Limitless Sword God
Chapter 358
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Limitless Sword God
Author :Fiery God
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Chapter 358

Returning to the Evil Sword Sect

Because of Sly’s injury, the Profound Sky Sect did not plan to send Su Yun out for any missions, so with the free time, he was able to personally make a move to handle the matters in the Evil Realm.

Early in the morning on the second day, Su Yun used a few talismans and pills from Sly’s home, and then activated the door and entered the Evil Realm.

The Evil Realm’s sky was stifling dark and gloomy, the whole sky was filled with the stench of Evil Qi, but to Su Yun whose body was filled with over 30 thousand Evil Spirit Essence, it was extremely aromatic.

Following the absorption of the Spirit Demon Emperor’s cultivation, the number of Spirit Essences in his body had increased greatly, his Profound Spirit Qi becoming even denser.

Behind the door to the Evil Realm was the Sovereign King’s manor. Su Yun pushed open the huge door and after getting rid of Sly’s disguise, he retrieved the Sovereign King Badge and walked into the great hall with large strides.

“Ah? It is Master Sovereign King!”

Upon seeing the black cloaked person, the Evil Realm beings working inside the manor immediately knelt down on the floor in surprise, greeting and bowing with their bodies trembling.

Ultimately, Su Yun was still a human, and could not reveal his true face to people, so he had covered part of his face.

Inside the great hall, Ming Nan and the other two were long awaiting for his arrival. Upon seeing that Su Yun had arrived, they immediately bowed and greeted him.

“We greet Master Sovereign King.”

“Come, rise.” Su Yun supported them up and spoke: “What’s the current situation? Did you send people to investigate on the movements over at Evil Emperor Palace?”

“This subordinate has already sent people to check on them, but I do not know who spread the rumors about the Evil Emperor Palace wanting to attack the Evil King City. Now, many of the evil beings are panicking, they do not dare to fight against the Evil Emperor Palace, and every day, there are many evil beings that are leaving Evil King City, seeking shelter under other almighty beings. Following this pattern, I reckon that after the month, Evil King City would be left with less than half its original population.”

Ming Nan said worryingly.

“This is obviously the pressure that the Evil Emperor Palace have placed, hoping that we’ll quickly surrender!” Huang Dong Zhang used his cane to hit the ground as he spoke in rage.

Evil Realm beings were unscrupulous, and doing such a thing was considered normal.

Su Yun thought for a moment, then said: “Ming Nan, immediately send people to check on any information on the Evil Emperor, I want to know where he cultivates, where he usually goes, and the information on his bodyguards. Inform me immediately after obtaining them.”

Hearing that, Ming Nan was confused: “Master, what do you want to do?”

“It is not convenient to tell you all now, but aside from that, Huang Dong Zhang, send some people to spread the news that the Sovereign King has come out of closed doors, and is contacting the Evil Sword Sect experts to join together to fight against the Evil Emperor Palace. Use those words to appease the hearts of the people, and for those who still want to leave, let them leave, do not force them to do anything, otherwise they would turn to the Evil Emperor Palace’s place instead.”

Su Yun said.

“This subordinate will obey!” Huang Dong Zhang cupped his fists and replied.

Although the Evil King City was a major power, it was still different from other major powers. The evil beings that had attached themselves did not have any loyalty to their superiors, they were in the Evil King City merely for work, and the almighty being would protect them, that was the simple relation between both parties.

After giving them their individual tasks, Su Yun concluded: “You guys can go.”


The three of them left.

Very quickly, the news of the Sovereign King coming out spread across Evil King City, the Evil Realm beings who were completely terrified and threatened by the Evil Emperor Palace calmed down, they were not anxious to escape. Instead, they took to the sidelines and placed their attentions on the Sovereign King, everyone wanted to know what response the Evil King City would have against such a threat. But very quickly, another heavyweight news started to spread, the Evil Sword Sect experts were en route to Evil King City.

Many of them then realized that standing behind the Evil King City was Evil Sword Sect.

These two information were like sedatives, causing the panic stricken people in the Evil King City to calm down, and the number of people trying to escape gradually lessened.

To appease them even further, Su Yun had sent Kuang Yu Xie to arrange for a batch of guards to watch over and patrol Evil King City. Everywhere they went, the citizens would kowtow to them, boosting their authority, but he knew that there were many people from the Evil Emperor Palace that had already infiltrated.

After the patrol was conducted, Su Yun then conducted a recruitment for the Evil King City Elite Force and pulled in all of the Evil Realm beings that had abilities with great benefits, acquiring their loyalty.

The population in Evil King City was only about 90 thousand. With that number, going against the Evil Emperor Palace was just like hitting a stone with an egg, with no chance of victory.

With things like that, they could only do what they can with what they have.

Back at the great hall of the Sovereign King Manor, Su Yun called Huang Dong Zhang over.

“I plan to make a round trip to the Evil Sword Sect. What is the best transportation in Evil King City?”

“Master wants to ask for reinforcements?” Huang Dong Zhang cupped his fists and said: “This subordinate will arrange for the fastest Evil Tiger for Master.”

“How long will it take to get to Evil Sword Sect on the Evil Tiger?”

“About two days.”

“Good!” Su Yun nodded: “After I go to the Evil Sword Sect, I might go straight to the Evil Emperor Palace, so for this period of time, the matters in the Evil King City will be handed over to you, you will have to take more responsibility.”

“Ah?” Huang Dong Zhang was surprised: “Master wants to go straight to the Evil Emperor Palace? Are you planning to discuss matters with the Evil Emperor?”

