Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 426
Vicious Bai Mu Jian

Su Yun carefully stared at Huo Quan Cai’s shoes, every time he thought Zhong Ye was about to hit, the shoes would suddenly brighten up slightly, and Huo Quan Cai would shift and dodge the attack.

~Seems like Huo Quan Cai’s strange movement techniques is relying on those shoes.~

~No wonder Zhong Ye can’t hit Huo Quan Cai.~

Su Yun thought.

Huo Quan Cai revealed a strange smile, he calmly looked at the gasping Zhong Ye and said: “Brother Zhong Ye, it should be enough, now, it’s my turn right?”

“Huh?” Zhong Ye suddenly raised his eyes.

He suddenly saw Huo Quan Cai keep his fan and a golden energy suddenly leaked out from the fan and struck at Zhong Ye.

Zhong Ye anxiously raised his spear to block the gold Qi, but when the gold Qi reached near the spear, it actually dyed the spear head gold, Zhong Ye immediately felt that his spear had become extremely heavy, as though it had reached a thousand catties.

“This gold Qi… It’s a treasure?!” Zhong Ye was surprised.

A bit of the gold Qi floated over, dying his shoulders slightly, in that moment, a cracking sound came out and the shoulder that was dyed gold instantly dropped. Even his clothes dropped like a heavy shot put dropping on the ground.


All the participants inhaled cold air upon seeing that.

~If a person’s body was completely covered in it, wouldn’t the person turn into a smashed meat patty?~

Zhong Ye’s back had cold sweat trickling down, with one step, he retreated to the side of the stage, then looked at Huo Quan Cai who was gently waving his fan and asked in anger: “What sort of treasure do you have?”

“Ten Thousand Gold Strength, average people will have never heard of it before.” Huo Quan Cai laughed faintly.

Zhong Ye clenched his fists, he secretly looked around. At that moment, everyone spectating had their eyes on him.

~I cannot lose!~

He gritted his teeth, and roared in a low voice: “You think a treasure can save you? Watch my move!”

He roared out, and suddenly retrieved a red rope and directly tied it around the spear he was holding, he then roared out loud towards Huo Quan Cai.

Clang clang clang

The Gold Qi floating in the air quickly gathered and transformed into a gold wall, blocking his spear.

Zhong Ye did not give up. Waving his hand, a powerful Divine Qi converged at his palm, which he used to smack onto the gold wall.


The wall of Qi crumbled.

Zhong Ye’s Profound Spirit Qi did not only have Wild blade Spirit Qi, he also trained in True Divine Spirit Qi which was extremely thick and dense, far more powerful than the Wild Blade Spirit Qi which he mainly trained in.

After shattering the wall of Qi, his purple spear attacked on, approaching towards Huo Quan Cai nimbly, like a live purple dragon, about to strangle Huo Quan Cai!

“What’s that? That strong dragon spear is able to be used like a rope!”

A participant from Group A stood up and shouted in shock.

Huo Quan Cai lowered his head to look, and saw that the red rope on the spear was lit up, he immediately understood its use and snorted, instigating power in both of his hands with the intent to repel the dragon spear.

But would Zhong Ye give him the chance?

With a ‘hu’ sound, Zhong Ye suddenly leapt up into the air, both of his hands formed into fists and he struck towards Huo Quan Cai’s head.

There were no fanciful movements, only the bone chilling killing intent and the pressurizing Profound Spirit Qi!

“Is a winner about to emerge?”

Many people stood up in excitement, fully focused on the stage!

But at that moment, Huo Quan Cai suddenly let go of the fan in his hands, which actually flew by itself and spun continuously, like a spinning golden hoop, it struck at Zhong Ye.

Zhong Ye’s heart jumped, seeing that the situation was not what he expected, he anxiously retracted his fists and retreated.

Huo Quan Cai took the opportunity to turn, using his legs to speed up while filling his entire body filled with Profound Spirit Qi, he then moved his entire body and struck Zhong Ye with the spear on him.


Zhong Ye was not fast enough to react, his chest was struck by Huo Quan Cai’s shoulder, causing him to fly out, falling onto the side of the stage where he coughed out a few times intensely, before anxiously climbing back up.

