Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 395
Mystical Array Seal

“What is going on? Why is it so noisy here?”

“It must be that brat Nan Gong Qing.”

Nan Gong Gu and the group ran over and got close to the swamp, only to see the sculpture releasing a large amount of terrifying Sword Qi storm.

The storm looked like a large circular trap, continuously revolving and circling around the sculpture. The Sword Concept that seemed to be able to shatter everything in its path pounced towards the group, causing them to retreat in alarm.

“What a powerful Spirit Qi, it can most likely easily shred a Spirit Master Cultivator!”

Nan Gong Gu stared at the Sword Concept storm and said.

“What is going on? Young Master, Nan Gong Qing doesn’t seem to be around here, why would the sculpture suddenly release such a fearsome Sword Qi?”

“Young Master, the sculpture looks strange, the situation doesn’t seem good, we should return quickly and inform the Second Master.”

The subordinate by the side said.

But when he said that, Nan Gong Gu slapped his head.

“Are you an idiot? If we tell my dad, aren’t we just telling that old man that all of us just barged into the forbidden grounds? At that time, all of us will have to face the consequences!”

Nan Gong Gu said in anger.

The subordinate rubbed his head: “Then, Young Master, what do we do now?”

“What else can we do? Let’s go!”

Nan Gong Gu snorted, he turned and started to leave the forbidden grounds in hurried steps, feeling extremely furious.

The rustling footsteps gradually disappeared into the distance. Hiding behind the sculpture, Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief.

The current him was inside dense walls made from True Divine Spirit Qi, all of these walls blocked the Sword Qi released by the sculpture, forming a safe space that protected Su Yun.

For sure, the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment was so powerful that it left him dumbstruck, the Sword Qi Storm’s power was unfathomable, he even heard what Nan Gong Gu had said previously, that even a Spirit Master Cultivator would easily be destroyed by the Sword Qi, but the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment was able to defend against it.

~What grade treasure is this? And the consumption of power for this flag seems to be very low, as though the True Divine Qi being released was endless and boundless.~

“At least I’m safe for now.”

Su Yun exhaled, and wanted to leave.

But just as he had relaxed his tense mind, he sensed something amiss.

Previously, he had focused all of his attention towards Nan Gong Gu who was by the side of the swamp and did not notice anything on the sculpture, but at the moment, he realised that there was a grain sized array formation on the ground behind the sculpture and Su Yun was just right on the formation which had already activated. An endless and obscure Holy Spirit Qi surged out of the formation, continuing to surge into his body.

“This is a self automated array seal and can only be activated when someone enters it.”

Su Yun stared at the small formation, he closed his eyes and sensed the Spirit Qi surging into his body from the array seal, in that moment, his heart started thumping, he opened his eyes and revealed a look of surprise.

He did not know what state he was in, but he could clearly feel that the Spirit Qi was flowing into him, causing his mind to feel a state of unprecedented clarity.

It was the type of feeling that felt like having so much intelligence to the point of stupidity, in a state of having supreme knowledge.

It was as though his eyes, heart and mind had become one, a combination of all of his senses, seeing all the flora around him, he was actually able to comprehend everything!

He understood what was going on!


At the moment, his talent was increasing exponentially to an unprecedented level, if his previous talent level was eight times higher than an ordinary person, then at the moment, it had increased to at least eighty times!

“Could it be that this array seal can increase a person’s talent?”

Su Yun’s heart was thumping hard, he stared at the array seal that was gradually turning gold, he hesitated for a while, then walked out of the array seal.

Slowly, the array seal stopped turning, it dimmed down as well, and his mind became clear again, he instantly got out of the strange state of affair.

~So this talent granting state isn’t forever, and only obtained from inside the array. If one is not inside, one is unable to obtain the talent.~

“Even if that’s the case, but it definitely makes a person happy, to train in this seal, I am afraid that the cultivation level will soar extremely quickly in a day!”

Su Yun thought, without wasting time, he immediately sat back into the array and activated it once again, closing his eyes and entering the strange state.

With the protection of the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment, the surrounding Sword Qi around became a boundary that protected him further.

The Spirit Qi flowed through his Qi channels like grindstones, continuously grinding the walls of his Qi channels, slowly expanding it. When the Spirit Qi produced by the Spirit Essences reached the limit, the Spirit Essences would pour the overflowing Spirit Qi into forming a Spirit Seed that produced new Spirit Essences.

Grooming new Spirit Essence was a direct method to enhance cultivation. Grooming new Spirit Essence needed countless luck, conducting cycles of revolutions like the alternation of the sun and moon. Powerful Spirit Cultivators could have Spirit Essence all over their bodies and the Spirit Essences were usually placed in extremely powerful positions. Because such places had lingering Spirit Qi and when the Spirit Essences reaches their limits, they would start devouring each other, and become Spirit Essence of even higher grades.

With the support of a talent of almost 100, Su Yun felt that cultivating had become extremely easy, he could obtain enlightenment without any obstruction, as though he was standing on the shoulders of a giant and forging ahead.

Not only would it increase his own cultivation, it would allow his enlightenment on the Limitless Sword Arts to take a quantitative leap. The Limitless Sword Arts had a total of 7 Everlasting swords, with top tier sword mastery, he would be a Sword God, two mid tier sword mastery is hailed as the Sword Saint and four sword mastery would be hailed as Sword Master.

Su Yun had already comprehended three swords and had started on the fourth, after attaining the fourth sword, he could then start comprehending the mid tier twin swords.

