Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 407
Identity Exposed?

Outside a quiet and desolate valley, a moss green cloud flew at an extremely fast speed and flew into the valley.

Inside the valley was a gigantic tree, it depended on the valley walls, as from its withered trunk, it looked to have died a long time ago, but the trunk was extremely broad, with a span of over 10m and there were a few pockets of black that made the trunk look like a human face.


Bai Yan Shan was thrown down from the cloud and crashed into the ground fiercely.

She climbed up with difficulty, and stared at the old woman on the cloud.

She was not afraid, her eyes filled with unreconciliation and her jaws clenched.

Su su su su su

Just then, many figures flew out from the withered tree and landed outside, they were all gathered neatly, with over hundred of people, split into two lines. All of them knelt down on one leg and shouted out: “Welcome back Valley Master, Valley Master be blessed by the heavens and live forever.”

“Welcome back Valley Master, Valley Master be blessed by the heavens and live forever.”

The spectacular shouts echoed out.

Bai Yan Shan looked towards them and saw that the majority of them had zealous expressions on their faces, their eyes filled with devotion, as though they were all believers of some religion.

The old woman gradually floated down.

She coughed twice, blood traces still present at the corner of her mouth. She had suffered greatly from Wang Tian Yang’s attacks.

“All of you, rise.” The old granny smiled with squinted eyes.

“Thank you Valley Master!”

Everyone replied and stood up.

“If you want to kill me, then do it now.”

Bai Yan Shan stood up, and said with determination, she took out her own sword and stared: “Maybe I am not your opponent, but I will not sit here idly and wait for death.”

Seeing that, the old granny was startled for a second, then laughed out loud.

“Hahahahahaha, little girl, you are truly naive and cute, hahahaha, this old granny likes you.”

With that, she grabbed onto her cane and looked at Bai Yan Shan: “If you think that with your current strength, you can injure me, then do it, I promise you, if you are able to get close to me, I will immediately let you leave.”

Hearing that, a glint flashed past Bai Yan Shan’s eyes: “Are you serious?”

“I, the Suicide Witch, am no good person, but I am not like Wang Tian Yang, that hypocrite.” The old witch laughed.

Bai Yan Shan’s eyes flashed, she thought for a moment, then nodded her head. She called out: “Alright, take my move!”

With that said, she took a step forward and rushed up.

The graceful and beautiful woman floated towards the old woman like a feather, but the moment she was near, she suddenly disappeared.

“Oh?” The old lady frowned, and revealed a look of interest.


Right then, a snow white sword suddenly shot out from behind the old lady, aimed straight for her chest.

But, the old lady did not move. And welcomed the sword.


When the sword struck the old lady, the sword suddenly disappeared.

It was an illusion.

“Just a simple skill, and you dare to act in front of this old granny?” The old woman laughed, she then waved her cane and struck an empty spot in the corner.


The cane seemed to have struck something, after that, a figure flew out from the corner and fell on the ground.

It was Bai Yan Shan.

“Using an illusion to trick me, but in truth, you were hiding in the corner all along to wait for an opportunity and when the illusion attacked me, you expect me to retaliate and reveal an opening for your true self to attack, hehe, such trickeries can only fool cripples, you think you can hide from this old granny?”

The old woman laughed,

Bai Yan Shan gritted her teeth, and stood up with unhappiness.

The old woman walked with the cane, her eyes flashing with a hint of light.

“Girl, this granny will ask you, do you want strength?”


Bai Yan Shan’s expression turned sluggish, her eyes revealing a deep passion.

“Girl, from the moment I saw you, I know what kind of person you are, I know that you one intoxicated with people and know that you live for the dao! The Heaven Palace has countless of geniuses and you will never become an outstanding person in there, but you will be different here, I will personally teach and guide you, and impart the best techniques to you, now, let me ask you, do you want strength?”

The old woman grinned as she spoke, creasing her skin multiple folds.

Without question, her words was extremely enticing to Bai Yan Shan.


Inside the world of red.

Two figures continued to spar, and the sound of sword clashing kept on ringing.

Su Yun was using the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, with his mind in a state of emptiness, his sword moved extremely quickly.

The current him was not thinking much, his entire being was placed in a state of relaxation, his eyes looked ahead of him, the empty space would occasionally flash with a sword image, it was him aiming at his target.

Sou sou sou

The Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword was fast and had no aim, but the red streak of afterimages were faster than lightning, striking with the other sword images.

The Sword images ferociously clashed onto the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, causing sparks to fly everywhere with Sword Qi all around.

“Fifth form! Single Sword Rising Wind!!”

Suddenly, Su Yun bellowed, he rushed forward with a gale that rose from his body, he then disappeared.

When he appeared once more, the entire blood red world was filled with torrential winds, a tornado was conjured with Nan Gong Wen Tian as the center. The tornado was extremely fearsome, causing winds to fill the entire space, the sword could not be found, the attack of the swords that flew everywhere was the true danger of the technique, causing anyone who see it be filled with fear.

It was an extremely beautiful sight.

Nan Gong Wen Tian watched quietly and did not attack.

He could sense the severity of the sword.

Gradually, his eyes revealed a look of passion, admiration and the relaxation of putting down a huge burden, he laughed crazily, looking as though he was a maniac.

