Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 421
The Cruel Competition

“Master Xiao, what do you mean? Are you saying this competition does not allow forfeiting?”

One of the person on stage asked Xiao Zi Ru.

“What competition doesn’t allow forfeiting? This lowly one has participated in many competitions of all sorts, and have never heard of such a rule!”

Someone else shouted out.

The participants were obviously unhappy.

“I didn’t say that you are not allowed to forfeit, it’s just that forfeiting has a punishment!” Xiao Zi Ru said indifferently: “Competitions are not a playground, do not make a ruckus. This competition has invited so many major figures to spectate and there are countless of cultivators that came from all over to watch all of you! But you guys are just using meagre techniques and taking turns, you dare call this a competition? A fight to the death? And if you guys forfeit, then what was all that about? Are you saying that all of us are here to watch you forfeit?”

Upon saying that, the two men on stage were immediately speechless, it was not only them, even the other participants did not know what to say.

A competition that did not allow forfeiting? It was a first for many of them, but since they came to compete, how could they forfeit?

“Master Xiao, isn’t your punishment a bit too much? It is fine to break an arm, one can use some pills to recover, but I am afraid no one can accept losing a stage of cultivation! Spirit Star Cultivators need to spend countless amounts of time to increase a stage, and if it were any Spirit Master Cultivator, then the time will be even longer!”

One of the participants on stage asked.

Even though the Ultimate Martial World’s Spirit Qi allowed cultivation to be many times faster than that in the Sky Martial Continent, to the people in Ultimate Martial World, even training to the first stage of the Spirit Star Realm would exhaust them a few years.

“That’s right, we are all here to compete and to fight for the prize, since you are all establishing this rule, why didn’t you say it clearly before we participated?! Moreover, to suddenly set it in the middle of the competition! If that is the case, I quit participating!”

“That’s right, the rules are too messy! I quit!”

“We quit!!”

A few of the participants who were against the strange new rule all stood up and shouted, all of them were agitated and Group D had the most people, roughly up to 200 of them.

However, surprisingly, the spectators did not make any sound, no one were against Xiao Zi Ru’s rule, and no one stood up to judge her, as though they had all agreed to it. Such a scene made the 200 people seem isolated and without help.

“If you trashes all feel like forfeiting and not accept any punishment, let me give you guys a word of advise! As long as you guys do not intentionally resist in the competition and allow the opponents to cut your stomach or break your legs, then it will solve everything!! As long as you guys lose, isn’t it fine?”

Just then, a disdainful voice came out from amongst the crowd in Group D.

Everyone followed the voice and saw a seemingly young man with snow white hair, he was dressed in full black, and had blood red eyes, revealing a sinister smile, he glanced at everyone in Group D. Wielding his blood red sword, he laughed: “A group of trash, if you guys are truly scared, why not just get out earlier? Why put yourselves in such an embarrassing situation? There are still two trashes on stage! All of you should forfeit now and not waste our time, we are not here to watch you guys perform meagre tricks!”


The two on stage were infuriated.

“Who do you think you are? To dare be rude to me, Master Zhang? Do not think that you are someone big just because you are in Group D?!”

“Truly preposterous!!”

“Who is that young man! I have never seen him before, but his tone of speech is so big?”

“If we do not bring him down from his pedestal, he might truly not place any one of us in his eyes!!”

The people in Group D were even more infuriated, all the various angry speeches came out, the majority of them revealed looks of anger towards the young man, they all wanted to rip him to shreds.

“What? You guys aren’t happy?”

The young man then shouted out to the four evaluators: “Evaluators, can I go up on stage?”

“It’s not your turn yet! Sit down and observe the battle and wait for your turn to be called.” Xiao Zi Ru said coldly.

“What a pity then!”

The white haired young man shrugged his shoulders and went back to sit, completely ignoring all the people around him.

Su Yun glanced at the white hair young man, and his gaze landed on the blood red sword hanging on his back.

The sword was thinner than the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, it did not have a sword hilt, and the sword did not reveal any Sword Qi but it gave an in invisible sharpness and an indescribable chilling sensation.

“Now, any participants that choose to leave the competition grounds are deemed as forfeiting, and the punishment of forfeiting will be up to the person in charge of the various trading organizations and the main organiser of the competition, they will discuss and come up with a punishment, if you are all unhappy with the punishment of forfeit, you can just intentionally lose in the competition! If anyone still has any opinion, directly raise it up to the various masters!”

Xiao Zi Ru spoke out again, this time with an increased octave: “Now, does anyone have any opinion?”

Directly raise it up to the various masters?

Countless of people turned their gazes to the four pavilions above, and all swallowed saliva.

How would they dare be so brazen? But everyone immediately realized that Xiao Zi Ru’s rule must be because of the big heads, that was why it was so unmanned, the big heads must had definitely decided to ignore the feelings of the participants and spectators.

“Maybe right from the start, the competition had always been intense, maybe those big heads wants this result, and those two sparring are truly not conforming to the goal of the competition.” Su Yun said softly.

“But even so, it will be extremely terrible for the weaker people like us, it means we have to lose a limb or something.” Lu Zhan Yuan said bitterly.

“This is a competition that has a chance of murder, you cannot bring in the attitude of it being a place to train, you have to see it as a battlefield.”

“Then what do we do later? Fight to the death with our opponent?”