“How is that possible? Furthermore we do not have the qualifications to discuss.”

“Then Master you….”

“I will go and resolve some matters.” Su Yun became serious: “If I fail, all of you better leave Evil King City quickly.”

With that, Su Yun left.

Huang Dong Zhang wanted to speak, but Su Yun had already walked far ahead.

After half an hour, an evil tiger the size of a small elephant sprinted out of Evil King City carrying Su Yun who was dressed in his black cape and mask.

The evil tiger’s cultivation was high, and after being tamed, its speed was twice that of a flame Qilin beast. The wind screamed past Su Yun’s ears, as the scenery before him sped past, even the speed of flying swords were inferior to the Evil Tiger.

Two days later, he finally arrived at the Evil Sword Sect.

Su Yun had obtained the order badge from the Sect Master after he saved Chen Yi Yun, the matters of him stealing the Evil Sword Techniques were forgiven, so he was considered half a disciple, so how could the disciples at the door stop him?

“Su Yun?”

Upon seeing Su Yun enter, Hun San was startled for a moment, before joy took over.

“Hun San? Long time no see! How have you been?” Su Yun laughed.

“Same old, same old, but you, you’re now the sovereign king of the Evil King City, you must be living the life now, eh?” Hun San laughed, and then led Su Yun to the hall to wait, before going to notify the clan elders.

Before the Elder came, Tu Bai Li came. Su Yun had a clear memory of him, he was an easy going Evil Realm being, and the two of them started to talk happily.

But before they could chat for a long, a joyous and anxious female voice came from outside: “Where is Su Yun? Hun San, where is Su Yun?”
“In that hall, senior sister.” Hun San’s voice sounded somewhat bitter.

Quick footsteps could be heard walking over.

Su Yun turned towards the voice, to see a purplish black dressed lady walk in. Her hair was jet black, her skin not as black as other evil realm beings, but somewhat pale and closer towards humans. Her slender body with beautiful facial features, the phoenix sharp eyes and curved body caused people to drool.

“Chen Yi Yun?” Su Yun was startled.

“Su Yun!”
Chen Yi Yun was grinning from ear to ear, she ran over anxiously and grabbed Su Yun’s hands: “You finally came to see me!”

“How have you been?” Su Yun laughed bitterly.

“Not good! Not good at all, you asshole, ever since you became the Sovereign King, you kept yourself in closed doors, every time I went to Evil King City to look for you, your subordinate Ming Nan just keeps on telling me that you are in closed door cultivation and unable to meet me, it was so infuriating!” Chen Yi Yun pouted and said unhappily.

“About that, hahahaha! I am truly sorry, my apologies, there are too many matters at hand, next time when there is a chance, let’s go to Evil King City together.” Su Yun replied awkwardly.

“You said it yourself, you cannot take it back!”

“Of course!” He patted his chest.

Chen Yi Yun’s smile became more beautiful.

“That’s right, junior brother Su, why are you here in the Evil Sword Sect?” Tu Bai Li asked earnestly: “I must say, your Evil King City is in deep trouble, the Evil Emperor Palace is ready to take action on you guys.”

“Evil Emperor Palace?” Chen Yi Yun was shocked: “Are they eyeing the Evil King City? That’s bad.”

~For even Chen Yi Yun to be fearful of the Evil Emperor Palace, they must have some capabilities.~

Su Yun was speechless.

Chen Yi Yun thought that he was feeling down, and immediately consoled him: “Su Yun, don’t worry, I will go and speak with Father and allow our Evil Sword Sect to help you. Although the Evil Emperor Palace is powerful, they are nothing in the eyes of my Evil Sword Sect.”

“In truth, the reason why I am here is that I truly hope that I can obtain the help of Evil Sword Sect.” Su Yun sighed: “I want to meet with Sect Leader.”

“You want to meet with Father? Sure, come with me, I will bring you to him.” Chen Yi Yun pulled Su Yun’s hand and immediately ran out.

Tu Bai Li laughed.

It had to be said that Chen Yi Yun’s authority was much bigger than everyone else, the places that required passes were all easily accessed by her. She could enter and exit anywhere, no one dared to stop her, and in less than an incense stick worth of time, Su Yun was brought to the Sect Leader’s Cultivation chamber.

Two Evil Realm beings with their Qi hidden stood guard by the entrance, upon seeing Su Yun and Chen Yi Yun, one of the Evil Realm beings walked forward and extended his hands out to stop them.

“Young miss, the Sect Leader is training, please do not disturb him!”

His voice was extremely cold.

Su Yun looked at them and saw that they were dressed in dark robes with swords hanging from their waists, they were extremely tall and he could not see through their cultivation, unable to discern how powerful they were.


~That was beyond a doubt.~

~Especially the order badges on their waists are unique, they are actually silver!~

Evil Realm beings rarely used brightly colored objects, as though it was something taboo.

“How dare you!!”

Chen Yi Yun was infuriated: “I want to meet my father, how dare you stop me! Are you trying to die? Make way!!”

But the two of them stood still, blocking Chen Yi Yun like rocks, disallowing even fire and water to pass through.

“Despicable man!”

Chen Yi Yun could not take it anymore, and decided to barge in, directly swerving past the two and rushing inside the chamber.

But the moment she moved, one of them took action, his hand grabbing onto Chen Yi Yun’s shoulder without any warning.

So fast!

Chen Yi Yun’s expression changed, she wanted to dodge, but she was not in time.

But just then, another hand extended out from the side, with an even fast speed, it grabbed onto the hand that grabbed her.
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