“I never would have imagined, I never would have thought that in a short span of 8 years, you will have learnt all five forms of the Divine Wind Sword Technique, genius, truly a genius, hahahaha”

Nan Gong Wen Tian laughed maniacally.

Su su su su su

The torrential swords attacked him, and cut him all over, but Nan Gong Wen Tian did not reveal even a bit of pain, he waved his hand, and all of his injuries immediately recovered.

Sword Accomplished.

Su Yun stopped himself, and looked at the Sword Qi that had not dissipated, his mind was in a state of stillness and the excitement that he should have was not there.

He breathed gently, he then walked over and cupped his fists and bowed respectfully: “Thank you senior for your guidance.”

“It was your hard work, for these 8 years, you never stopped once and even managed to enlighten yourself on the essence of this sword technique, if it were any other person, they would require a longer period of time.” Nan Gong Wen Tian said with admiration.

Su Yun became shock: “8 years? 8 years have already passed?”

Spring, summer, winter, autumn had come and gone eight times, but in the world, there was no time, no season, no rain or wind, Su Yun who was immersed in training did not realise the time that had passed.

“What? Do you have something important to do?”

Nan Gong wen Tian asked.

“Of course, I never thought that so many years would have passed.” Su Yun was in a difficult spot.

“Hahahaha, kid, don’t worry, the eight years is just the time in this world, outside, a breath of time had not even passed.” Nan Gong Wen Tian laughed: “This is the world in my heart, time is controlled by me, whether it be slow or fast, I decide, what are you worried about?”

“Really?” hearing that, Su Yun’s face showed joy.

“But this world can’t last much longer.”

Nan Gong Wen Tian sighed, he stepped back a few steps and waved his hand.

Immediately, the dark red world revealed many white cracks, and that sunlight was shooting in, the light were extremely glaring.

The surroundings started trembling, the ground was cracking, and it immediately looked like doomsday.

Su Yun looked around, and asked in shock: “Senior, what is happening?”

“The world in my heart will eventually die out, my body is already gone, what remains is my heart, I have always been waiting for a disciple to impart my Divine Wind Sword Technique, and have always waited for a genius from the Nan Gong Family until now, since it is so, it is time for me to leave.”

Hearing that, Su Yun’s eyes became round.

“The power in my heart is almost finished, and I can truly rest in peace now, kid, although you said that you do not wish to be my disciple openly, but I can see the desire deep in your eyes. In my heart, the Divine Wind Sword Technique is the strongest, and the Limitless Sword Arts will forever be a third-rate sword technique!”

Nan Gong Wen Tian chuckled, then smiled, his smile became wide, as though he had accomplished everything he wanted to do, the matters that he had always been brooding over had been released, everything that he had always wanted to say had been said.

Su Yun did not refute his accusation, and did not utter a word, he just watched calmly.

The world around him was caving in, the image in front of him was also dimming down. More and more cracks appeared.

He wanted to tell Nan Gong Wen Tian that he was not a person from the Nan Gong Family, but after thinking about it, he decided not to say it.

“Go! Bring my sword technique and reach the peak of the Ultimate Martial World!”

The voice resonated inside the world that was collapsing, and it became weak, and finally disappeared.

Su Yun knelt down and kowtowed three times towards the direction that Nan Gong Wen Tian had disappeared earnestly.

The cracks all around became larger and larger, deeper and deeper, a white light shot into his eyes, and his consciousness immediately stumbled. When he regained his senses, Su Yun realized that he was back at the statue.

~It was as if everything that happened was a lifetime ago.~

The storm of swords all around the statue had disappeared, while the statue crumbled and the entire place became ruins.

“I never thought that there would be such a fortuitous encounter here.” Su Yun could not help but feel moved.

Although it was just a breath of time, but he had stayed in the world inside the heart for 8 years, and even his state of mind had gone through great changes.

Su Yun cupped his fists and released a thread of Spirit Qi, to see that the Spirit Qi had transformed into an azure color, and was extremely dense.

After 8 years of training, his Profound Spirit Qi had taken a qualitative leap, his cultivation had jumped passed the eighth and ninth stage, he was currently wielding a power equivalent to the tenth stage, and one more step would bring him into the Spirit Master Cultivator Realm, while his fighting strength had risen to 2931 and could step into the ranks of 3000 at any time.

As the statue had been destroyed and the mystical formation could no longer be activated, Su Yun left the forbidden grounds and returned to the house.

~Xiao Cui should be heading towards Nan Gong Qing and his lover’s home, but I hope that she could get him back sooner, the sooner I can leave this place, the better, lest more trouble comes.~

“Qing’er! Qing’er!! Are you at home? Mother is coming, Qing’er!”

Just then, an anxious voice came from outside of the house, after that a set of hurried footsteps was heard.

The person approaching moved extremely quickly, as though she had used her Spirit Qi to rush back as the sound of something cutting through wind was heard.

Su Yun’s face immediately changed, and immediately turned back to return to the forbidden grounds.

“Qing’er, mother heard that you were severely injured by evil people, are you injured anywhere?”

Just then, a woman rushed in with a look of worry all over her face.

Then, when she saw Su Yun dressed in Nan Gong Qing’s clothes, she was instantly shocked.

“Who are you?” The woman regained her senses and screamed.