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Evil Being Cang Liang

At times, with one look, you would be able to tell what kind of person a man was.

Feng Ling Sheng could see it, Su Yun could see it too.

~Maybe Feng Ling Sheng is truly unfamiliar with Sly, but since it is so, that’s good for me.~

Without question, Feng Ling Sheng’s sword techniques were far superior to Su Yun’s, excluding cultivation, just in terms of comprehension of the sword, Su Yun was still shallow.

~Maybe he can teach me in the future, since this Feng Ling Sheng rarely interacts with Profound Sky Sect’s people. If not, how could he not know of Sly?~

~But before this, I should first find out more about this Feng Ling Sheng.~

Thinking about it, Su Yun then used the Shadow Locket to contact Great Obscure.

“Master, what do you need?” Great Obscure’s relaxed voice sounded out in Su Yun’s mind.

“I want to know about someone.”


“Feng Ling Sheng!”

“Feng Ling Sheng?” Great Obscure was obviously surprised, he was startled for a moment, and then said: “Master, you’ve met him?”


“It seems that Master is truly inside the Profound Sky Sect.” Great Obscure laughed, but he could not conceal the surprise in his voice.

“I knew I could not hide it from you, tell me about him.”

Su Yun said somewhat helplessly.

“Feng Ling Sheng is a potential clan elder in the Profound Sky Sect. He is very powerful, it is said that he is at the fourth stage of the Spirit Star Realm, and thus, his position in the Profound Sky Sect is not low at all. Rumor says that Feng Ling Sheng used to be a Spirit Master Cultivator, but suffered a severe injury from an ambush from an almighty being. Thus, his cultivation dropped greatly. He landed in the Profound Sky Sect, and was later treated by the Patriarch of the Profound Sky Sect. To repay this debt, Feng Ling Sheng was willing to do two things for the patriarch of the Profound Sky Sect. Although his cultivation had dropped greatly, he was still a fourth stage Spirit Star cultivator, the Lord had plans with him, and thus spoke of the first thing: For him to join the Profound Sky Sect. Feng Ling Sheng became a potential clan elder, but after joining the Profound Sky Sect, Feng Ling Sheng did not care about anything, and was like an outsider of the sect. Seeing that, the Lord did not say the second matter, so Feng Ling Sheng had always stayed in the Profound Sky Sect!”

“So it was like that.”
“Master, he has a strange temper, he had offended many superiors of Profound Sky Sect. If you are in contact with him, it is best that you maintain a distance. The Lord cares about him, but many people detest him, don’t let him bring disaster to you.” Great Obscure sighed.

“I understand.”

Su Yun disconnected from the Shadow Locket.

~I never expected Feng Ling Sheng to be so complicated, an expert of the Spirit Master Realm is terrifying, I wonder how many Spirit Master Cultivators there are hiding in Sky Martial Continent?~

After finishing his conversation with Great Obscure, Su Yun sat cross legged, closed his eyes and thought about the fight with Feng Ling Sheng.

Aside from being strange, Feng Ling Sheng’s sword technique had the sensation of being extremely fluid like an extension of his hands, able to release tricky movements. The sword was like his hand, wherever he wanted to attack, the sword would be there.

~With the sword as the core, place my mind and heart into the sword.~

~But it won’t work merely by relying on thinking, I still need to rely on real battles.~

Su Yun thought about the place that Dong Feng had described that produced Crystal Stones, it was also the strictest training area of the Profound Sky Sect and only the elite disciples had the qualifications to enter.

The Absolute Life Crystal Palace.

Even the sect elites would not dare to casually barge in, it was a place beneficial for training the sword.

Thinking about it, Su Yun decided to go there and started to head towards the Absolute Life Crystal Palace.

The Crystal Palace was not far from where he was, located at the south side of the Profound Sky Sect, connected to the mountain range that exited the sect.

Su Yun left the jade platform, and took around half an hour to reach the entrance of the Absolute Life Crystal Palace. After speaking to Great Obscure, he had a rough understanding of the place.

