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Lifestealer Dual Blade Chu Shan

“Alright! Ladies and gentlemen, let us now welcome our next participants on stage!”

Zhu Wen shouted out loud with his Spirit Qi.

The spectators all around frantically screamed towards Zhu Wen.

Every single participant looked at the card in their hands.

Upon being lit, it meant they had to go on stage.

“The earlier few competitions are all participants from Group C and D, it is becoming boring and dull! Sigh, if I had known, I would not have accepted the 500 thousand cultivation coins remuneration, what evaluation is this, it’s so boring!” Evaluator Liu Gu yawned with a tired look on his face.

“Although the fighting strength of participants from Group C and D are weak, maybe there are a few cultivators who are able to use their strange techniques to compensate for their cultivation. There’s bound to be a few! Brother Liu, just watch on.” Zhang Guo Hao laughed and said.

“But I am more interested towards Cold Fair Han Yue Xin’s match! Although Shen Wu Ya isn’t too bad, he is still lacking compared to Han Yue Xin. Moreover, Shen Wu Ya’s opponents are too weak, I doubt even a portion of his strength had been revealed… But I believe that in the next round, he will be able to meet competitors who are strong enough.”

The white haired old lady Li Gui Fang said.

“Shen Wu Ya is truly not too bad and his Blade God Sword Saint Arts is a famed technique, if I were to spar with him, maybe it would be worth noticing. If the competition develops and these grades of people were to fight, I am afraid that even the few of us will have difficulty stopping them.” Liu Gu squinted his eyes and said.

Just then, a snort came from the side, it was Xiao Zi Ru, she gazed coldly at the participant’s stand and said: “What are you afraid of? All of them are juniors! You think we can’t hold them down?”

Liu Gu laughed and did not say a word.


Just then, light aura blossomed out.

It came from Group B.

Seeing that, everyone turned to look, to see that the light came from a man who wielded dual blades.

He was around 2.6 m tall, he had big eyes and thick eyebrows with a mole at the corner of his mouth, his entire body was filled with muscles.

“It’s Lifestealer Dual Blade Chu Shan!”

“It’s Lifestealer Dual Blade’s turn?”

“Haha, now there will be a show to watch! If the other participant isn’t from Group A or B, there will be no fight at all.”

“Lifestealer Dual Blade Chu Shan is from the famous Chu Family who passed down blade techniques, their blades are extremely fast, ferocious and accurate, but what makes people unable to comprehend is its power! It is said that Chu Shan’s dual blade is able to slice a mountain in three and can instantly form a ravine, it is truly unfathomable.”

“Is that so? I wonder who the unlucky one will be then! But I hope they don’t choose me, I don’t wish to fight against him.”

The participants started discussing amongst themselves, some of their faces were white, as though they were afraid of Lifestealer Dual Blade Chu Shan, but many were even more interested, as though they were eager to go up on the stage and engage in the round. Only the Group A participants were still as calm, no one was stirring restlessly.

Lifestealer Dual Blade Chu Shan was unwilling to let the round slip his hand, he instantly leaped up on the stage, then stabbed the two blades in his hands into the ground and folded his hands across his chest and looked around arrogantly.


No, it could be said to be self confidence!

He seemed to have determined that he had won the competition.

His actions roused the crowd, they started to chant his name “Lifestealer Dual Blade Chu Shan” aloud, making him feel extremely pleased.


Just then, another light aura shot into the sky.

Everyone turned to look at the light aura to realise in sadness that the light aura actually came from Group D.

Group D participant!

“Alright, the next participant has been chosen, Participant Su Yun from Group D!!”

The host Zhu Wen shouted loudly.

But upon saying that, the spectators all came out with a ‘boo’ sound.

“Sigh, why is it another Group D participant?”

“Didn’t you see that Group D has the most participants? It is reasonable to say that more participants from Group D will be chosen!”

“Who the hell is this Su Yun? I have never heard of him before! I reckon it will be another one hit K.O again later.”

“This old one is here to watch the competition, not for nameless wannabes to come here for lessons!”

“Like this, this competition is truly boring.”

The spectators all started to scold.

Before the round had even begun, everyone were already calling out to change participants, to allow people from Group A and B to go up on stage.

Zhu Wen tacitly acted as though he had not heard anything, and continued to talk: “Now, let us welcome participant Su Yun on stage!!”

With that, everyone’s eyes turned towards Su Yun.

Su Yun looked around, then walked over towards a young servant lady at the corridor and took out the cultivation coin card from his storage pouch and handed it over.

“Help me place a bet, in this card there is 100 thousand cultivation coins, put all of it on me winning.”

Su Yun laughed.

Upon hearing that, the maid servant’s face turned pale as she spoke softly: “The competition has rules, participants are not allowed to fix matches, if you are discovered, you will immediately be killed without mercy!”

“Who said I am fixing a match, I am buying on me winning, unless Lifestealer Dual Blade Chu Shan is making himself lose on purpose!”

Su Yun said indifferently.

Only after hearing that did the maid servant realize that Su Yun was placing a bet on himself winning, and not on Lifestealer Dual Blade Chu Shan!

