Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 354
Feng Ling Sheng

“Yes, Jie Xue had bewitched Guan Zi Hu and used Guan Zi Hu to get rid of me and Master Xu. After we fell, he then sneaked an attack on Guan Zi Hu and killed him, he then destroyed his own sect elite badge, and escaped with the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon!”

In the air, Su Yun who was being supported by Qi from a few sect elites held onto his chest and spoke to Gu Mo Duo and Zhang Chang Xin beside him.


The two of them clenched their teeth, their expressions filled with rage.

“I never thought that Jie Xue would be two faced! Betraying the sect, that is truly unexpected!”

Bai Li Tian said gloomily.

“Master Bai Li, we need to quickly report to the patriarch, and ask the patriarch to give the order to chase after Jie Xue!” Lian Yue said.

“That’s right!”

Bai Li Tian nodded his head: “Later, you guys will arrange for Master Sly and master Xu’s treatment, I will meet the Patriarch, and after clarifying the issue, we will hand over the three disciples to the law Enforcement unit for judgement, and they will interrogate them! We will then seek to capture Jie Xue!”


Lian Yue and the others nodded their heads.

The group of people quickly flew towards the Profound Sky Sect.

Back at the Profound Sky Sect, Su Yun was arranged to go to the treatment room inside the sect were a few pretty female disciples performed techniques and formations to refine pills.

Although the equipment in the treatment room was complete, their treatment methods and techniques were still weaker than Blossom Heart valley’s, regardless, it was still sufficient. Su Yun’s injuries were all feigned, and after seven to eight days, he recovered fully and he returned to his own jade platform.

Through this period of time, the Law Enforcement unit came for an inquiry and documented statements, but there was nothing much to document. Su Yun’s account were the same as what they had guessed. Jie Xue had killed Guan Zi Hu and then tried to kill Su Yun, but Su Yun did not die. Afterwards, Jie Xue took the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon and left.

Then, with the account from Jie Xue and Xu Yu Lang’s three disciples, the confirmation of the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon being taken by Jie Xue became as solid as steel, and no one suspected Sly!

Using this period of time, Su Yun began to familiarize himself with the treasure that could break through the defense of a Spirit Master Cultivator.

Gradually imbuing it with Qi, the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon became alive, and the gold imprint in his palm started to revolve gently, becoming a circular wheel that was filled with three layers of symbols all around it. The circular wheel gradually absorbed the Spirit Qi in the air, replenishing itself, and when it was completely filled with Spirit Qi, it activates an even stronger attractive force, converging the Spirit Qi from the entire place, ready for use.

The current Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon was extremely empty, and continued to suck all the Spirit Qi around it, and the time that it remained empty, was the time that it could not launch attacks.

~Could this thing be manually filled?~

Su Yun suddenly thought about it. He extended his hand and pressed down on the golden imprint, and poured the pure Profound Spirit Qi into it.

The surprising thing was that the Profound Spirit Qi seemed to have entered a big bucket, completely taken in by the golden imprint.

“It can be manually filled?” Su Yun was startled. ~Since this was the case, why didn’t the Skeleton King Demon manually put Spirit Qi in, but waited for it?~

This suspicion was answered in a short while, it consumed too much Profound Spirit Qi if it was manually poured in. Su Yun, a third stage Spirit Star Realm cultivator, had actually maintained three hours of imbuing his own Spirit Qi, consuming more than half of his Profound Spirit Qi, before he was able to completely fill up the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon.

If even I have such difficulty, then I think that even if the Skeleton King Demon consumed all of his Profound Spirit Qi, he would be unable to fill this treasure up.

After filling the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon up, Su Yun immediately sat down cross legged and meditated to recover.

Although it consumed a lot of Spirit Qi, a third stage Spirit Star cultivator’s recovery rate was extremely fast. Adding the bonus strengthening from the Indestructible Gold Body, the toughness of his Qi channels were far stronger than normal, and his Spirit Essences could recklessly produce Profound Spirit Qi and not be worried about his Qi channels being unable to handle the stress.


Just then, a strange sound came out from his neck.

It was an incoming message from Great Obscure.

Su Yun opened his eyes and touched the Shadow Locket on his neck, activating it.

“What is it, Great Obscure?”

“Master, do you want to take action? The Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon has been taken by Jie Xue and he has betrayed the Profound Sky Sect. Having fled outside, it would be difficult to trace him, it would be extremely difficult for us to obtain the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon now!” Great Obscure said helplessly.

“You don’t have to investigate on him! And you guys do not need to find him anymore, from now on, treat the matter as if it had concluded!”

“Oh?” Great Obscure was startled, but he seemed to have guessed something, he hesitated for a while, then said: “Since it is so, then I will get Fourth Shadow and Fifth Obscure to stop investigating.”

“Alright, if you have any queries you can contact me.”

With that, he placed the shadow locket down.

He meditated and trained in the house for a few days, before leaving the jade platform.

~Although I have been in Profound Sky Sect for a period of time, I still don’t know much about Profound Sky Sect yet. If I want to make a move, How can I not know anything about the grounds here? He then started to wander aimlessly.

He would greet the lower ranking sect elites or disciples of the sect while wandering around, and would occasionally call out Masters to the other sect elites. He never saw any clan elders, potential clan elders or higher rank members of the sect, as they were either in their own training grounds or on the Patriarch’s Jade Island. The elite disciples were uncommon, and there was no need to say anything about the ordinary disciples.

The places where the disciples were were chaotic, they were frequently fighting with the pretense of sparring, in which they would receive warnings, but they were only warnings, and not direct inhibitions, as long as there were no lives taken, there were nothing much to be said.

