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The battle with the Profound Sky Sect (1)

After the technique disappeared, another light pillar shot out from the center of the formation. The light pillar shot into the sky and formed yet another circular formation that released many little flowers that landed into the people’s bodies, causing their fighting ability to increase.

“All these techniques are from the Sect Leader?”

“It should be, Sect Leader is on the large carriage in the center, we will be reaching the ocean soon, I believe the war is about to start, this is definitely Master Sect Leader’s mystical technique!”

“To bestow more power to over a few hundred thousand people, Sect Leader’s cultivation is truly too powerful!”

“When will I ever have such a cultivation!”

“Who knows, we must first survive this war! The ones to suffer from this war between the two sects are us low cultivation disciples, all of those almighty beings will destroy a few hundreds of us with one mystical technique, we are completely unable to contend against them. Sigh, I don’t even know if I will survive this.”


The disciples continued to discuss amongst themselves. Once in awhile, more sighs would appear and they looked even more miserable.

“Hey, when the battle begins, if something is wrong, why don’t we run away first!”

Just then, a disciple said softly.

When the words were heard, everyone’s face changed.

“Do you want to die? If you run, you will be violating Profound Sky Sect’s rules! It is said that previously, a sect elite refused to participate in this, and was instantly beaten into a cripple and thrown out of the Profound Sky Sect, if we were to run away just before the battle, we will only be punished to death!” Someone anxiously cried out.


Everyone kept quiet out of fear.

Su Yun who was by the side shook his head, the power struggles between the superiors only made their subordinates suffer, but regardless of anything, if these members had powerful cultivations as well, they would be the same as their superiors, not caring about the lives of their subordinates. This was the human food chain, there was no difference between being eaten and eating.

“The Sect Leader has announced, Master Sly is dead and the person feigning as Master Sly is evil, whoever has any communications with Master Sly must now quickly get rid of it!”

Just then, a disciple running by the side shouted out loud, sending down Leng Xian Wei’s command.

~As expected, I am being suspected now.~

Not long after the declaration, people calmed down. Su Yun reckoned that Leng Xian Wei might have guessed that Su Yun had obtained the Shapeshift Bonepiece and infiltrated the Profound Sky Sect, but there were too many people in the sect and he could not check on them one by one. Also, it was said that the Through Heavens Mirror could only be used once every two months and could not be used in the buffer time. Leng Xian Wei had no other choice but head straight for the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace.

Great Obscure’s information was extremely accurate. When first light came out, the Profound Sky Sect’s leading unit had reached the shore.

Half an hour later, the entire Profound Sky Sect had gathered. Everyone looked at the vast ocean neatly arranged in a straight row. The densely packed people formed a long dragon that spanned across 5km!

Su Yun seized the opportunity to get closer to Leng Xian Wei, and took the chance to listen in on a few important information.

At that moment, there were many Spirit Star Realm experts all around Leng Xian Wei. He counted them and realized that all of these experts were the people from the jade island, with over 300 of them.

“Sect Leader, for us to go across this ocean, we need a flat land, but with so many disciples, I am afraid we cannot cross!” The old man looked at the ocean and cupped his fists as he said politely.

“ It’s Simple!”

Leng Xian Wei said those words, and took out a blue bottle gourd from his storage ring. He opened the bottle gourd and aimed the mouth towards the sea, then activated it.

The bottle gourd released an extremely cold wind that struck the surface of the water.

In a moment, the entire ocean was immediately frozen, the crystallized ice surface resembled a mirror.

All of the Profound Sky Sect’s people by the shore were stunned by the scene.

“It is now flat land!” Leng Xian Wei said indifferently: “Move out!”

“Move out!!!”

The old man shouted out loud.

Many shouts came out from within the formation of the Profound Sky Sect. After that, the entire formation moved forward.

But just at this time, a blazing light aura shot out from the distance, directly striking the iced surface, in a moment, the entire ocean became unfrozen with tides surging again, and the people who were on the ice instantly dropped into the ocean. Luckily, all of them were Spirit Cultivators and would not drown in the water.

The entire troops were halted!

Leng Xian Wei stared into the distance, and noticed that at the edge of the islands far away floated 10 figures, and an extremely clear voice sounded out.

“Profound Sky Sect people, are you all truly planning to wage a war against my Divine Cloud Immortal Palace?”

This voice naturally came from Shangguan Mei Yang.

Su Yun activated Heavenly Scale Divine Eye. He watched as Shangguan Mei Yang led a group of disciples flying out of the enchantment barrier that protected the sect, and looked over towards them.

All of them were dressed in the same apparel with the same order badges. From the looks of it they were her disciples, yet the mistress of the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace did not reveal herself and even the seniors of the palace had not appeared.

~What’s going on?~

~At such a crucial juncture, is the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace still going to hide their powerhouses? Or maybe, they have some plan and are waiting for it to be deployed?~

Su Yun thought. He knew that just by relying on Shangguan Mei Yang and her disciples, it was definitely not enough to stop the few hundred thousand people of the Profound Sky Sect.

“Whether we want to wage a war against your Palace or not solely depends on the words of this Lord! But our arrival here today is not to wage a war, we only want Su Qing’er, if your Divine Cloud Immortal Palace is willing to meet this demand and hand over Qing’er, This Lord can promise you that we will immediately retreat and return to the Profound Sky Sect!”

Leng Xian Wei used an extremely unfathomable and powerful voice to speak, the voice resonated far away, as though the entire ocean could hear him speak.

