of the blood red sword was revealed, it was like a scattering light aura that pricked the skin of all the spectators.

“You will pay for your kick.” Bai Mu Jian smiled, which was filled with killing intent.

With that sword, he leveled his sword with Profound Spirit Qi pervading out, and like a flashing thunder, he thrusted at Su Yun.

Seeing that, Su Yun turned the blue sword in his hand. Using Pure Divine Spirit Qi to envelop his sword in the form of a tornado, he used the flow to slowly remove Bai Mu Jian’s sharpness.

The blue and red sword struck each other and an entire screen of sword images appeared in between the two men, the sounds of swords clashing sounding out endlessly.

~Too slow!~

~His sword technique is too slow! Although he is at least a 100 times faster than ordinary swordsmen, it is still not enough.~

Su Yun thought.

In terms of speed, Bai Mu Jian cannot compare to Su Yun, however, he did not wish to use speed to defeat Bai Mu Jian. As Bai Mu Jian’s prestige was far higher than Chu Shan and was a strong participant in Group B, if he were to defeat Bai Mu Jian too easily, people would pay attention to him, which would not be beneficial in his future battles.

~Seems like Bai Mu Jian’s Sword Techniques are rather good.~

He secretly thought as he constantly observed Bai Mu Jian’s reckless dance and the trajectory of his blood red sword.

Bai Mu Jian’s dazzling sword was fast and nimble, his intention was to use the sharpness of his sword to cut Su Yun’s Pure Divine Spirit Qi.

Su Yun watched the sharpness of his sword and suddenly stopped swaying his right hand, thrusted forward instead with an average speed coincidentally dodging the sharp attack from Bai Mu Jian, directly striking the sword tip.


With the collision, the two different Profound Spirit Qi exploded out, but Su Yun’s sudden movement prevented Bai Mu Jian from reacting and with the explosion, Bai Mu Jian was forced to step back a few times. His arms turned numb, before he regained his senses, another foot arrived at his chest, causing him to be forced back once more.

He only managed to stabilize himself after a while, he immediately looked down, only to see that another clear footprint had appeared at his chest area.


Bai Mu Jian was furious.

He felt that Su Yun was doing it intentionally, to humiliate him!

“What’s going on? Can Bai Mu Jian defeat him or not?”

“Why hasn’t he settled this fight with Su Yun?”

“Bai Mu Jian! What the hell are you doing? Why is he still standing there? This old man has placed bets on you!”

“If you can’t win, just go and die!”

Some of the agitated spectators started to scold.

Bai Mu Jian knew that he could not kill or defeat Su Yun and could no longer hold on to his reputation, but he had completely suppressed his playful attitude and started to become serious.

But just then, Su Yun rushed over.


Bai Mu Jian suddenly held his blood red sword tightly and thrust it into the ground.

Seeing that, a light flashed past Su Yun’s eyes.

Bai Mu Jian roared out.

“Five Dragon Sword Formation!”

In an instant, the body of the blood red sword released a large amount of weird liquid which resembled blood, in a flash, it extended out and formed a blood sword formation with a diameter of 3m and when the Sword Formation was formed, Su Yun had already barged into it!

The astonishing and vigorous sword Sword Intent surged out like tides, flowing out wantonly.