Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 415
Battle Between Imperial Equipments

A Sword without form or shadow!

Feng Mo Qiang opened his eyes wide as he stared at his stomach area, his eyes betraying his shock.

Who could possibly stop an invisible sword?

“Do you still remember what I said? Never look down on a person, because you will never know who you could die to!”

With that said, Su Yun twisted the Desolator, causing the wound in Feng Mo Qiang’s stomach to get ripped apart. Su Yun then pulled the sword out suddenly, causing a thumb sized hole to appear on his stomach, his innards were pulled out, causing Feng Mo Qiang to scream miserably.


Feng Mo Qiang spat out a mouthful of blood. He was furious, he raised his palm and smashed towards Su Yun’s chest.


Su Yun retreated a few steps back, Feng Mo Qiang fell back while holding onto his wound, he fell to the ground, his body trembling faintly. He anxiously took out a pill and threw it into his mouth and upon entering his mouth, the wound on his stomach started to moisturize.

“I will pull out your tendons and destroy your spirit! Asshole!”

Feng Mo Qiang’s face was filled with killing intent, he stood up once again, holding onto the golden arrow, he roared out and rushed at Su Yun.

When he got close to Su Yun, the golden arrow suddenly exploded and formed a golden net, enveloping everything within.

At the same time, Feng Mo Qiang drew out a circle with his right hand, releasing a million light dots from within the circle, each light dot was filled with dense killing intent and the terrifying sensation was aimed straight at Su Yun.


The golden net trapped and grabbed onto Su Yun and then pulled back extremely quickly, Su Yun was completely suppressed!

“Go and die!”

Feng Mo Qiang roared, the light dots inside the circle shot out at Su Yun.


Right at that moment, a dense ice wall congealed in front of Su Yun and in that moment, Su Yun’s entire being was also frozen by the ice. The light dots struck the ice wall, producing countless of holes, but they were unable to hurt Su Yun.

Seeing that, Feng Mo Qiang’s eyes turned gloomy.

Although he was a second stage Spirit Master Cultivator and was much stronger than Su Yun, but Su Yun’s sword techniques were truly tricky, as though nothing could get to him.

“That is the might of a sword formation! Young Master Feng, leave him to me!”

Right at that moment, a person sprung up from the side, wielding his big blade with two hands, he directly slashed towards Su Yun, his movements was extremely crafty.

The blade tip smashed onto the frigid ice wall, smashing onto Su Yun’s body who was covered in the ice, in that moment, the ice shattered, but before the blade could land on his shoulder, a red sword had intercepted it and blocked the falling blade.

“Fast, but in front of me, you can only die!”

The man bellowed, he pushed down further and the blade erupted with multiple folds of strength, causing the ground beneath Su Yun’s feet to immediately plunge down, the earth around him erupted with a large explosion with Spirit Qi pervading in chaos all around him.

Su Yun clenched his teeth, the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword in his hand was trembling lightly.

~No way, my cultivation can’t even compare to his, I can only use my sword to win, a head on fight will definitely be a loss.~

Su Yun gritted his teeth as he thought.

“Quickly take him down, I will capture Huai Rou Mu Yu!”

Feng Mo Qiang bellowed, he then rushed towards the young lady.

“Feng Mo Qiang, do you know what the result of your actions is? The Feng Family will be destroyed by you!”

Huai Rou Mu Yu stared at the other party and said

“I know! But the Feng Family will not only be destroyed by this, but will instead rise and become stronger because of me, Feng Mo Qiang, and become the largest Family in Sky Central City, becoming a top family in the Ultimate Martial World!”

Feng Mo Qiang laughed with a sinister look on his face, he controlled the gold arrow and pierced towards Huai Rou Mu Yu’s arms with the intention of suppressing her.

He seemed to be underestimating Huai Rou Mu Yu’s cultivation. Huai Rou Mu Yu retrieved her crystal sword and spun, releasing 10 rays of Sword Qi. Feng Mo Qiang sustained damage from these Sword Qi and was flung back a few rounds, he was instantly placed in a bad situation.

Huai Rou Mu Yu’s strike did not give mercy at all, she used the momentum and charged forward with her crystal sword aimed at Feng Mo Qiang’s heart.

Sou sou sou sou sou

Just at this time, many experts rushed over towards Huai Rou Mu Yu.

