Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 363
Spirit Samsara

The Evil Emperor’s body trembled, and all the energy in his body disappeared. He directly dropped from the sky and smashed into the ground and after twitching for a moment, he died instantly.

His heart was completely destroyed, the gold light aura pierced through his chest like tofu, the terrifying scar caused everyone who saw it to feel numb.

An instant kill!

The four evil beings were completely shocked!

Even Su Yun was startled by what had happened.

~That’s too crazy, is this the power of the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon? Even an eighth stage Spirit Star Realm cultivator was instantly killed!~

~This should not be possible anywhere right?~

~Who cares, it’s time!~
He took a deep breath and retrieved the Evil Sword Sect badge from his waist, he planned to send the signal to Chen Tian Xie who was waiting outside.

But just at that moment, sets of buzzing sound came out.

The Evil Emperor’s corpse, which had a hole in his chest, suddenly swelled, the Evil Emperor’s gaseous Qi like body started to release a lot of bubbles, and after they burst, finger sized little evil spirits flew out one after another, quickly gathering and forming together.

Su Yun’s face changed, he used his finger to control the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, flying straight to the corpse and cutting it into pieces.

Clang clang clang clang!

The sonorous swords slashing sounds came out, the corpse had formed a layer of steel like silver barrier and the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword was unable to break through it!

“Not good! That’s the Evil Emperor’s treasure: Spirit Samsara!”

Just then, an old evil being out of the four shouted out in shock.

“Spirit Samsara?” Su Yun tilted his head and asked: “What’s that?”

“That is the Evil Emperor’s life saving treasure, not many people know about it, and we only obtained this information from our spies here! Previously, we did not know of its usage, but who knew that this treasure can lock spirits and is able to revive and reconstruct a body that has been killed!! Damn it, this cunning fox, he actually has such a treasure!”

Hearing that, Su Yun’s heart darkened, this time, he fully turned his head to look at them. He roared: “You all came here to kill the Evil Emperor, you all should have some trump card right! Are you not going to quickly take them out?”

“Initially, we did not know that the Evil Emperor’s cultivation was at the eighth stage of the Spirit Star Realm, if not, we would not have been so rash! This master, we are grateful for you helping us today, but now, the experts of Evil Emperor Palace are gathering here, if we linger any further, we will only be surrounded and killed beyond doubt! We need to quickly scatter!” The old man reasoned.

“If you guys scatter today, there will be no other chance!” Su Yun retorted: “All of you find a way to delay the experts, I will kill the Evil Emperor!”

The four of them were stunned, they looked at Su Yun in shock, only to see the pair of evil eyes glittering with unswerving determination under the pitch black cloak. They looked at each other and nodded, and immediately turned and rushed towards the entrance.

“Since Master is determined to kill the Evil Emperor, we will all use our strengths to support you!”

“We will definitely fight with our lives! Master, we will depend on you!”

The four of them roared, and all took out their own Life saving treasures and ran out.

Su Yun did not hesitate either, he raised his right hand and activated the golden wheel. He released the ‘Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon’, and activated the Monarch Occult Force, frantically pouring in his Spirit Qi.

~The Evil Emperor’s cultivation is in the eighth stage of the Spirit Star Realm, all my other techniques are futile against him. For the sake of today, I can only hope to rely on this Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon to shoot for the second time.~

But, whether or not it could shoot for the second time, even if he prepared it completely, he might not be able to surprise the Evil Emperor for the second time

Thump, thump.

The small evil spirits formed together to become a 5 m tall gigantic evil spirit, the evil spirit continued to wiggle, and finally started to transform into the Evil Emperor.

The terrifying absolute evil power leaked out once again.

“Powerful! You are powerful indeed! You actually managed to kill me off, but you would have never expected that I have two lives right? Hehe, Sovereign King from the Evil King City, your methods are truly out of my expectations. Now, I will give you one last chance, gift me all your treasures and obediently kneel down to me, if you do, I will not kill you!!”

