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Cold Hail Sword Formation

“You’re saying that I need a powerful and sufficient amount of fighting strength to look for Feng Ling Sheng?”

Su Yun frowned.

“The Feng Family is considered a big family and there resides many people illegally seizing territory with means that are unfathomable. They can kill you with just one finger, the depth there, is extremely deep. Don’t provoke anybody there, but you can give it a try, maybe you can really meet with Feng Ling Sheng. With your relationship with him, he will definitely be able to help you on this small matter.” Ling Qing Yu got up, her white hands hugging her voluptuous breasts, she continued: “But since you’re already here, you should still have some means of defending yourself, all those treasure that you have from the Sky Martial Continent are enough there, but it isn’t enough here. Since you can control more swords now, let me teach you two sword formations, I believe that if you were meet to people with fighting strength similar to yours, at least you can fight them.”

Hearing that, Su Yun’s eyes lit up.

Ling Qing Yu walked to the side of the road and picked up a tree branch and split it into five segments.

“Sword formations does not contend in sword techniques, it is even more abstruse, I will be teaching you one which you must learn well first, before teaching you an even more abstruse sword formation, but remember this first, the first sword formation’s name is [Cold Hail Sword Formation]. As its name suggests, this sword formations speaks about bizarreness, extreme frost and cold concepts. When this sword formation expands outwards, you will possess complete authority inside and whoever steps into the sword formation, will have their lives dictated by you.”

As Ling Qing Yu explained it, she released the five branches and instigated her Profound Spirit Qi, the branches floated in the air, and revolved around her for a moment and then flew in five different directions. The moment the five branches separated, sets of Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi released, flowing on the branches which then caused them to disappear.

“Powerful cultivators with high attainments will be able to utilise two or more types of Spirit Essences, but you have the Monarch Occult Force, so it will not be so taxing for you. However, you need to learn how to quickly change the type of Spirit Qi that is released by the Monarch Occult Force and be adept at controlling this treasure. With the [Cold Hail Sword Formation], when you are fighting someone, you will use the Pure Divine Spirit Qi as your main, but when you activate this sword formation, you need to use the Frigid Aura Spirit Qi to activate it! Thus you need to learn how to quickly interchange between the two types of Profound Spirit Qi. The sword formation has been activated, Su Yun, try attacking me, I want you to experience the power of the Cold Hail Sword Formation.

Ling Qing Yu had her hands behind her back with a smile on her face when she said that.

“You’re going to fight with barefists?”

“I’m not trying to defeat you, I just want you to know the might of this sword formation.”

“Alright.” Su Yun took a deep breath, he took out an ordinary sub sword from the sword sheath and stared at Ling Qing Yu, he raised the sword and said: “Are you ready?”

“You can come anytime.”

“Alright, receive my move!”

Su Yun bellowed, with sword in hand, he rushed towards Ling Qing Yu like lightning, holding Ling Qing Yu’s confidence, he aimed his sword straight at her heart.

But the moment the sword tip reached near Ling Qing Yu, five cold rays shot out from all directions, directly converging in front of Ling Qing Yu and congealed into ice, accurately freezing Su Yun’s sword.

The sword tip was actually frozen and stuck!


Su Yun was startled.

Ling Qing Yu suddenly extended her hand out and grabbed towards the ice, which quickly transformed into a frigid cold sword, and struck towards Su Yun.

Su Yun immediately retreated.

Ling Qing Yu’s offense did not diminish, she threw her frost sword out, then the frost tip started to shatter and turn into a great quantity of snowflakes which floated towards Su Yun.

In that moment, Su Yun felt his entire body becoming extremely cold, frost started to form on his body, his movements became affected, and all of his actions turned slow.

All her movements were extremely fluid, there were no fanciful movements added, but it allowed Su Yun to feel its strength. First, she defended, and then attacked, her attack and defense were as one, it was extremely bizarre and tyrannical.

