Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 373
The Unshakeable Fact

The man had a resplendent gold crown on his head with ribbons and a veil hanging down, concealing his face. He was dressed in a large yellow gown, resembling an undisputed monarch, upon arrival, a vast and endless undulation resonated out, causing everyone to be shook, no one dared to shout out loud.

He was brought to the front of the mountain by the disciples, he floated in the air, with the golden pair of eyes revealed under the veil, an imposing voice sounded out: “Who has come here so rashly?”

Profound Sky Sect Lord spoke casually, but his tone was arrogant and brimming with confidence, not putting even a bit of respect to the Patriarch and Clan Elders of the sects in his eyes.

Seeing his tyrannical and wanton action, everyone were filled with rage, but no one dared to retort back.

Just then, the Pavilion Master of Luminescent Dragon Pavilion, Hao Long, walked out of the crowd and cupped his fists towards the man in the yellow gown: “I am Hao Long, Pavilion Master of Luminescent Dragon Pavilion, greetings to you, Sect Leader Leng, today we have come as friends without any provocation and harmful intent, but just to clarify on a matter!”

“Matter? What matter?” Profound Sky Sect Lord glanced down and asked indifferently.

Hao Long frowned, but did not make any further movements and said: “In the recent days, many of our sects had suffered attacks from Evil beings, some of our disciples were killed, and some of our treasures were taken, these continuous nightmares have made me afraid and panic. The infiltration of Evil Beings is not a small matter, we have formed many groups to investigate, after seeking the whereabouts of these evil beings, we found out..”

“Found out that these evil beings are all in Profound Sky Sect, and are collaborating with my Profound Sky Sect with the intent of swallowing the entire Sky Martial Continent, am I right?”

Profound Sky Sect Lord said indifferently, as though it was an ordinary matter. But hearing that, everyone else’s heart jumped.

“Patriarch Lord, the appearance of Evil beings and yet all of us did not receive any information, isn’t it too coincidental? Furthermore, when they completed their tasks, those evil beings would suddenly disappear without a trace, where could they hide? We combed the entire area and all possible hiding spots for the evil beings, but yet are unable to even locate a trace of them, from the looks of it, the evil beings have shelter, it would not be those mountains or wilderness, but someone deliberately hiding them!”

Hao Long said gloomily.


The moment Hao Long finished talking, Profound Sky Sect Lord roared, and a silent burst of spirit qi struck Hao Long, his eyes enlarged widely, his heart jumped a few beats in that second, before he could react, the burst of qi struck his chest, ripping it open. He took a few steps backwards, and spat out blood.

“Pavilion Master!”

“Pavilion Master, are you ok!”

“Pavilion master!!”
The disciples of Luminescent Dragon Pavilion all rushed over, supporting Hao Long with anxious looks on their faces.

Witnessing the scene, everyone else were frightened, it was the first time the majority had seen the Lord of Profound Sky Sect, no one knew him well, but they did not expect him to be so tyrannical.

He then snorted: “My Profound Sky Sect is not colluding with the Evil Beings! Do not make a ruckus here and quickly leave, if not do not blame this lord for being merciless, humph! A bunch of trash!”

Finished, he left.

Upon seeing that, everyone were enraged.

“To be ashamed in anger, could it be that Luminescent Dragon Pavilion Pavilion Master got it right?”


Sky Crest Sect’s Sect leader gritted his teeth: “My Sky Crest Sect have worked together with Profound Sky Sect for around a 100 years, although the both of us say it is for mutual benefits, but Sect Leader Leng’s actions on this matter is too rash, my Sky Crest Sect will cease to continue working with your Profound Sky Sect! We will not engage with each other anymore!”

“Whatever!” Profound Sky Sect Lord said indifferently.

“Sect Leader Leng, you cannot disregard the law here, we have investigated thoroughly, and realised that the evil beings are now inside your Profound Sky Sect, if you do not hand over those evil beings, I will not let this rest!”

Just then, an old man stood up and bellowed, he was the clan elder of Colored Rock Sect, named Rong Kui Sen.

“Clan Elder Rong is right, Sky Martial Continent is not Profound Sky sect!”

“Evil beings harbor evil and malicious intents, but Profound Sky Sect is working with them, could it be that Profound Sky Sect is not placing the uncountable lives of Sky Martial Continent in your heart? You are all crooked cultivators!”

“Sect Leader Leng, please provide us a satisfying explanation!!”

“Right, give us an explanation!”

“We demand an explanation!!”

Rong Kui Sen took the lead, causing the rest to gather their courage and shouted out loud, the group of people started to become rowdy, displaying the dissatisfaction in their hearts.

Seeing that, the Profound Sky Sect Lord obviously became impatient, he replied: “Seems like all of you are refusing my toast and forcing yourselves to suffer!! Do all of you truly think that with all your sects huddled together, this Lord will be afraid of you? If you provoke this lord, be careful that this Lord will destroy your cultivations! And make all of you cripple!!!”

“Sect Leader Leng, if you are willing to deal with us sincerely and frankly to discuss this matter clearly, there will not be any problems! Why must you take action against us?”

Hao Long held his chest as he stood up, his complexion was so pale that it scared some people, obviously he had suffered from serious injuries.

“This Lord do not need to speak with you ants, For this Lord to appear, it is already giving all of you enough face, do not demand for so much just because I gave in to you all.”

“Sect Leader Leng, you!”

Hao Long wanted to speak further, but just at this time, a clear laughter came out from behind suddenly.

“Master Leng!! So they have already investigated till here? Since it is so, then we don’t need to hide any further!! We just have to kill all of them!! Since we still have to kill them in the future, why talk with them now? Just take action!!”