The Evil Emperor roared threateningly at Su Yun.


Su Yun who was still imbuing Spirit Qi into the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon had completely ignored him.

The Evil Emperor snorted, his pitch black eyes was filled with rage as he pounced onto Su Yun.

~Damn it! Just a bit more!~

Su Yun secretly clenched his teeth, he kept back the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon and retreated, at the same time waving both of his hands.

Sou sou sou sou

Countless of flying swords flew towards the Evil Emperor.

Just as the flying swords neared Evil Emperor, ‘xiu’, all the swords disappeared.

“Huh?” The Evil Emperor frowned, but upon hearing the ‘puchi puchi puchi’ sounds, he looked at his body, the swords had all pierced into him.

“It’s this bizarre sword again! But it’s fine, don’t even think of defending against this Evil Emperor!”

The Evil Emperor growled, his body suddenly split and transformed into countless evil spirits that scattered and formed together at another sound, reinstating his full body.

~What’s that strange mystical technique?~ Su Yun was startled.

“It’s my turn now!”

The Evil Emperor spoke out, his body suddenly disappeared.

Su Yun was startled, and before he could react, a heavy impact struck his back, causing him to fly forward. The impact on his back rippled out with an incredible evil force that fervently shook all of his Qi channels and arteries, if not for his Indestructible Gold Body, in which his physical body had been greatly strengthened, that attack would had been enough to destroy all his Qi channels, veins and arteries! An instant death!

Is this the difference of just one rank?

Su Yun did his utmost to adjust the Qi inside his body, and he flipped to land on the ground.

However, the Evil Emperor would not give him any chance to take a breath, he once again disappeared and pounced over, a few sinister and terrifying evil hands extended out from his body and grabbed towards Su Yun.


Just then, an extremely low resounding roar came out, the blood Qi behind Su Yun had formed together, transforming into a gigantic Heavenly Demon Conjuration, the Heavenly Demon had appeared, it raised its vigorous and fearsome claws, ferociously smashing onto the evil hands.


The many evil hands shattered into pieces, Su Yun’s hands raised up and struck the Evil Emperor, but the Evil Emperor did not bother dodging. Against Su Yun’s attack, he raised up his own palm and smashed towards Su Yun’s head.

It was a head on clash!

But in a head on clash, Su Yun was still at a disadvantage. Even though he had consumed the Indestructible Gold Body pill, it was still impossible for his physical body to match up against the Evil Emperor with his eighth stage Spirit Star body.

From a Spirit Novice Cultivator to a Spirit Intermediate Cultivator, it only needed a few years of time, but from the seventh stage of the Spirit Star Realm to the eighth stage of the Spirit Star Realm, if a person does not encounter a fortunate enlightenment, it would be hard to increase in rank even in his whole life, this was the cumulation of time and tribulation, and extremely difficult to rely even on treasures to advance, it was only through activating the Heavenly Crystal and use of the Heavenly Demon Blood Array could Su Yun be able to barely fight against the Evil Emperor.

However, it was not his first time fighting against someone stronger than him.

At a critical moment, he turned from offense to defense, using his hands to sweep horizontally at his forehead.


Evil Emperor’s palm had arrived, Su Yun once again was forced backwards, his body struck a stone pillar behind him, causing it to shatter into pieces.

“Almost there!”

Evil Emperor roared, his palm flipped and struck the air above him, causing a pitch black cauldron the size of a small hut to appear. It had many evil creature paintings engraved all over it, and mournful wails sounded out from inside the cauldron.

The cauldron’s lid opened, a burst of energy came out as countless large hands enveloped Su Yun.

“Watch me roast you alive and turn you into a top grade pill for me to break through into the next realm, hahahha!” The Evil Emperor laughed out.

Although Su Yun was powerful now, compared to the Evil Emperor, he was still the weaker link. His killing technique, Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon, that was unable to completely kill off the Evil Emperor was his biggest miscalculation.

