Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 357
The Evil Emperor

“I didn’t think that people would remember a small figure like me, I am embarrassed, I am embarrassed!”

Li Cang Liang laughed and said.

Even though he said that, his face did not look one bit modest, his old face revealing a pleased look.

Seeing that, the few of them frowned, but did not say anything.

“Can I ask what is Master Li doing here?” Ming Nan asked expressionlessly.

“I have come here, with only one purpose, it is to lead all of you in Evil King City a bright path.” Li Cang Liang laughed and said.

“Bright path?”

“Yes, I call it bright path, but you can call it a way to survive!”

“Oh? It seems that Evil Emperor Palace wants to take Evil King City down?” Ming Nan spoke indifferently, his expression not changing one bit.

The three of them immediately understood the intent of Li Cang Liang’s arrival.

“At the moment there are no plans for that, it depends on your decision.” Li Cang Liang walked back and forth and said arrogantly: “The great name of Evil Emperor Palace, I believe that all of you ought to have heard of it, right? In the entire Evil Realm, people that have not heard of the Evil Emperor Palace should be ignorant beings. In the recent decade, the Evil Emperor Palace have subdued 37 evil being powerhouses, and killed off 29 spirit star realm beings, 340 odd tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm experts, and an uncountable amount of Evil Realm beings beneath the tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm. All the tyrants that surrendered to my lord Evil Emperor are as uncountable as the sand beneath our feet. Currently, our Evil Emperor Palace have over a million Evil Realm beings, uncountable experts, and we can wipe out any Evil Realm being powerhouse in the time it takes for my Lord Evil Emperor to speak. If he wants someone to live, the person will live. If he wants someone dead! That person must die! Evil King City has had their first change in ownership, and have expanded to its current scale. My Lord has noticed your land, now, I am representing my Lord to formally warn all of you to quickly surrender to Evil Emperor Palace! Otherwise, do not blame me for being merciless, and trample your Evil King City!”

Li Cang Liang’s words were extremely savage, but he had the qualifications to do so, ignoring the extreme power that the Evil Emperor Palace held, with just Li Cang Liang himself, no one could defeat him, a second stage Spirit Star Realm was not just for show.

Kuang Yu Xie’s fists were clenched tightly, his eyes spewing with rage as he stared at Li Cang Liang.

“Aren’t you being too arrogant with your words?”

Huang Dong Zhang waved his cane, and bellowed: “Do you not know of the tight relation between Evil King City and the Evil Sword Sect? If you want to take down Evil King City, you better consider it once, even consider it twice!”

“Evil Sword Sect?”

Li Cang Liang sneered: “I admit that Evil Sword Sect is powerful, but I do not believe that it would go against the Evil Emperor Palace for the sake of this Evil King City! Furthermore, the Evil Sword Sect has too many enemies, at that time, we do not even need our Evil Emperor Palace to make a move, the Evil Sword Sect will naturally have people to handle them! If you wish to leave your hope on that group of sword idiots, then you are greatly mistaken!”

Huang Dong Zhang did not speak further.

“A wise man submits to his circumstances. Whether you want to live or be eaten by us, it is your choice, My time is limited, If you do not quickly answer me, I will have no choice but to assume that you all wish to go against and reject the offer of my Evil Emperor Palace, and since it is so, I can only return to report to my lord.” Li Cang Liang laughed and said.

“Truly preposterous!” Kuang Yu Xie bellowed, he moved forward, but was held by Huang Dong Zhang by the shoulder.

“Junior brother, do not be reckless.”

“But senior brother, he…”

“Watch Master Ming Nan, he has his own plans.”

Huang Dong Zhang said.

Ming Nan lowered his head for a moment, and then walked forward and cupped his fists and bowed: “Regarding this important matter, I do not have the qualifications to agree or disagree, I am afraid that the citizens of Evil King CIty would not agree to it. To prevent Evil King City from being split, I will require some time to do preparations. I hope that Master Li can go back and report to Master Evil Emperor, and grant Evil King City some time to prepare. After we are finished, we will definitely give Evil Emperor Palace a satisfying answer!”

“Oh? That means you agree to surrender? Since it is so, what are you waiting for? Whoever disagrees, just kill them and end that matter!” Li Cang Liang said.

Ming Nan did not speak, and just remained bowed with his cupped fists, persisting with his principles.

Seeing that, Li Cang Liang’s face darkened, he snorted, and then turned and left.

“I will return in a month, If you do not surrender then, I will trample your Evil King City! Go!”

The group left.

Ming Nan’s face remained calm, his head lowered without uttering a word, but Kuang Yu Xie who was behind was extremely agitated, he walked over and grabbed Ming Nan by the collar, and asked: “Master Ming Nan, what are you doing? Are you truly planning to surrender?”

“Junior brother, do not be rude, can’t you see that Master Ming Nan has obtained time for our Evil King City?”

Huang Dong ZHang quickly spoke up.

“Obtained time?” Kuang Yu Xie was startled, and then he realized what was going on.

“We don’t have time to talk about this.” Ming Nan took a deep breath, then turned and looked at Kuang Yu Xie and Huang Dong Zhang, and said: “The two of you need to quickly find and report this to Master. Let him decide what to do.”

The two of them looked at each other, and nodded.



The clear sword sounds followed by the profound and bizarre sword concept pervaded out, Su Yun and Feng Ling Sheng retreated a few steps back, the swords in their hands buzzing.

