Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 351
Watching Him Die

“Hehe, Su Yun, the man who kills without blinking, to have such a merciful side of you, I am truly surprised.”

Ling Qing Yu’s voice came out again.

“Although I have killed countless people, first and foremost, we have to see what kind of people they are. I have my own Dao, there are some people that should not be killed, and those that have to die!”

Su Yun said softly.

Hearing that, Ling Qing Yu who was in the Everlasting Sword Sheath was stunned, she then realised that from the start, although Su Yun killed people without blinking, he had never hurt any innocent people, maybe he had his own thinking, but no one could understand him.

Just then, laughter came out from ahead.

“Perched Phoenix Blood! I really want to try it, Master Guan, this time, will you be personally brewing the wine? I am truly fortunate!”

Jie Xue laughed.

“Hahahaha Master Jie Xue, you and I are alcoholics, how can I forget you when there is good wine? Let me tell you, this Phoenix Blood Wine is good stuff, when you finish drinking it, it will increase your cultivation! At that time, you must drink more, hahahaha” Guan Zi Hu laughed out loud, and then he looked at Xu Yu Lang and Su Yun: “Master Xu, Master Sly, at that time, you guys must come as well! Phoenix Blood Wine is not something that you can drink when you want to, after this village, there won’t be anymore!”

“Yes!” Xu Yu Lang lightly nodded his head.

Su Yun did not reply.

Just then, a disciple who went ahead flew back, and cupped his fists respectfully: “Reporting to Masters, we have reached the Demonic Skeletal Death Cave battlefield!”

“Good! Inform the people over there! Get them to prepare for our arrival!”

Jie Xue said.

“Yes sir!” The disciple flew downwards.

Everyone flew over the mountains and continued onwards.

The sky turned dark, and a dark red hue shone over the desolate land, forming a rather strange scene. One after another, sounds of explosion came from the foot of the mountains not far away.

Just then, a moss green light shot towards the sky and straight through the clouds, and a loud explosion boomed.

“You despicable Profound Sky Sect!!! To come and kill this King! This King will definitely not swear my allegiance to you!!! Just wait!!! I will definitely take revenge on all of you guilty people! Just wait! Ahhhhh!!!”

The yelling lasted for a while, and was followed by an intense explosion, causing the earth to tremble, and a powerful shockwave blossomed out from the green light, blowing all around, causing a few hills to crumble with gravel and stones flying in all directions. Under the setting sun, the place became extremely chaotic.

An indescribable wail came out.

Hearing that wail, Su Yun’s heart tensed up.

A first stage Spirit Star Realm cultivator had fallen!

“Master Zhong is truly reputable, he has already taken down the Skeleton King Demon who is holding onto the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon? Just nice!”

Jie Xue said, an obscure smile raising on his mouth, he waved his hand: “Everyone, let us quicken our pace, let us go and greet Master Zhong!”


Everyone called out and flew towards the Demonic Skeletal Death Cave.

As they got closer to the Demonic Skeletal Death Cave, they could see potholes, vestiges of the battle all around. One after another, pitch black bone skeleton demons dressed in broken armor appeared in Su Yun’s vision. He looked around, only to see that they were all dead and countless of Profound Sky Sect disciples were cleaning the battlefield, taking whatever useful objects they had. Mostly everyone were injured, seemingly in a miserable situation, and other than the corpses of the skeleton demons, there were many corpses of the disciples of the Profound Sky Sect.

The Profound Sky Sect had paid a huge price by attacking the Demonic Skeletal Death Cave.

When the disciples saw Jie Xue and the others, they immediately stopped what they were doing and knelt down, and paid their respects.

“We greet Master!”

The calls all came out.

“Where is Zhong? Where is Zhong? Ha ha, I want to see what the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon looks like, tell me where Zhong is now!”

Guan Zi Hu shouted out loudly, his eyes brimming with excitement that could not be hidden.

“Master Zhong is still at the front lines fighting! We are just disciples responsible for logistics.” A disciple said dryly, he had a gaping black wound on his shoulder, as though he was struck by poison, if he did not receive treatment in half an hour, he would lose his fighting ability.

“Still at the front lines?” Guan Zi Hu was slightly unhappy: “The Skeleton King Demon is already dead, what can he be doing there?”

“Alright, Master Guan, don’t be anxious, let us go look for Master Zhong together!”

Jie Xue laughed. They ignored the disciples and flew towards the front lines.

Just as they continued to move forward, a burst of dense black smoke erupted out from in front of them, and many panicked shouts came out.

Boom! An extremely strange sound erupted amidst the screamings.

“What’s happening?”

Guan Zi Hu was startled.

“Be careful, the black smoke is poisonous!!!” Xu Yu Lang sensed that something was amiss, his face changed as he shouted.

With that said, everyone instigated their Profound Spirit Qi and formed a barrier to prevent the poison mist from entering their bodies.

The sect disciples did the same thing, but most of them were already injured, or their Profound Spirit Qi had already been exhausted, so they were engulfed by the black smoke. Their skin immediately split apart and they directly fell to the ground spasming, their flesh started to disintegrate up to their bones, and they died.

