Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 410
Reviving Sword Elder

In the largest tavern of the Sky Central City.

Inside a room.

“Young Master Su, these are the Dawn Creek Water, Infinity Bow Core Qi, Three Moon Space Time Steel and Illusory Spirit Qi. My Family Young master also said, if you require anything else, you can let me know, I will do my best to get them for you.” Feng Ling Sheng’s trusted aide Li Xiang spoke respectfully to Su Yun.

The table was covered with all the ingredients required to activate the Sword Origin Life Source, Su Yun looked at all of them, and seeing that nothing was missing, he nodded his head: “Help me thank your young master, now I do not need anything, you can go back and report to your young master.”

“Alright, then this subordinate will leave first.” Li Xiang bowed and cupped his fists, then left the house.

Upon his departure, Su Yun took out the Sword Sheath and summoned Ling Qing Yu.

Although she have always been staying inside the Sword Sheath, she was not slacking. She training wholeheartedly and if not for Su Yun’s call for her, she wouldn’t even know about the situation outside.

After knowing that Su Yun had prepared all the materials, Ling Qing Yu flew out immediately.

“Take out the Sword Elder’s Sword Stone and the Sword Origin Life Source.”

Ling Qing Yu said.

Su Yun immediately did what he was told.

Ling Qing Yu then moved all the contents on the table away to make space and began to arrange the materials given by Li Xiang.

She used the Dawn Creek Water to draw something on the ground, it was not like a formation, but more of a pattern.

When the pattern was complete, Su Yun looked again and realised that the pattern resembled a white tiger with a certain charm.

The remaining materials were slowly placed onto the white tiger pattern as decorations, the tiger bones, tiger body, the lines on the skin and its life like eyes. When she finished, the white tiger seemed to become alive, as though it could jump out from the ground at anytime.

Ling Qing Yu used the Sword Origin Life Source and pierced it into the white tiger’s left eye, then placed the sword stone into the right eye. She then sat down cross legged in front of the pattern as she closed her eyes and chanted.

“My fate by the Heavens, the Heavens uncontrollable, man will not wait for me, the heaven defying journey, my sword will enter my heart, my sword comes from my heart”

She muttered softly, Ling Qing Yu’s face filled with concentration.

When she finished the chant, the pattern blossomed with a snow white light aura, even the sword stone started trembling.

The Sword stone’s layer started reveal cracks, and a strange Qi started to emit out from the cracks, directly entering the Sword Origin Life Source.

The Sword Origin Life Source started to tremble ferociously.



The Sword Origin Life Source erupted with a gold light, followed by the patterns on the ground dimming down, no longer releasing any light aura, while the Sword Stone shattered.

After that, a low resounding ‘dong dong’ came out, a figure slowly floated out from the gold light, and the Sword Origin Life Source completely disappeared.

Su Yun’s eyes grew wide, he walked up a few steps and looked at the figure in front of him.

“Sword Elder?”

He called out.

When the gold light dissipated, a white haired old man dressed in brown robes appeared at where the Sword Origin Life Source was at.

The Old man’s eyes were closed, his white hair fluttered around and when Su Yun called out for him, he opened his eyes.

“Kid, is that you?”

Sword Elder’s hoarse voice came out, he looked left and right, as though he thought that everything around him was not real.

“It’s me, Sword Elder!”

Su Yun’s face was filled with joy as he replied immediately.

Sword Elder called out: “It’s really you? That means, that means, I-I already…”

“You have already turned into a Xiantian Sword Body, but previously your body was a Sword Origin Life Source, which was also a stone sword, you need to cultivate to transform your body into one with flesh, otherwise, your three immortal souls and seven mortal forms will not exist for long, bear that in mind.” Before the Sword Elder could complete his sentence, a weak voice sounded out from the side.

It was Ling Qing Yu who spoke, at the moment, her face was pale white, her entire person looked haggard, as though she had overused her Spirit Qi.

“You are…” Sword Elder opened his eyes wide, and with a look of surprise: “Sword Immortal Ling?”

“You’ve met me before?” Ling Qing Yu frowned.

“Of course I have.” Sword Elder nodded his head: “I have once saw a portrait in the previous Sect Leader’s room, and that painting was of you.”

“What! Why does your Sect Leader have a portrait of me?” Ling Qing Yu frowned more, as though she was not happy.

“I am not sure about that.”


Ling Qing Yu revealed a look of annoyance on her face, then spoke plainly: “For the sake of reviving you, I exhausted myself too much, I am going back in to recuperate!”

With that said, Ling Qing Yu stood up and transformed into a white light, disappearing into the Sword Sheath.

“What is going on?”

Sword Elder saw Ling Qing Yu enter the Everlasting Sword Sheath and was startled.

Su Yun then explained to the Sword Elder about Ling Qing Yu. Hearing that, Sword Elder became emotional and when he heard how Su Yun fought in the Mountain River Sect, destroying Profound Sky Sect and all of the things that had happened, Sword Elder became even more shocked! He never thought that Su Yun would have made such accomplishments and his cultivation already exceeded his own.

“I never thought that after I wake up, so many things would have happened, you are no longer the you of back then! Kid, for you to be who you are today was because of your hard work, but you have to remain modest and keep cool, you cannot be complacent.” Sword Elder advised.

