Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 425
Victory in One Move

Chu Shan who was approaching released a stifling pressure, it was like Mount Tai plummeting down, causing everyone to be unable to gasp for breath.

The sharp dual blades suddenly ignited with faint white flames.

When it approached Su Yun, the stage suddenly dropped by a few inches, the air around was suddenly forcefully dissipated, as though the place had become a vacuum.

It was the pressure from the blades.

How imposing!

But when Chu Shan unleashed his dual blades, Su Yun moved.

He suddenly raised the dual swords in his hands, aimed straight at Chu Shan, he fiercely thrusted out.

Seeing that, Chu Shan laughed out loud.

“I train in True Divine Spirit Qi, my chest that was intentionally revealed as a flaw had been completely covered by True Divine Spirit Qi! Adding the Qilin Armor on me, my defense is not something you can imagine! You want to stab me? Dream on! Hahahahaha, now, you lose!!!”

With that said, his dual blades slashed towards Su Yun’s head.

It was revealed that he had purposely exposed his chest for the opponent to attack. Any ordinary person that saw Chu Shan’s attack, would most likely choose his defenseless chest to attack! Rather than to dodge which would be too late, the person would choose to attack, but the defense at Chu Shan’s chest area had been heavily fortified, so this flaw was actually a trap meant to lure the enemy in.


Just when Chu Shan thought that Su Yun was unable to break his defense, the two gray swords suddenly released sets of bone chilling might, they were like electric drills that stabbed into Chu Shan’s chest and quickly ripped apart the True Divine Qi on his chest and penetrated in

Two blood flowers blossomed out from Chu Shan’s back!!

His entire body twitched, the blades that were approaching Su Yun quickly became weak, and when it finally slashed down, they were already useless.

Su Yun waved both of his hands, both swords swung apart, causing Chu Shan’s chest to split open, the powerful swords slashing both of his arms, causing Chu Shan to drop straight to the ground with his mouth wide opened, he screamed in pain, it was extremely miserable.

Blood dropped onto the ground, and the two blades were stabbed into the ground.

Victory was instantly decided!




The entire competition grounds was silent for three seconds. After that, ear shattering shouts exploded out.


“Well done!!”

“That was Chu Shan’s sure kill technique! Although he exposes his chest when he is unleashing it, this flaw isn’t truly a flaw, his True Divine Spirit Qi is able to strengthen and harden the skin around his chest which ordinary cultivators are unable to pierce through, his technique doesn’t have any flaws, but this Su Yun actually broke through it, truly averting the disaster! This Su Yun is not normal!”

“He was actually able to break through Chu Shan’s defense! Those two swords in his hands are definitely treasures!”

“Maybe Chu Shan lost in terms of treasures, Su Yun’s two swords are definitely top grade weapons, maybe that was why he was able to so easily break through Chu Shan’s defense?”

“Although it ended very quickly, this Su Yun guy is rather powerful!”

Discussions could be heard from all over, Su Yun glanced at Chu Shan, who was still twitching on the ground, whose eyes were revealing the whites as though he could faint any moment and turned to leave the stage.

The Host Zhu Wen was still lost. Only when Su Yun left the stage did he react and anxiously shouted out loud: “The round is over, winner of this round is Participant Su Yun!!!”

A complete unknown dark horse had actually won, it was truly unexpected, causing countless of people to start noticing the participant Su Yun who was in Group D.

But many more were concerned about the two swords of his.

How could they be ordinary swords if they could break through Chu Shan’s defense?

Group A Participant grounds.

“Chu Shan was too careless.”

Han Yue Xin said indifferently.

“Oh?” Zhong Ye blinked his eyes a few times: “You think that Chu Shan should not have lost?”

“If he had used all of his strength right from the start, maybe the result would be different, but because his opponent was a Group D participant, he did not see him as an enemy, that was the reason for his loss.” Han Yue Xin said.

Zhong Ye remained silent.

Su Yun returned to his position, he did not need to go to the resting grounds, as Chu Shan’s slip up made him win easily. However, even if Chu Shan was serious, Su Yun was not afraid, but to be able to fight with the experts at the back of the competition and obtain the prize of a million cultivation coins and increase his fighting strength, he had to preserve his strength, otherwise, it would not be beneficial to him as the battle went further.

“Young noble! Young Noble!”

Just then, the maid servant whom Su Yun had asked to place the bet ran over, gasping for breath, she held onto a green cultivation coin card. She ran to Su Yun and gave it to him excitedly.

“Young Noble, this is your cultivation coin card, the banker has lost greatly, it was a 1:20, and you have an income of 2 million cultivation coins!” The maidservant said excitedly. Even she had not expected Su Yun to win against Chu Shan, not only did he win, he won it so easily!

“2 million cultivation coins?” Su Yun laughed

~This money is so nice to earn.~

“That’s right, with your initial investment, you have a total of 2 million and a 100 thousand cultivation coins, Young Noble, please take it.” The maidservant handed out the cultivation coin card to him, which was the card Su Yun had previously given her.

Su Yun accepted it, and after checking the amounts inside, he asked: “What’s your name?”

“Young Noble, this servant’s name is Xiao Xiu.” The maidservant replied respectfully.

“Yes, Xiao Xiu, you did well, these 100 thousand cultivation coins are a reward for you.”

