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Taking over the Evil Emperor Palace

He copied what he did the last time to subdue the Death Sword, but now it was far stronger!

Before the Evil Emperor was being resurrected, Su Yun was preparing the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon by supplying it with spirit force, but because the Evil Emperor had revive too quickly, the last bit of Spirit Qi required by the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon was not imbued in it. Now that the Evil Emperor had fallen, Su Yun could completely provide the last portion of Spirit Qi, and use the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon once again.

The Death Sword was jumping much more frantically now, Su Yun could almost no longer feel its existence, as though it was separating itself from him, and not being controlled by him any longer, the Eight Parts Eight Whole Formation surrounding the Death Sword started to pin it down, some attacking while some defending, which the Death Sword completely ignored. It’s pitch black blade started to fly all around and clash onto the swords and upon clashing, the ordinary sub swords would immediately shatter, the only thing able to stop the Death Sword were the Primal Swords: The Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and the Desolator.


The Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon was released, and a dazzling gold light shot forth from Su Yun’s hand, directly aimed towards the Death Sword which was in the center, the destructive Spirit Qi of the gold light was unstoppable and upon attacking, it instantly broke apart the Eight Parts Eight Whole Formation and fiercely smashed onto the Death Sword’s blade.

In a few seconds, the dense Evil Qi of the Death Sword immediately dissipated, the sword blade released a buzzing sound and then stopped, directly dropping from the sky.

This move had destroyed over a 100 sub swords, but Su Yun did not care, because after being destroyed, the sub swords would be reborn inside the Everlasting Sword Sheathe.

Clang clang.

The Death Sword dropped onto the ground, as though it had lost all of its power, and in the silence, it laid still.

Su Yun gasped for breath, and then walked over and kept it in its Sword Sheath, but the moment the Death Sword entered its Sword Sheath, he fell down to the ground.

“Su Yun! Su Yun! Are you alright?!”

Ling Qing Yu anxiously supported him up and asked anxiously.

“I am fine, it’s because I used the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon twice, so I am extremely weak, and the Heavenly Crystal and Heavenly Demon Blood Array have dissipated, I might not be able to utilise any Profound Spirit Force temporarily.”

Su Yun said weakly.

“I will bring you out of here now.” Ling Qing Yu said.

“No, don’t be too anxious.” Su Yun grabbed the Evil Sword Sect order badge from his waist and passed it to Ling Qing Yu: “Qing Yu, I have to trouble you, use this order badge and contact the Evil Sword Sect Sect Leader, ask him to come into the Evil Emperor Palace now!”

“Fine!” Ling Qing Yu nodded, without saying much, she immediately activated it and opened the communications. A weak force entered Ling Qing Yu’s mind, she did not dally, and immediately sent over Su Yun’s words, immediately hanging up right after.

After a few moments, a powerful sword concept enveloped the entire Evil Emperor Palace. A black shooting star shot through the sky, towards the Evil Emperor Palace. He smashed into the enchantment barrier outside of the Evil Emperor Palace and flew in.

The powerful Spirit Qi dissipated. Ling Qing Yu looked over and saw a white haired man walking over.

“An innate Sword Body?”

The man looked at Ling Qing Yu, and seemingly sensing something, he asked in surprise.

Ling Qing Yu frowned, and asked: “Su Yun, who is he?”

“The Sect Leader of the Evil Sword Sect, don’t worry, he won’t harm me.” Su Yun said weakly.

“Since it is so, I will return to the Sword Sheath first.” Ling Qing Yu seemed to detest Chen Tian Xie, and did not want to linger.

With that said, she transformed into a white light and entered Su Yun’s Sword Sheath.

Chen Tian Xie waited at the side quietly, and only after Ling Qing Yu disappear did he walk over.

“Su Yun, who was that young lady?” Chen Tian Xie asked in a low voice.

“Don’t you know that she is an innate sword body?”

“I know she is a sword body, but I do not know anything about innate, but so what?”


“Alright, Master Sect Leader, now is the time for you to boss people around.” Su Yun said weakly.

