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Profound Sky Sect Evil Beings

The Profound Sky Sect was determined to have Qing’er, and as the Divine Cloud Immortal palace was a sect that concealed itself from the world and rarely revealed themselves, the Profound Sky Sect did not know much about them. However, whether or not the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace was weak or strong, the Master of the Profound Sky Sect was not going to rest until he got Qing’er. WIthout her, their many years of work would be wasted.

After leaving the Profound Sky Sect, they headed towards the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace with the intent of ‘final negotiations’. If they were to send back corpses again, then the Profound Sky Sect would attack the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace at all costs.

If it was in the past where he did not know the Profound Sky Sect’s foundation, Su Yun would not be worried at all, but after seeing their strength, he was feeling uneasy. Moreover, he wasn’t sure about the strength of the Divine Cloud Immortal Palace and whether or not they could defend themselves against the Profound Sky Sect.

And it was because of this concern that Su Yun asked Ming Nan to send over seven powerful evil bings. With them, the problem should not be too big anymore, and he was either training in his jade platform or running over to Feng Ling Sheng to train in the sword, quietly waiting for the results over at Ku Jin Ming’s side.


Xiang Yun Town was a small town located near a mountain called Sky Crest Mountain, which a sect called the Sky Crest Sect residing on the mountain. Although it was not a super sect, it was a rather reputable sect, the total number of subordinates and disciples reaching almost hundred thousand. However, their reputation was not exactly positive, it was negative instead.

It was said that the people of the Sky Crest Sect was focused on training, the clan elders hardly restricted the disciples, and thus, many of the disciples started to disturb the citizens, causing grievances to the people at times.

Inside Xiang Yun Town, a group of disciples walked on the main street, laughing happily until they arrived at a shop, where he then took the spirit coins from shopkeeper’s hands, claiming that it was protection fee.

“Shopkeeper, if there is no Sky Crest Sect, your Xiang Yun Town would had been destroyed by the beasts of the mountains, so us taking in some protection fee, is it going overboard?”

A disciple with a green hat smiled and asked the shopkeeper of the cloth shop.

The shopkeeper’s face became ugly, but since he was just a normal civilian, how could he fight against a spirit cultivator? Under the helplessness, he could only give away his spirit coins.

Upon obtaining the spirit coins, the smile in his eyes became even more apparent, the man waved his hands as he told his companions: “Let’s move on to the next shop.”

“Haha, with these spirit coins, we can buy even better ingredients and pills!”

“Just nice for our breakthrough, by accumulating all these money!”

“This money is sure good to be earned!”

All of these disciples laughed merrily as they walked in the big street, being rowdy and laughing out loud.

There were nine of them, and in the middle, there was a Purple Horned Beast pulling on a carriage that had a few large carriages in them. Anyone who saw them would immediately know that these disciples were sent out by the sect to carry out an escort mission.

After collecting from a shop, they would immediately head to the next, regardless of whether it was open or not, anyone would have to pay a fee.

“Truly incorrigible!” When the people in a restaurant saw how the Sky Crest Sect Disciples were acting, they started to talk about them.

“All of those young animals are mostly Spirit Intermediate Cultivators, why do they act so unlawfully? Spirit cultivators are not allowed to disturb the people, isn’t that the rule set since ancient times?”
“NO! I must go out and teach them a lesson!!”

“Hey hey hey, don’t be rash! Don’t spout nonsense!”

“What? I am a tenth stage Spirit Intermediate cultivator, must we be afraid of them?”

“In terms of strength, you will definitely be fine, but if you were to go, then you will be offending the entire Sky Crest Sect!”

“What is the meaning of that? Are you saying that the sect is encouraging their disciples to collect protection fee? Has the Sky Crest Sect fallen so low??”

“The Sky Crest Sect has not fallen, just that there are many black horses in there! Let me tell you this, these disciples are only out because of a mission, and collecting fees, they are just doing it in the name of the mission. If you touch them, they will immediately return to the sect and tell the heads that because of your greed, you attacked them for their carriage, and with that, you will have become a target of the Sky Crest Sect!”

“T-t-that, isn’t that thief crying thief?”

“We can’t do anything about it, the Sky Crest Sect’s people are extremely protective of one another, and the higher ups are always training, and never care about any other matters, so when the people of Xiang Yun Town went to complain to them, nothing happened! The Sky Crest Sect doesn’t care about anything, so we can only tolerate these behaviors.”

“Sigh, just treat as if you didn’t see anything.”

The people in the restaurant discussed in low voices.

The laughing and gasps for breaths outside never stopped.

Just then, a gust of wind blew into the small town, and a pitch black cloud of Qi flew over.

“What’s going on?”

Everyone in the town looked at the cloud, while the few disciples watched in caution, looking all around them.

“Something seems to be up, everyone, be careful!”

“This Spirit Qi is so cold, what kind of Spirit Qi is it? Or is it a cold mist?”

“How can a cold mist be black?”

While everyone were suspicious, a few pitch black figures suddenly walked out from the black mist.

They were all dressed in pitch black capes with black shrouds covering their faces, no one could tell if they were ghosts or human, but their eyes had black flames in them which was terrifying.

“There are a few spirit cultivators with good aptitudes, take them as offerings!” The man in the lead said.