But that did not mean that he had given up.

“You’re thinking too much!”

Su Yun roared as he clenched his teeth, he suddenly swung out his hand, and the invisible and formless Desolator Sword brought along the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword as they struck towards the dual swords in the Evil Emperor’s hands.


The Evil Emperor did not react to it, he didn’t even seem to care. Although the swords were bizarre and sharp, they were unable to affect his body in any way.

But just at that moment, the two swords started to dance.

They flew into the sky at the same time, and a suppressive force enveloped the Evil Emperor’s body.

The Evil Emperor was stunned, he immediately extended his hands to grab onto the swords, but at that moment, Su Yun had suddenly rushed forward.

All of the Evil Spirit Essences in his body were activated, a large amount of Evil Qi leaked out. Demonic Qi and Evil Qi interweaved together, transforming into an extremely cold and terrifying sensation.

He moved his right hand to his storage ring, and suddenly threw something out. A black light shot forth, its light aura shot into the sky.

Clang clang!

An abstruse sound that seemed to be able to rip spirits apart sounded out, and an evil looking sword had been unleashed.

Evil Emperor did not know what Su Yun had taken out, his entire body was flung backwards, from his shoulder to his lower abdomen, there was a deep cut, and what remained was the evil spirits trying to link each other up. He was instantly severely injured, and most of his terrifying Qi had been cut off by half.


The Evil Emperor smashed onto the ground, and at the moment of impact, the earth started to shake, and a pit as deep as 6m was formed. The destructive force of the impact caused all the houses around to be destroyed, as though the entire Evil Emperor Palace was a tiny boat plunged into a torrential storm, the entire palace shook endlessly!

The Evil Emperor staggered to stand up and was about to counterattack, but when he activated his evil force, he was instantly stunned, he raised his hand and looked at it, and asked in shock: “W-why is my evil force weakened? What’s going on?”

The Evil Emperor raised his head and looked up. He saw two swords flying beside Su Yun, a greyish white sword and a blood red sword. But in his hand, there was another black sword that was filled with extremely dense Evil Qi!

A disgusting and horrifying Qi leaked out of the sword, it was as though the sky was sinking in, smashing onto the Evil Emperor’s shoulders, causing him to almost be unable to raise his head due to the immense pressure.

~What is this horrifying force??~

“That sword!”

The Evil Emperor opened his eyes wide.

He felt the sky darken, the Death Sword released even more Evil Qi, causing the temperature in the area to drop a few degrees as the ground started to freeze.

Su Yun’s hands felt the intense cold and for some reason, the Death Sword wanted to leap out of his hands.

But he did not dare let go.

Although he was relying on the Heavenly Crystal and the Heavenly Demon Blood Array for his shocking cultivation, he was still unable to completely subdue the sword, and could only seal it.

~I must completely suppress it to make it completely mine!~

Su Yun thought coldly, he clenched his teeth and rushed towards the Evil Emperor.

~Since the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon cannot be activated now, I can only rely on this!~

“I recognize that sword, that is the Sovereign King Sword! I never thought that it would be in your hands!!! But it’s fine! Today, either you use the sword to kill me, or you gift the sword to me along with your life, watch my move!!!”

The Evil Emperor concealed the fear in his heart, he roared loudly, he did not dare hold back. Both of his palms faced the sky, and in a moment, seven gigantic evil spirits appeared from thin air. These evil spirits released tyrannical Evil Qi, locking their eyes straight at Su Yun, and then suddenly waving their gigantic mountain sized fists, smashing down ferociously.

“Evil spirits? I wonder if the Sovereign King Sword loves to devour evil spirits?”

Su Yun roared, he leapt up and waved Death Sword in the air.


Like a vortex, the seven evil spirits were completely sucked into the sword blade.

The Death Sword’s Evil Qi became even denser.