Su Yun wandered for one round, and then headed towards the direction of the sea. Near the sea, there were much lesser structures, and lesser signs of humans, and was a good training ground.

~It’s such a good place, why didn’t anyone shift their jade platforms here?~

Su Yun was curious, he stepped onto the inch long grass and walked forward, but not long after, ripples of intense sword concept surged towards him.

The sword concept was profound, mixed inside the cool breeze, so non sword cultivators would be unable to notice the existence of the sword concept.

Although it was difficult to detect, it was still there. The Profound Spirit Qi that was enveloped within silently, if any weak cultivators were present, their Spirit Essences would be destroyed by the sword concept unknowingly.

“Powerful sword!”

Su Yun secretly judged, he did not know who was releasing the Sword Qi, and carefully proceeded forward.

Then, sets of Sword Qi flew towards him.

Su Yun sidestepped without panicking, allowing the Sword Qi to sweep past his body, and although it looked dangerous, he was not in danger.

“Oh?” A surprise exclamation came up from ahead of him, and then a few vacuum sounds came up, and in a blink of an eye, a man holding a blue sword appeared in front of Su Yun.

The man’s skin was a wheat color, his hair reached his waist, and half of his face was covered, the other half revealing an extremely handsome and noble look, his sharp brows made him look stern and his pupils revealed a deep look. Dressed in a black blademaster attire with blue outlines, he looked to be extremely capable and strong.

“Why did you sneak an attack on me?” Su Yun asked.

“Why can’t I, when you were peeping on me training my sword?” The person smile and said.

“Peeping?” ~I haven’t even walked over, how could I peep?~ Su Yun frowned, but did not refute him.

The person kept his sword and sized Su Yun up once, then laughed: “I have never seen you before, but from your clothes, you shouldn’t be any ordinary disciple. Who are you?”

“Sect Elite Sly.”

“Sect Elite Sly? I have never heard about you, but I don’t really know many people in the Profound Sky Sect, maybe I have forgotten about you when you reported your name.”

Hearing that, Su Yun did not get angry, but asked calmly: “Then, who are you?”

“Potential Clan Elder Feng Ling Sheng, maybe you haven’t heard of me.” The man smiled.


“It’s fine if you haven’t heard of me since I rarely come out, it’s normal that people haven’t heard of me, but Sly, your move just now, I think that you are quite powerful, why not we spar a bit?”

“I am just a tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivator, and am definitely not the opponent of Master Feng.” Su Yun shook his head.

“Tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm?” Feng Ling Sheng walked over, and looked at Su Yun, then shook his head and smiled: “Master Sly, as a fourth stage Spirit Star Realm, to be unable to see through a tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivator’s cultivation, do you think that is possible? Maybe you have a treasure on you, but with your reaction just now, that is not something a tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivator could do.”

Hearing that, Su Yun immediately tensed up.

~Shoot, no wonder I couldn’t see through his cultivation, I never expected him to be a fourth stage Spirit Star Realm cultivator!~

~But since when did the Profound Sky Sect have so many experts? To so easily chance upon a fourth stage Spirit Star Realm expert?~

“Master Sly, maybe you have your difficulties and your secrets, but please reset easy, I will not tell others about you being a Spirit Star Realm cultivator, but the condition is you have to spar with me.” Feng Ling Sheng said warmly, with a harmless smile that could make people become careless.

“Spar? A fourth stage Spirit Star Realm? I am curious, why is a potential clan elder a fourth stage Spirit Star Realm? I am afraid that of the five great clan elders, none of them have strength comparable to yours?”

Su Yun asked.

“The reason for this is rather complicated, and I cannot clarify this within half an hour. Actually, with my strength, it would be extremely easy to be a great clan elder, but I have no interest in it. Isn’t being a potential clan elder great? To just train and drink everyday, what could be more free and easy? Being a great clan elder is so tiring, only idiots would do that, Haha!”

Feng Ling Sheng laughed out loudly, he was truly a free and easy person.

Su Yun sighed in his mind.

“Then, let’s begin!”

Feng Ling Sheng suddenly did not want to carry on the useless talk, a sharp look flashed past his eyes, and a sword suddenly flew towards Su Yun’s chest without warning. It was a cunning and severe move, without any hesitation.

Su Yun immediately moved and sidestepped, dodging the sword.

“Your movements are good, your reaction is fast, how can I believe that you are just a tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivator? Let us have a good fight! Sly!”

Feng Ling Sheng’s sword turned, and like a mythical dragon unleashing its tail, the sword that missed suddenly chased after him.

Su Yun’s heart tensed, he retreated once again, but the sword seemed to know his movements, and kept on chasing after him.

Feng Ling Sheng was merciless, and if Su Yun continued to hold back, he would truly die.

Su Yun dare not hold back any further. Since Feng Ling Sheng had seen through him, maintaining his disguise was pointless. As long as he did not reveal his identity, Feng Ling Sheng would not be suspicious of him.

His right hand moved over the storage ring on his left hand, bursting forth with Pure Divine Spirit Qi, a red lightning suddenly swept across the two people.

“Pure Divine Spirit Qi?”

Feng Ling Sheng spoke with a dry voice.

“What? You recognize my Spirit Qi?” Su Yun was startled.

“Hehe, I never expected that you would actually learn such a Profound Qi! Not bad! Not bad! Master Sly, it seems that I have to fight with you today!!”

Feng Ling Sheng’s mouth formed a curve, his wrist flickered, and the blue sword silently extended forward, striking Su Yun like a rubber band.

What a strange sword!