The Absolute Life Crystal Palace already existed when the Profound Sky Sect was founded, it was said that it was a burial place of an ancient almighty being, but the corpse of the almighty being was raided by other people, and the remaining Profound Spirit Qi formed the crystal palace.

There was no life all around the crystal palace, it was a desolate and bleak rock platform. The entrance was a six to seven meter tall cave with purple light, without any Profound Sky Sect people, making it extremely bleak. Su Yun looked at the entrance for a period of time, then entered the crystal palace.

It was extremely dilapidated inside. Since it was a tomb, the stairs were already on the verge of breaking, but there was sufficient light entering the cave. Regardless if it was the walls or floor, the place was covered in purple crystals, but the crystals were not usable materials, as they contained poison in them.

Su Yun took out the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and advanced. After walking for a short time, he heard crunching sounds ahead of him. At the corner ahead of him, walked out a roughly three meter tall crystallized orangutan like fierce beast.

It was a being that lived in the Absolute Life Crystal Palace, called the Tough Crystal Beast, which was formed due to the infection of the crystal. It had tremendous strength and tough defense, it had the cultivation of a tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm, but it was not fast.

~I’ll use it to train.~

Su Yun held Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword horizontally straight, and stared at the crystal body of the Tough Crystal Beast, his eyes being focused, he sprinted forward.

Activating his Profound Spirit Qi and converging them to his hands, the sword flashed towards the beast like lightning.


The Tough Crystal Beast roared, the crystals on its body suddenly extended and transformed into a blade armor, blocking its front.

Facing the attack, it would definitely attempt to defend.

Su Yun’s expression turned dark, he swung his hand, wishing to exploit the gap between the crystallized body.

Su Yun was not able to replicate Feng Ling Sheng’s fluid movements, the sword tip’s turning speed was much slower, and because he had suddenly turned in his movement to attack, the Profound Spirit Qi in his body became unstable, and thus, the severity of the attack was lost, and when he struck the body of the Tough Crystal Beast, it no longer held the might of a third stage Spirit Star Realm cultivator.


The Tough Crystal Beast took the chance and punched Su Yun in the chest.

Su Yun coughed and was forced backwards, but he did not feel pain. After consuming the Indestructible Gold Body Pill, his physical body had become extremely strong, where a tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivator could never harm him.


He was not discouraged, he clenched his teeth and retreated, ready to attack again.

On the second day.

On the empty ground near the sea.

Su Yun who was extremely tired gasped for breath as he rushed there.

“You seemed to have overtrained.”

Feng Ling Sheng who had changed into white robes smiled as he watched Su Yun approach.

His face was filled with warmth, adding his long black hair, it gave off a sense of tranquility.

“I can’t fight with you today, but I wanted to ask you a few questions regarding Sword Concept, I hope that you would be able to grant me some answers.” Su Yun took deep breaths, then cupped his fists and said earnestly.

“That’s not a problem, speak, I will answer with what I can.”

Feng Ling Sheng smiled.


Evil Realm.

Inside the Evil King City which was filled with blood and Evil Qi, Manager Ming Nan led a few experts as they patrolled Evil King City.

“Master Sovereign King is still in closed door training, so the responsibility of protecting Evil King City has been placed on us, but we cannot neglect our cultivation because of that. Without strength, one cannot survive in Evil King City, everyone must definitely train well, other than that, if there are any resources, you have to report back, understood?”

Ming Nan spoke to the Evil Realm beings beside him.

The Evil Realm beings nodded their heads, indicating that they understood the order.

“Other than that, how’s the progress on the void doors?”

“Reporting to Master, the few void doors are still under construction, we only need a few more months to completion.”

“That’s good!”

Ming Nan nodded his head happily, then continued to patrol.

“Master Ming Nan!”

“Greetings, Master Ming Nan!”

Along the way, every Evil Realm being that Ming Nan met would greet him, no one dared to be disrespectful.

