Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 372
The Arrival of the Various Sects

Both parties remained stationary, but Ku Jin Ming did not only allow Su Yun to attack. He growled and it sounded as if it came from a giant, he then leapt out with his feet causing the pressure in the air to suddenly increase, making Su Yun’s entire body plunge down and in an instant, doing anything became extremely difficult.

Both of his shoulders felt as though the bones had been smashed, the feeling being extremely unbearable and painful.

Su Yun gritted his teeth, fiercely persisting. Adding even more Spirit Qi into his control, the eight parts swords’ frequency of attacks started to increase, but the consumption to his body increased as well.


Just then, a clear and crisp sound came out, it was extremely ear piercing amongst the dense sounds of sword cries. Su Yun looked over and noticed that inside the densely packed sub swords, Ku Jin Ming’s body had a cut.

~It got through!~

Su Yun became elated, and continued to control the sub swords to attack.

But how could Ku Jin Ming only have this much power? He suddenly released an angered roar and he smashed down with both of his palms and bellowed: “Subduing the Heavens, Pressuring the Earth!”

An intense pressure burst forth from his palms!

In that moment, Su Yun’s knees went weak, almost falling to kneel on the ground, the indescribably immense pressure had smashed onto his head and back, causing him to tremble, the earth beneath him trembled, his arms were shaking and he had even lost the strength to control the Limitless Sword Manual and the flying swords.

“Watch as I crush you into minced meat! AHHHH!!!”

Ku Jin Ming roared, the pressure had not loosened, but instead grew bigger and stronger, causing Su Yun to even feel his bones about to shatter, the pain was unbearable.

~If this continues, I will die, I can’t be defeated here!~
Su Yun’s expression turned sinister, he bellowed, and ignoring everything around him, he stood up, head on using his physical strength to go against the pressure.

He struggled as he raised his hand, activating the sword arts, reviving the sharpness of the sub swords that were swaying about, one after another, they shot towards Ku Jing Ming.

Splendid dazzling sword lights flickered all around, causing anyone observing it to be dazzled.

Su Yun’s entire face was covered in perspiration, the Qi channels in his body were trembling incessantly, the Spirit Essences were already aching badly, following the continuous consumption of Spirit Force, the majority of his Spirit Essences were already dried up and was no longer able to produce any Profound Spirit Force.

However, he continued to supply Profound Spirit Qi into the swords, pushing every ounce of strength from his body, as though he wanted to give out every bit of it without reserving anything.

Ku Jin Ming never expected that Su Yun, being at the peak of the Third Stage of the Spirit Star Realm would have such tenacity. If it was anyone else, they would have long been smashed into minced meat by the pressure he was emitting.

“His physical body is truly sturdy, facing such a powerful might, his physical body is actually still able to hold its own!”

Ku Jin Ming thought.

But at that moment, no one was willing to lose!


A brilliant shine of light shot out from within Su Yun’s body, the light aura shot around like lightning, enveloping every corner of Su Yun’s body, finally converging at his skull, then shooting out into the sky like a pillar of light.

A cloud of myriad colors appeared, and strong winds blew wildly, sets after sets of Profound Qi blossomed out with him at the center.

He was like a butterfly emerging out from its cocoon, all the hair on his body, his bones, flesh and Qi started to transform in a heaven and earth toppling way.

The dried out Spirit Essences started to surge out with tide after tides of Spirit Qi, the walls of his Qi channels started to increase in thickness.

~The last step! I Finally did it!~

“What? A Breakthrough?”

Ku Jin Ming stared with his mouth and eyes wide open, he watched the entire scene in dumbstruck.

He never thought that Su Yun was forcing himself to exhaust all of his potential!!!


Just then, the man who was previously being suppressed bitterly stood up. He raised his eyes that was overflowing with light. He stared at Ku Jin Ming, then his hands started to dance wantonly and an even purer and vast Profound Spirit Qi surged over.

Tens of thousands of threads struck into the countless flying swords, and in that moment, the might of the flying swords transformed.


Ku Jin Ming who had protected himself with a layer of Spirit Qi appeared to have cuts.

Following the onslaught of even more swords, the cuts got bigger and bigger, the True Divine Spirit Qi enveloping his body became thinner and thinner, and was completely unable to handle the attacks.

The formless domain disappeared, the force dissipated. Su Yun recovered his momentum and grabbed Desolator and the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, rushing towards Ku Jin Ming, both swords screeched out loud, aiming straight at a small crack formed by the one of the swords in the whole formation, he urged his Spirit Qi and used the parts formation swords to strike the swords on the hilt.

Clang clang clang clang!

One after the other, they struck the sub sword fiercely, every time it was struck, the sword tip would enter into Ku Jin Ming’s body by a bit.

When he got near, Su Yun thrusted both of his swords forward, striking the hilt of the sub sword, powerful Spirit Qi flowed in, forcing the sub sword to slice through, puchi, it entered Ku Jin Ming’s body.

Ku Jin Ming trembled, the Spirit Qi in his body became chaotic, and all of the True Divine Spirit Qi enveloping him disappeared. In that moment, all of the swords around him shot at him and dismembered his entire body.

Ku Jin Ming did not even make a sound, and directly dropped to the ground, dead.

“Clan Elder Ku!!”

Just then, many shouts could be heard in the distance as many Profound Sky Sect people rushed over.

Seeing that, Su Yun shouted: “Go!” After that, he stepped on his sword and escaped.

The evil beings did not stay behind, they struck their opponents and escaped.

Ku Jin Ming was dead.

This news was quickly spread, shocking the entire Profound Sky Sect.