“We have no other choice, unless you are willing to break your own arms.”


“No one has any other opinions right?” Xiao Zi Ru glanced at the participants around, then said: “Then, let the competition continue!”


The spectators all exploded with excited roars, and screams, whistles, all sorts of cheering came out.

Seeing that, all the participants who were initially skeptical, completely understood why they were like that.

Only with true fights could it attract people’s eyes, sparring battles were not what they wanted.

This was what the big trading organizations wanted, they wanted to leave a deep impression in every single spectator, one million cultivation coins was a great prize that could not be given out just like that. Ultimately, the trading organizations were still businessmen, they did not want to do non profitable work.

“Damn it!”

Seeing the excited crowd, the two on stage were at a loss.

“Brother Wang, what should we do now?”

“I do not know, brother Zhang, must we truly fight to the death?”

“I do not know either.”

The two of them just stood there and did nothing.

Seeing that, Shu Wen who was below immediately shouted: “The two of you, there is still an incense stick worth of time before the round ends, if you two do not decide the victor, the two of you will be considered to have forfeited! Pay attention to the time!! Please pay attention!!!”

“To hell with it!!”

The spirit cultivator who was called brother Zhang gritted his teeth, he suddenly moved forward, without saying a thing, he launched a punch at his opponent’s head.

“Brother Zhang, you?”

“Let’s fight! We have no other choice!!”

Brother Zhang roared.

“If that’s the case, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

Brother Wang gritted his teeth and immediately unleashed his treasure, the two parties instantly engaged in an intense battle, the ferocity level increased far more than what it was previously.

Seeing that, the spectators all became even more excited.

The few evaluators all nodded their heads, they were satisfied with the performance.

But the spirit cultivator with last name Zhang who released the fist struck the one named Wang, his fist was imbued with Spirit Qi, causing Wang to be dizzy.

“Good!! That was a good fist!!”

“You should have used more power and directly split his head open!”

“Wang Zhi Wu, you should fucking use more strength!! I bet on you to win!!”

“Damn it, this old one spent 5 thousand cultivation coins on you, if you lose, this old man will refine your spirit!”

“You better not lose!!”

Shouts from the spectator stand started to come out.

Countless of the participants were stunned, they never thought that the spectator’s reactions would be so intense.

“Damn it, to actually use us for a bet and earn money!”

Just then, Lu Zhan Yuan said angrily.


Su Yun asked.

“Brother Su, look over there.” Lu Zhan Yuan pointed towards a terrace at the side of the spectator stand and said angrily: “I just realized that there seems to be some betting system there, they will have a banker over there for every participant that comes up on stage, the spectators can set their bets to try and make a profit, I am afraid that this prize money of one million cultivation coins will most likely come from there!”

“Oh? There’s such a thing here?”

Su Yun was startled.

“As expected from cunning businessmen!!” Lu Zhan Yuan clenched his fists tightly: “No wonder they want us to fight to the death, it is to facilitate their exploits!”

“Actually, you can’t think of it that way, since this is a competition, you should give it your all, maybe our harvest will be even more.”

Su Yun laughed.

“Harvest?” Lu Zhan Yuan shook his head: “Avoiding being crippled is good enough, you still want a harvest-”


Just then, a loud smashing sound sounded out from the arena.

The man with surname Wang had used his palm to smash onto Zhang, causing his chest to crack, revealing the bones and organs to everyone, and then causing him to fly backwards. Upon landing, he spat out blood and immediately fell unconscious.

Clang clang clang!

The referee smashed the bell to stop the match, the round had ended.

Shu Wen carried his fat body anxiously up the stage, after checking on the fainted Zhang, he then shouted out excitedly: “I hereby declare the winner of the first round: Wang Zhi Wu!!”


“Wang Zhi Wu, that’s the way!”

“Well fought!! Haha!”

Cheers immediately exploded from the crowd, but there were also countless of curses.

“Fuck! Zhang Kong, you fucking trash!”

“This old one spent a thousand cultivation coins on you, you dog!”

“Fucking trash, go and die!”

All of their furious shouts became even worse and worse.

Zhang Kong was in a terrible state, from the wounds, his cultivation might had fallen greatly as well, and Wang Zhi Wu was not optimistic as well, he was not in a good shape either, one of his arm was loose as the bone had completely shattered, and recovery would take a long time.

“The loser will leave the stage and the winner will go and rest, and will receive treatment from the medical team sponsored by the trading organisations, and wait for the next round.”

Shu Wen shouted loudly.

Very quickly, a few men dressed in white rushed over to the stage and brought Zhang Kong out on a stretcher, while Wang Zhi Wu dragged his tired body out of the stage and entered the area allocated to rest and started to recuperate.

“That’s right! Even in our heated competition, we naturally cannot let anything to cause a stop to it! Esteemed ladies and gentlemen, we will now begin our next round, but this time, the competitors will not just be pulled out from Group D, but chosen out from Group B, C and D! Now, all participants, please get ready, and polish yourselves in front of the spectator’s eyes!”

Shu Wen shouted in an exaggerated tone, and even used his fat and comical expressions, maybe his face was enough to call it a show.

“Then, who will our next two competitors be? Please take a look-”

Shu Wen shouted out loud, and his voice stopped abruptly on a high.


A light aura exploded out from both Group B and Group D!