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Nan Gong Wen Tian

The chaos in the Nan Gong Family had caused an uproar in the entire city and for the entire period of time, the entire Sky Central City was talking about it.

Some people thought that it was done by the enemies of the Huai Rou Family, while there were others that thought it was by the enemies of the Nan Gong Family, with the intent of splitting both families apart by making the Huai Rou Family be furious at the Nan Gong Family, using this powerful blade to eliminate the Nan Gong family.

But regardless of what it was, it pushed the Nan Gong Family into a terrible shape. Nan Gong Hu immediately gathered people to investigate, while the Nan Gong Family’s current generation Patriarch, Nan Gong Du Huo and his wife Zhang Zi Yan, were rushing back to the Nan Gong Family after receiving the news. It was no small matter, if they did not deal with it well, they would offend the Huai Rou Family and cause a disaster to their own.

Of course, whether the matter would end up good or bad did not matter to Su Yun.

Although Huai Rou Mu Yu had seen through his disguise, what he did not expect was that she would not fall out with him. Instead, she made the initiative to act along with Su Yun.

Xiao Cui had not recovered from the severe injuries, and Su Yun was not able to contact Nan Gong Qing at the moment.

~But come to think of it, the matters of the Nan Gong Family has been so intense, how is he not here? Did he not receive anything about it?~

He could only wait for Xiao Cui to recover and look for Nan Gong Qing to quickly get him back.

Of course, Su Yun was not in a rush to leave the Nan Gong Family, the seal array formation behind the sculpture in the forbidden grounds behind Nan Gong Qing’s house was extremely beneficial to him.

Su Yun judged that he would not have much time left in the Nan Gong Family, therefore, he prioritised going back to the formation upon recovering and rejected everyone who wanted to visit him with the excuse of recovering.

Behind the sculpture.

The seal beneath his body kept on revolving and a mystical Spirit Qi surged into his body, his talent exploded exponentially and his cultivation and enlightenment were immediately at a profound and miraculous state.

80 times his normal talent.

It was something that not even a Spirit Master Cultivators or Spirit Sky Master Cultivators would ever have.

He greedily used the seal to train, as though he could never get tired, he continued to tackle all the problems that he had with his cultivation.

Of course, if a person wanted to raise his strength, he could not just rely on meditating.

After gaining enlightenment, Su Yun jumped out of the seal formation, stepping on the surface of the swamp, he brandished his swords and danced.

Eight Parts Eight Whole Sword Formation.

Cold Hail Sword Formation.

Seven Ascension Slaughter Sword Formation.

Limitless Sword Arts.

With his extreme state of talent, Su Yun kept on gaining enlightenment and gradually analyzed the essence of each techniques, gaining enlightenment on their quintessences.

This heaven defying talent was something that even the cultivators standing at the peak would desire for.

Sou sou sou sou sou

The swords flew like leaves flying around due to a gale, sets of Sword Qi followed the movements of the swords, which were like white dragons revolving in the air. Wherever the sword tip was at, cold auras would blossom.

“The more Sword Qi is released, the more i exhaust my Spirit Qi, but with the support of the formation and the pills given by Mu Yu, my Spirit Qi has increased.”

Su Yun thought, as he focused more on the swords.

His fighting strength started to surge violently, he directly broke through the seventh stage of the Spirit Star Realm and his fighting strength was now 1640.

It felt like a month of training, but Su Yun realized that he actually trained for only a day.

“Young master!”

Just then, a small voice sounded from outside the forbidden grounds.

~Xiao Cui?~

Su Yun who was meditating in the formation opened his eyes, he used the seventh tier imperial equipment and rushed out of the Sword Qi and landed by the side of the lake. He then rushed out of the forbidden grounds.

Outside, he saw Xiao Cui.

She seemed to have slimmed down a lot, her complexion was pale and she looked haggard.

“I hope you’re better.” Su Yun asked.

“Thank you Young Master for your blessing, Xiao Cui is out of danger.”

Xiao Cui bowed towards Su Yun, then said: “Young Master, XIao Cui is here to pass on a letter.”

“Letter? What letter?”

“It is a letter from the Old Master and the Lady, they have already arrived at Fu Chi Valley and will arrive in the manor in the afternoon.” Xiao Cui said.

“So fast? Doesn’t it Mean that I only have 2 more hours?” Su Yun frowned: “I still thought that they will return in another two days or something, I never thought they would be here so quickly, I can’t hold on much longer, Xiao Cui, you better go get Nan Gong Qing back.”

“Then what about Miss Huai Rou?” Xiao Cui asked.

“It’s been resolved.” Su Yun laughed: “Huai Rou Mu Yu will not proceed with the engagement with Nan Gong Qing, don’t worry.”

Hearing that, Xiao Cui was startled: “Really?”

“I can’t explain it to you in detail right now, get Nan Gong Qing back, I will let him know.”

“Oh oh, ok then, Young Master Su, I will go get Young Master Qing now.”

With that said, Xiao Cui ran back.

~With Nan Gong Qing back, My mission will be over and it’s time to start working on reviving Sword Elder.~

Su Yun took a deep breath and headed back into the forbidden grounds.

~Since there is still time, I should use the formation to train, training for two more hours is like training more than 10 hours normally… I doubt I will see such a good thing after leaving this place.~

Su Yun stared at the statue and then headed to the seal formation as per normal. He sat cross legged, closed his eyes and meditated.

The gold rings of light released and entered his body.

With the flow of time, the gold lights gradually dimmed down, and the sensation of enlightenment was not as intense any more.

Su Yun opened his eyes and looked at the formation beneath him, only to see that it was spinning slowly.