Su Yun nodded his head: “I will always remember Senior’s teachings.”

“What do you plan to do next?”

Sword Elder asked.

“Return to the Sky Martial Continent and find Qing’er first.” Su Yun revealed a relaxed smile.

“Return to the Sky Martial Continent?” Sword Elder was startled: “This isn’t Sky Martial Continent?”

“Of course it’s not, this is the Ultimate Martial World.”

“What? Ultimate Martial World? You entered the Ultimate Martial World?” Sword Elder was confused, as though he had heard of something impressive.

“Of course.” Su Yun spoke with a tinge of helplessness: “If I did not come here, I would not be able to find the materials to revive senior’s Sword Origin Life Source, your Sword Origin Life Source had been stored for too long, thus I was unable to use the Sword Stone to revive you and could only come to the Ultimate Martial World to look for another way.”

“So it was so, I heard that the Ultimate Martial World is a place filled with experts and talents, I only heard it from my master in the past, I never expected you to come here. Su Yun, then what about your Limitless Sword Arts, what sword did you train up to?”

“The fourth sword.”


Sword Elder was secretly speechless.

“Sword Elder, what do you have plan to do after this?” Su Yun laughed and asked.

“I know that you do not have the heart to become the Sect Leader of the Limitless Sword Sect, so I will not plead for you to return with me, I will return to Limitless Sword Sect and prepare to revive the sect.”

Sword Elder said.

Upon hearing that, Su Yun immediately took out the Limitless Sword Arts manual and gave it to Sword Elder: “Since you plan to do that, then this should return to you, senior. Without it, the Limitless Sword Sect will not be able to have its name.”

“There’s no need for it, you keep it, I also know the first four swords. The Limitless Sword Arts is not something good to cultivate in, since you have comprehended the first four swords, maybe you will have the chance to touch upon the Twin swords, you keep it, maybe one day I will be able to see the Limitless Sword Arts at its highest accomplishment.”

Sword Elder laughed as he rejected the manual.

As he had put it that way, Su Yun could only give up and kept the manual back with him.

When he kept it in his robes, he caught sight of a pitch black necklace.

“Shadow Locket?”

Su Yun frowned, he had completely forgotten about Great Obscure and the rest.

~Now that the Profound Sky Sect is destroyed, Great Obscure and the rest have completed their mission, maybe I can give them their freedom.~

Su Yun did not hesitate and immediately took down the locket and imbued it with Spirit Qi and established communications with Great Obscure.

The second the locket was activated, Great Obscure’s voice came out in Su Yun’s mind.


“You don’t have to call me master anymore, the Profound Sky Sect is gone from the Sky Martial Continent, you have all completed your missions. From now on, I hereby announce that you are all free.” Su Yun laughed.

Hearing that, Great Obscure was startled for a long time before gaining his composure, with a trembling voice that contained excitement, he spoke: “Master, are you truly reinstating our freedom?”

“I’m sorry, I should have told you guys that earlier, but many things happened after and I forgot about it.” Su Yun replied with embarrassment.

“Master, you don’t have to apologize, the few of us have been waiting for this day for too long.” Great Obscure spoke emotionally.

“I will now destroy the locket.” Su Yun said.

“Master, wait!”

Just then, Great Obscure called out urgently.

“What’s wrong?”

Su Yun asked.

“Master, before you destroy the locket, Great Obscure still has information to report to you.” Great Obscure suddenly became serious.

“What information?”

“It is regarding your parents, Old Master Su Tian Shen and Lady Shen Xue Xue.”

“What?” Su Yun’s body froze.

“After Profound Sky Sect was destroyed, we decided to return to Stone Cliff Plains, the Su Family are rebuilding the family grounds there and when we were arranging the remnants of the Patriarch, we found his diary. In it was written a few of his views and thoughts and one of them was regarding your parents, the Patriarch said that your parents are not dead, and are looking for your blood sister, which also means, Old Master Su Tian Shen actually has another child.”

Hearing that, Su Yun’s heart started thumping loudly.

Although he had previously heard it from Su Li Xiong, but after thinking about it now, it still felt hard to process.

“Other than that, were there any other information?” Su Yun took a deep breath and asked: “Does Su Li Xiong knows where my parents are? Or where my sister is?”

“This subordinate does not know, but the diary records a very strange sect name.”

“What is that?” Su Yun asked.

“Emperor Palace!”

“Emperor Palace?” Su Yun was startled: “Where’s that?”

“This subordinate does not know, the Sky Martial Continent has countless of sects, but this subordinate has never heard of it before.”

Great Obscure said.

After thinking for a long time, Su Yun replied: “I got it, Thank you, Great Obscure.”

“It’s part of my job.”

Great Obscure replied.

Su Yun then hung up on the locket.

He stood up, staring at the locket in his hand, he finally destroyed it.

The shadow locket was destroyed by his Spirit Qi and became pieces and finally dropped on the ground.

At the moment, Su Yun’s heart was filled with all sorts of emotions, he had fought to save Qing’er out from the Profound Sky Sect’s hands with his life, that was because Qing’er was someone close to him and was the only close person of his, but now, he had gained information that his parents were still alive and he even had a younger sister.

Su Yun stared at the shattered pieces of the Shadow Locket, and sighed.