Huai Rou Mu Yu was shocked, she instantly retreated, but saw that a few of them were covered with blood, all of them had ferocious expressions, they were all Feng Mo Qiang’s men.

“My men, could it be”

Huai Rou Mu Yu’s eyes widened, she immediately looked towards the carriage, to see the mutilated scene with blood flowing everywhere, even Xiao Hong was not spared, the place was extremely gruesome!

“You bastards!”

Huai Rou Mu Yu clenched her fists, her usual calm heart could no longer keep calm, she gritted her teeth, her beautiful and delicate face revealing an indescribable hatred and anger.

“You sought this yourself, Huai Rou Mu Yu, if you had followed me obediently, your subordinates would not have died so tragically.

Feng Mo Qiang wiped away the blood from the corners of his mouth and said with a sneer when he stood up.

“Bastard! I must kill you!” Huai Rou Mu Yu’s face had become fierce.

“That depends on if you have the capabilities! Seize her!” Feng Mo Qiang bellowed.

Sou sou sou

The few experts rushed forward.

And at that moment, Su Yun was battling the cultivator wielding the big blade.

“He has the strength, but he is definitely slow, most likely a 2nd stage Spirit Master Cultivator, I will be suppressed in terms of Spirit Qi, I can only use speed to win!”

Su Yun activated Pure Divine Spirit Qi, he gradually closed his eyes and entered a state of emptiness, his speed increased to the maximum, his strides became hasted and he moved around the enemy like a ghost.

The enemy looked left and right, he became panicked! Su Yun’s increase in speed made him helpless.


Su Yun made his move, his sword was like a poisonous snake that shot towards the man’s back.

A cold Sword Intent caused all the hairs on his entire body to stand.

“Complete annihilation!”

Suddenly, the man turned his body and swept his big blade, the blade tip swung out with a 100m long gigantic blade image, the fearsome blade image looked like an impressive display of manpower, the sand and rocks on the ground all spun out from the ground.

It was an exchange of technique, the other party had already sensed that Su Yun’s cultivation was inferior to his, so he planned to fight head on, if Su Yun were to continue with his attack, he would definitely be struck by his big blade, in that situation, before Su Yun’s sword could strike him, Su Yun would sustain damage his attack, and even if Su Yun did not die, he would be crippled.


Su Yun focused his vision and caught sight of the sweeping blade, his fingers moved slightly, the sword that he thrusted out was immediately pulled back.

The technique that Feng Ling Sheng had taught him, driving his sword with his mind, every movements of the sword was controlled by his mind, a thrust could be pulled back, and could still be thrusted out again, holding both offense and defense.

With his sword retracted, both of Su Yun’s legs pushed up and jumped, landing on the blade image like a feather, then jumped once again on a single leg, then turned and slashed towards the enemy’s neck.

The whistling from his momentum was shocking.

The other party was stunned by his movements.

To suddenly be able to retract his sword and unleash his technique again, how could such a thing happen?

However, Su Yun made too many movements in that instant, when the sword slashed down, the other party had already prepared his defense. Holding his shock, he release a great amount of Divine Spirit Qi that flowed along his neck, making his neck seem like an unbreakable steel wall.

Right at that moment


His entire body shook and trembled, the Divine Spirit Qi on his neck suddenly became chaotic.

He lowered his head to look, only to see that his heart had been pierced unknowingly.

“How the hell?!”

He asked in shock.

In the next moment, the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword had already slashed his throat, and his head flew out.

No matter how he had thought, he had never figured that when Su Yun was holding on to the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, he also controlled the Desolator that waited by the side carefully.

Su Yun leapt back and landed on the ground, he then put the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and Desolator back into the Sword Sheath and summoned Ling Qing Yu and then held onto the Contracted Victory Sword.

“Just with you alone, it is difficult to fight with so many experts, you better take Huai Rou Mu Yu and leave quickly, don’t fight them head on any further.” Ling Qing Yu looked at the situation of the battle and spoke to Su Yun.

“I know! But I might not need to leave, reinforcements are already on the way.”

Su Yun roared, with Contracted Victory Sword in hand, he rushed towards Huai Rou Mu Yu.

The current Huai Rou Mu Yu was covered in bruises, although she still had strength, there were too many enemies! With Feng Mo Qiang, there were a total of six of them, six Spirit Master Cultivators, with the strongest being the third stage, how could she ever fight them?