She was stunned, then thought in her heart:

~Is he crazy? Does he truly think he can win against Lifestealer Dual Blade Chu Shan? Lifestealer Dual Blade Chu Shan is someone who obtained third place in New Deer City’s competition three years ago, he thinks he can fight and win against him?~

Although it was a smaller competition, to be in third place proved Chu Shan’s strength.

The maidservant looked at Su Yun, and realized that he was serious and not toying with her, after she hesitated for a while longer, she said: “Since Master is serious, this servant will do it.”

“Go on then.” Su Yun laughed.

The maidservant nodded and ran towards the betting area.

Seeing that, Su YUn turned and headed towards the arena.

“Hey, why are you so slow? Are you afraid?”

“If you can’t do it, then just forfeit, don’t bring so much harm to yourself!”

The spectators all started shouting at Su Yun.

Su Yun ignored them and when he got close to the stage, he leapt and jumped up.

“Another boring competition!”

Evaluator Liu Gu yawned again, he had his cheek rested on his right hand as he said languidly.

However, the three did not have the same view as him, they were focused on Su Yun.

“This man seems to be different from all the other Group D participants previously!”

Zhang Guo Hao said softly.

“Is it his aura?”

“No, it’s his bearing.”

Xiao Zi Ru said.

Liu Gu opened his eyes and looked at Xiao Zi Ru.


The bell that indicated the start of the competition suddenly sounded out.

“Let the competition begin!!”

Zhu Wen shouted out loud to indicate the start of the battle.

Su Yun extended his hand, he touched the sword sheath on his waist and drew out two gray sub swords and held one in each hand.

Chu Shan snorted with his hands still folded across his chest. He spoke arrogantly: “I use dual blades, and you use dual swords? Why? Are you provoking me?”

“Let’s begin.”
Su Yun just replied.

“Why are you so anxious to be pushed down the stage?”

Chu Shan picked up the two blades on the ground and snorted: “Don’t say I am bullying you, I will give you five moves! If you can touch even a hair of mine in five moves, you win, how does that sound?”

Hearing that, Su Yun raised one eyebrow: “Really?”

“When have I, Chu Shan, every lied?” Chu Shan used his blade and patted his chest.

“Alright then!” Su Yun nodded his head, he pulled back his two swords and raised his eyebrows and asked: “Are you ready?”

“Bring it on!” Chu San roared, his face filled with confidence.

But then, a ‘sou’ sound came out and the sound of the air being swept past exploded out. Before Chu Shan could even react, he heard a few ‘buzz buzz’ sounds, and then a cold light swept past him.

~Was that a flint?~

~No! It was faster than flint being struck!~

He was stunned, before he could even react, a few of his hair floated down right before his eyes, it was his hair!!

“You lost.”

A voice came from behind him.

Chu Shan was startled, he turned his head suddenly, to see that Su Yun was standing behind him unknowingly.

Su Yun pointed his sword straight at Chu Shan, and said indifferently: “According to what you have said, admit defeat now!”

Chu Shan looked at Su Yun in shock, his face had beads of perspiration trickling down, he realized that he was not even able to catch Su Yun’s movements.

It was not only him, many people were stunned.

“What was that speed? He was so fast!”

“I never expected Group D to have such capable people.”

“Capable? You call that capable? Look, Chu Shan hasn’t even made his move, if Chu Shan is serious, this Su Yun will definitely be lying on the ground.”

“Is he your father? Why are you praising him so much? I think that Chu Shan will fall here.”


Many spectators were quarreling endlessly, while at the participant’s side, it was filled with surprise. Even the four evaluations were focused.

“Oh? What a speed! This Su Yun definitely has a trick or two.” Liu Gu opened his eyes wide, his mouth was smiling, as though he had seen something interesting.

“His movements were not too shabby.” Li Gui Fang used a square wooden plate that had some light aura and swept across her eyes: “This Su Yun’s fighting strength seems to be only a bit more than 3000, he is 1500 lower than Chu Shan. Although it is just 1500, but according to their fighting strength, this 1500 is most likely two or three stages of difference, it will be difficult for Su Yun to win.”

Zhang Guo Hao nodded his head in agreement.

The crowd were buzzing, Su Yun’s move was too surprising.

Chu Shan regained his senses, seeing the spectator’s reactions, he clenched his teeth he felt humiliated.

“Are you not admitting defeat?” Su Yun frowned: “Are you not living up to your words?”

“Pei! What live up to my words? If you were to clash head on with me, I Chu Shan will definitely not play any tricks, but you used a trick, it doesn’t count!” Chu Shan snorted.

Admitting defeat meant forfeiting, and if he were to forfeit, he would have to cut off an arm and cripple his cultivation by a stage, how could he do it?”

“You’re truly not living up to your words!”

Su Yun shook his head, a cold expression swept past his eyes.

“Less bullshit!” Chu Shan moved his body, he roused himself up and stared at Su Yun and roared: “Let me show you the power of my Lifesteal Dual Blades! Ahhhh!”

With that said, he sprung forth and leapt up into the air, raising both blades high above him, he slashed down towards Su Yun.

(TN: So sorry, the host name is actually Zhu Wen, I actually translated it as Shu Wen for chapters 421-423)