Limitless Sword God
Chapter 360
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Limitless Sword God
Author :Fiery God
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Chapter 360

One Man Army Infiltration

“Did you check clearly?”

“Yes I did, the Evil Emperor Palace doesn’t put the Evil King City in its eyes. The task of attacking the Evil King City was completely handed over to Li Cang Liang, while the Evil Emperor himself stays in his chamber, rarely revealing himself.”

“How can I make him reveal himself?”

“This subordinate does not know, but according to investigations, whenever the Evil Emperor Palace attacks any major powers, the Evil Emperor will always head to the altar to offer sacrifice at the center of the Evil Emperor Palace. It is said that the statue at the altar is a treasure, and the sacrifice will give another fold of Profound Spirit Qi to the members who fight, and that is why their battle ability is so powerful!”

“Offering sacrifices, it definitely reeks of an expert.”

Su Yun frowned, and thought for a while, then asked: “Do you have any map that shows the vicinity of the Evil Emperor Palace?”

“This subordinate has already prepared it. Master, please tell me your location, I will immediately send that evil being to receive you.”

“I am at the southwest side of the Evil Emperor Palace, on a desolated mountain.”

“Please hold on!”

Ming Nan then ended the communication.

Seeing that, Su Yun sat on a boulder and waited.

“Su Yun, what are we doing here?” Chen Tian Xie asked.

“Waiting for someone!”

“Who else will be coming?”
“A subordinate!”

Su Yun answered.

Chen Tian Xie did not ask further.

After an incense stick worth of time, a figure approached. When he stepped up the desolated mountain, the two of them had already sensed him.

Chen Tian Xie turned, and suddenly disappeared. In a breath, he reappeared, and in his hand was an evil being dressed in tight clothes!

It only took him the time to blink the eye!

“Ah?” The evil being was completely stunned, he did not even realised anything, and the scenery around him instantly changed, and with two men standing beside him, he immediately fell to the ground, unable to stand.

“Are you the person sent by Ming Nan?” Su Yun stared at him and asked.

Hearing that, the evil being raised his head. Seeing the badge on Su Yun’s waist, he cried out in joy: “So it is Master Sovereign King! This subordinate greets Master Sovereign King.”

“Less talking, give it to me!”

“Yes yes.”

Trembling, he retrieved out a black paper from his storage ring and handed it over to Su Yun with both hands.

Su Yun took it, and watched as the large amount of Evil Qi on it quickly formed a painting, it was the map of the Evil Emperor Palace.

“Master, my main task for these past few days were to draft out the map, there is another subordinate who is already mixed inside of the Evil Emperor Palace, to obtain more information for Master, but it was difficult to infiltrate, so the information we have obtained was very limited.”

The evil being said with a trembling voice.

“This is enough!” Su Yun kept the map and waved his hand: “You can go ahead, if there is anything else, I will get Ming Nan to notify you.”

“Yes yes, this subordinate will excuse himself now.”

With that, he disappeared.

Chen Tian Xie frowned with his sharp brows, he watched as the evil being left, and then turned to Su Yun, and asked: “What do you plan to do now?”


“Wait? Wait for what?”

“For the Evil Emperor’s sacrificial ceremony.”

“That will be another 10 days!”

“Then we will wait slowly!”

Chen Tian Xie did not speak further, he turned and looked at the majestic and big Evil Emperor Palace in the distance, he took a breath in, and spoke: “Su Yun, I want to ask you, you are a human, but how did you train Evil Spirit Essences?”


The map in Su Yun’s hands dropped onto the ground.

He raised his head and looked at Chen Tian Xie.

Chen TIan Xie shook his head: “Although you wear a cape and mask, with my cultivation, these disguises are useless.”

“So you already knew I was not an evil being, why didn’t you kill me?”

“If I wanted to I would have done so long ago. Despite that, I am not like other evil beings that loves to eat humans. I have my own path, regardless of whether you are an evil being or not isn’t important, what is important is whether or not you have provoked me!”

“I have not provoked you, unless you are the Evil Emperor.”

Su Yun wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Chen Tian Xie did not speak again.

“As for the Evil Spirit Essences? It was when I had just entered the evil realm, an evil being called Cheng Xie helped me cultivate them out.”

Su Yun laughed, all the memories coming back into mind.


Under the vast and boundless sky, a gigantic island platform floated in the air, with over a hundred people standing in ranks.

They were the higher ups of the Profound Sky Sect, all of them had respectful looks on their faces, standing carefully, no one dared to speak, and were even breathing carefully.

At the forefront was a man with his back facing all of them, with two gigantic statues by his left and right, it was an extremely overbearing sight.

“Do you have Su Qing’er whereabouts?”

An angry voice came out from above.

When the words came out, everyone knelt down at the same time, they kowtowed, and dare not raise their heads.

“How long has it been? Su Qing’er has yet to be found! Are all of you useless? I do not care if she is dead or alive! Even if she is dead, all of you should be bringing her body back! The great formation is about to be completed, we do not have much time left, and what are all of you trash doing? All of you people are useless!”

The person bellowed.

The temperature of the air in the surrounding started to rise, the pressure formed just by his words were placed on every single person present, some of their faces turned pale white as they started to perspire, it was unbearable.

No one dared to say a word, much less lift their heads up,

“My lord, please calm down, as of now, our only connection to Su Qing’er is broken. The Sky Martial Continent is too big, to rely on manpower to search for her is like looking for a needle in a sea of haystack, dispatching more people is useless.”

An old man kneeling at the most front spoke respectfully.