Ling Qing Yu stopped her attack and smiled towards Su Yun.

“If I had a sword in my hand, Su Yun, you would most probably be dead!”

“Why is this sword formation so strange?” Su Yun gasped, keeping the sub sword.

“Sword formations should be strange, if anyone can see through it with one look, would it still be called a sword formation?” Ling Qing Yu smiled: “This Cold Hail Sword Formation’s principle lies in its ever changing state, like ice, it can attack or defend at anytime, and of course, its biggest advantage is its ability to lock down enemies. When you are familiar with this sword formation and become smooth with it, maybe you can make it even stronger.”

Hearing that, Su Yun nodded his head.

On the road towards the Feng Family, Ling Qing Yu began to instruct Su Yun on the Cold Hail Sword Formation.

What surprised Ling Qing Yu was that Su Yun’s speed of enlightenment on the sword formation far exceeded her expectations. Just like with the Eight Parts Eight Whole Formation, Su Yun had quickly grasped how to use the formation and the Cold Hail Sword Formation was no exception, she only needed to teach him the chant once and he had immediately kept it in mind. The remaining concern was on the control of Qi, with Monarch Occult Force, Su Yun could easily release Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi.

Cold Hail Sword Formation did not require many swords, with five being sufficient. If not, by controlling too many swords, the amount of Spirit Force needed would be higher, and that was not advantageous for battle.

Training days were always so dry and boring.

A few days later.

In front of a secluded waterfall, five lit swords flew quickly above the water surface, Su Yun sat by the side of the water performing hand seals, controlling the swords to fly around.

The Monarch Occult Force was quickly activated, his Spirit Essences were all opened and Profound Spirit Qi surged through his meridians like a screeching gale.

“Still not enough!”

Su Yun stared at the five flying swords intently.

The Frigid Aura Spirit Qi on the sword bodies was insufficient, it was not enough to form ice.

He concentrated and focused all his attention on the five flying swords, increasing the flow from his Spirit Essences, the vigorous Frigid Aura Spirit Qi gushed into the sky like a huge tide and flew towards the flying swords.

The color of the flying swords became stronger.

“Submerge!” Just then, Su Yun bellowed out, and the five sword tips plunged into the water surface.

At that moment, the water surface formed a thick layer of ice and the entire place was sealed frozen.

Seeing that, Su Yun stood up and walked over, he then knocked on the ice, with deep ‘thump thump thump’ sounds coming out. Su Yun listened attentively.

“The ice is merely 2 chi*, and to any powerful cultivator, it will definitely be easy to break through, it is not strong enough, not enough!”

(TN: Chi is ⅓ of a metre)

He took a deep breath, he used the Scarlet Star Spirit Qi to melt the ice, then continued to sit by the side of the water and control the flying swords, training in the Cold Hail Sword Formation.

The sun rose and set, who knew how many days had passed, while he became much more adept in using the Cold Hail Sword Formation.

From the time they spoke till they trained, Su Yun realised a big difference between Ultimate Martial World and Sky Martial Continent.

It was the Spirit Qi in the Ultimate Martial World.

It seemed that everywhere was filled with Spirit Qi which was unique, completely different from the Spirit Qi in Sky Martial Continent and was multiple times higher grade than Sky Martial Continent’s Spirit Qi. It could easily permeate into a person’s skin and assimilate into the bone and flesh, supplying to the Spirit Essences and Qi channels.

“If any ordinary person were to start training in here, even with ordinary talent, his speed of training would most likely soar right?”

Su Yun thought.

By using the Cold Hail Sword Formation as a method to train, if he was in Sky Martial Continent, he would have used up all his Spirit Qi in two days of time, but in the Ultimate Martial World, he could last for close to four days, and with just half a day, he could recover all of his Spirit Qi, which was a pleasant surprise.

Crack crack.

The water surface started to freeze into ice again. Su Yun stood up and tested the density of the ice.

