Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 391
Two Hundred Thousand Cultivation Coin Mission

Inside the crowded auction house.

A man dressed in a black cloak with a sword sheath slung on his back stood in front of the front desk. Inside the crowded auction house, there were all sorts of weirdly dressed people, so he was not very eye catching.

Behind the front desk, the middle aged woman looked at Su Yun and rolled her eyes: “I knew that you would not be able to complete the mission, since you don’t have the capability, please do not aimlessly choose any mission, do you know how much paperwork is created for us? If you have the time, don’t waste it, go and train, why accept missions when you don’t have the power for it?”

The hint of ridicule was obvious. Su Yun did not refute with anger, instead, he chose another mission that offered a reward, he then placed his proof of qualifications on the desk and said indifferently: “Put me up for this mission.”

“Y-y-y-you still want to do this?” The middle aged woman looked at Su Yun.

“I have the authority, please note me in, if you are not willing, I will report you to the auction house management.”

Hearing that, the middle aged woman’s face immediately flushed red, she was speechless for half a day, but still helped him.

“Please help me publicize a recruitment for a mission.”

Just then, a voice came out from the side, and then a proof of qualifications was placed on the front desk.

Su Yun looked at the proof of qualifications, the surface was blurred, obviously the information on it was completely concealed, the holder of it most likely had some powerful identity.

He turned his head and looked at the man, the man had a relatively long face with middle parting long hair, dressed in black clothes. He had a tall, thin figure and his smile was extremely amiable.

Realizing that Su Yun was sizing him up, he smiled towards Su Yun to show his friendliness.

“Eh? It’s actually Young Master Nan Gong! Can I ask what kind of mission you would like for me to publicize? This young lady will immediately do it for you.” The middle aged woman immediately stopped helping Su Yun and revealed a flattering smile and spoke respectfully.

~Young lady?~ Su Yun’s mouth twitched.

“Why not you help this junior brother first, I am not in a rush.” The man smiled.

“Aiya, this little brother is just watching, he isn’t in a rush either! Young Master Nan Gong, you’re too nice, there isn’t any problems.”

The middle aged woman seemed to completely ignore Su Yun, only caring about the other man, almost as if she wanted to climb atop the front desk, the passion in her eyes spoke of her desire to immediately jump across and pounce on the young man named Nan Gong.

However, having a good feeling towards Nan Gong, Su Yun did not expose her and spoke indifferently: “Brother, you can publicize your mission first, I will take a look.”

“This is embarrassing, thank you so much, brother.” Nan Gong cupped his fists and laughed, he then said: “I need someone around the fifth stage of the Spirit Star Realm in cultivation, not exceeding the sixth stage. I need him to help me complete a mission, as to what it is, I am afraid I am unable to speak of it in public. If he is able to help me complete the mission, I will pay him 200 thousand Cultivation Coins, you can hang it up for me, the deadline is a day, I don’t think I will need it after today.”

Nan Gong revealed a bitter smile, as though he had thought about something troublesome.

But when Su Yun heard that, his heart was thumping hard.

~200 thousand cultivation coins.~

~That is a crazy amount!!!~

~Furthermore, don’t I need that amount of money right now?~

He raised his head and spoke to Nan Gong: “Young Master Nan Gong, you need one person to complete this mission?”

“Brother, are you interested?” Nan Gong laughed, he had already noticed the proof of qualifications that Su Yun had placed on the front desk, and noticed that Su Yun’s strength was compatible with his request.

“Of course!”

Su Yun nodded his head.

With the Seventh Tier Imperial Equipment, Su Yun was not afraid of any harm that Nan Gong might do to him, furthermore he was just a nobody, and there was no reason to harm him. Adding that the old lady maging the front desk was so familiar with him, it seemed that he was a prestigious and known figure.

~Doesn’t Sky Central City also have a famous Nan Gong Family standing on equal grounds with the Feng Family? Maybe he is the young master of the family?~

~Most likely.~

Su Yun thought,

“That’s great!” Nan Gong was joyous, he immediately pulled Su Yun by the hand and walked out: “Brother, follow me.”

“Where to?”

“To my home.”


Su Yun was immediately startled.



The gigantic stone door was slowly opened, causing a few green smoke to float out from the inside, after that, a young lady that looked to be not older than 11 years old, dressed in red robes, walked out.

She had red lips and pure white teeth on her lovable appearance, with a nimble body, she had a snow white fox tail on her perky butt.

“Eh, junior sister, I never thought that you would wait here for me to come out of closed door cultivation, it truly is a rare sight.”

The young girl giggled as she spoke to the lady dressed in white standing by the door.

The lady glanced at the young girl below, revealing a look of astonishment on her beautiful face: “Senior sister, don’t tell me you broke through once again? Why can’t I even sense a bit of your Profound Spirit Qi now? What cultivation are you at?”

“Oh, don’t you take a guess?” Hu Qian Mei laughed.

Long Xian Li did not utter a sound, regaining her calm expression.

“Alright, what matters do you have? Just tell me.” Hu Qian Mei crossed her hands across her voluptuous breasts, and showcased a languid expression.

