Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 403
Let Me Treat You

“Who am I?”

Su Yun laughed bitterly: “I am just a hired personnel.”

At the moment, the plan had been exposed, and he had nothing to hide.

“Then where is Nan Gong Qing?” Huai Rou Mu Yu asked gently.

“He is with his paramour.”

“Paramour?” Huai Rou Mu Yu frowned: “Is that someone he likes?”


“Then why did he hire you to act as him?”

“He wishes to reject the marriage, he does not wish to become cultivation companions with you, because he already has someone he likes, so, he requested me to act as him and make you hate Nan Gong Qing, causing you to reject the marriage on your own end.” Su Yun explained honestly.

“Isn’t it better to tell it straight to me? If he was not willing, I would not force him either, since I do not have any feelings for him as well.” Huai Rou Mu Yu said indifferently.

“Things are not as simple as you think.” Su Yun shook his head: ”To reject you directly is offending the entire Huai Rou Family and by doing this, we will only offend you. Currently, the Huai Rou Family is very different from the past, where the Nan Gong Family is unable to compete with your family. They are simply just following and obediently listening to the Huai Rou Family, if we were to truly talk things out with you face to face, I am afraid that Nan Gong Qing would become the sinner of both families and the consequence will be dire.”

Hearing that, Huai Rou Mu Yu became quiet.

“Since you already saw through us, this fraud here have no reason to continue acting, Miss Huai Rou, tell me about it, do you plan to hand me over to the Nan Gong Family, or do you want to handle me yourself?”

Su Yun laughed helplessly.

Huai Rou Mu Yu shook her head: “Although you are a fraud, I, Huai Rou Mu Yu, am not someone who forgets my benefactors, you saved my life just now, how can I betray you at this time?”

“Then what do you intend to do?”

Huai Rou Mu Yu thought for a moment, then said: “You can continue acting as Nan Gong Qing. When I return to my Huai Rou Family, I will inform my father and my grandfather that I wish to reject this engagement.”

“You will tell them everything?” Su Yun asked.

Huai Rou Mu Yu looked gently at the pale face beneath the cape, and seemed to know his fear, then said: “I will simply say that I do not like Nan Gong Qing.”

Hearing that, Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief, revealing a bitter smile.

“I will still be staying in the Nan Gong Family for the next few days, there are a few matters that I have to attend to, other than that, I will send people to investigate the ambush.”

Huai Rou Mu Yu stood up and looked towards the road.

Just then, many of the Nan Gong Family bodyguards and the experts that came with Huai Rou Mu Yu all rushed over.

“Young Master (Young Miss)! Are you alright.”

Their anxious shouts came out at the same time.

Seeing that the two of them were safe and sound, everyone were relieved.

Especially for the guards of the Nan Gong Family, they immediately knelt down on the ground, with looks of fear.

Nan Gong Qing’s life was secondary, Huai Rou Mu Yu on the other hand, could not be harmed in the slightest, the entire Nan Gong Family would not be spared otherwise.

“We are fine, but Young Master Qing has been injured, quickly send him back to recuperate!”

Huai Rou Mu Yu said.


The group of them cupped their fists and anxiously supported the two of them.

Su Yun’s entire body was covered in mud and he looked to be in terrible shape, but at the moment, no one cared about how he looked.

The house that he was staying at previously was broken down, so Su Yun was brought over to a guesthouse located at the south side.

At the moment, outside of the guesthouse were many bodyguards. After what had happened, all of the Nan Gong Family’s bodyguards had been deployed.

A servant walked into the house and started setting up a cleansing array formation to remove the filth off for Su Yun.

“Where is Xiao Cui?” Su Yun who was lying on the bed immediately stopped the servant and asked weakly.

“Xiao Cui was hurt by them, and almost lost her life, she is currently recuperating at the treatment room.” The servant called Xiao Fang said.

“This is bad.”

Su Yun massaged his head as though he was in pain.

Without Xiao Cui to service him, how could he remove the filth? Revealing his identity would be terrible. In truth he could use the Shapeshift Bonepiece to transform himself into Nan Gong Qing, but at the moment, he already had difficulty moving, much less activate the Shapeshift Bonepiece.

Although he had consumed Huai Rou Mu Yu’s medicine, his injuries had not recovered completely. The leader seemed to have possessed some additional power where initially, his attacks were not considered strong, but as time passed, his strength seemed to increase.

“Young master, what is wrong? Are you uncomfortable? The spirit doctor is arriving.”

The bodyguard at the door saw that Su Yun had a worrying look and thought that he was in pain.

“N-no, it’s”

Su Yun sighed again.

Just then, the servant had already completed the small array formation on the ground, and was about to walk over to the bed and extended her hands for Su Yun’s robes.

“W-wait a minute.” Su Yun immediately grabbed her hand.

“Young master, do you need anything?” The servant was surprised and asked softly.

“I will clean myself up, I do not need anyone to help me.” Su Yun immediately turned to prevent the servant from seeing his face, and said weakly: “And I do not need any treatment, send the spirit doctor away, I can recuperate by myself.”

“We can’t do that.” The servant immediately said: “Young master, you are severely injured now, we need to treat you immediately! Otherwise, the filth on you will influence your recovery, please allow this servant to help you disrobe.”

