Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 382
The battle with the Profound Sky Sect (End)

“That’s right, it’s me! Sly, quickly release the sword! Throw the sword away now! Quickly!”

Feng Ling Sheng’s voice was extremely panicky.

Hearing that, Su Yun’s entire body started to tremble, a cold feeling enveloping his entire body.

His weakened consciousness recovered slightly, this consciousness was like a person who had just awakened and was trying his best to get out of bed. He wanted to let go of the Death Sword but at that moment, the Death Sword’s hilt seemed like a suction pad, tightly sticking to his palm. Regardless of how he struggled, he was unable to let go of it.

“This sword is truly something special! Sly, if you become strong enough in the future, you must definitely subdue this sword and make it fear you, fear you from inside out! Make it unleash its strongest power for you!”

Feng Ling Sheng’s voice came out again, following that, a blue figure suddenly appeared in front of Su Yun. He slammed straight into Su Yun’s body and at the moment of possession, Su Yun’s consciousness snapped, he recovered himself and realised that his hands were empty, while his consciousness was quickly recovering. In the close distance, Feng Ling Sheng that was covered with his azure light aura laid on the ground weakly.

His body seemed to be a spirit body, like the sword elder in the past.

Su Yun’s eyes opened wide as he stared in astonishment: “Feng Ling Sheng! You…”

“Although my physical body is destroyed, my spirit and soul still exists and I will not disappear so easily. In the past, what Leng Xian Wei saved was my physical body, so I owe him my physical body, and have no other relation to him from now on!”

Feng Ling Sheng revealed his same gentle smile. At the moment, his spirit body was extremely weak, as though he was about to disappear.

Su Yun knew why he was like that. The reason he was able to escape the control of the Death Sword was because of Feng Ling Sheng.

Su Yun focused and picked up the Death Sword once again, but this time, he did not let the Death Sword control him, he completely suppressed it instead.

The surging tides of Profound Spirit Force retreated, the astonishing strength also depleted and his cultivation turned back to the fourth stage of the Spirit Star Realm.

“Hehe, you actually released the power of the sword! You truly are stupid! Without the support from your sword, this old man can kill you with one finger!!”

Green Shadow Daoist’s eyes lit up with a golden light. Supporting his chest, he struggled to stand up, the old face filled with wrinkles revealed joy.

~Without the support of the sword, what can he do?~

“Although I am somewhat overestimating myself, but with the current you, maybe I have a chance!”

Su Yun held onto the Death Sword tightly, his eyes filled with determination.

Green Shadow Daoist’s entire body was filled with injuries, half of his Profound Spirit Force was depleted. In the battle with the Death Sword, he wasn’t in an advantageous position at all and was constantly oppressed. He was currently heavily injured, so Su Yun believed that he had a chance!

Thinking about that, Su Yun drew out the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and threw it out. Upon leaving his hand, the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword flew straight forward whilst the sub swords from the sword sheath all flew out out like a gushing tide.

Although he could leave, but if he were to do that, Feng Ling Sheng would most probably be captured and refined by Green Shadow Daoist. Su Yun was not certain and could not guarantee that Green Shadow Daoist would continue to find Qing’er, and because of these reasons, he could only stay to fight.

“Just a minor accomplishment!”

Green Shadow Daoist bellowed, with a move of his finger, a gigantic stone pillar flew out from the ground. Like a mountain, it instantly stopped all of the flying swords.

Su Yun’s eyes flashed with a cold look, he swung his arm, and the sub swords separated to the left and right, the sharp sword blades cutting through this big stone. After that, he waved his hand again, the Desolator led its sub swords and flew towards the right to flank Green Shadow Daoist.

~His movements are truly sharp and decisive.~

“Bottle Gourd True Arts!”

Green Shadow Daoist cried out and threw the green bottle gourd, it instantly shattered and exploded into many pieces that started to stick onto his crooked body, forming some sort of armor attachment. When the Desolator approached and started to attack, only the sounds of metal clashing could be heard.

“Hahaha, this is a Sky Level Treasure, do you think that just by relying on those weak swords, that you can cut through my armor? What a joke, watch how I take care of you!”

Green Shadow Daoist laughed out loud, the armor formed by the pieces of the bottle gourd flashed a green light, he then opened his mouth and began to inhale towards Su Yun’s direction. In that moment, a shockingly powerful suction attacked Su Yun, causing him to lose control and fly towards Green Shadow Daoist.

“Be careful Su Yun, he has merged with the bottle gourd, he now has the abilities of the bottle gourd, if you get swallowed by him, you will definitely die!” Feng Ling Sheng shouted.

Hearing that, Su Yun’s expression turned serious, he instantly threw the Death Sword straight towards Green Shadow Daoist’s heart.


The Death Sword struck onto the armor around the heart, but was unable to penetrate through. Despite that, Su Yun was not afraid, he waved his hands again, activating the Limitless Sword Arts. Sword Concept resonated out along with the fervent activation of the Monarch Occult Force, boundless Sword Qi swept forward like a hurricane.

All of the few hundred swords around started to react. With the Death Sword at the center, they quickly converged.

Like when Su Yun broke through the enchantment barrier of the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace, the swords acted together and formed a pyramid like structure, one sword, two swords, four swords, eight swords, they continued to stack while striking the sword in front of them, the force released by the Death Sword became stronger and stronger, causing the pressure sustained by the armor to reach a terrifying level, and finally.