Su Yun took a deep breath and continued meditating.

The seal formation had a lifespan, and the thing that was maintaining its form was a sort of energy stone, every time the formation was used, it would consume some of the energy inside the energy stone, even if it was not used, the energy stone would still deplete but at an extremely slow rate.

~Maybe the energy stone is almost empty!~

~But I wonder what kind of energy stone is used to maintain such a miraculous seal formation.~

Su Yun thought, he hesitated for a moment and suddenly stood up and stared at the formation.

“If this seal formation is opened up, will I be able to deploy this miraculous seal formation anywhere at any time?”

Su Yun suddenly thought.

~If I can comprehend this formation seal, doesn’t that mean my talent can increase close to a 100 times?~

~How Heaven Defying is that?~

Thinking till this point, Su Yun became extremely excited, he immediately knelt and retrieved the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword. Aiming straight at the center of the formation lines, he cut in.

Nothing happened.

He increased his strength.


A crevice appeared.

Cracks started to appear on the formation lines, and the formation immediately stopped working.

Su Yun immediately went prone and activated the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye looking into the crack.

~Wonder what that energy stone is.~

Just at that moment, a red light suddenly erupted from inside the crevice and enveloped him, before Su Yun could react, he was absorbed into the red light and he disappeared from the spot.

Everything happened too suddenly, no one was able to react to such speed!


A loud thud sounded out.

Su Yun regained his senses and realized that he was not inside the forbidden grounds, his surrounding was dyed a blood red, it seemed to be an independent space.

“What is going on?”

Su Yun crawled up and looked around, only to see that there was nothing.

Shuffle shuffle.

Just then, footsteps sounded out from behind him, and then he heard him speak.

“After so many years, someone finally came.”

Su Yun’s senses instantly tensed up, he turned around, and noticed a man with a sword in his hand standing not far away from him.

He was dressed in a blood red blademaster attire, his hair was in a mess with a ponytail tied behind. He looked to be unaffected by it, his expression was indifferent with a sharp gaze, like a pair of swords staring straight at Su Yun.

Su Yun frowned, the man was familiar, but he forgot where he had seen him before.

After pondering for a moment, Su Yun patted his head as he realised!

~Doesn’t this mean look like the statue?~

“Who are you?” He asked carefully.

“Nan Gong Wen Tian.” The man spoke out.

~Nan Gong Wen Tian? Who’s that? Forget it, who cares, I’ll just ask him about the situation.~

“Where is this?” Su Yun asked.

“My world. A world in my heart.”

“How did I end up in this place?”

“Because you forcefully activated the energy source of the formation seal that I left behind for my Nan Gong descendants, and was absorbed by it and came to my world.”

“The energy source of the formation?” Su Yun was startled, he suddenly thought and was shocked: “Could it be that the energy source is…”

“That’s right!” Nan Gong Wen Tian nodded his head: “It was my heart.”

~The energy source was his heart, that means that this formation is unique and can never be duplicated~

Even if Su Yun had extraordinary means, he could not revive such a formation seal.

But if it was so, then it would explain the multiple folds of powerful talent bestowed to the person who used it, which was most probably Nan Gong Wen Tian’s.

“You were able to enter the world in my heart, could it be that you have already used the formation?” Nan Gong Wen Tian asked.

Su Yun nodded his head.

“To be able to force your way into my independent world, you should have some abilities yourself, I have waited here for the Nan Gong Family people for so many years, waiting for someone who was able to use the formation seal, and the day has finally come.” Nan Gong Wen Tian looked at Su Yun and said: “After I created that formation seal, anyone who uses it up will be pulled into this place and will receive my teachings, but you are different, you forcefully activated the energy stone and entered this place, although there is some differences, but whatever, alright, let us begin.”

“Begin what? Receive your teachings?” Su Yun frowned: “What are you going to teach me?”

“Sword techniques!” Ultimate Martial World’s fastest sword!” Nan Gong Wen Tian said indifferently.

“Fastest?” Upon hearing that, Su Yun frowned, he remembered that Feng Ling Sheng’s sword was fast, a speed that was due to him being able to control the sword with a thought, but what was fast was his mind, not the sword. Feng Ling Sheng had taught Su Yun plenty, giving Su Yun the knowledge on the enlightenment on a fast sword, but now a man in front of him said he was going to impart to him the fastest sword in the Ultimate Martial World, it felt like shameless words to Su Yun.

“I can see disdain in your eyes, you think that I do not have the qualifications to teach you?” Nan Gong Wen Tian said indifferently.

“This lowly junior does not dare, but senior, how do you know that your sword is the fastest sword in Ultimate Martial World?”

“If I say it is, then it is!”

Nan Gong Wen Tian’s expression became serious, he raised his sword and a cold glint of lightning flashed towards Su Yun, this speed could not be described with mere words, but it surprised Su Yun, who immediately used his sword to defend, but he was too late, Nan Gong Wen Tian’s sword was right on his neck.

~So fast!~

Su Yun’s eyes widened.

~I have placed my sword on your neck for a breath of time, but in this breath of time, I am able to strike your neck more than 738 times, this speed will be able to easily shatter the Divine Qi protecting your body and directly cut off your neck, you are simply too slow!”

Nan Gong Wen Tian placed his sword down and said.

Su Yun frowned, he took a few steps back and raised his hand, releasing a thousand of swords to fly out of the sword sheath. The thousand swords spiralled in the air, it was a majestic scene.

“Senior, you said you are the fastest, then let this junior have a taste of your sword!” Su Yun bellowed.

“Limitless Sword Arts?”

Nan Gong Wen Tian looked at the flying swords surrounding Su Yun with a startled look.