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Perched Phoenix Blood

Jie Xue, Guan Zi Hu and Xu Yu Lang were all tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivators.

Out of them, Jie Xue was already at the peak of the tenth stage, and was just a step away from the Spirit Star Realm, and with his methods, he could already fight on equal grounds with a first stage Spirit Star Realm cultivator. He had robust strength and held the highest rank out of the four sect elite rankers, the leadership of the team naturally fell onto him.

Out of the enchantment, Jie Xue led the group towards the north.

“For this mission, the sect has given us exactly a month’s time, and with our speed, we can reach the Demonic Skeletal Death Cave in two days, we have sufficient time, so everyone, don’t worry.”

Jie Xue turned his head and smiled towards the other three sect elites.

“Now what we should do is find a restaurant to sit down, have a drink or two before we continue. The weather is cold, so if we don’t warm our bodies up, how can we travel? Tell me, am I right?”

Guan Zi Hu laughed.

~Weather is cold? With your cultivation, how can you guys freeze?~

Su Yun secretly looked at Guan Zi Hu with disdain, ~He truly is an alcoholic.~

But, what surprised Su Yun was that Jie Xue, who was acting as leader, actually agreed to Guan Zi Hu’s strange words.

Jie Xue gave a thumbs up towards Guan Zi Hu, and laughed: “That’s right, it’s already winter, we have to travel for a thousand li, it would be better to have some warm alcohol to be comfortable!”

“Hahahaha, Master Jie Xue, we share the same sentiments! Go go go! Let us find a good restaurant in a city and have good food and drinks!”

Guan Zi Hu laughed out loud and immediately flew downwards.

Xu Yu Lang did not say anything, and followed them.

Su Yun thought for a moment, but did not say anything, he looked at the three of them, then looked at the elite disciples, then followed Guan Zi Hu and the rest.

The group arrived at Maple Leaf City which was about 300 li away from the Profound Sky Sect. It did not have a lot of citizens, but it had a big restaurant. The restaurant was filled with people and was extremely crowded and rowdy, which Guan Zi Hu seemed to enjoy. Upon entering the restaurant, he shouted: “Waiter, serve us your best alcohol, give me ten jars of it!”

“T-ten jars?” The busy waiter was immediately stunned, and all the customers turned to look at Guan Zi Hu.

Seeing that, Guan Zi Hu’s face turned dark, and he snorted: “I asked you to serve them, what’s wrong with that? Go and take them quickly! If you make this lord unhappy, I will destroy your restaurant!”


The waiter was put in a difficult situation.

“Quickly go! Serve the wine! Bring out all the wine we have in the wine cellar! Quickly!” Just then, the shop owner ran over and shouted anxiously.

Seeing this, the waiter stopped hesitating.

Su Yun noticed that the shop owner would occasionally look at the order badge on their waists. A panicked expression appeared on his face the shop owner had recognized that they were Profound Sky Sect’s people. They were not far from the Profound Sky Sect, a majority of the people who stayed in the city had seen the disciples of the Profound Sky Sect before.

The shop owner personally attended to them, his service was naturally outstanding, and very quickly, ten jars of their best Spirit Flower Wine was served, Guan Zi Hu did not hold back, and immediately took a jar and opened the top, gulping down the alcohol. In a short time, the 10 kg worth of wine was completely finished.

“Good tolerance!” Jie Xue laughed out loud, and not being courteous, he started to drink as well.

Su Yun and Xu Yu Lang had no choice but to drink a few cups, while all the elite disciples stood outside the restaurant and waited.

When the wine went into the stomach, it felt like blades cutting from the inside, it was unbearable. Although Su Yun was also good with his alcohol, it was the first time he was tasting this wine.


Just then, Su Yun’s eyes enlarged, he immediately activated his Spirit Qi and secretly forced the wine out from his stomach, storing it into his mouth, and while the other three were not noticing, he quickly evaporated the wine in his mouth.

It seemed that there were some drug composition inside the wine, but was not put in while brewing. Although it was not poison, it was not some tonic either.

“Did the shop owner do this? Impossible, why would the shop owner drug this?”

Su Yun secretly looked at the three of them drinking, he thought for a while, then decided not to drink anymore, he feigned as though he was drinking, and when they were not looking, he would evaporate the wine and prevent it from entering his stomach.

After going around for three rounds, everyone stood up, while Guan Zi Hu took out a small spirit coin pouch and left it on the table, before leaving the restaurant.