The Limitless Sword Arts would become much harder to comprehend towards the end. Initially, Su Yun did not understand, but the current him knew, the starting few swords were just Worldly Sword Forms, which focuses mainly on using Qi to control the sword. Since the swords were real, it resembled the Immortal Sword Sect’s Imperial Sword Technique, and as long as he fully knew how to use his Profound Spirit Qi to control the swords, the sword techniques towards the end would be different, which was using the spirit to control the swords, a state in which conjuring the sword or causing the sword to disappear from his hand would be at the thought and on a whim, which was similar to an outer sect joining the inner sect, the difference between the outer sect techniques and inner sect techniques.

However, Sword Elder had once said that the strongest person had only been enlightened on the four lower tier swords which Su Yun did not believe in. The Sword Ancestor might have comprehended to an extremely high realm, but the Sword Elder did not know about it.

After staying in the forbidden grounds for a night, Su Yun reckoned that it was sufficient enough, he used the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment and left the sculpture, rushing out of the Sword Qi storm, and then headed back to Nan Gong Qing’s home.

“Young Master Su, w-where did you go? You frightened me.”

Upon entering, he saw Xiao Cui rushing over, her face was filled with fear, her eyes were red, as though she was truly shocked.

Su Yun had disappeared for a day, causing her to be worried and anxious.

“Oh, I hid in the forbidden grounds, I was worried that Nan Gong Gu had sent people to observe the location, so I stayed in there longer.”

Su Yun laughed.

“This servant was almost scared to death by Young Master.” Xiao Cui heaved a sigh of relief, and patted her chest.

“Other than Huai Rou Mu Yu, anyone that comes, tell them that I am out, I will be hiding in the forbidden grounds for the time being, the people in the residence are everywhere, if they see through us, we are finished, so it is better for us to be cautious.”


“Oh yes, Xiao Cui, did you find out any information with regards to Huai Rou Mu Yu?”

“This servant had talked to Xiao Hong who stays by Miss Huai Rou’s side, and asked about a few things about Miss Huai Rou” Xiao Cui then told him everything she knew.

Su Yun listened on quietly and when she finished, he nodded his head.

In the past few days, Huai Rou Mu Yu remained quiet in the house, as though she had her own activities, other than interacting with others, she would not appear much. Her style of conversation was always extremely appropriate and approachable, never getting angry or annoyed, but she never smiled, portraying a calm and cool appearance the entire time, but Xiao Cui heard from Xiao Hong that Huai Rou Mu Yu loved cleanliness, to the point of being a clean freak, she had to change her clothes everyday, and the clothes must not be stained.

“How long does Huai Rou Mu Yu plan to stay here?”

“That is unclear, but young master, you have to quickly resolve this issue soon, if Old Master and Madam comes back, that would be terrible.” Xiao Cui said with worry.

Nan Gong Qing could abstain from meeting others, but how could he do that with his parents? If he did not even see the both of them, it would definitely rouse suspicion.

Su Yun nodded his head: “I got it, Xiao Cui, stay guard outside the house, I’m going to train!”

“Yes, young master, Xiao Cui will leave now.”

Xiao Cui bowed and left the house, closing up the doors.

Riding on this time, Su Yun used the Spirit Qi that he had trained and familiarised himself with the Monarch Occult Force, Everlasting Stone and the other treasures.

~The array seal behind the sculpture was extremely mystical, If I could have that every day, I would most probably be able to rise in stage in less than a month.~

~In this world blessed by the heavens, training has actually become so simple~

Su Yun was still thinking if it was all a dream, that everything was all not real.

Knock knock knock.

Just then, anxious knockings came out from the door.

“What’s up?” Su Yun asked.

“Young master, just now, Miss Huai Rou Mu Yu and the servant Xiao Hong came over, they invited you to participate in the Sky Central City’s Pill Furnace General Assembly. Young master, how should we turn them down?”

“Pill Furnace General Assembly?”

Su Yun stood up and opened the door, he looked at Xiao Cui strangely: “What’s that?”

“It is an assembly held every month by the pill furnace shops in Sky Central City, the general assembly will gather all of the best pill masters in Sky Central City, who will refine miraculous pills in front of everybody. These pills would be auctioned off, and the rich will usually be able to obtain a few of these high grade pills, that is why it attracts many people to participate. Today, Miss Huai Rou and Young Master Gu, along with Miss Hong Yan were invited by the other few young masters and young miss since they are free, but Miss Huai Rou suggested that you joined in, so they sent Xiao Hong over.”

Xiao Cui muttered to herself with bafflement: “But we definitely cannot go, Young master Gu and the rest grew up with Young Master Qing, how can they not recognize Young Master Qing? If you were to go, you will be exposed, but if you do not go, you will definitely offend Miss Huai Rou, Young Master Gu and the rest, w-what should we do?”

Xiao Cui walked around anxiously.

Su Yun however, kept his head low, then he suddenly spoke out: “Maybe I should go.”


Xiao Cui was dazed.

“When will the Pill Furnace General Assembly begin?”

“Just before night falls, in the Sky Central City’s north plaza. Young Master, y-you cannot go, if they recognize you and know you’re not Young Master Qing, it would be terrible.” Xiao Cui immediately said, she wanted to cry.

“I have not made a decision on whether I’m going or not, I just said maybe, we still have 4 hours before night falls, it’s still early, go over to Huai Rou Mu Yu’s side, tell her that I have a matter to ask of her and ask her to come over.”

Su Yun said.

Hearing that, Xiao Cui started perspiring profusely, but when she saw that Su Yun was being serious, she nodded her head and ran out.