“Don’t you know that Su Qing’er is the disciple of I, Shangguan Mei Yang? You dare to demand for my disciple! Humph, Profound Sky Sect, if you want to wage a war, then come!!”

Shangguan Mei Yang’s attitude remained steadfast, and showed that she was not the least bit afraid of Profound Sky Sect.

“I gave you an inch but you are asking for a mile!”

Killing intent flashed past Leng Xian Wei’s eyes, he stood up from his seat and raised his hands, instigating his mystical technique.

The ground beneath everybody’s feet started to tremble, after that, a gigantic crevice started to appear from the back, it was like the ripping of flesh, it instantly tore about the dry land beneath them from the mainland, and started to move towards the ocean.

~Altering the earth and terrain??~

Everyone cried out instantly.

Only immortals and what not had such methods, the Profound Sky Sect’s Sect Lord could actually do it! What cultivation was he truly at?

The dry land moved quickly, inciting sets of large waves in the ocean, the scene had completely shocked everyone, and the Profound Sky Sect people’s morale were greatly roused!

Very quickly, they closed in on the enchantment barrier.

Leng Xian Wei soared into the air, he stood proud as though he owned the heavens, raising his hands, a cold light aura blossomed in his eyes, he bellowed: “Attack now!!”


The Profound Sky Sect disciples immediately started moving, their screams and thunderous roars came out, and with that came mystical techniques that covered the sky, the intimidating and powerful attacks struck the enchantment barrier.

Clang clang clang clang.

The enchantment barrier was struck by the barrage of attacks and continued to sway endlessly, as though it could not last for long.

Compared to the hundred of thousands of people, Shangguan Mei Yang’s side looked to be extremely weak.

They immediately floated in the air inside the enchantment barrier, but none of them revealed any traces of fear.

Shangguan Mei Yang’s finger revealed a pink storage ring, in which she retrieved a treasure that looked to be a maple leaf, and gently pasted it on the enchantment barrier.


The entire enchantment barrier flashed with lines that resembled a turtle shell. After that, the undulations on the barrier immediately stopped.


Leng Xian Wei frowned, when he looked at the barrier that was being struck by the mystical techniques, he realised that the barrier had become like a boulder without any traces of damage and it stopped trembling even the slightest, ignoring all the attacks from the outside!

“Seems like Shangguan Mei Yang had increased the defense of the barrier by at least ten times, relying on these disciples will not destroy that barrier.” The old man flew beside Leng Xian Wei and cupped his fists and said: “My Lord, please use the “Profound Sky Divine Arrow” attack, we must quickly end this battle! If we delay for too long, the sects from all over the Continent will arrive, at that time, we will be at the disadvantage!”

“You’re right!”

Leng Xian Wei nodded: “Immediately prepare for it, we will use two Profound Sky Divine Arrows at the same time!”

The old man received the order and immediately shouted to the people beneath: “Prepare the Profound Sky Divine Arrows!”

“Yes sir!”

The elites in the group all cried out and the chaotic group immediately became uniform, everyone retreated quickly and emptied out two large spaces. After that, a few sect elites from the back took out paper made of beast skin one after another and placed them on the ground. The beast skins had lines on them that resembled diagrams, the elites quickly formed the formation of the beast skin, one beast skin on each of the two empty spaces.

After that, Third Clan Elder Chen Xiao Hu walked out, he raised his palms into the sky, and two black lights shot out from his palms into the sky. After a moment, the black lights plummeted down from the sky, two rays shot into the two large array formations.


The moment the black lights shot in, the array formations activated, and from inside the formations, light halos quickly transformed into two gargantuan light crossbows with gigantic black arrows spanning the size of over 10m appeared, aiming straight at the barrier.


A low shout came out.

The two crossbows immediately loosened its string, ‘sou sou’, two of the large black arrows instantly shot at the enchantment barrier.

Shangguan Mei Yang’s face changed slightly, she immediately roared: “Retreat! Quick!!!”

The group of disciples immediately flew backwards.

Upon smashing onto the barrier, it instantly dissipated, transforming into two gigantic black holes, following along the barrier. However, it did not end there, the black holes continued to expand and devour and in the blink of an eye, the entire enchantment barrier protecting Divine Cloud Immortal Palace was replaced by the black hole, following that


The black holes disappeared.

The Divine Cloud Immortal Palace appeared in front of everybody, the enchantment barrier had dissipated into smoke.

“Fight your way in!!”

Leng Xian Wei waved his hand and roared: “Capture Su Qing’er, whoever dares to resist will be beheaded, no mercy will be given!”


Roars filled the sky.

All of the Profound Sky Sect people resembled locusts as they swarmed into the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace.

The situation seemed to be disastrous.

Upon seeing that, the disciples of Shangguan Mei Yang started to panic: “Master, what do we do now? What do we do?”

“Don’t panic, let them come in!”

Shangguan Mei Yan was not afraid, and maintained her calm demeanour.

Everyone became suspicious, whoever looked at Shangguan Mei Yang could see the unswerving determination in her eyes. At this time, the first group of Profound Sky Sect’s troops had already rushed in.

She raised her pure white hands and quickly formed a few finger patterns while singing something in a soft voice.

Clang dang!

Just then, an ear piercing sound shot forth.

Everyone was startled, they anxiously looked towards the source of the sound, only to see a layer of enchantment barrier forming up unknowingly, completely shutting off the interior of the island from the outside.

“Oh shit!”

Seeing that, the old man exclaimed out loud.

“We can start killing now!” Shangguan Mei Yang’s adorable face became cold as she sneered and said this.