Su Yun did not know what cultivation stage Huai Rou Mu Yu was at, but reckoned that it was around the third stage.


A mystical illusionary figure mixed with brilliant colors collided over, Huai Rou Mu Yu had used a treasure to defend, but before she could completely activate it, her abdomen suffered from an attack, causing blood to flow out, she staggered a few steps behind, she could no longer even defend.

Seeing that, Su Yun strode outwards and slashed forward, the pure white Contracted Victory Sword flashed like lightning, forcing the enemies to retreat, he flashed forward and unleashed the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment and a circle of Divine Spirit Qi enveloped them.

Clang clang clang clang

Clear and crisp sound came out, but the Divine Spirit Qi remained unmoved.

“That is an imperial equipment!”

Someone recognized Su Yun’s treasure and shouted in shock.

“What? Imperial Equipment? He actually has an Imperial Equipment?”

“This is trouble! An imperial equipment is not easy to breakthrough.”

A few of them had worried looks, and even Feng Mo Qiang was frowning.

Huai Rou Mu Yu opened her small mouth and looked at Su Yun in surprise, she never thought that Su Yun would actually have an Imperial Equipment! It was truly a hidden trump card.

“Imperial Equipment? Heh, I have one too, watch how I break him!”

Just then, a cultivator stared at Su Yun and flipped his hand, revealing a palm sized deep purple dagger.

Seeing that, Huai Rou Mu Yu’s face turned pale: “Forty fifth Tier Imperial Equipment, Purple Thunder Lightning Blade?”

“As expected of someone from an aristocratic trading family, good eyesight! This is something that I spent countless of hours to obtain! It can even fight Sage or Sky Level treasures, able to break any defense!!” The cultivator smiled pleasingly

“Now, you better surrender obediently, then I will not release this and kill you two, if not, don’t blame my Purple Thunder Lightning Blade for being merciless!!”

“Hahaha, good! Good!”

“Let’s see how you will resist us now!”

The other few cultivators became excited.

Feng Mo Qiang nodded his head in admiration, he never thought that his own subordinate would have such a treasure, he saw that he had already won.

“Damn it!!” Huai Rou Mu Yu gritted her teeth, she turned her white neck and looked at Su Yun: “You have better leave now, your Imperial Equipment will not be able to defend against his Imperial Equipment, if you do not leave, I am afraid even you will die to that blade!”

“Forty-fifth tier Imperial Equipment? Is that very strong?” Su Yun asked, he did not understand the Imperial Equipment grades in Ultimate Martial World.

“It is!! Very strong!! Imperial Equipments are differentiated into Fifty tiers, his blade is a Forty fifth Tier weapon, it has a powerful offense ability, what tier is your Imperial Equipment?” Huai Rou Mu Yu suddenly thought about something and asked.

“It seems to be Seventh.” Su Yun said.

Hearing that, Huai Rou Mu Yu was slow to react: “What did you say?”

“Seventh Tier?”

“Forty-seventh tier?”

“Seventh Tier! It’s the Seventh Tier!” Su Yun said helplessly.

When she finally understood what Su Yun meant, Huai Rou Mu Yu was stunned: “Seventh Tier?”

“Is that bad?”

“How can that be bad?” Huai Rou Mu Yu scoffed.

“Hey, why are you guys not surrendering yet? Could it be that only after suffering a bit then will you guys surrender?” The cultivator became annoyed.

“Stop delaying time, quickly kill that man and bring Huai Rou Mu Yu away, we don’t have much time.” Feng Mo Qiang said.

“Alright, Young master!”

The man laughed, and holding onto the Purple Thunder Lightning Blade, he stared straight at Su Yun and threw it out, causing it to fly out. In that instant, a purple lightning flashed forward like a shooting star, and whistled forth.

The extremely powerful strike caused everyone’s hair to stand!

The aura released by it seemed to even be able to stab through space! The terrifying force rushed forward

~It’s coming!~

Su Yun stared at the purple lightning, he extended his hand out and grabbed onto the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment Flag.


A halo of Divine Spirit Qi enveloped the two of them.

Clang, the purple thunder lightning blade smashed onto the Divine SPirit Qi, releasing a large ripple, but the barrier did not break!


All the cultivators by Feng Mo Qiang’s side froze, their eyes opened widely as they stared at Su Yun in shock.