The rest nodded their heads and rushed towards them.

“Ah? They are evil beings!!!”

The Sky Crest Sect people shouted in surprise.

“Evil Realm beings! How can they appear here? Impossible!”

“They seem to be locked on to us!”

“Senior brother, what should we do?”

The Sky Crest Sect disciples were scared out of their wits as they huddled together, watching in fear as the evil being walked towards them.

When the disciple with the green hat saw them, he shouted at the spirit cultivators and the citizens inside the restaurant and of the town: “The Evil beings have infiltrated, everyone work together with me and take down these evil beings!”

But everyone was just in a panic, running away and screaming. No one cared about whether the disciples lived or not. Maybe they might have the ability to help them, but they were not going to help, since they handed protection fee over, they should be protected.

Seeing that no one was helping them, the disciples all turned cold in fear, despair enshrouding them.

“Alright, don’t struggle!”

The few evil beings sneered and walked over.

Tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm beings against a group of Spirit Intermediate Cultivators, it was like an adult taking care of ants, the disparity was too great.

Boom boom booom booom!

A large group of purple horned beasts rushed down from the Sky Crest Mountain and barged into the small town at a quick speed, roughly a few hundred men had rushed down to arrive at the small town.

There were many people inside the town, and because of the appearance of the evil beings, many of them ran up the Sky Crest Mountain to seek shelter and help, while upon receiving the news, the higher ups determined that the appearance of evil beings were no small matter, and stopped their training to personally appear, otherwise there will be no end to the trouble.

“Have the disciples outside contacted us?”

A middle aged man riding on a purple horned beast asked the few mature disciples beside him.

“We have already lost contact, I’m afraid!”

A disciple by the side spoke halfway, and lowered his head.

“Humph!” The middle aged man’s face was extremely ugly, he looked around on the streets, his eyes landing on the center of the street, where the Sky Crest Carriage was at, but the carriage was badly damaged, two carriages were flipped over and the ground was filled with bumps and the houses by the side were in flames.

“Who knows what cultivation the evil beings are at?” The middle aged man asked.

“When the evil beings appeared, everyone was focused on running, so they were unable to provide us sufficient information.” The disciple answered.

The middle aged man’s eyes flashed with a haze: “We protect this Xiang Yun Town, and give the people a safe life, but when our people are in danger, they only care about themselves! Despicable! Send the orders down, bring all of the citizens of Xiang Yun Town into the Qi Channel Mines of our Sky Crest Sect, regardless of young or old, male or female, all of them will work for a year, and can only leave when we are satisfied!”


“Send men to go look for clues.” The middle aged man spoke again.

“Yes sir!”

10 disciples walked towards the carriage and began to look around, and started to note down all the suspicious things.

“Clan elder!”

Just then, a disciple suddenly cried out.

The middle aged man was surprised and anxiously controlled his beast to run over.

The disciple was kneeling down in front of a damaged barrier, rummaging through the debris. There were many blade marks, obviously formed by the Sky Crest Blade Technique of the sect.

The disciple reached out to a broken chip from the debris, it was apparently cut off inadvertently by the Blade Qi, but the two golden words were still clear to see.

The middle aged man took the chip. When he saw the words, his face became extremely ugly.

“Profound Sky Sect!”

“Evil beings have infiltrated the Profound Sky Sect?”

“Infiltrate the Profound Sky Sect? What does the Profound Sky Sect have that is worth for evil beings to infiltrate to? Furthermore, the Profound Sky Sect is such a big and powerful sect, it won’t be easy to infiltrate it! I am more willing to believe that the Profound Sky Sect is colluding with the evil beings!”

The disciples started to discuss amongst themselves.

The middle aged man did not reveal his thoughts, but the rage in his eyes clearly told the truth.

“All of you continue with the search, I will return to the sect and report to the Sect Leader, and ask him to go to the Profound Sky Sect to demand for an explanation!”

With that, he turned and flew towards Sky Crest Mountain.


At a quiet valley entrance, four disciples from the Luminescent Dragon Pavilion were riding on purple horned beasts. They had just ended their training exercise from the sect and were on the path back to the Luminescent Dragon Pavilion.

The Luminescent Dragon Pavilion was different from the Sky Crest Sect, the disciples were mostly simple and honest.

Their speed was fast, with fatigue was written all over their faces, but upon thinking that they were about to reach the sect, they stopped for a break.

Above the valley entrance, two pitch black evil figure observed them quietly.

“Remember, act according to the plan.”

“No problem, let’s begin!”


The two evil figures communicated with each other, then leaped down casually into the valley entrance and landed in front of the four disciples.

“Who’s there?”

The four Luminescent Dragon Pavilion disciples got down from their beasts and released their treasures, cautiously looking at the two figures that had suddenly appeared.

“Hehehe, to not be able to tell Evil Qi apart, the people of the Sky Martial Continent are truly stupid!” One of the figure released a bone chilling laugh.

“Evil beings?” The four disciples were shocked.

Just then, the other evil being released his might. He raised his big, slender hand and produced evil force, directly aimed at the body of a disciple. In a moment, the four disciples fell to the ground and lost all fighting ability.

“Bring them to the formation!”


The two evil beings carried two disciples each and quickly left the valley.