Limitless Sword God
Chapter 359
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Limitless Sword God
Author :Fiery God
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Chapter 359



The Evil Realm being’s hand was flung away.

Chen Yi Yun turned her head to look at the owner of the hand and was shocked: “Su Yun?”

~Such fast movements, his movements were so accurate and his reaction was so quick, what cultivation is Su Yun really at now?~ Chen Yi Yun secretly thought.

Although Su Yun had flung his hand aside, the Evil Realm being was not angry, but instead spoke calmly: “You are part of the Evil Sword Sect, and the Evil Sword Sect speaks about rules and regime, do you know that I can deem your actions against me as a provocation?”

“This lowly one just wants to meet with Master Sect Leader, and have no other intentions. If I have offended you, please forgive me.” Su Yun cupped his fists.

“Sect Leader is training and cannot see the two of you. Turn back, if you still stay here, we have the authority to kick you out.”

The Evil Realm being spoke calmly, but Su Yun would never question their actions. ~If I gave up here, all my planning will go to waste.~

He took a deep breath, and then walked over to the side and sat down.

“Sect Leader’s training will eventually stop. I will wait here.”

“No, you have to leave!” The two of them said.

“Hey, you two are being too unreasonable, we can’t even sit here?” Chen Yi Yun was infuriated, her hands at her waist, she chided: “How does sitting here obstruct the two of you? Humph, since it is so, I will sit here too. I want to see if you dare to chase me away!”

With that, Chen Yi Yun sat down beside Su Yun, her hands crossed over her voluptuous breasts, and snorted.

However, she was immediately dumbstruck. The two of them didn’t even give her face and directly walked over, pressed down on her shoulder, and was about to send her out.

“Hey hey hey, you two! You two better stop now! Let me go!” Chen Yi Yun panicked and immediately struggled, but how could she do anything with her cultivation?

Seeing that, Su Yun immediately stood up.

However, just at that moment, a clear voice came out from the chamber.

“The two of you can step down.”

Hearing that, the two Evil Realm beings immediately let her go and lowered their heads. They quickly bowed, and then retreated back to their original positions.


Chen Yi Yun rubbed her shoulders and whined .

The chamber door lit up with a fluorescent light, and with a ‘creeaakk’ it opened.

A large amount of Evil Qi leaked out from inside, and caused the dimming sky to become even darker.

A figure walked out from the black smoke.

He had a head full of white hair. Dressed in black robes, his appearance was elegant. He had an extremely cold look in his eyes that could cause people’s hair to stand as though there were unmeltable ice in them. He did not have a sword with him, but still gave off an intense stifling feeling, an emotion that not even Feng Ling Sheng could give Su Yun.

Evil Sword Sect Sect leader!

~His Qi is even stronger than the last time we met, could it be that he had increased his cultivation again?~

Su Yun thought.

“Sect Leader!”

The two Evil Realm beings called out.

He nodded.

Chen Yi Yun was still able to whine, but seeing the Sect Leader’s cold face, she pulled back and called out: “Father.”

“What are you trying to do?” He asked coldly: “You want to rebel?”

“Daughter doesn’t dare to!” Chen Yi Yun was so afraid she immediately knelt down.

“I have some matters that need to be discussed with Sect Leader, it is extremely urgent. Yi Yun was trying to help me, if there were any offense, I hope that Sect Leader will forgive us.” Su Yun stood up, cupped his fists and explained.

The Sect Leader’s gaze turned and stared at Su Yun for a moment. Suddenly, he snorted, and instantly moved, rushing straight towards Su Yun. He used one finger as a sword, and formed a frightening Evil Sword Qi!

Su Yun was shocked, but he did not panic. With a wave of his hand, the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword shot out from under his hand like a snake, he grabbed hold of it and shattered the Sword Qi.

However, the Sect Leader had already appeared behind Su Yun and released a palm on Su Yun’s back.


A crisp sound came out.

Su Yun’s left hand had moved behind him, the Desolator appeared just in time to block the strike.


The Sect Leader snorted, then palm that had struck the Desolator’s body released a burst of dark energy that flowed towards Su Yun.

Su Yun was forced to step a few steps back, his arms instantly feeling numb.

~Seems like Sect Leader’s cultivation is at least at the fifth stage of the Spirit Star Realm, or even higher.~

Su Yun thought.

“Not bad! To be able to increase your cultivation to the third stage of the Spirit Star Realm in such a short time, it seems that you must have met with some fortuitous encounters!”

The Sect Leader stopped and said indifferently.

Although the words that came out sounded indifferent, but a look of shock in his eyes could not be concealed from Su Yun.

“Thank you Sect Leader for holding back!” Su Yun cupped his fists and bowed.

Sect Leader snorted once again: “But Su Yun, do not be too pleased, even if you are a third stage Spirit Star Realm cultivator, you still have to obey the rules inside the Evil Sword Sect, a third stage Spirit Star Realm is not much in here, understand?”

“Su Yun will remember that!”


The Sect Leader’s face then became much better, he turned and walked into the chamber: “Follow me.”


Su Yun followed along, with Chen Yi Yun who obediently followed along, not daring to act recklessly.