The voice was brimming with disdain and ridicule!

Everyone turned over, to see that behind the large group of 10 over sects, there were 20 odd evil beings reeking of evil qi, contaminating the sky.

The leader was dressed in a cloak, his features unclear, he looked extremely weird.

By the time the words resonated outwards, the evil realm beings had already taken action, directly pouncing onto the sect people.

“Evil beings!!!!!!”
Everyone were instantly shocked!

When everyone saw them, their eyes turned blood red, Hao Long turned and shouted at the Profound Sky Sect Lord: “Sect Leader Leng, what more do you have to say?”

Profound Sky Sect Lord did not say anything, but simply stared at the 20 odd evil beings with his sinister and cold eyes, he suddenly leapt out, and flew into the sky, rushing straight for the evil beings, killing intent soared out.

He roared: “Since all of you think that I am colluding with Evil Beings, then I will personally destroy everyone here for you!”
Seeing that, Su Yun laughed and immediately shouted: “Oh? Master Leng, are you intending on implementing that plan to destroy these people now? Good! We will coordinate with you immediately!!”

With that said, Su Yun turned and ran along with the evil beings.

“Plan? What plan?”

Hao Long was surprised.

“Leng Xian Wei, what are you doing?” Someone else shouted.

“Leng Xian Wei is taking action!! Everyone, do not be afraid, we will fight them together, those evil beings and him are bad people! I will not let this go!” Rong Kui Sen shouted.

“Despicable Evil beings! Despicable traitors of Sky Martial Continent!!”

Roars sounded out incessantly, all of the different sects erupted with many mystical techniques, all aimed towards the Profound Sky Sect Lord.

His previous arrogance and haughtiness had infuriated everybody, adding his words with the appearance of the evil beings, everyone firmly believed that he was corrupted with the evil beings!

Bang bang bang!

The Profound Sky Sect Lord suffered from the ravage of attacks and enveloped by the mystical techniques. Although he had a powerful cultivation, but with over hundred thousands of experts, how could he ignore them?

At that moment, he was trapped and stopped by the mystical techniques and could not advance further.

How could the Profound Sky Sect People still stand by the side after seeing their own lord being attacked? All of them rushed into the mass of crowds and started fighting the other sects.

Both parties immediately engaged in a bloody war which became extremely chaotic.


On a mountain in the distance, Su Yun and the 20 odd evil beings looked at them exhaust themselves.

“Profound Sky Sect will be busy now!”

The evil being beside laughed and said, he was called Chi Xie, and was from the Evil Emperor Palace. Newly recruited by Evil King City, he had a second stage spirit star realm cultivation.

“Sovereign King, do you want to get rid of those Profound Sky Sect People? Why not we take action, and take the opportunity in the chaos to kill their sect leader, how does that sound?”

Another second stage spirit star realm evl being said.

He was huge and big sized, with four arms and rumored to have endless strength, able to even rip apart a large mountain.

“I truly had considerations to destroy that Leng Xian Wei, but I do not know his cultivation right now, he is extremely mysterious, and never came out of Profound Sky Sect or even interacted with anybody. I do not know what is his personal strength, and although this chaos is an extremely good opportunity for us, I do not dare take the gamble! If we were to slip up, we will die!”

Su Yun said gravely.

In the crowd, The Profound Sky Sect Lord seemed to be uninhabited, regardless of how powerful the mystical techniques on him were, he did not even frown as though they were nothing, and all of those spirit star experts were like empty shells in front of him, his one palm was unstoppable, and his palm techniques were extremely horrifying, the palm technique clearly struck the few people in front of him, but the surrounding people were equally struck, and the damage sustained by them were far heavier than those who were physically struck, majority of the people died in his hands.

He was merciless, causing Su Yun to frown, he had pulled in all of these people to rouse things up, but never expected the Profound Sky Sect Lord to be so fearsome, it was completely a one sided massacre with no account for the consequence.

Thinking about the countless of people dying because of him, Su Yun felt extremely guilty, but he was no longer able to stop what had happened.

“He has a cultivation higher than an eighth stage spirit star realm, we are not his opponent, let us go!”

Su Yun bellowed, and immediately disappeared.

The chaotic battle in front of Profound Sky Sect lasted for a day, in the end the 10 over sects all ran away, both sides suffered from losses, there were too many deaths and injuries, but there was no doubt, no one would question about the unshakeable fact that Profound Sky Sect was colluding with evil beings.

In time, the entire Sky Martial Continent blew into an uproar.

The grand and famous Profound Sky Sect was actually colluding with evil beings! It was not only that, the sects that sustained attacks from the evil beings went to sought an explanation from Profound Sky Sect ended up fighting and killing.

Even though the sects were not as powerful as Profound Sky Sect, but they had connections and relationships with many other large sects, and after severely injured by Profound Sky Sect, they started to call on their friends and allies, talking things over and forming agreements with the other sects. Spirit demons, demons and evil beings were existences that people of Sky Martial Continent unified to defend against, this Profound Sky Sect became the biggest enemy of the entire Sky Martial Continent.

A few days later.

After receiving the news, he was shocked. Su Yun did not expect the matter to blow into such proportions. ~Maybe If i were to fuel the flames a bit more and add a bit more sparks, the entire Sky Martial Continent people will start to move against Profound Sky Sect, No matter how strong the Lord is, he cannot contend against the entire Continent.~


Just ask Su Yun thought that Profound Sky Sect was trapped in the corner, a disciple flew to his jade platform and handed over an order from the Lord.

Su Yun asked about it, and realised that he was not the only one being called in, but all the sect elites, potential clan elders and Clan Elders were summoned. ~Seems like there is a big announcement.~