Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 387
The strange footsteps


The sound of ice forming came out again.

But this time, the wild beast was unable to struggle free.

The ice on its entire body was not considered thick, but aside from the frost, there was a layer of Frigid Aura Spirit Qi as support, it was like the shackles to its prison, causing it to be unable to escape. Every time the cold ice started to crack, the Frigid Aura Spirit Qi would instantly replenish and heal the cracks.

Su Yun had delayed for over a month, and in this month, he had always been training with wild beasts. These wild beasts did not have high intellect, and previously, the wild beast that had fought with Su Yun for a full two days finally sensed that Su Yun’s strength was stronger than itself and immediately ran away. Under that helplessness, Su Yun could only look for other beasts.

What made him happy was that in the one month of bitterness, he could see minor achievements in the Cold Hail Sword Formation and he could control the formation much easier.

But what surprised Su Yun even more, was that the fighting strength written on his proof of qualifications had actually increased by 50. His current fighting strength was now at 487, while his rank was still beyond 10 million, or maybe it meant that he was not strong enough to be in the rankings.

After grasping the path on the Cold Hail Sword Formation, what was left was to continue practising, but since he had delayed for quite a bit, he decided to quickly head for the Feng family and look for Feng Ling Sheng to seek the materials to revive the Sword Elder.

Su Yun stepped out of the forest, he took out his flying sword and started heading south. The steel door was located in the middle of a jungle, and Su Yun did not know any directions, so he could only listen to Ling Qing Yu’s directions.

Out of the forest, he passed through two mountains and arrived at a huge grassland. There were many creatures on the grassland, there were some horses with two heads, but they were all herbivores and were not dangerous.

Going through the grasslands, Su Yun sensed thin sets of destructive aura in the air, and the further he went, the denser the destructive aura became. Su Yun frowned, he looked into the distance, only to realise that at the far end of the grasslands, it had become very yellow.

~Did something happen ahead?~

He thought to himself and started to fly cautiously.

When he arrived at the yellow grass, he realised that even further ahead, there was an enormous huge pit!

It’s depth was sufficient to span 100m, the inside was long overgrown, while all around the pit, no grass could grow, as though someone had trampled on the land ferociously.

“There’s no need to look anymore, this was caused by some almighty beings fighting, this scene is a common occurrence in the Ultimate Martial World.”

Just as Su Yun was looking around in shock, the sword sheathe flickered with a light aura, and Ling Qing Yu came out.

“To cause such a scene, how devastating is the being’s power? I am afraid that I am unable to do such a thing, and only a fifth stage Spirit Star Realm being can do it.”

Su Yun said.

Ling Qing Yu walked over to the pit and knelt down, pinching a bit of soil, she then stood up and said: “This should be created about a year ago, there is still remnants of Spirit Qi inside the soil, surprisingly, after checking it, the other party is someone higher than Spirit Master Realm in cultivation.”


“Alright, don’t think too much, if you meet any experts, just quickly make a detour, a person like you is the lowest rung in Ultimate Martial World. Unless you have things that attract those experts, the experts will not find trouble with you, of course, other than those perverts.”

With that said, Ling Qing Yu returned back into the Sword Sheath.

Su Yun took a deep breath, he suddenly felt that everything that he had done in the Sky Martial Continent, all his tyrannical actions were all laughable matters. It was not only the Sky Martial Continent, even the little bit of strength he had used to prevail in the Evil Realm, when placed in the Ultimate Martial World, was considered nothing.

~But the Ultimate Martial World is truly blessed by the heavens, the training speed in here is definitely more than a multiple folds faster than training in the Sky Martial Continent, and maybe I can attempt to reach even higher realms now.~

The big pit instantly lit up an intense desire for strength in Su Yun’s heart, and this flame had a growing tendency.

After passing over the large pit, Su Yun used imperial Sword Technique to fly for four hours, before finally seeing a town.

The Ultimate Martial World had their own inhabitants, but even if the inhabitants did not train, the world was too suitable for a cultivator, and almost everyone were spirit cultivators.