The Sect Leader’s training area was decorated beautifully, comparing it with the dark and dull sky, it was much more refreshing, the room was big, the floors, walls and ceiling was shining with countless of formations, with a statue right smack in the center of the room that was glittering, as though it had stars on it. When Su Yun approached the statue, it gave him a feeling as though his spirits was being refined.

“Please sit.”

The Sect leader found a formation and sat cross legged on it.

Chen Yi Yun carefully stood by the door, she did not even dare to make too loud a noise, while Su Yun just sat casually.

Upon sitting, the Sect Leader looked at Su Yun, and spoke: “A few days ago, someone reported to me that the Evil Emperor Palace is prepared to take down Evil King City, is that true?”


“After that, someone told me, that there were rumors in Evil King City, stating that Evil Sword Sect is prepared to support Evil King City, is there such a thing?”

“Master Sect Leader, you said it yourself, rumors are rumors, how can anyone believe in rumors?”

“Humph, brat, don’t mess with me, how can I not know who spread those rumors?”
Su Yun laughed awkwardly, but did not refute him.

“Tell me, what are you planning to do now that you’re here? If you wish for me to provide assistance to Evil King City to fight against Evil Emperor Palace, then you don’t have to speak any further, you can go!” The Sect Leader said indifferently: “I will not offend them just for you.”

“Father!” Chen Yi Yun cried out.

“Shut up!” Sect Leader said in a grave tone.

“B-but…” Chen Yi Yun was about to cry. She was still his daughter, and did not have much say in the matter.

Su Yun looked at Chen Yi Yun, then said: “Master Sect Leader, truthfully, It doesn’t matter whether you support us or not, because once the Evil King City has fallen, then it’ll be Evil Sword Sect’s turn soon.”

Upon hearing that, the Sect Leader’s face turned so cold it was frightening: “You want to die?”

“I do not, but I want to ask Sect Leader, do you think that the Evil Emperor Palace who had swallowed Evil King City, becoming much stronger, will let the Evil Sword Sect go? The Evil Emperor Palace has already swallowed so many powerhouses, there’s no reason for them to let you go, and from Evil King City to here, it only takes two days of time. You should understand the importance of interdependence.”

“If the Evil Emperor Palace comes here, my Evil Sword Sect will have our own means to defend against them, But if you want me to send my own disciples to bleed for you, no way!”

“Su Yun understand that the Evil Sword Sect is not afraid of the Evil Emperor Palace, but Master Sect Leader, the bloodshed today is for the sake of avoiding even more bloodshed tomorrow, furthermore, Su Yun has come here today not to seek assistance from the Evil Sword Sect, but from you.” Su Yun said.

Hearing that, the Sect Leader frowned: “Seek assistance from me?”

“Yes, from you!”:

Su Yun raised his head, the eyes behind the mask and cape flashed a look of craftiness: “If it is successful, the Evil Emperor Palace will be destroyed!”

The Sect Leader remained quiet.

Evil Emperor Palace was a scourge, it waged wars in all directions and destroyed and annexed powerhouses one after another. Although the Evil Sword Sect was firm and powerful, but as the Evil Emperor Palace snowballs more and more, sooner or later, they would come for Evil Sword Sect.

If they did not eradicate them, there would be no end to the problem.

“Then, what do you plan to do?”

“You just have to follow me to walk in the Evil Emperor Palace for a round, I need your presence as deterrence!”


~Does that have any use?~ The Sect Leader scratched his face.

A pitch black ray shot through the dark sky, if one did not look carefully, no one would be able to see it.

That was Su Yun and Evil Sword Sect’s Sect Leader Chen Tian Xie.

Chen Tian Xie had congealed a pitch black evil cloud, the two of them stood on top of it and flew quickly.

“With Sect Leader’s speed, I am afraid we will reach Evil Emperor Palace’s location in a day.”

Su Yun sighed.

“Su Yun, you truly want to take action on the Evil Emperor Palace? If that is the case, why not look for more help? From what I know, the Evil Emperor Palace had offended many powerhouses in all directions, and many of them also fear them. If we were to gather all of them, we will be able to fight against them.”

The Sect Leader controlling the evil cloud said.

“You’re right, if we have the time, I would had done that, but the Evil Emperor Palace gave me only one month of time, I cannot gather all of the forces in such a short period to fight the Evil Emperor Palace. Furthermore, the Evil Emperor Palace will not allow me to do that. I am afraid they have most like established some sort of communication with all of the various powerhouses, and control them oppressively, stopping them from assisting the Evil King City.”

“Only one month worth of time?” The Sect Leader scoffed: “With my cultivation, I can easily handle the Evil Emperor, but he is deep inside his palace, and there are many experts in there, so I cannot enter so easily!”

“You can leave that to me.”

Su Yun laughed.

“You have a way?”

“In any case, you are overqualified for it. Sect Leader, what you need to do is very simple. If I succeed, you can instantly enter the Evil Emperor Palace. If I fail, you need to prepare for an escape route and to pick me up!”

“Alright!” The Sect Leader indifferently.

Su Yun nodded his head.

They only had one chance, if they failed, that would mean that the Evil King City would become history.


The ray landed, the Evil Qi dissipated, the two of them landed on a desolate mountain top.

Su Yun looked around and saw a pitch black fort in the distance.

~Is that the location of the Evil Emperor Palace?~

Su Yun took out his Sovereign King Badge and connected to Ming Nan.

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