A clear and crisp sound came out.


Green Shadow Daoist was shocked, he immediately stopped the sucking power at Su Yun and anxiously retreated.

How could he have ever known that a sword could be used like that?

With the suction force removed, Su Yun took the chance to regain balance. He extended his hand and grabbed onto the Death Sword, he then used his left hand to form hand seals, causing the flying swords to split into two formations and surrounded Green Shadow Daoist, one closer to him, another further from him, one in a scattered formation while the other packed together, they attacked relentlessly.

Eight Parts Eight Whole Sword Formation!!


Seeing that, Feng Ling Sheng who was by the side revealed bright eyes and could not resist but to shout out.

Su Yun’s powerful formation was actually able to put him ahead! Although the opponent was most probably a Spirit Master Cultivator, he was not at a great disadvantage.

Su Yun leapt up and rushed into the sword formation. Dancing along with the Death Sword, he slashed down ferociously at Green Shadow Daoist’s neck.

With a look of astonishment, Green Shadow Daoist snorted disdainfully: “You clearly know that the armor on me is difficult to break through, but you are still aiming at my neck which I had protected the best, you truly are stupid.”

With that said, Green Shadow Daoist released his old wrinkled palm and smashed towards Su Yun.

It was such a good opportunity! How could Green Shadow Daoist let it go?

But just as Death Sword’s edge was about to reach Green Shadow Daoist’s neck, the Death Sword’s body was suddenly retracted as Su Yun pulled back with astonishing reverse momentum, and aimed straight at the crack at the chest!!


Green Shadow Daoist was beyond shocked.

Su Yun’s sudden retraction had completely disregarded the inertia and reaction of a human’s ability, as though the sword was his hand, whatever he wanted to do, he could!!

This was what Feng Ling Sheng had taught, using the heart to control the sword, be one with the sword!!!


The sword tip pierced into the crack and straight into Green Shadow Daoist’s heart!

His eyes immediately dimmed greatly.

It was a pity he was not an evil being, if he was, the Death Sword could directly absorb him and leave nothing behind!

“To actually die at the hands of a fourth stage Spirit Star Realm cultivator, I am truly unreconciled to it, but, do not think that it will end like this!”

Green Shadow Daoist roared weakly, he extended his palm out towards Su Yun.

The palm was filled with destructive power.

Su Yun’s face changed, he immediately pulled back and retreated, he did not dare be overzealous.

However, victory was only an inch away, Green Shadow Daoist’s heart was injured, Evil Force was flowing into him through the Death Sword and immediately, all of the Spirit Essence in his body was being corroded, his fighting abilities plummeted greatly and Su Yun already had the chance to slay him.

However, a Spirit Master Cultivator will definitely have many backup plans, such an almighty being with unknown origins, how could he not have any life saving treasures?

~A crafty rabbit will have many holes, now should be the time for him to use whatever he has, I need to watch for the opportunity to take his life~

Su Yun thought.

He was not anxious. Since he already held the advantage, killing Green Shadow Daoist was only a matter of time.

But at this moment, a tornado with an indescribable pressure that enveloped the skies covered the entire Divine Cloud Immortal Palace.

Su Yun immediately felt difficulty in breathing, his entire body was in extreme pain, he used the sword to support himself, with his face flushed red, he raised his head up to look.

~What’s going on?~

The center of the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace released a gold light, then rumbling sounds started emerging.

It was the place where the big gate to Ultimate Martial World was located.

The low resounding noise came out for a while, and then a stern and bright female voice came out from inside the gate.

“What rats dare to trespass into the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace? Are you tired of living?”

Upon saying that, a few figures flew over.

They were a few beautifully dressed ladies, the lady in the lead had brilliance of light beneath her feet like a fairy descending from the heavens, she dressed in a colorful gold gown with exquisite features, she looked similar to Shangguan Mei Yang, but what shook people was the aura being released from her!

Su Yun had never seen such a powerful aura, she could even be considered unrivalled.

~Who is she?~

He looked at the person, his mind filled with shock and suspicion, it was his first time meeting these people.

And, what shocked the rest even more were that when Green Shadow Daoist saw them, he was initially startled, before instantly kneeling down on both knees and started to kowtow endlessly, his entire body trembling in fear.

“Immortal Senior, spare me! Immortal Senior, spare me!! This foolish one did not know that this was Immortal Senor’s lands, I plead Immortal Senior to spare me!!”

Green Shadow Daoist seemed completely fearful of her as he trembled incessantly, his voice filled with alarm.

~Does he recognise them?~

~But with just their appearance, he is already frightened out of his wits, I am afraid that their cultivation levels are extraordinary terrifying.~

“Humph!! Rat! You stained my sacred and clean land! Since you are here, don’t even think about leaving!”

The woman snorted, her long slender hands gently waved as she did an action similar to grabbing the air.


Green Shadow Daoist was smashed into a ball, his entire body instantly exploded as blood, flesh and bones scattered everywhere. He had transformed into a blood flower, utterly killed, even his spirit was destroyed!


“Almighty being! That is a true almighty being! Su Yun, be careful, do not provoke her!! This sort of existence is someone I can maybe contest against if I did not lose my cultivation, but now, you and me are not even worth ants to her!”

Feng Ling Sheng ran over and shouted.