“You’ve already dealt with the Evil Emperor?” Chen Tian Xie asked.


“Truly, that intense wave of pain and grief came from the fall of the Evil Emperor. Then Su Yun, what do you want me to do?”

“Take over the Evil Emperor Palace.” Su Yun said weakly: “I killed the Evil Emperor and am truly weakened, I am unable to shake off the experts, but Sect Leader, you can, the Evil Realm is a place where the strong dominates the weak, the weak can only submit to the strong. As long as you go out now and kill a few of the Evil Emperor Palace experts and take the order badge of the Evil Emperor. You can then tell them that you killed the Evil Emperor, they will submit to you! Whoever does not, you just kill them! Thus, the Evil Emperor Palace will be in your pockets, and the danger for us will be resolved.”

“No wonder you wanted me to wait for you outside. If you succeed, you can just get me to appear and take over the Evil Emperor Palace, and if you failed, you just have to have me cover you as you retreat. Heh, Su Yun, you calculated extremely well!”

“Quickly, the evil beings outside do not know what has happened, but seeing the situation, that will not last long.”

Chen Tian Xie nodded his head and retrieved a sweet scented black pill from his storage ring and placed it in Su Yun’s mouth, and then flew out.

Upon swallowing it, Su Yun felt his body recovering slightly. ~What pill is this? To actually smoothen my Qi channels and soothe my fatigued Spirit Essences.~

Just then, Chen Tian Xie’s voice sounded out, booming like thunder, shaking the entire palace and causing everyone’s ear drums to tremble.

“People of Evil Emperor Palace, Listen! I am Evil Sword Sect’s Sect Leader, Chen Tian Xie! Your Master, the Evil Emperor has been killed by me! No corpse was left! I have swallowed his spirit and soul! You can quickly submit to me now as your new master! If not, I will kill whoever refuses to submit to me! Those who dare plots against me shall die, I will show no mercy!!!”

With that said, he flew into the sky and with a wave of his hand, a powerful Sword Qi shot straight into the clouds, the pitch black sky of Evil Realm immediately formed a huge vortex, with a terrifyingly gigantic evil sword appearing within the center of the vortex.

This evil sword was like a pillar from heaven, it was extremely huge, the sword tip aimed at the ground beneath, smashing straight in the center of the Evil Emperor Palace, and in that moment, the palace walls split into two, the entire Evil Emperor Palace was completely smashed by the sword pressure, all the cultivators knelt down, their bodies trembling, and the citizens crawled on the ground.

At that moment, Chen Tian Xie was like a god.

“What the hell, that show off, the palace is definitely a powerful place to train in, he actually cleaved it in two! He shouldn’t be showing off so much!”

Su Yun looked at the gigantic evil sword splitting the palace in two, and felt pain.

Although Chen Tian Xie was not equal to the Evil Emperor, he was still the sect leader of the Evil Sword Sect, needless to say, with his cultivation, he could easily flip the Evil Emperor Palace with one hand. With him showing off his might, adding that the Evil Emperor had been killed, the entire Evil Emperor Palace was in shock.

The entire Evil Emperor Palace was extremely quiet, no one dared make a sound, all of the Evil Realm beings stared at the being in the air.

Su Yun recovered slightly, and stood up, he did not have much Spirit Qi in him, and the Heavenly Demon Blood Array and Heavenly Crystal’s power had dissipated.

“Do not listen to his words!”

Just then, a shout broke the silence.

“Do not listen to his words, people! He killed Master Evil Emperor, and is our enemy! All of us, we must join hands and kill him to seek revenge for Master Evil Emperor!”

“Yes, revenge for Master Evil Emperor!”

Someone else called out.

All of the evil beings looked to the source of the voice, it was a group of evil beings that were walking over.

“Ah? It’s Master Li!”

“Evil Being Cang Liang? He’s here!”

“Master Li!”

“We greet Master Li!”

All the evil beings started to call out, the low or sharp voices coming out endlessly, causing a commotion in the entire Evil Emperor Palace.