Long Xian Li hesitated for a moment, then said: “I came here today, is to say inform my absence to senior sister.”

“Inform your absence?” The smile on Hu Qian Mei’s face froze.

“Yes, absence.” Long Xian Li nodded her head: “The sect elites will follow the Patriarch to a special place to train, and we will stay there for a while. We will not be returning to the Sky Martial Continent for a while.”

“Special place? Where’s that?”

“I do not know of it now, it is said that it is a place that requires other people to bring them in. Patriarch Tai Shang had met and formed ties with an almighty being before, the almighty being came to Sky Martial Continent, and came to the Immortal Sword Sect to pay respects to our memorial tablet, after that, he told his intent to the Patriarch in which the Patriarch agreed, we will be leaving soon.”

“Oh, I see.” Hu Qian Mei looked at Long Xian Li and then suddenly laughed: “Junior sister, you don’t have to look for me to do this, I will not be willing to let you go, why not do it like this, tell your Patriarch to bring me along?”

“I cannot be above the sect rules. Furthermore, whoever can be brought in is decided by the Patriarch, I have no authority to do so.” Long Xian Li shook her head.

“Heh, so petty.” Hu Qian Mei snorted, showing her unhappiness, her eyes glistened, she looked at Long Xian Li, seemingly thinking about something.

Just then, Long Xian Li bit her lips and spoke again: “Senior sister, the truth is, I came to look for you today for two matters, one is to inform you about my absence, the second is to trouble you with another matter.”

“What is it?”

Hu Qian Mei asked.

Long Xian Li turned her head, with a trace of hurt in her eyes, she moved her lips gently and said: “Senior sister, I know you and Su Yun are on good terms, I hope that when you see him again, that you can ask him for me.”

“Su Yun?” Hu Qian Mei was startled, she asked: “What do you want me to ask him?”

Then, Hu Qian Mei looked as Long Xian Li muttering something softly, she was so soft like a mosquito that Hu Qian Mei could not hear her at all. Long Xian Li then turned and ran away straight after.

“Hey, junior sister! Junior sister! What did you say? Oh my god, speak clearly before going!”

Hu Qian Mei shouted anxiously, but Long Xian Li had already disappeared.

“Strange.” Hu Qian Mei muttered, but she was not disheartened, she extended her finger and placed it beside her lips, and said: “Special training place? Where can that be?”


Nan Gong’s residence was located at the southern side of the Sky Central City and its scale was comparable to the Feng Family.

It was said that the Nan Gong family and the Feng Family were never on good terms, both families having fought for over a few centuries and only recently calming down. However, that did not mean that they saw eye to eye, as they still frequently did things under the table.

The man called Nan Gong Qing brought Su Yun into the residence, then headed towards his own home.

On the way, they saw many servants of the residence, majority of them were original occupants of Ultimate Martial World. Although their cultivation were not high, all the guards of the Nan Gong family were powerful, the lowest having the fighting strength of at least a thousand points, far more capable than those guarding the doors. Not only that, every wall and road of the Nan Gong Residence seemed to be made of precious gems, with enchantments all over. Su Yun could walk to any corner of the residence and be enveloped with dense Profound Spirit Qi, it was extremely miraculous.

There were all sorts of strange spirit beasts in the residence, be it four legged birds or flaming cats, there were all sorts of queer beasts, causing people who enter to think that they have arrived in another world.

“Hello young master Qing!”

“Greetings, Young Master Qing.”

“Blessed day, Young Master Qing.”

Along the way, many people greeted Young Master Nan Gong, regardless of whether it was servants or maids, they were all amiable towards him, allowing Su Yun to see that he was not a fake, that he was genuinely a nice young master that everybody respected and that everyone in the household liked him.

“Shui Xiang, serve some tea, and bring me my best tea leaves.”

Nan Gong Qing pushed open the door and spoke to the servant standing by the side, and then called for Su Yun to enter.

After seating for a while, the servant brought back two teacups, with just a smell, the fragrance pounced into his nose, the tea was spiritual, emitting dense Profound Spirit Force, it did not seem like tea, but some special spirit tonic.

~So the young masters in Ultimate Martial World drink unique things?~

“Come, Young Noble Su, please have some tea.” Nan Gong Qing laughed and said.



Upon drinking the tea, Su Yun felt refreshed, his vigor was replenished, and there seemed to be an unending energy in him, the Spirit Essences and Qi channels in his body seemed to be strengthened, when he looked at his proof of qualifications, he saw that his fighting strength had increased by a hundred, attaining a fighting strength of 800.

~No way, drinking tea can produce such a huge effect? It increased by so much!~

Su Yun secretly exclaimed.

“Alright, Young Noble Su, as we do not have much time, let us go straight into the main question.”

Nan Gong Qing placed his teacup down and said to Su Yun.

“What does Young Master Nan Gong want me to do?”

“It’s nothing difficult for you, it should be very easy, and when you’re finished, I will pay you 200 thousand Cultivation Coins, but remember, you must execute this mission perfectly!”

“What mission is it exactly?” Su Yun asked.

“Act as me!” Nan Gong Qing spoke out one word at a time slowly.