Countless of disciples privately discussed about it themselves, and the powerful Profound Sky Sect slowly sunk into an indescribable atmosphere.


Sets of pressure resonated out from the entire jade island, everyone on the jade island were kneeling, tolerating the immense pressure.

On the altar at the front, Profound Sky Sect’s Lord had an extremely gloomy face, looking down at the 100 people beneath him.

“Didn’t you guys say that Su Yun was killed by those Evil realm beings? Why is he still alive? And he even killed Clan Elder Ku Jin Ming! Who can tell me what is going on? Explain to me!!”
A few of them were so afraid they were trembling, not daring to raise their heads.

The atmosphere was extremely tense.


Just then, a white figure flew over and landed in front of the altar. When they looked again, they realised it was the old man Cang with his cane.

The old man looked down at the people kneeling down, then turned and cupped his fist and bowed.

“My lord, I have a report!”


The lord waved his hand and said coldly.

The old man bent his waist, then said: “Rumor has it that various sects have met with Evil Realm beings. Many of the disciples were attacked, if they were transporting treasures, the treasures were stolen, and the crucial members in the sect were all met with attacks, the situation had become chaotic.”

“What does that have to do with us? Invasion of Evil Realm beings? There must be some of Su Yun meddlings.”

Profound Sky Sect Lord snorted.

The old man thought for a moment, then nodded: “Now that you’ve said it, it truly is Su Yun’s doing.”

“What? Why?”

“Because after investigating the sects, we realised that the evil beings all said that they came from our Profound Sky Sect, and that also means many of the sects already think that we are colluding with Evil beings, and plotting against the entire Sky Martial Continent!”

“A load of garbage!!”

The Profound Sky Sect Lord was furious, he stomped down on one foot, causing the entire Jade Island to tremble.

“When has my Profound Sky Sect ever colluded with those evil beings? That is clearly Su Yun slandering us, he trains in Evil Spirit Qi! He is close to them, and he must have found them to cause a disaster to our Profound Sky Sect! Ah!!! Despicable Su Yun!!!”

“Your Lordship, calm our anger. At the moment, I think we should temporarily put a hold on the matters regarding the Divine Cloud Immortal palace, and focus on explaining it to the various sects.”

“Are they already here?”

“It is reported that there are over 10 sects heading towards our Profound Sky Sect, their goal is to seek fairness from us!”

“A bunch of trash, when did they gain such courage? Ignoring the fact that I do not have any relations with the Evil Realm beings, or even if I did, what can they do to me?” The Profound Sky Sect Lord said: “We cannot delay the matters regarding the Divine Cloud Immortal palace, we do not have much time left, we must quickly force them to hand over Su Qing’er. As for that bunch of trash, this Lord will personally get rid of them!”

“Lord, this does not seem to be appropriate? This subordinate thinks that…”

“You don’t have to speak any further, quickly go and arrange for it.” The Profound Sky Sect Lord said indifferently.

Hearing that, the old man sighed helplessly, he cupped his fists and left.

Su Yun had difficulty obtaining information regarding the incident on the jade island, and only when the higher ups of Profound Sky Sect that were present passed it down to their disciples did Su Yun learn it from Great Obscure.

After rising to the fourth stage of the Spirit Star Realm, it was a series of consolidation and strengthening and Su Yun was not lacking in pills. He continuously consumed them, which was the most luxurious way of strengthening himself.

~Because of revealing myself and killing Ku Jin Ming, the Profound Sky Sect has now formed another group to pursue me.~

~But there isn’t much to worry about, the Profound Sky Sect themselves have difficulty protecting their own, their troubles are not just stopping at one.~

After a few days, the few sects had formed an alliance, and together, they arrived before the enchantment surrounding the Profound Sky Sect, the majestic crowd of people covered every inch of land that could be seen, more and more people came together, the vast spectacle was a sight to behold.

They stood still and waited, and in an incense stick worth of time, a rumbling sound came out.

“Sky Crest Sect, Luminescent Dragon Pavilion, Colored Rock Sect, Swallowing Heavens sect, Three Items Deity Palace and the various sects, in total of up to 17 of us, our clan elders and Patriarchs are here specially to seek an audience with Sect Leader Leng, We hope that you will grant us an answer, and quickly ask Sect Leader Leng to meet us!”

“Quickly ask Sect Leader Leng to meet us!”

The shouts continued on endlessly.

The Guardian Disciples of the Profound Sky Sect looked down, only to see that beneath the mountain range, there were roughly 100 thousand people, all of them seemingly experts and elites of every sect!

Su Yun had known of their coming beforehand, at the moment he stood on a mountain a 100 li away, looking in their direction with the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye.

By his side were 20 experts from the Evil Realm, 12 of them were tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm existences, 5 of them were first stage Spirit Star Realm and 3 were second stage Spirit Star Realm existences.

“Is the path to retreat prepared?” Su Yun asked.

“It has already been laid, around 10 li behind those sect people, there are a few speed array formations, with it, our speed will greatly increase, we will be able to escape from this place and no one can catch us.”

The evil being beside him answered.


Su Yun nodded: “We will wait for the Profound Sky Sect’s Sect Leader to appear, then make our move.”


All the Evil Realm beings answered in unison.


Just then, sounds of movements could be heard from deep within Profound Sky Sect, and then a bright voice sounded out.

“The Patriarch has arrived!!”

With that said, rumbling sounds appeared.

Everyone looked towards the direction of the sound and saw many disciples using Qi to congeal a treasure carriage, lifting a man heading towards them.

~How imposing!~
Many people secretly thought.