The town was not huge, but there were many tall towers, with a crystal shaped ball object on each and every tower, they all emitted a light aura which were very dazzling.

There were many people walking in and out of the town at the entrance and the most terrifying thing was that the lowest cultivation Su Yun noticed was someone in the fifth stage of the Spirit Star Realm. He had already used heavenly Scale Divine Eye to scan through the crow,d but he could not see through everybody’s cultivation.

Su Yun carried the Death Sword and Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword on his back, the Everlasting Sword Sheath at his waist, and pulled up his hood as he started to make his way into the town.

“741 Fighting Strength.”

“1300 Fighting Strength!”

“1542 Fighting Strength”

Su Yun noticed the proof of qualifications hanging on every person’s waist, some of them had concealed their proof, causing others to be unable to see their details, but there were even more who unbridledly revealed their proof of qualifications.

Inside the town, people with fighting strength of over 1500 belonged to the expert ranks, and upon walking on the main street, they would receive the stares of others, and even when entering shops, they would be treated as esteemed customers.

The people of the Ultimate Martial World did not use spirit coins for trade, the currency which they used for exchange was a simple currency and that was cultivation. Using a crystal stone to seal their cultivation, hailed as the Cultivation Coins, people with cultivation could use the crystal stones to create cultivation coins and people who obtain the cultivation coins could directly withdraw the cultivation inside the cultivation coins to increase their own.

The cultivation inside the cultivation coins could be directly absorbed, which means to say that people with wealth could be able to use their great quantity of Cultivation Coins to directly allow them to become an expert cultivator.

Although cultivation coins were good, but because of its sketchiness, it made the Ultimate Martial World become extremely disorderly, there were many who resorted to plundering and stealing to obtain the cultivation coins, but there were also almighty beings who had pure and righteous hearts that took the effort to protect citizens and stop such unscrupulous spirit cultivators.

For example, the shops in this town, a majority of them belonged to some almighty being, the almighty being could take out some of his cultivation to create cultivation coins and open a shop to earn even more cultivation coins to supply their own training, this method was much better and easier instead of sitting alone to meditate and train bitterly.

Su Yun walked the entire town once, but received much despise. As verification was needed to obtain treasures, he could no longer hide the details on his own proof of qualifications, and upon seeing his fighting strength being beneath 500, they would all look at him with a different light.

Eh eh, that kid over there seems to only be at the fourth stage Spirit Star Realm? Fourth stage Spirit Star Realm, how the hell did he obtain a proof of qualifications?”

“Most likely someone gifted it to him, if not, how could he dare come into the Ultimate martial Word? Heh, truly a fearless and naive man!”

Some people glanced towards Su Yun and discussed.

Their voices were not loud, allowing Su Yun to hear them speak, but he did not become angry over it, furthermore, he had no qualifications to be angry.

In a shop at the center of the town, Su Yun took out a few internal organs and nucleus of the wild beasts that he had killed in the forest and traded it with the shop owner, obtaining five cultivation currency, then he headed over to the only shop in town that sold Prowling Wind beast.

Prowling Wind Beasts were the lowest grade of travelling mounts used in the Ultimate Martial World, but its speed was much faster than Su Yun using the Imperial Sword Technique to fly.

Then, when Su Yun was just about to approach the shop, a set of bizarre Evil Qi floated out from the shop.

“Evil being?”

Su Yun was startled, he walked into the shop and saw that there was only one person inside, he was dressed in gray unlined garments, his skin was dark and his entire body was reeking of Evil Qi. He had a small stature, and was standing at the front desk, apparently the shop owner.

“Hi, customer, are you here to pick a Prowling Wind Beast? Come come come, esteemed customer, come and take a look, there are many good Prowling Wind Beasts to pick from here! They are quick! They are strong! You will definitely be satisfied.”

The evil being used his sharp and high pitched voice to laugh and talk.

“Give me any one of the Prowling Wind Beast.”

Su Yun said, and handed over five Cultivation coins.