Just then, an armor clad Evil King City citizen rushed over with an ashen expression, and exclaimed: “I have a report!!!”
“What happened?” Ming Nan turned and asked.

But then he saw the man directly kneeling in front of him, and he exclaimed: “Reporting to Master, the envoy of Evil Emperor Palace seeks an audience!”

“Evil Emperor Palace?”

The faces of the beings beside Ming Nan all changed, they were surprised.

“What are the people of Evil Emperor Palace doing here?”

“It is said that recently, the Evil Emperor Palace had beat down an evil being powerhouse, could it be they are aiming for Evil King City now?!”

“Do they not know that the Evil Sword Sect is behind Evil King City? They dare to make a move on us?”

“That may not be true, it is said that the Evil Emperor Palace is overflowing with influence! Could it be that they want to…?”

“If it is like that, then we have trouble.”

The discussions broke out.

“All of you, shut up!”

Ming Nan bellowed.

It immediately became quiet.

Ming Nan waved his hands towards the Evil Realm being: “Arrange for the envoy to be moved to the hall, I will go there now.”

“Yes, sir!”

The evil being left.

Ming Nan immediately made his way towards the Evil King Mansion.

In a short time, he reached the entrance. Upon entering, he coincidentally met Huang Dong Zhang and Kuang Yu Xie who were rushing over.

“It is great that you two Masters are here, quickly follow me to meet the envoy of Evil Emperor Palace.” Ming Nan cupped his fists at the two of them.

“The Evil Emperor Palace have never been good things, I bet they are here with intentions. We will first ask them about their reason for coming, and see if they are here as friends or foes. If they are friends, we will treat them nicely, if they are our enemy, I will immediately eat him up!” Kuang Yu Xie snorted.

“Junior brother, do not be anxious, let us see how it goes.”

Huang Dong Zhang said calmly, he then walked with his cane towards the direction of the envoy.

Seated in the hall were four people, one of them looked to be an old evil realm being, the other three being younger evil realm beings. They were dressed uniformly, different from other evil realm beings which were plain black clothes, their clothes had golden linings, and at the chest area was golden imprint of the word ‘Evil’, which was very imposing.

When the three of them walked in, the seated evil beings all turned to look at them at the same time, but, none of them stood up.

Seeing that, Kuang Yu Xie immediately became angry.

When the guards inside saw them, he immediately shouted anxiously: “Master Ming Nan, Master Kuang Yu Xie, Master Huang Dong Zhang has arrived!!!”
Only when he said that did the four evil realm beings all stood up slowly, and the shortest and old looking evil realm being cupped his fists and smiled: “Oh? Are the three of you the Managing Masters of Evil King City? I am Li Cang Liang, I greet the three Masters!”

“We greet the Three Masters.”

Their voices were filled with arrogance.

Hearing that, Ming Nan’s face immediately changed: “You are Evil Being Cang Liang?”

“I am.” The man laughed and said.

“Senior brother, who is Evil Being Cang Liang?” Kuang Yu Xie showed that he did not know who he was, and asked Huang Dong Zhang.

“A second stage Spirit Star Realm evil being, also a big appetite evil being, I never expected the Evil Emperor to send him here! Do you know what happens to every place that the Evil Emperor Palace captures?”

“Definitely killing all the powerhouses that goes against them, and those who do not yield will be killed.”

“That’s right, and all the masters of the powerhouses would be devoured by the Evil Emperor, and the remaining few would be devoured by this Li Cang Liang, all of these recent years where the Evil Emperor had raged wars everywhere, they had exterminated countless of powerhouses, and this Li Cang Liang had eaten countless of evil realm beings, someone had roughly calculated before, the number of evil realm beings he had devoured exceeded 20 thousand.”

Hearing that, Kuang Yu Xie’s eyes immediately darkened.

Since it was so, without question, Li Cang Liang was definitely a core and important person in the Evil Emperor Palace, for him to be sent here, what else could it be for?