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~A true almighty being?~

~For the time it takes a person to raise the hand, she had scared Green Shadow Daoist, someone who’s possibly a Spirit Master Cultivator, to the point that he had to kneel down.~

~What kind of cultivation is that? Can the Sky Martial Continent hold such a person?~

Sou sou sou

Just then, many figures flew out in the sky. Su Yun looked carefully and noticed that it was Shangguan Mei Yang and her disciples.

They quickly landed back on the island and knelt down in front of the fairy like existence, as Shangguan Mei Yang greeted her with respect.

“Your daughter greets you, mother!”

“We greet Mistress!”

Beautiful voices sounded out in unison.

~Mother? Mistress~ Su Yun immediately realised.

The one who they called Mother and Mistress, was the true Mistress of the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace!

~But she looks too young, as though she is a pure young lady who had not lost her purity.~

“Feng Ling Sheng, do you know what cultivation realm she’s in now?

Su Yun spoke softly to Feng Ling sheng’s spirit body.

“I do not know, but I am afraid that she is even more powerful than I was when I was at my peak, and must be someone with status even in the Ultimate Martial World.” Feng Ling Sheng replied.

~Is he trying to make himself sound powerful?~

The corner of Su Yun’s mouth twitched, he then asked again: “Who are those beside her?”

“I think they are not ordinary people at all.”

Hearing that, Su Yun began to carefully size them up.

Without question, it was not a problem for the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace to rule Sky Martial Continent with its tyrannical power. With such an existence, it actually chose to form a sect in it? Why weren’t they staying in the Ultimate Martial World?

The lady from the other side gradually flew over, and landed in front of Shangguan Mei Yang. She extended her hand out and pulled Mei Yang up, ruffling her hair, she smiled gently: “My daughter, how does it feel?”

“How does it feel? Feel what?” Shangguan Mei Yang was confused.

“Actually, Mistress had already used the Sky Dawn Mirror and divined everything that would have happened today.” A lady by the side said.

“Ah?” Shangguan Mei Yang was surprised, then said: “Then mother, why did you choose to go to the Ultimate Martial World today?”

“Naturally, it’s for you to temper yourself.”


“Yes, temper your ability to handle matters!”

“No wonder you got all the senior sisters to go!”

“Silly girl, you have to call them aunty! They are my blood sisters!”

“No, senior sisters are very young!”

“Then your mother doesn’t look young?”

“But even if you look young, you’re still my mother!”

Shangguan Mei Yang giggled and said.

She was not as dignified as she was before, she was completely like a child laughing and talking.

“Alright! There’s still outsiders, don’t lose our face here!”

The Divine Cloud Immortal Palace Mistress Shangguan Qing Cheng knocked Shangguan Mei Yang lovingly on her forehead. She then composed herself and turned and walked towards Su Yun.

“I greet senior.”

Su Yun spoke out and cupped his fists.

“You don’t have to be too polite.”

Shangguan Qing Cheng looked at Su Yun, then said: “A fourth stage Spirit Star Realm actually dares to fight with a Spirit Master Cultivator… Although he was already injured, you have displayed an unusual strength! Let me ask you, the technique you used, is it the [Limitless Sword Art]?”

Hearing that, Su Yun’s heart jumped: “Does senior know the Limitless Sword Sect?”

“Yes I do, but I understand that now, the Limitless Sword Sect does not have many people left, their numbers are too few, they pay particular attention to gifted talents to pass on their inheritance, only people suitable to train in the Limitless Sword Art are recruited by them, thus the Limitless Sword Sect is extremely small, but in terms of swordplay, the Limitless Sword Arts is one of a kind, there was once a Monarch that exercised sole hegemony in an area of the Ultimate Martial World, his cultivation is unknown but was known to be extremely high. However, it was said that he died under the Limitless Sword Art.”

“Who did it?”

“This I do not know, you Limitless Sword Sect people always does things in a low profile.”

Su Yun nodded his head, and did not speak further.

Shangguan Qing Cheng looked at Feng Ling Sheng who was beside Su Yun, after looking at him for a moment, she said: “A man from the Feng Family, what are you doing here?”

Feng Ling Sheng revealed a bitter smile: “Feng Ling Sheng greets senior.”

“Feng Ling Sheng?” Shangguan Qing Cheng frowned, but did not carry on speaking.

Feng Ling Sheng clasped his hands towards her and said: “Senior, this door to the Ultimate Martial World of yours, are you willing to open it for this junior? This junior is but a spirit body now, if I can return to Ultimate Martial World, I can reconstruct my fleshly body and resurrect.”

“You are a person from the Feng Family, I have to show face to the Feng Family, let me get Lan Ru to arrange it.”

“Thank you senior for your grace, Feng Ling Sheng will keep this in my heart.”

Feng Ling Sheng was ecstatic, he clasped his hands once again.

Very quickly, a pretty lady dressed in yellow silk clothes walked over, she extended her hands out at Feng Ling Sheng: “Please!”

“Oh? I’m going now? Please give me a moment.”

Feng Ling Sheng smiled, he then turned and walked to Su Yun and smiled: “Sly, oh no, Su Yun, I’m going now! Take care.”

“I hope when I see you next time, you will have recovered!”