Upon seeing that, the shopkeeper’s smile froze, he ‘oh’, all his passion disappearing into smoke, he accepted and kept the cultivation coins into his pocket, and turned and walked further in the shop.

Truly, there were never good and cheap things. Not long later, the shopkeeper brought in a surprisingly thin Prowling Wind Beast. Any ordinary Prowling Wind Beast was large and had two horns on its head, with a size bigger than a rhinoceros, but the one Su Yun looked at was smaller than one. Su Yun secretly muttered to himself:

~Will this even fly me faster than my Imperial Sword Technique.~

“Oh, shopkeeper, are you an evil being?”

Su Yun took the reigns of the Prowling Wind Beast and casually made small talk with the shopkeeper.

“Yes I am, why?” The shopkeeper took a glance at the proof of qualifications on Su Yun’s waist, a look of disdain flashed past his eyes and he spoke indifferently.

“You’re an evil being, why are you not in the Evil Realm but instead come here?”

“Heh, what’s so good about Evil Realm? That place is just filled with evil beings that want to eat others everywhere, I live in fear and worry everyday there. Not to mention, the Evil Realm is so smelly, how can it compare to this place? Furthermore, the Ultimate martial World is brimming with Profound Spirit Qi and training here is much faster compared to the Evil Realm, why should I stay there? Don’t you know, Spirit Demons, Demons, Evil beings etc, every single living being is racking their brains trying to come over here!”

The shopkeeper snorted.

~Seems like in the Ultimate martial World, regardless if you are a Spirit Demon, Human, Demon or Evil Being, it doesn’t matter, the people here are not as narrow minded as the people in the Sky martial Continent.~

Su Yun secretly thought, he then asked: “Oh, shopkeeper, did you open this shop yourself?”

“No, I am working for other people here, this shop is owned by an unfathomable powerful almighty being, I am just here taking a cut every month, no matter how much cultivation coins I earn a month, I will be able to obtain a portion for myself to train. Although you can call it working for others, there is plenty of time to train too. Adding to that, this shop’s cultivation coins is constantly replenished. Brat, training here is quite fast, seeing that your fighting strength is so low, I doubt you are even at the fifth stage of the Spirit Star Realm, right? Why not we do this, I am currently lacking a helper, you come work for me here, and I will pay you some wages, what about it?”

“Thank you shopkeeper, but I still have things I need to do, I will not stay long.”

“Tsk, a mere fourth stage Spirit Star Realm brat, what other things can you do here?”

Seeing that Su Yun had rejected him, the shopkeeper had nothing else good to say and turned away.

Su Yun laughed bitterly.

~Seems like strength is still too prevalent here.~

Suddenly, he understood why Ling Qing Yu had said that there was a possibility that he might not even be able to enter the Feng Family.

~It seems that every single person in the Ultimate martial World truly respects strength. A lot.~

Leaving the shop, Su Yun rode on the scrawny Prowling Wind Beast and left the town, rushing straight for the Feng family which was a thousand li away.

Although the Prowling Wind Beast was scrawny, it truly lived up to its name. Its speed was extremely astonishing, in just a short span of half a day, Su Yun was already reaching the Feng Family.

“Once I pass over this barren mountain, I will be able to see that city!”

Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief. Seeing that the prowling wind beast was tired, he got down and used the special device reins designed to man the beast and tied it onto a boulder nearby. He then sat down cross legged and started meditating.

Training in the cold Hail Sword Formation had given Su Yun many benefits, the Profound Spirit Qi in his body had started to become denser as he trained more in the sword formation and the time it took for his Profound Spirit Qi to flow through his body once had shortened by four times than in the past.

“I haven’t been in the Ultimate martial World for long, but my strength is improving greatly, following this momentum, I should be able to step into the fifth stage of the Spirit Star Realm in a month?”

~This is unthinkable if placed in Sky martial Continent.~

Crack crack.

Just then, light sounds and movements came out from the distance.

It was footsteps.

Su Yun’s heart tensed up and immediately drew out the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword. He plastered himself on the boulder and listened attentively.