Evil Being Cang Liang soared into the air and stared at the figure in the air with his ferocious eyes: “You evil being, you think that just because you killed Master Evil Emperor, you can destroy our Evil Emperor Palace? Stop dreaming! I do not know what cultivation you are at, but our Evil Emperor Palace numbers to over millions, and we can kill you easily!!”

With that said, the people beneath started getting restless again.

“Master Cang Liang is a second stage Spirit Star Realm expert, maybe he can fight with him.”
“That’s right, he killed the Evil Emperor, why must we pledge our allegiance to him? If that’s the case, we do not have any dignity at all!”

“We should just watch and see what happens.”

The endless chatter did not finish. Chen Tian Xie frowned, he raised his eyes and looked at Li Cang Liang: “I am the Evil Sword Sect’s Sect Leader Chen Tian Xie, who are you?”

“Li Cang Liang!”


Chen Tian Xie nodded his head. He suddenly waved his hand, and a bead sized black color ball flew out and struck Li Cang Liang.

Li Cang Liang’s face became serious, he immediately brandished out treasure to defend against the ball.

But the moment the black ball reached near him, it suddenly exploded and transformed into ten thousand pitch black evil swords and struck Li Cang Liang like a berserk rain.

Seeing that, Li Cang Liang’s eyes grew big and he anxiously activated his treasure.

A pitch black umbrella appeared.

The evil swords struck the umbrella, producing many ripples and causing the umbrella to tremble incessantly. Just then, the evil sword blades released many evil spirits, they grabbed onto the umbrella and tore at it. In a blink of an eye, the umbrella was shattered, and the evil spirits surrounded Li Cang Liang.


The wail came out for less than a second. Li Cang Liang was torn into pieces by the countless evil spirits, leaving a regiment of Evil Qi lingered in the air. When the wind blew, it dissipated.

A 2nd level Spirit Star Realm expert was killed just like that!

Everyone beneath were completely spooked.

“Who still wants to challenge me?”

Chen Tian Xie asked indifferently.

Everyone were stunned, the entire place was silent, but in that moment, a voice came out.

“I-I am willing to submit to you as my Lord!! Six arms Evil Being Greets my Lord!!”

The one who spoke was the respectful Six Arms Evil Being. The evil beings around him looked like ordinary citizens, causing him to manifest as a superior, upon saying that, he knelt down.

When there is a lead, the rest would follow suit. Many of them finally decided and one after the other, they knelt down.

“I am willing to greet you as my lord!”
“Greetings, my lord!”

Slowly but surely, cries of allegiance sounded out, no one dared to hesitate, no one dared to rebel, in that moment, Chen Tian Xie finally took over the entire Evil Emperor Palace.

Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief.

Chen Tian Xie looked around, and then turned and landed in front of Su Yun.

“Are you alright.”

“I’m fine, But I have to congratulate you, to become the new master of the Evil Emperor Palace, obtaining such a large resource, you can be considered a hegemon in the Evil Realm already.”

Su Yun laughed.

“I am not interested in being a hegemon, but I know of the logic that to survive in the Evil Realm, one needs to have sufficient strength to stand for himself.”

Chen Tian Xie said indifferently.

“That’s well said.” Su Yun nodded his head in praise.

“Alright, Su Yun, let the Evil King City people come here to take over, I am returning to Evil Sword Sect.”

“You’re going now?”

Su Yun was startled.

“The reason why I am here today, is because of your invitation. Although the Evil Emperor Palace is a rich land, I am not interested in it. I will be the Master of this place in name, and will help you shake off the powerful evil beings, but for the terrible mess here, You have to take care of it yourself!”

With that said, Chen Tian Xie instantly flew into the sky and announced out loud.

“As I have devoured the Evil Emperor, my cultivation is growing, and will need to be in closed doors cultivation, for the matters in the Evil Emperor Palace, I will leave it to the Sovereign King of the Evil King City to be in charge, whoever questions my authority will be killed without mercy.”

With that said, Chen Tian Xie instantly transformed into a cloud of black smoke and disappeared into the horizon.

~Truly a decisive man.~