The attack did not harm Zhong Ye, but disrupted the Profound Spirit Qi in him. Because of that, the purple spear on Huo Quan Cai loosened.

Huo Quan Cai moved quickly, he leapt up and with a wave of his hand, he got his fan which he then threw at Zhong Ye.

Whoosh whoosh

Powerful wind blades poured out from the fan towards Zhong Ye.

Zhong Ye dodged left and right, but he was already interrupted by Huo Quan Cai. Adding that his Purple Spear was not on him, he had no weapon, thus his fighting capabilities was greatly weakened. He somewhat panicked while facing the incoming wind blades.

Seeing that, Su Yun became disappointed.

~Dragon Spear Zhong Ye is only at this standard, seems like his reputation is undeserved.~

Puchi puchi puchi

Zhong Ye’s arms were cut by the wind blades, Huo Quan Cai moved forward with momentum, and used the fan to striking Zhong Ye’s head, if it struck him, Zhong Ye would be killed on the spot.

According to the competition rules, as long as there was a killing technique that proved to be fatal and could take a life, the evaluators had to step forward to stop it, protecting the cultivators, but the four evaluators just continued to sit still, casually observing the battle.

All the blood in Zhong Ye’s face receded, he anxiously raised his arm and instigated his Divine Qi to defend.


The True Divine Spirit Qi was sliced apart into countless pieces, along with Zhong Ye’s hands, instantly crippling him. Huo Quan Cai flipped and stepped onto Zhong Ye’s face, causing him to fly out and roll a few times, he spat out blood as he rolled. He wanted to stand, but did not have the energy to do so.


Zhong Ye laid on the ground, wanting to stand up, but he was unable to. Huo Quan Cai walked over to him leisurely while gently waving his fan.

Zhu Wen’s entire fat body trembled seeing that, before regaining his senses and shouting out loud: “Zhong Ye is unable to continue competing, the winner for this round is Participant Huo Quan Cai!!”

The entire place was silent for a few seconds, before loud screams sounded out.

“So the Dragon Spear Zhong Ye only had that amount of strength!”

Huo Quan Cai laughed faintly, he then flew up and landed in front of the door of the pavilion in the sky. He respectfully bowed towards the door, where a faint figure could be seen nodding before Huo Quan Cai walked in.

Zhong Ye’s eyes were wide opened as he stared at the man who disappeared into the pavilion, his eyes filled with rage.

He was supported down the stage and brought to the resting stage. Along the way, all of the spirit cultivators who were usually bootlicking him were all silent, some even turned their gazes away, deliberately ignoring him, while some lowered their heads and did not say anything.

If he had fought evenly with Huo Quan Cai, then he would be treated differently, but, fighting against Huo Quan Cai, Zhong Ye was helpless right from the start! Inn less than an incense stick worth of time, his hands were sliced off, he was completely suppressed, resulting in his loss.

It was such a bitter loss that many people were disappointed by Zhong Ye.

Naturally, Zhong Ye felt the changes that the people around him had for him, he gritted his teeth, holding on to his hazy determination, he closed his eyes.

Zhong Ye who had experienced the defeat seemed to have entered a new phase.

The following rounds no longer had a participant from Group A, the majority of the participants came from Group C and Group D, with the occasional group B participants appearing, which was rather normal as Group C and D had more participants, thus the frequency of them being chosen would naturally not be small.

Not long later, Su Yun took the stage once again.

To not attract attention, Su Yun intentionally held back his speed and the power of his Spirit Qi, he exchanged over a dozen strikes with his opponent, before stabbing his opponent’s stomach, crippling his ability to fight, thus winning the round. After fighting for two rounds, many people had noticed Su Yun and commentators started to say that from his performance, he was already ranked with the Group B participants.

Gradually, the number of participants in Group C and D became lesser and lesser, and the number of people in the resting room became more and more, while the atmosphere of the competition became more enthusiastic and intense. Following the rounds, Participants from Group A gradually took the stage, and the battles developed into battles between geniuses.

“Brother Su!”

Just then, a weak voice called out.

Su Yun turned his head, to see the pale Lu Zhan Yuan resting on the hand rest, walking over to him.

