Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 417
Single Sword Rising Wind

The moment Su Yun took out the bizarre black sword, Feng Mo Qiang frowned: “What a dense Evil Qi! What is that sword?!”

“Young master, be careful of that man’s plots, you should stand back further first, leave this to us.” A spirit cultivator by the side said.

Feng Mo Qiang did not refute him and nodded his head, riding on his Single Horned wildebeest, he retreated about 100m.

Buzz buzz buzz.

Just then, the Qi barrier suddenly trembled and the Divine Spirit Qi released by the flag gradually died down, the Divine Spirit Qi around them started to lax.

Feng Mo Qiang frowned.

At the location of the flag, the Divine Spirit Qi released by the Imperial Equipment was quickly diminishing, it was already extremely weak, and looked as though the attacks from the cultivators outside could shatter the barrier.

The people outside saw what was happening, and immediately formed a circle to surround Su Yun and Huai Rou Mu Yu.

“Oh? You finally can’t hold on anymore?” Feng Mo Qiang’s mouth formed a curve.

Su Yun was holding onto Death Sword’s hilt tightly, he turned and spoke to Huai Rou Mu Yu: “I will break an opening for you, you leave first, Feng Ling Sheng should be bringing people to find us, find him, and bring him back to support me, understand?”

Huai Rou Mu Yu thought for a moment, then nodded her head earnestly.

“Good! I will remove the barrier from the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment!”

Su Yun took deep breaths, then with a wave of his hand, he kept the flag back into his storage ring.

The moment he opened his storage ring, he activated Sprite’s Shadow.

Tiger King Multidirectional Roar!


Four gigantic tiger heads appeared on the four sides around Su Yun, the deafening roar caught four cultivators off guard, they retreated a few steps due to the roar and upon seeing that, Huai Rou Mu Yu immediately raised her crystal sword and rushed towards one of them. Before he could stabilise himself from the roar, he was slashed down.

Huai Rou Mu Yu immediately leapt out and soared into the sky.

“Quick!! Stop her!!”

Feng Mo Qiang shouted anxiously.

Four cultivators immediately gave up on Su Yun and rushed towards Huai Rou Mu Yu.

“Single Sword Rising Wind!”

Su Yun roared without giving a care, he directly unleashed the Death Sword and used the fifth form of the Divine Wind Sword Technique towards the four men.

With the release of the sword technique, it immediately caused the sky to dim down, a tornado was unleashed, with winds that were like blades rising with Evil Qi.

The sudden tornado that appeared startled everyone, and what shocked them even more was that inside every wind was filled with dense Sword Intent.

All of the Spirit Essences in Su Yun’s body opened, the pores on his body expanded out and surged with a great amount of Spirit Qi, transforming in endless wind.

Su Yun fixed onto one man and with his sword, he moved towards him.

With an earth shocking movement, the strong gale rushed forward, the whistling wind blade struck onto the men chasing Huai Rou Mu Yun.

Huai Rou Mu Yun had followed Su Yun’s instructions, she activated her own defensive treasure, a gray armor was unleashed by her calling and Huai Rou Mu Yu immediately entered the gray armor.

The gales that was even sharper than swords blew over and the moment they swept through the four people, the pitch black Evil Qi permeated through their bodies, wreaking havoc in their bodies in a wanton manner

The four men immediately fell from the sky, after twitching for a few moments, they stopped moving. The remaining gales struck Huai Rou Mu Yu’s armor, causing cracks to appear until finally breaking, Huai Rou Mu Yu sustained some injuries, but luckily, she was not heavily injured.


Feng Mo Qiang’s face changed, his eyes staring straight at the four men who fell.


Just then, the bodies of the four men suddenly ripped out multiple wounds that spurted out blood, after three breaths of time, the bleeding stopped, and all of their bodies started to rip open like blossoming roses, piece after piece, their bodies opened up automatically. Even the bones were not spared, they were so dead they could not be even more dead.


Upon seeing that, the remaining people were immensely shocked.