Su Yun laughed.

“The Ultimate Martial World is a land that has plenty of treasures, you don’t have to worry about me, if you have the chance to come to the Ultimate Martial World, remember to look for me!”



Feng Ling Sheng nodded his head: “Then I will see you again!”

“Take care!”

Su Yun smiled.

Feng Ling Sheng turned and left.

~Who knows if I will be able to go to the Ultimate Martial World, with my current strength, I think It will be unbearable for me. If I provoke any almighty being there, It will be the end for me!~

“Young master!”

Just then, an anxious shout came out, Su Yun turned and look, to see Qing’er rushing over.

Seeing that, he immediately hugged her.

“Young Master, are you alright?” Qing’er sobbed lightly, her face revealing guilt as she blamed herself: “Qing’er is useless, Qing’er is unable to help Young Master, and Young Master is always risking your life for Qing’er, Qing’er is too useless.”

The young lady felt pain in her heart, she knew that she was always receiving Su Yun’s protection and knew that all of the disasters that had been upon Su Yun was because of her. She hated that she could not help him, and could only hide.

Qing’er was not a dumb girl, she knew the situation and understood the circumstances, therefore she knew of her inability.

But the only consolation was that everything was over.

“It’s over, young master, we do not need to live in days of hiding ever again.” Qing’er revealed a bitter smile, she reminisced about the past and the tough journey had finally simmered down.

“Yes, it’s over, Qing’er, at long last we are free from the persecution of others, we do not need to be apprehensive and can find a small town and live freely.”

Su Yun had long hated the life of murders and killings, although everything that had happened in the past few years had gave birth to a thirst for power, but if he was with the person he liked, that thirst could be suppressed.

But before that, he had another matter he needed to attend to.

He turned and said: “Qing’er, although everything is over, I still need to make a trip to Sacred Sky Mountain, Sword Elder died for me, I need to help transform him into a Xiantian Sword Body.”

(TN: In Chapter 365, I termed it as Innate Sword Body, but there are not much explanations to it, I will keep it to Xiantian Sword Body first. Sorry for the confusion.)

~Speaking about Xiantian Sword Body, it seems that Qing Yu is one too.~

“Yes!” Qing’er nodded her head obediently. She hesitated for a moment and after seemingly coming to a conclusion, she spoke softly: “Actually, Young Master, Qing’er… Qing’er wants to stay here for awhile.”

“Stay here?” Su Yun was startled.

“Young Master, don’t misunderstand, it is not that Qing’er does not want to be with Young Master, but… but… Qing’er’s cultivation is still too weak and am unable to help Young Master if there are troubles and instead will be a burden, so Qing’er has decided to stay here to train, and not be a burden anymore.” Qing’er lowered her head and said, as she spoke on and on, her voice became extremely meek.

In truth, Su Yun did not know that Qing’er’s desire for strength was even more intense than his.

“Qing’er has the most potential out of all the disciples Mei Yang has accepted, her physique is unique, I have the intentions to groom her. In the future, perhaps she will have her own achievements.”

Just then, Shangguan Qing Cheng interrupted them.

~Unique Physique?~

Su Yun stared at Shangguan Qing Cheng and said: “Senior knows what physique Qing’er has?”

“Of course I do.” Shangguan Qing Cheng frowned: “What? You think that I will harm her? If you are not comfortable with it, you can bring her away.”

Hearing that, Su Yun became slightly ashamed, for Shangguan Qing Cheng to say that, made him look as if he was a petty person.

Seeing the determination in Qing’er’s eyes, Su Yun thought for a moment, then nodded his head: “Alright, since it is like that, then you’ll stay here, the people here are fine and I believe that they will treat you well. Wait till I have resolved all my matters, then I will come and find you.”


Qing’er smiled.

Su Yun turned and walked towards Shangguan Mei Yang and Shangguan Qing Cheng. He cupped his fists towards them and turned to leave.

“Young Master!”

Just then, Qing’er suddenly called out,.


Su Yun turned and looked at her strangely, but before he could react, a gentle kiss was planted on his lips.

After a long while, their lips separated, Qing’er whose face was flushed red turned and said gently: “Young master, ta-take care”


Su Yun recovered from it, he licked his lips and revealed a strange smile then turned and left.

“Eh! I still thought that Su Yun was an upright gentleman, who knew he is lusting for my disciple’s beauty.”

Shangguan Mei Yang scoffed, she flicked her sleeves then said: “Mother, let us go.”


After leaving the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace, Su Yun leisurely looked towards the direction of the Sacred Sky Mountain, he left the islands and flew towards the shore. At that moment, there was a group Evil Realm beings waiting for him.

After confirming that there was nothing else, the evil beings all bade farewell to Su Yun and returned to the Evil Realm.

The Evil Realm was not like the Sky Martial Continent, there were too much unrest there, and the experts had to return to their cities to keep guard, as many enemies were watching the Evil King City and the Evil Emperor Palace.

However, Su Yun was not worried about the matters of the Evil Realm, he arrived beneath a big tree and sat down quietly, after an unknown period of time, a set of footsteps arrived behind.

He turned his body, but just as he turned, a cold sword concept sneaked forward, after that, the sword fiercely stabbed straight for his heart.