“Zhan Yuan?” Su Yun was startled: “How’re you feeling?”

“The organizer truly is rich, they treat us with the best formations and medicine, I am mostly recovered, but I am still rather weak, I reckon that I will fully recover in a month.” Lu Zhan Yuan smiled and walked to Su Yun’s side and sat down.

Both of his arms were wrapped tightly, the spirit doctor had used medicines to expedite the growth of his arms, but the growing arms could not be moved, and required at least a week before he could lift anything.

It had to be said that Spirit Star cultivators had extraordinary recovery! If it were mortals, they would spend the rest of their lives in bed.

His face was covered with perspiration, one could tell that he was still feeling the pain.

“Why are you not resting in the resting area?” Su Yun asked.

“It’s pervaded with the smell of blood there, and there are too many people there now. It is uncomfortable, so I came out, I wanted to see Brother Su compete, seeing that you are still seated here, I believe that you have won very easily in your previous rounds?” Lu Zhan Yuan laughed.

~Although Su Yun’s fighting strength of 3000 is not able to compete with the Group A and B participants, he can still handle the Group C and D participants. Most likely, his competitors were all from Group C and D.~

Lu Zhan Yuan thought, he looked around, only to see that there were only a total of 50 odd people left in Group C and D. Adding Group A and B, there were less than 100 participants.

Without question, all of them were elites and were sieved out from the thousands of participants.


Light aura exploded out.

One came from Group B, another from Group D.

Everyone first looked at Group B.

The man whose card was the man with white hair and red sword.

Group C and D were all familiar with him, he was the one who shamed them before the competition.

He had fought a few rounds, where his opponents had their stomachs sliced open, their internal organs almost falling out, all of them were put in terrible situations. Everyone could see that he was a vicious and merciless man, but because of his ferocity, he made a name for himself.

Vicious Bai Mu Jian!

“Great, for our next round, we will have Participant Bai Mu Jian from Group B and Participant Su Yun from Group D!! Now, let us welcome them on stage!!!” Zhu Wen shouted out with enthusiasm.

Bai Mu Jian stood up and looked at Su Yun, and then smiled: “Oh, the brat that defeated Chu Shan, I never thought it’ll be you now! Not bad, not bad, unlike those trash, only you have some capabilities, come up and play with me.”

WIth that said, Bai Mu Jian stepped forward and instantly disappeared, when he appeared once more, he was already on stage.

~Was that a fast speed?~


Su Yun sensed that there were no wind movements.

~It must be some sort of mystical technique, to allow him to appear a 100 m away.~

Su Yun stared at Bai Mu Jian, to see that he used a finger to form a hook, and started to provoke him.


Countless of spectators all stood up and shouted excitedly, Bai Mu Jian’s provocation was like a spark, igniting the countless of firewood in the people’s hearts.

“Bai Mu Jian!! Kill him!! Kill him!!”

“Use your wildest methods!!”

“Don’t hold back!!”

The spectators all cried out.

After witnessing the countless of cruel and brutal battles, a few of the conservative people had completely let themselves go.

They enjoyed murder, enjoyed brutality and blood, and were all completely intoxicated by it.

Su Yun frowned, he sighed, then stood up.

“Xiao Xiu!”

“Young Noble, what instructions do you have?” Xiao Xiu who was nearby immediately ran over, after being awarded 100 thousand cultivation coins from Su Yun, she intentionally stood near him.

“Help me place another bet, 2 million on me winning.” Su Yun then handed the cultivation card over to Xiao Xiu and said indifferently.

“Yes, Young noble.” Xiao Xiu spoke with a somewhat trembling voice. When had she ever seen such a huge bet? After calming herself down, she took the spirit card and ran off.

Lu Zhan Yuan who was beside Su Yun was completely shocked.

~2 million cultivation coins? On yourself?~

~Either Su Yun is a maniac, or he has complete confidence in himself~

He pursed his lips and said weakly: “Brother Su, be careful!”

Su Yun turned his head and nodded slightly, before heading over to the stage.

“Bai Mu Jian! Can brother Su truly win against a Group B expert?” Lu Zhan Yuan looked at the figure who was walking away, and muttered.