Su Yun threw a cultivation coin card over to her, then turned and return to his position.

Xiao Xiu was startled, she stared blankly at the cultivation coin card in her hands blankly and in that moment, she was on cloud nine!

100 thousand!! That was equivalent to her working for a few years!

The sudden joy made her almost scream out loud, but she anxiously held her mouth, she looked around and carefully kept the cultivation coin card.

Su Yun returned to his position and observed the competition, but compared to previously, now there were many participants throwing glances at him.

He had defeated Lifestealer Dual Blade in a short time, this news was shocking enough! Furthermore, he was a participant from Group D!

Everyone glanced at Su Yun and discussed amongst themselves, no one knew what they were talking about.

Su Yun ignored them, treating it as though no one was around him, he continued to place his focus on the stage.

After the battle with Chu Shan ended, Zhu Wen immediately pushed on to the next competition, it was two participants from Group C, which was still rather boring, causing even a few spectators to yawn… However, Su Yun watched and absorbed everything.

Maybe the two of them were not strong, but the battle between them had a hard to detect sequence. Every person’s fighting technique were formed after countless of battles, absorbing the advantages could aid himself in improving bit by bit.

The amateurs enjoyed the excitement, the experts watched the fine details.

The participants who only cared about who the strong were or the weak were had unconsciously eliminated themselves out.

Very quickly, the round ended, and light auras came out again.

Group A, Dragon Spear Zhong Ye!

Everyone turned to look at him the moment his card lit up, he had become the focus of attention.

Who was the next?

Everyone started to look around, but, the other light aura had not lit up yet!

Crack crack crack crack

Just then, the four pavilions floating in the sky suddenly shifted, and one of them shot out with a burst of white light.

Everyone were startled, Zhong Ye anxiously looked up, and when he saw the light aura shooting out from the pavilion, his face turned gloomy.

~The pavilion? That must mean he must be from the trading organization! Is he an officially approved competitor?~

“Not good!”

“Are the trading organizations sending out their participants? Seems like Zhong Ye has to fight hard this time!”

“Who knows how their participants are? From the way I see it, to be chosen by the trading organizations, their strength must not be simple.”

“Zhong Ye is truly unlucky.”

Just as the light aura blossomed out, Su Yun picked out the conversations around him, he turned his neck and saw a few Spirit Cultivators talking amongst themselves.

~Participants sent out from the trading organizations?~

~This means other than Group A, B, C and D, there are other participants?~

When the light aura dissipated, the large door of one of the pavilions opened and a man dressed in white robes with red flowers embroidered in it, flew down from the sky.

The man had shoulder length hair, he had a pretty and delicate complexion with fair and clear skin, his charm was out of the ordinary. Wielding a black paper fan, he gently landed on the stage and with a flick, the fan opened up, he gently waved it and stared at Zhong Ye who was making his way over.

With a jump, Zhong Ye flew over quickly and stared at the man in front of him.

Zhu Wen wiped the perspiration off his forehead, he looked around, then shouted out loud: “For this round, we have Participant Zhong Ye against Selected Participant Huo Quan Cai, we will now have both sides prepare.”

“Huo Quan Cai? I’ve never heard of him.”

“Quickly check his fighting strength on the register.”

“Alright, let me see? Six thousand?” A shocked exclamation came out from the spectator’s stand.

“Six thousand? That is 500 points higher than Zhong Ye, could he already be at the third stage Spirit Master Realm Cultivator?!”

“Oh my god, how can Zhong Ye fight against him?”

Discussions came out endlessly.

Although it was just a mere 500 points of disparity in fighting strength, the higher the fighting strength, the more difficult it was to raise a point and the more cultivation it required to support the number! After the fifth stage of the Spirit Master Realm, every raise in hundred points of fighting strength could determine life and death, victory or loss, and further up on the ladder, even the minute difference in fighting strength could not be made up just with treasures or pills!

~Seems like Zhong Ye is in for it.~

Who knew that other than the geniuses in Group A, the trading organizations would employ experts to participate? Although because of it, many people would gossip about them, but the rules were set by them and no one had the authority other than them.

After the bell’s sound was heard, Zhong Ye and Huo Quan Cai immediately stood up.

Although the opponent was an unknown, but to be chosen by the trading organizations to fight, how could he be ordinary? Zhong Ye did not dare to hesitate, he used all of his strength and thrusted out with his purple spear.

His movements were wide, the spear in his hand seemed to have become a dancing purple dragon, its might unfathomable. Every time it moved, the air around would tremble, revealing its destructive capabilities.

However, Huo Quan Cai still held onto his paper fan, and continued to dodge left and right, his body was extremely agile! Facing against Zhong Ye’s powerful attacks, it seemed as though he could dodge every single one of them, but what made everyone surprised was that his dodges were extremely thrilling, time and time again, he would brush against Zhong Ye’s spear and dodge.

If it was once or twice, that would be fine, but to do it continuously, people started to suspect whether Huo Quan Cai was doing it intentionally.

A 500 point disparity to such cultivators might truly not seem small, but it should not be to the extent that even Zhong Ye was unable to touch Huo Quan Cai at all right?

Su Yun frowned, suddenly, his eyes moved, he realized that Huo Quan Cai’s shoes would continuously release small flickering lights when he shifted.

~Is that a treasure?~