It was a perfect slash, regardless of the Spirit Qi released or the trajectory of the gale, Su Yun had precise accuracy, with the release of the sword, Su Yun immediately sat on the ground with his both hands tightly grasped on Death sword sword hilt, he gasped for breath, with bean sized perspiration trickling down his face.

The consumption of energy from the attack was too huge, not only did it consume profound spirit qi, it also required a large amount of evil qi, Su Yun was worried the power of the slash was not strong enough, and had opened all of his spirit essences and did not hold back!

Death Sword was trembling restlessly.

Su Yun gritted his teeth, and used his remaining Profound Spirit Qi to suppress it.

The fortunate thing was that Su Yun’s current cultivation was different from before, suppressing the Death Sword had become much easier and after trembling for a short moment, Death Sword quietened down again.

He heaved a sigh of relief and stood up once more, and looked at Feng Mo Qiang.

‘Single Sword Rising Wind’ had consumed more than half of his Profound Spirit Qi, adding the loss that he had previously, he did not have much Profound Spirit Qi left in his body, so having to fight the few of them further would not be easy.

Seeing that Feng Mo Qiang and his remaining men did not dare rush up, Su Yun knew that his attack previously had stunned them.

Huai Rou Mu Yu had already flew a great distance, her figure could no longer be seen, and the situation had turned.

“That sword” Feng Mo Qiang stared at Death Sword for a while, then looked at Su Yun in shock: “Who exactly are you?”

“Just a nameless nobody!”

Su Yun said indifferently.

“A nameless nobody has such a powerful Imperial Equipment? A nameless nobody wields such a sword?” Feng Mo Qiang gritted his teeth, he did not believe Su Yun’s words at all.

“Huai Rou Mu Yu has already escaped, Young master, what do we do now?”

“We will all go up together and kill that brat first, then we will see how!”

“Do not act blindly against an expert that can kill off four Spirit Master Cultivators with one sword slash, it is something rarely seen in the Ultimate Martial World, this man is not simple, if you guys rush up recklessly, it will simply be sending yourselves to death!”

Feng Mo Qiang felt extremely bitter and confused, his plans had gone down the drain, because Huai Rou Mu Yu was not guarded against him at all, everything had been planned out prior, who knew Su Yun would suddenly appear halfway, and topple all of his plans.

He was fully aware of what would happen if the plan were to fail. He would cause his entire Feng Family to be destroyed by the anger of the Huai Rou Family.

The few experts hesitated for a moment, they did not dare to attack.

A sword slash to kill four Spirit Master Cultivators, this power was too shocking, who would dare to be reckless against Su Yun? This time when Feng Mo Qiang ordered them to move, no one dared to move.

Feng Mo Qiang also knew Su Yun’s Sword Intent, not only did he kill four experts with the sword, he had crumbled the will to fight in the rest.

They were no longer able to fight.

Feng Mo Qiang roared: “Since it’s like that, we can only retreat!”

They did not have a certainty of killing Su Yun and furthermore, Huai Rou Mu Yu had escaped, so fighting with Su Yun was pointless, they could only think of another plan.

“Su Yun, you better remember this, there will be a day that I will come and settle this with you!”

Feng Mo Qiang gritted his mouth and leapt in the other direction, onto his single horned wildebeest and left.

Right at this moment, countless of blue light beams shot out from the distance and straight into Feng Mo Qiang’s chest, causing him to fall from the wildebeest.

Feng Mo Qiang staggered on the ground, his face was ashen, he anxiously turned and looked up, to see many people flying over.

“Ingrate! You still think you can leave after doing such a thing?!”

A bald old man with white moustache flew over and roared at Feng Mo Qiang in anger.

“Grandfather” Feng Mo Qiang was stunned.

Su Yun turned his head to see that Huai Rou Mu Yu was leading a group of people and rushing over.

~Just in time! Could Feng Ling Sheng be here already?~

Upon seeing the old man, Feng Mo Qiang’s subordinates were so afraid that all of their courage disappeared, they anxiously knelt down on the ground and kowtowed: “Spare us, Old Master Tai! Spare us, Old Master Tai!!!”