Seeing that, Su Yun could only assume an unyielding role and planned to shout at them.

But right at this moment, a gentle and clear female voice sounded out.

“All of you can retreat, I will treat Young Master Qing.”

With those words, everyone turned and look, to see the pale looking Huai Rou Mu Yu standing by the door without anyone knowing when she had arrived.

“Greetings Young Miss Huai Rou.”

Everyone greeted.

“All of you can retreat.” Huai Rou Mu Yu said gently.

The servant felt awkward: “But young miss, you are our important guest and is precious, this sort of thing…”

“What are you afraid of? I am giving my future husband a wash, what can’t I do? Quickly retreat!” Huai Rou Mu Yu’s tone became stronger.

Hearing that, how could the servant refute? She immediately retreated.

Very quickly, the house door was closed.

Su Yun looked at Huai Rou Mu Yu in shock, she had actually said such things, he could never expected that.

~Is she the real Huai Rou Mu Yu?~

Su Yun felt confused.

Huai Rou Mu Yu’s white face had a flush of red, she turned and walked towards the cleansing formation and activated it with her Profound Spirit Qi and then walked over to Su Yun.

“Why are you doing this?” Su Yun asked weakly.

“You saved me.”

Huai Rou Mu Yu extended her hand out and gently pulled on Su Yun’s clothes, and pushed them open.

He could feel the refreshingly cold fingers that trembled when they touched his skin, he raised his eyes to look at Huai Rou Mu Yu, and noticed that her always clear and focused eyes was at the moment filled with panic.

She was forcing herself.

“You don’t have to do this, I am not weak to this extent, after recuperating for a while, I will be fine.” Su Yun said.

“You don’t have to force yourself.”

~You’re the one forcing yourself.~

Su Yun thought.

Huai Rou Mu Yu gently closed her eyes, her long eyelashes trembled slightly, she gently opened her mouth: “I know that you have difficulties, if others were to find out who you are, you will be in danger, so to safeguard your secret, I will help you recover.”

With that said, Su Yun’s shirt was completely removed.

Bronze muscles were exposed right in front of Huai Rou Mu Yu, causing her heart to beat wildly, disregarding cultivation, Su Yun’s body was flawless, and much tougher than other cultivators.

Huai Rou Mu Yu’s cultivation was much stronger than Su Yun’s, but cultivation was cultivation, ignoring cultivation, Huai Rou Mu Yu was just a naive girl waiting to be married off.

“G-get up.” Huai Rou Mu Yu said with a slight tremble.

“Are you not removing my pants?”

“I will come to that” Huai Rou Mu Yu took a deep breath, a look of anger flashed past her eyes.

Su Yun laughed, he got off the bed and walked towards the cleansing formation.

He saw as Huai Rou Mu Yu breathing heavily again, she then extended her white hands and placed them on Su Yun’s chest, and closed her eyes.

The cleansing formation activated, the gentle and warm Spirit Qi that resembled spring wind, the dirt on Su Yun’s body disappeared into thin air and in time, he was as good as new.

But it was not over yet, Huai Rou Mu Yu raised both of her hands, and like picking flowers, she started to imbue Profound Spirit Qi at different points of Su Yun’s body to help him recover.

The array formation was warm for him and moisturized all of his Qi channels, helping him to recover. His dried up Spirit Essences started to work again, his internal injuries gradually turned from pain to numb, new fibers formed to create new muscles, Huai Rou Mu Yu’s Spirit Qi was guided by her as it flowed around Su Yun’s body, and all the pills that she had given him prior to this started to activate from her Profound Spirit Qi.

“It’s almost done, you still have some injuries on your body, let us stop first.”

Su Yun could feel the rapid recovery, and immediately stopped Huai Rou Mu Yu’s Profound Spirit Qi, when she removed her hands from his chest, he could see a profound fatigue hidden in her eyes.

“Alright.” She nodded her head slightly, retrieving out a few pills, she threw them into her mouth and started recovering.

Her pale face recovered some color.

“What exactly happened? Why are there so many experts appearing at the Nan Gong Family?”

Su Yun was fine and started asking.

“I have just received the information from the person in-charge.” Huai Rou Mu Yu said: “Maybe the Nan Gong Family has spies inside and these experts have disguised themselves. They may have infiltrated the Nan Gong Family and their target seems to be me. At the start of the chaos, their people just rushed into the Nan Gong Family’s place, started killing and creating chaos, leading the experts in the household away and the people who were sneaking around came to find me. The bodyguards I brought with me were all poisoned by them, and was thus unable to come for support.”

When she said that, Huai Rou Mu Yu looked at Su Yun with strange eyes: “Come to think of it, you are just a sixth stage Spirit Star Realm cultivator, how did you sense the poison? Even my bodyguards only realized after that.”

“I know a thing or two about it.” Su Yun laughed, although his cultivation could not be compared to others, but in terms of medical knowledge, he far surpassed theirs.

Huai Rou Mu Yu nodded her head, and said: “Because my family deals in trade, we have many competitors and I have experienced many assassination attempts, maybe they are just doing it as competitors. When I return home, I will definitely investigate on this.”

“Then how long are you preparing to stay here?” Su Yun asked.

“This…” Huai Rou Mu Yu thought for a while, then said: “Maybe for a while.”