“Oh? Do you have an idea?” The man slowly turned, and used his stern eyes to look at the old man.

“It isn’t really an idea, more like a treasure! Now that manpower are just unable to find her, we can only rely on treasures. This old one has a friend, he is learned and reads extensively from the ancient records to modern times, and knows of everything between heaven and earth! He has knowledge regarding treasures and weapons, he had told this old one, if one wants to seek somebody, you only require one treasure!”

Hearing that, the figure became excited, and asked: “What treasure?”

“This treasure is called Through Heavens Mirror, once you have it in possession, as long as you call out the person’s name you seek, you will be able to locate his or her position, and with that, Su Qing’er has nowhere to hide.”

The old man said respectfully.

“Through Heavens Mirror?” The figure muttered, and then asked: “Then where is this treasure?”

“It is reported in this year’s Mountain River List competition conducted by Qin Creek, the treasure was used as a reward, but because of the Spirit Demon Emperor’s interruption, the ranking of the list was incomplete. Thus, the treasure was never handed down, if this old one isn’t wrong, the Through Heavens Mirror is still in Qin Creek.”

“Immediately send people down to Qin Creek and obtain the Through Heavens Mirror!”

The figure waved his hand and bellowed.

“Yes!” The people below shouted.

But the old man actually spoke up again, and cut off everyone: “Lord! If it were any other sect, obtaining the Through Heavens Mirror would not be difficult, but Qin Creek is not any ordinary place. They only allow their disciples to move in and out, we will most likely not be able to obtain the Through Heavens Mirror, since the Spirit Demon Emperor also suffered under their hands. This subordinate thinks that for this trip, Lord, you have to go and get it by yourself. This way, we will not lose anything, and will definitely obtain the treasure, and finally can capture Su Qing’er, and bring her back, which will also save time!”

The figure was silent for a moment, then nodded his head, and spoke: “SInce it is so, you will arrange for it!”



Time passed in the mountain quickly.

(TN: when one searches for the 8 words above, it comes up as something weird, but these 8 words have a meaning behind, stemming from a story that a woodcutter went up the mountain to chop wood, but saw two fairies there. He stared at them until he forgot the time, and when he awoke, he realized that his axe was already rusted.)

Although there was nothing interesting on the desolated mountain, but a big battle was approaching, the two of them dare not slack, Su Yun sat down and meditated, recovering himself for the whole 10 days.

And time was approaching, he had recovered fully.

“About time!”

He stood up and took out the map to look at it, then spoke to Chen Tian Xie: “Sect Lord, you can wait here, I will go into the Palace by myself.”

“How dare you, to actually dare ask me to wait!” Chen Tian Xie snorted.

“It is just a temporary thing.”

“Humph!” Chen Tian Xie crossed his hands, and asked: “When do I make my move?”

Su Yun was startled, then laughed bitterly: “You’ve guessed it already?”
“If I can’t even guess this, how can I be a Sect Leader?”

“That’s true.” Su Yun thought for a while, then said: “Once I enter the Evil Emperor Palace, I will need to prepare, so when should you make a move, that depends on when the Evil Emperor comes out!”

With that said, he took out Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and threw it into the air, and then leaped up onto the sword blade. With a woosh, he flew into the distance.

The winds blew crazily against him, Su Yun moved extremely quickly, but when he approached the Evil Emperor Palace, he immediately stopped.

The Heavenly Scale Divine Eye easily covered the Qi on his body, as long as he did not reveal himself, no one would catch him, but now that every sect had enchantments as protection, he did not believe that the Evil Emperor Palace would not place any.

Enchantments were not easy to break through, upon interacting with it, he would be caught by the guards of the Palace, so to enter the Evil Emperor Palace, he still had to walk through the front doors.

This one man infiltration was extremely dangerous, if it was Chen Tian Xie, the success rate would be extremely high, but Chen Tian Xie’s cultivation was too strong, he was an Almighty Evil Being, as long as he entered, he would be caught, but Su Yun was different, he was a human, as long as he hid his Spirit Qi, he would not be caught. Furthermore, he still had a treasure that could completely conceal himself.

Su Yun waited in the forest quietly, after going through the forest and walking a distance of one li, he would reach the big entrance of the Evil Emperor Palace.

Su Yun leaned against a black tree and activated the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye to look ahead, making sure that every movements at the entrance were caught by him.

The Evil Emperor Palace was huge, and thus there were many evil beings walking in and out, but without question, the Evil Emperor Palace which was preparing for war was extremely powerful and capable, so whoever wanted to enter or leave the Palace were required to identify themselves and show their identity badges.

All the Evil Realm being’s identity badges were skull necklaces, the necklace had their Spirit Qi embedded in them, Su Yun stared at the door and saw that two Evil Realm beings dressed in armor, holding onto bone blades walked over. The two of them were extremely weak, covered entirely in black, their bodies had Evil Qi revolving around them, their moss green eyes resembled fireflies in the dark. The two of them walked and talked without any caution.

Su Yun retracted the Heavenly Scale Divine Eyes, his left hand touched the storage ring and he pulled Desolator out. When the two closed in, he casually used both swords, under the Desolator’s concealment, both swords were invisible, and they quietly approached the two Evil Realm beings.


Their foreheads suddenly had holes in them, before they could even moan, they died.

Su Yun quickly walked over and dragged their bodies into the forest. He then took out one of their identity badges and hung it over his neck and used the Shapeshift Bonepiece, transforming into that evil being and walked towards Evil Emperor Palace.
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