“You dog slaves, so you try curry favor from Feng Mo Qiang and do such a thing, and want me to spare you? Take them all down, and bring them back to be hacked into pieces!!”

The old man roared.


10 middle aged men flew out from behind the old man, all of them had astonishing presence, they moved extremely quickly, in the blink of the eye, they landed at the sides of the cultivators, and directly smacked their necks, causing their qi channels to rupture, and they fell to the ground, unable to stand.

“Feng Wei Tang’s men?” Feng Mo Qiang opened his eyes wide, and looked at the men in shock.

Su Yun anxiously sheathed Death Sword back in, he heaved a sigh of relief, when he looked at the people again, he saw Huai Rou Mu Yu and Feng Ling Sheng rushing over to him.

“Su Yun, are you alright?” Feng Ling Sheng asked with concern.

“I’m fine.”

Su Yun laughed.

“Not long after I left, I met Feng Ling Sheng and the rest, luckily it was in time! If not Feng Mo Qiang would had ran.” Huai Rou Mu Yu said gently.

“If I had known that Feng Ling Sheng was already coming over, maybe I should had held on longer.”

Su Yun laughed bitterly.

Right then, Huai Rou Mu Yu extended her white hands out, revealing a brown pill that was emitting Spirit Qi.

Su Yun was startled.

“You are very pale, and have over consumed your Spirit Qi. Hurry and consume this, it’s a special pill that can recover Spirit Qi, allowing you to quickly regain your Profound Spirit Qi.” Huai Rou Mu Yu said gently.

“Thank you.”

Su Yun nodded his head, he did not argue and swallowed the pill down, then sat in a cross legged meditative pose and recuperated.

With Su Yun being fine, Huai Rou Mu Yu felt more relaxed, she turned her head and looked at Feng Mo Qiang who was lying down on the ground, her gentle face turned serious with a tinge of coldness, she then walked over.

“Miss Huai Rou, my unfilial grandson Feng Mo Qiang has dared to do such a thing today. It’s a crime that cannot be pardoned, from today onwards, he is no longer my Feng Family’s person, Miss Huai Rou, it is your choice if you want to kill him or not.”

The old man cupped his fists at Huai Rou Mu Yu and said respectfully.

“Grandfather Feng, you need not be so reserved with me, calling me Mu Yu is fine.” Huai Rou Mu Yu said gently.

Feng Chi Dan nodded his head, but his thoughts were not slow at all, for Feng Mo Qiang to do such a thing, it could be said that the entire Feng Family had plunged into an irrecoverable level, if the matter was not settled well, the Feng Family’s name would be removed.

The Feng Family’s Patriarch Feng Hen was placed in an intense pressure, seeing his son in such a state, he did not dare to even speak up.

The Huai Rou Family was not someone the Feng Family could offend!

“Young master Feng Mo Qiang.” Huai Rou Mu Yu walked over and spoke: “I have no grievances with you, why must you attempt to ambush me? Where do you want to bring me to? What is the goal in this? Can you tell Mu Yu?”

Feng Mo Qiang looked at Huai Rou Mu Yu for a second, then shook his head and said: “Huai Rou Mu Yu, what is there more to say? I, Feng Mo Qiang, is finished, you can kill me, be quick with it.”

He was already broken, he did not succeed, and knew that it was impossible for him to live in, ignoring the Huai Rou Family, even the Feng Family would not allow him to live.

“You musn’t think that your life will end today, if you are able to tell me everything, I can promise not to kill you.” Huai Rou Mu Yu then said softly: “But if you do not tell me, then the entire Feng Family, including your parents, your grandfather, your brothers and sisters, I will not let any one of them go, do you understand?”

Her face was still as calm and her tone was extremely gentle, but the words caused Feng Mo Qiang’s entire body to turn cold, it was as if winter had suddenly dropped all over him, causing him to tremble.

Her words were mixed with killing intent!

Feng Mo Qiang looked at Huai Rou Mu Yu in shock.

“I will only give you one chance.” Huai Rou Mu Yu looked at him calmly, her deep eyes looked like two endless wells.

Feng Mo Qiang was stunned by her eyes, but in the end, he still lowered his head