Seeing that, everyone’s face changed.

“Retreat, retreat!”

A disciple shouted to the rest.

“Not good! Something happened to Master Zhong!!!” Another voice came out.

Everyone looked over, an elite disciple with a Qi barrier around him rushed out towards Jie Xue and the rest and spoke anxiously: “Masters! Not good! Not good! The Skeleton King Demon that was beheaded by Master Zhong detonated the skeleton Demonic Qi inside his body right before he died, Master Zhong was not in time to dodge and was infected by the Demonic Qi, and is currently in a life threatening situation! Masters, please go and save Master Zhong, please save him!”


Hearing that, Jie Xue’s face turned ugly. He did not ask or say anything, and rushed towards Master Zhong’s location.

The ten elite disciples activated mystical techniques in unison, planning to blow off the demonic poison, but the demonic poison was not so easily dispelled, and did not budge at all.

Under that helplessness, the Profound Sky Sect disciples could only retreat.

When Su Yun, Jie Xue and the rest reached Master Zhong, they saw that he was surrounded by seven elite disciples.

The skin on his entire body was pitch black, his skin had lacerated, blood red scars went around his body like a spider web, the seven elite disciples were seated cross legged around him, using their combined Profound Spirit Qi to imbue into his body, aiding him to defend against the demonic poison. Everyone was enveloped with the Profound Spirit Qi of treasures, preventing the Poison Qi from harming them.

The seven disciples were giving their all, but they were not able to remove the demonic poison effectively. The seven of them had their own injuries, so no matter how hard they tried, it was futile.

“How did this happen?”

Jie Xue frowned and asked.

“Ah? Masters, are you guys the support sent by the sect?”

The seven elite disciples all opened their eyes and looked at Jie Xue and the rest in shock.

However, Guan Zi Hu’s actions and words made them disappointed.

“Weaklings, we are not the support sent by the sect, we are here on orders of the Sect to retrieve the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon!”

Guan Zi Hu pushed his way forward and walked to the seven people, revealing a terrifying and fanatical expression.

“Alright! Master Zhong, where is the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon? Quickly give it to me, we need to send it back to the lord!”

“You all.”

Master Zhong, whose entire body was black by the demonic poison, struggled to open his eyes. When he saw how audacious Guan Zi Hu was acting, his pitch black eyes flashed a look of anger, but he was currently having difficulty surviving, how could he be visbly angry at Guan Zi Hu?

“Save me, the explosion of the Demonic Qi from the Skeleton King Demon corroded my Spirit Essences. Without the help of a strong Profound Spirit Qi to force the Demonic Qi out of me, my cultivation will drop! Masters, quickly save me!”

Zhong seemed to be begging them, relying on the injured elite disciples of the sect was useless, and only by relying on the four sect elites could Zhong be saved.

“Where is the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon?”

JIe Xue laughed, he ignored Zhong’s words and jumped straight to the question.

“I-it’s here.”

Zhong weakly raised his hand up and gently moved his palm, a regiment of gold blossomed out of his hand. When they looked closely, they could see a golden porcelain bowl.

When it appeared, Jie Xue and Guan Zi Hu immediately stopped breathing, even Xu Yu Lang was stunned, the three of them had their eyes locked onto the object with longing.


Guan Zi Hu walked forward a few steps, and seized the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon from Zhong’s hand, tightly gripping it in his hand!

“Alright, Masters, quickly force the Demonic Poison Qi out of my body now.” Zhong shouted weakly.

But, what came next was Jie Xue’s cold and horrifying laughter.

“Apologies Master Zhong, we are here on orders for the sake of the Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon, we did not receive any orders to save your life, and saving you will consume a lot of our Profound Spirit Qi, if we are weak, won’t we be in danger on the way back? So for the sake of safety, we can only regretfully reject saving you!”

Jie Xue laughed and said.

Zhong opened his eyes wide, he could not believe what Jie Xue had said.

~his own people was actually watching him die~

“How can you guys do this!?”

The seven elite disciples were stunned, and looked at Jie Xue in shock.

“We will hand this Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon back to the Lord!” Guan Zi Hu laughed.

“The disciples and I fought so hard to retrieve this Great Negative Yang Immortal Cannon, and to actually have the credit stolen by all of you! I never thought you would be such people, I will not be resigned to this! I will not accept it!!!”

Zhong shouted in anger and in pain, but he was helpless, for he could not do anything.

Su Yun who was acting as Sly was extremely shocked.

~Just because they are afraid that Zhong would take away the credit, they were going to watch him die?~

“Isn’t it time?”

Just then, JIe Xue suddenly raised his head and looked at the 10 elite disciples.

His words were extremely weird, and even Guan Zi Hu and Xu Yu Lang did not understand.

The elite disciples all nodded their heads, and surrounded Zhong, brandishing out their weapons, they all released treasures that could destroy Profound Spirit Qi.

“Do it!”

Jie Xue brandished a sharp azure blue dagger and muttered a chant, he then laughed and walked towards Zhong, dagger in hand.

Seeing that, Zhong’s eyes immediately widened: “Jie Xue, what are you doing?”