Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 361
I went back on my words

“Wei Xie? Weren’t you about to go to the South side with Hu Xie to help Master Song retrieve some Evil Water for his wine brewing? Why are you back so quickly?”

Su Yun had just walked towards the big gates when the guard on duty standing by the side asked curiously.

“I forgot to take something!”

Su Yun laughed, and then gave the Identity badge on his neck over.

“You you you, quickly go in, you careless devil!” The guard did not even bother looking and waved his hand.


Su Yun kept the identity badge and walked in.

“Hey, Wei Xie, are you slacking off again?”

“The evil being that we caught last time tasted good, why don’t the two of us go and capture a few more soon?”

“I heard that you ate Zhang Xie’s dual cultivation partner? Hehe, how did that feel? Zhang Xie wants to slice you apart now!”

Along the road, countless of evil beings that recognized Wei Xie talked to him, they were high spirited and spoke loudly, Su Yun’s rigid face replied to them simply, but did not dare speak much, afraid that he might reveal a flaw, and quickly left.

The Evil Emperor Palace was huge, and Su Yun was located at just a side track. In order to enter the center of the Palace, he needed to travel a long distance. Furthermore, this evil being called Wei Xie seemed to be an evil being of the lowest rank, and did not have the authority to travel towards the center.

Su Yun lowered his head and walked quickly, he could see that many of the evil beings were around a cultivation of first stage Spirit Soul Realm and occasionally, he would chance upon third stage Spirit Soul Realm evil beings, these were usually the captains with a bit of authority.

Countless of evil beings carrying all sorts of materials walked in and out from various structures, many used evil beasts to pull large carts out of the Evil Emperor Palace.

Su Yun walked to the entrance of the Evil Emperor Palace’s Inner Circle and noticed 20 plus guards standing in front of a large black door.

The guards were well equipped, their expressions stern. They were obviously trained elites.

~As expected, they have people guarding, not any person can go in.~

Su Yun started to think.

“Wei Xie!!”

Just then, a low pitch shout came out.

Su Yun was startled, he turned to look, to see an evil being dressed in vine armor walking over. He had an ugly expression, one of impatience. He directly grabbed Su Yun by the shoulder and bellowed: “Didn’t I ask you to find Evil Water for Master Song’s wine brewing? Why are you skiving here? Humph! You’re truly seeking death, I will grab you and bring you over to Master Song for dessert!”

Master Song?

Su Yun was startled, but anxiously replied: “I have already obtained the Evil Water and was just about to bring it to Master Song!”

“What? You’ve already harvested the evil water? So quickly?” The vine armored man looked at Su Yun in shock: “How long did you take this time?”

“You don’t have to care how long I went, follow me to see Master Song!”

The man’s face changed immediately, and said: “See Master Song for what? SInce you have the Evil Water, go and bring it to Chang Gu, bring the evil water there for his wine brewing!”

“Where’s Chang Gu now?”

“Of course he’s at the winery!”

“Oh, alright, where are you going now?”

“Humph, of course I am going to see Master Song, there’s a new batch of delicate evil beings, I am going to choose some for Master Song!”

With that, the man who spoke ignored Su Yun and turned to leave.

Seeing that, Su Yun stayed at his spot for a while, after the man left, he then quietly followed him.

He had the map of the Evil Emperor Palace but it wasn’t detailed, and he was afraid he did not know where the so called Master Song’s training manor was at.

After following the evil being in the vine armor for 10 whole minutes, Su Yun finally arrived at a house constructed by bones and black mud, there were two evil beings standing by the door where many evil beings carrying corpses of fierce beasts walked in and out. All of these evil beings had cultivations lower than first stage Spirit Soul Realm.

Su Yun took a deep breath then walked in.

The Vine armored evil being walked anxiously, but did not realise that Su Yun was following him.

Very quickly, the evil being walked to the center of a hall, inside, there was an extremely obese evil being seated in a seat made up of bones holding a metal bowl drinking the dark green evil wine, with two alluring female evil beings servicing by the side.

The Vine armored evil being walked into the hall and immediately knelt down on one knee, and grumbled out some words.

After hearing the vine armored evil being speak, the obese evil being’s bean sized eyes lit up with sets of gold light, and he immediately dismissed the two female evil beings. He forced his fat body to stand up, his expression extremely excited.

Su Yun secretly activated the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye and looked around.

The Vine armored evil being was a third stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivator, while the obese evil being was roughly at the fifth stage Spirit Soul Realm.

After assessing them, Su Yun instantly stepped into the hall.

“Wei Xie? What’s the matter?”

The obese Evil being saw Su Yun walking in casually, and asked.

However, the evil being called ‘Wei Xie’ did not reply him, but instead closed the door.

In that moment, the obese evil being sensed that something was wrong, without saying a word, a he wielded a large hammer in one hand out of nowhere, and pounced over.

But in the next second, an invisible sword rushed forward and sliced through his waist!


The vine armored evil being lost his voice and looked at Wei Xie in shock.

Before he could do anything, his heart was pierced through.


The two bodies fell to the ground, evil blood flowing everywhere.

Su Yun quickly walked over and hung the Identity Badge of the obese evil being onto his own neck. He then scrutinized the obese evil being’s face and activated the Shapeshift Bonepiece, and then hid the two bodies.