~7 Chi.~

~My improvements are quite huge. But if I continue training like this, I am afraid I will not achieve such breakthroughs anymore.~

Su Yun got up and started to walk towards the forest behind him.

~Maybe I should find some wild beasts to train with.~

The forest was huge, and occasionally, there would be low growling sounds that could make a person’s hair stand, but judging from the Spirit Qi released from the beasts in the forest, a majority of them were at the ninth or tenth stage of the Spirit Soul Realm. Such fierce and wild beasts could be king existences in Sky Martial Continent, but in the Ultimate Martial World, they could be seen everywhere.


Su Yun who was following a small path into the forest suddenly slowed down, his eyes focusing on a flower that was growing by the side of the road.

The flower had seven petals of completely different colors, it was an eye-catching and beautiful flower.

“Fire and Ice Rainbow Flower?”

Su Yun’s eyes lit up, he quickly bent down to take a look.

“I’m right, this is the Fire and Ice Rainbow Flower, Blossom heart Valley has records on it. It is said that this flower germinates only after 300 years and blossoms after 500, it can be consumed raw, and immediately after consumption, it can broaden the Qi channels, increase the number of Spirit Essences, increase the speed of using Profound Spirit Qi by at least three times, and much more in terms of quantity.”

~Is this a no-man’s land? Why didn’t anyone pluck this? Or is it that there are too many treasures in the Ultimate Martial World that even the Fire and Ice Rainbow Flower is not worthy enough to be plucked?~

~Forget it, who cares.~

Su Yun sat down and carefully plucked the flower, he then slowly peeled the different colored petals off one by one and placed the petals accordingly from red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue and purple into his mouth, eating them slowly.

The petals were munched and swallowed, flowing through the throat and down to the stomach region before starting to digest. The power from the flower started to permeate and upon flowing through the various Qi channels in the body, Su Yun felt that they started to become stronger and bigger, but the flow of the Spirit Qi had not changed, it was a normal process, it took half a day for all the effects of the flower to manifest.

After swallowing the Fire and Ice Rainbow Flower, Su Yun found a hole in a tree and rested for half a day, waiting for the effects to be completely absorbed before getting up and continuing his journey further into the forest.

The forest was very ordinary, but the leaves of the trees were bigger than usual, and less light could pass through the dense canopy.

After roughly two hours, Su Yun caught a whiff of a stench in the air. Following the scent, Su Yun quickened his pace, but the other party seemed to have sensed Su Yun and was quickly approaching him as well.

Its strides was fast but not light, when he closed in, he could hear the loud footsteps coming from the beast, and could discern that it was four legged.

Su Yun took out five sub swords and activated the Frigid Aura Spirit Qi, the five sword blades were immediately enveloped with frost, the power of ice was released, causing the temperature in the surrounding area to plummet. The five swords then scattered and flew in different directions before disappearing. At the same time, a wild and fierce beast that resembled a leopard with three tails sprung out from ahead, revealing its teeth. Its entire being was brimming with strength and its eyes were blood red. Upon appearing, it stared intently at Su Yun, it growled, then rushed over to attack.

It was a tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm beast.

Su Yun’s eyes glowed with a gold light, he had activated the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye, he then used the sword formation, five swords flew out and struck at the wild beast.

Crack crack crack crack

The beast was sealed in ice, but the power of the ice was insufficient to completely control it, which allowed it to quickly struggle free and continue towards Su Yun.

“Seems like this isn’t enough, I need to use even more Spirit Qi!”

Su Yun focused and managed to dodge the beast. He was not anxious to kill it, but continued to urge the flying swords to attack and only utilised the Cold Hail Sword Formation.

The effects from the Fire and Ice Rainbow Flower was apparent, Su Yun’s activation of Qi was extremely rapid and almost under the chant, he had imbued sufficient Frigid Aura Spirit Qi into the five swords.

The sound of ice cracks and the roars of the beast filled the entire forest.