“Hahahaha, not bad! Not bad at all! Sly, your talent is great, and your enlightenment on the sword far exceeds my expectations. I never thought that you would so quickly grasp the state of replacing your mind with the sword, although you have not completely grasped it, if you work hard, it is only a matter of time!” Feng Ling Sheng laughed openly and praised.

“It is all thanks to your guidance, if not, how could I have improved so quickly?”

Su Yun kept his sword and replied gratefully.

For the past few days, he only rotated between three places, the jade platform, the Absolute Life Crystal Palace, and lastly, Feng Ling Sheng’s place. The jade platform to enlighten on the sword, the Crystal Palace to hone his sword skills, and lastly, to check and improve himself.

Feng Ling Sheng’s view on the sword dao far exceeded that of ordinary people, he could clearly see Su Yun’s understanding and mistakes on the sword dao, and would frequently provide thought provoking advise, causing Su Yun to be filled with respect towards him.

For the past few days, Su Yun felt that his sword concept was no longer in the preliminary stage, and had taken a qualitative leap. The sword in his hand became faster and faster, easier to control, and not only did his speed improve, he could easily control his power, and with a thought, his sword would be where he wanted it to be.

A sword that could horizontally cut through leaves, or press against the eyes yet not hurt the eyes, or one slash cutting apart the ocean, or breaking through the clouds.

It was a type of transcendent sword dao, a type of sword dao Su Yun had never seen before.

Other than the Sword Elder or Ling Qing Yu, it was the first time Su Yun had met someone who understood the sword dao so deeply.

Feng Ling Sheng kept his sword back in his sword sheath and sat on a boulder, keeping quiet for a moment, before opening his narrow eyes, looking towards the ocean, he smiled: “Sly, do you know what the most powerful sword is?”

“No.” Su Yun shook his head.

“It is the unyielding and arrogant sword!” Feng Ling Sheng chuckled: “That is a sword that stems from deep within the heart, a proud and noble sword that overlooks everything, proudly looking down from the heavens, a sword that can display the apex strength! No one can stop such a sword, and nothing can block against its power! There is nothing that cannot be destroyed with this sword!”

“Have you seen such a sword before?” Su Yun asked.

“I have.” Feng Ling Sheng nodded his head, and smiled: “In my whole life, I have been chasing after the sword dao, that sword is like a god to me, a divine supremacy. Sly, if you have the chance in the future, when you ascend to the stage of the Ultimate Martial World, you will see it.”

“Ultimate Martial World? I’ve never heard of it before.”

“Haha, you will definitely hear about it in the future, I will tell you the truth, all that about Sky Martial Continent or the Demonic Continent, all of these are just the corners of the Ultimate Martial World!”

“When I have the chance, I would like to see it.”

“You will.”

The gaze that Feng Ling Sheng had towards the sea became melancholic.


Just then, the ring on Su Yun’s finger lit up with a bit of black Qi. Seeing that, Su Yun’s eyes darkened, he stood up: “We will stop here for today, I have some matters and would head back for now.”


Feng Ling Sheng nodded his head.

Su Yun quickly returned to his jade platform.

In an incense stick worth of time, he had entered his jade platform and retrieved the Evil King badge from his storage ring.

He placed the Evil King Badge on the ground and activated it by imbuing it with his Evil Qi.


An evil door appeared, and two figures quickly descended.

The evil door disappeared. Su Yun quickly kept the Evil King badge, he used Profound Spirit Qi to dissipate the Evil Qi inside the house, and then turned to look at the two beings.

“Huang Dong Zhang, Kuang Yu Xie, what are you guys doing here?” Su Yun frowned and asked.

“We greet Master!” The two of them knelt down on one leg.

Huang Dong Zhang spoke softly and anxiously: “Reporting to Master, our Evil King City has met with a disaster, we hope that Master can quickly return to Evil King City to take charge of the situation.”

“Met with calamity? What exactly happened?”
Huang Dong Zhang immediately told him about the matters regarding Evil Emperor Palace and Li Cang Liang.

After hearing that, Su Yun was frowning.

~I must definitely protect the Evil King City, it is one of my cards from the Evil Realm to be used against the Profound Sky Sect eventually. The Evil King City is my trump card, I definitely cannot lose it.~

“Do you know what cultivation is the Evil Emperor at?” Su Yun asked.

“We do not know.” Huang Dong Zhang shook his head: “But Li Cang Liang is at the second stage Spirit Star Realm.”

“How is he related to The Evil Emperor?”

“He can be considered a trusted aide, various campaigns of the Evil Emperor Palace are led by him.”

Hearing that, Su Yun touched his chin as he started to think.

“How long do we have?”

“Master Ming Nan obtained a month time for us.”

“That’s good, you two go back first, open the evil door tomorrow morning, I will immediately return to Evil King City.”


The of them cupped their fists: “We will head back now.”


With that said, the evil door opened once again.

The two of them stepped into the evil door and left.

Su Yun sat on the ground, anxiousness revealed in his eyes.

~Without a doubt, that Evil Emperor must have a cultivation above the second stage of the Spirit Star Realm. To be able to control such a subordinate, he is most likely a fourth or fifth stage Spirit Star cultivator, or maybe even higher, but regardless of what cultivation he has, he is not someone I can handle. Furthermore, the Evil Emperor Palace has the numbers, experts as numerous as the clouds, the Evil King City is definitely not strong enough to fight them.~

~I can only take a risk.~

Su Yun thought, he sat cross legged and started to recuperate.

~I’ll go back and understand the situation first.~