Bang bang bang!!

Just then, loud knocks came out from the door.

“Master Song!! Master Song!!! What happened? Why is there a loud ruckus?”

“Master Song!”

A group of evil beings cried out, and then, ‘Boom’, the door was kicked opened, and a group of armed evil beings rushed in.

“What are all of you doing?” A voice bellowed out.

Everyone looked over, to see the obese Master Song seated in his chair, looking at them angrily: “How dare all of you, did I allow you to come in? Get out!”

Seeing that Master Song was safe and sound and sitting there angrily shouting at them, the evil beings all rushed out anxiously.

In the next moment, the hall became quiet again.

Su Yun who had transformed into Master Song heaved a sigh of relief.

~With this Master Song’s Identity badge, I believe I can enter the inner circle of Evil Emperor Palace.~

Su Yun touched the small grey skull on his neck, and started to move.

As expected, Master Song’s Identity Badge had the qualifications to enter the inner circle.

The inner circle was different from the outer circle, it was more quiet, and there were not as many evil beings. Those who moved about were either evil beings with status, or fully armed evil soldiers.

Su Yun carried his fat body and walked carefully, his gaze looking all around, avoiding as many evil beings as he could see, otherwise, he could reveal himself accidentally.

The inner circle was not as big as the outer circle, and very quickly, Su Yun who kept on walking found the entrance to the Evil Emperor Palace center.

~Who knows if Master Song’s Identity Badge can let me in there, time for me to test my luck.~

With that thought, Su Yun straightened his back and walked straight towards the door.

Compared to the other sects, this door was several times larger, several times wider, with two formations by the side, if anything were to happen, the formations would activate and instantly seal the door shut, so outsiders would not be able to barge in.

With his Identity Badge, Su Yun carefully looked at the guards by the side. One of the guards looked at the Identity Badge and nodded his head, then returned it back to Su Yun.

“Master Song, please!”

“Thank you!”

Su Yun took the Identity Badge and quickly entered.

He was at the center of Evil Emperor Palace, and upon stepping in, a strange pressure instantly attacked his senses, Su Yun’s eyes darkened, he immediately became anxious.

This Qi was without a doubt the might released by the Evil Emperor, he had just entered the radius of the Evil Emperor’s Qi, and as long as he actually took notice, he would actually sense Su Yun’s existence.

~I need to lay low.~

Su Yun lowered his head and moved forward.

Ahead of him was a long, large pavement made up of black earth, it had rows of lamps made up of bones, lighting up with dark green light auras. The end of the path was a large structure that resembled a Gold Palace, it was unlike the other buildings that were either pitch black or pale white, but a complete gold color, as though it was completely made up gold.

Su Yun took a whiff: It did not seem to be gold, but some sort of unique material that could help increase the production of spirit essences.

~Seems like the Evil Emperor’s Palace is quite useful.~

Su Yun walked one round around the palace, then retreated back to the inner circle.

~The sacrificial ceremony begins tomorrow, I only have a day, I need to cherish it.~

Su Yun lingered around the inner circle for a while, and then found a white structure and entered it.

“Oh? Master Song, is there anything?”

The owner of the building watched as Su Yun entered, and spoke neither coldly or warmly, but a look of disdain was apparent in his eyes.

Su Yun took a glance at him, sixth stage Spirit Soul Realm, ~Seems like he has higher authority than Master Song.~

“Let me ask you something.” Su Yun found a seat and sat down.

“What?” The person frowned, he sensed that Master Song was different from usual days.

“It has to do with Evil Emperor.”

“How dare you!” The man’s face changed as he bellowed: “You dare to call out Master’s name, you want to die?”


A blood light shot forward, the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword shot straight towards the man’s shoulder, slicing his arms off. The intense pain immediately surged in, causing him to yell. He fell to the ground, his arms frantically leaking with Evil Qi.

Su Yun removed Master Song’s cover and recovered his own look. He walked over and stepped on the man’s chest while holding Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword to his neck.

“Let me ask you a few questions, if you answer me obediently, I will not kill you! How about that?”

The man immediately understood Su Yun’s intentions, facing the fake Master Song, an overwhelming fear took over. In order to save his own life, he agreed: “A-as long as you do not kill me, I-I will tell you everything.”

He was a sixth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivator, so he quickly thought, ~For this man to silently come here, and be able to easily cut through my defense and slice off my arms, He is definitely a Spirit Star Realm cultivator.~

He thought as his mind trembled.

“The Evil Emperor’s sacrificial ceremony begins tomorrow, what time will he leave his palace?”

“A-at noon”

“What’s the Evil Emperor’s cultivation?”

“I-it w-was s-said that he is at the eighth stage.”

“Eighth stage?” Su Yun was shock.

Su Yun thought that he would be around the fifth or sixth stage, and definitely not a seventh, but who knew he was actually at the eighth!

Su Yun secretly swallowed saliva and asked again: “Can the Evil Emperor’s awareness reach this cultivation grounds of yours?”



Su Yun nodded his head, and the sword in his hand suddenly pressed down.


The sword tip pierced into the evil being’s heart.

“D-didn’t you say you will not kill me?” The evil being spat out pitch black blood and howled painfully.

“I went back on my words.”

Su Yun casually flung his hand, and the body instantly crumbled.