Guan Zi Hu was filled, but nobody was drunk. The disadvantage of high cultivation was drinking but is unable to become drunk, unless it was spirit wine that were made with special and expensive ingredients that could give cultivators the feeling of being drunk.

They continued on their way, everyone’s speed had slightly increased, Jie Xue and Guan Zi Hu seemed to be acquaintances, and because of their appetites, they both started to chat.

“Master Sly!”

Just then, a soft voice sounded out from the side.

Su Yun turned and look, to see that Xu Yu Lang had flown beside him.

“Master Xu, what is it?”

“Master Sly, this Master Jie Xue, have you interacted with him before?”

“Not much.” Su Yun started perspiring, he had not even met them before, so he did not know if Sly and Jie Xue had interacted before.

“I was promoted to the sect elite rankings along with Master Guan, and although Master Guan seem to like Master Jie Xue a lot, I feel that there is something off about Master Jie Xue.”

“Something off?” Su Yun was startled, ~Seems like Xu Yu Lang and Jie Xue are not familiar with each other.~

~But come to think of it, that is normal, it was said that the different disparities of ranks amongst the sect elite rankers prevent them from interacting, every one of them are arrogant and proud people, so other than the elders and the Patriarch, no one is convinced, they would naturally ignore sect elites with rankings lower than them. Xu Yu Lang and Guan Zi Hu is weaker than Jie Xue, the disparity in strength is great, Xu Yu Lang might be nice, but he shouldn’t be so close to Guan Zi Hu right?~

~Could it be that he is just like that?~

Su Yun frowned, but he did not reply Xu Yu Lang, he slightly shook his head, and continued to fly.

Xu Yu Lang did not say anymore, and continued to follow behind quietly.


A bloody stench pervaded from beneath, Xu Yu Lang took a whiff, and said: “There’s the scent of blood! There seems to be a battle below?”

“Where are the disciples!” Jie Xue shouted.

“We are here!”

The 10 disciples from behind immediately shouted out loud.

“Go and check it out!”


Five out of the ten disciples soared down quickly, after about seven to eight seconds, they flew back. The leader cupped his fists and said respectfully: “Reporting to Master, there is a village below, and there are a few of our disciples slaughtering them!”

“Slaughtering the village?”

Jie Xue frowned.

“Everything is fine, what kill them for? If this goes out, it will shame our Profound Sky Sect!”

Guan Zi Hu snorted, then flew down.

“Masters, let’s go and take a look.” Jie Xue said to Xu Yu Lang and Su Yun, who nodded, and they all flew down together.

In a few breaths of time, they arrived at the entrance of the village, to see that it was already up in flames, many corpses laid all around the village, the population of roughly a 100 had been reduced to a dozen, they were all trembling, holding shovels and spades as weapons, they all looked at the cultivators walking towards them.

The cultivators were all disciples of the Profound Sky Sect. All of them were dressed in the Sect robes, with a mix of both sexes. Every single one of them had sinister and strange smiles on their faces, holding onto their swords, they walked towards the helpless citizens.


Su Yun immediately roared.


“There’s people?”

They were startled and looked towards the direction of the shout. When they saw the order badges on the people’s waists, all the disciples were stunned, they immediately threw down their weapons and knelt down, shouting respectfully: “Disciples greet sect elite masters!!!”

“Disciples greet sect elite masters!!!”

They shouted in unison.

Su Yun looked around. The place was drenched in blood, a majority of the houses were destroyed, corpses were laid all over the floor, causing his mind to feel shock.

A massacre!

And they were all non cultivators, such actions were never to be done, even to new cultivators! Even if they were Spirit Demons, Evil Beings or Demons, they would not do such a thing, if they wanted to, they would kill cultivators, not regular civilians!

“You all did these!?”

Guan Zi Hu walked over, he glanced around and asked.

Hearing that, the 20 odd Profound Sky sect disciples all started trembling, and started to stammer.

“A-about t-that M-master, We are personal disciples under orders, and are here to collect Perched Phoenix Blood” The disciple who was kneeling at the front said with stutters.

“Personal disciples? Of who?” Guan Zi Hu snorted.

“Master Dai, Dai Tu Lou!”


Guan Zi Hu kicked at the disciple’s chest. Crackkkk! The disciple’s ribs were instantly shattered, he flew out and smashed through two houses, striking a large tree. When he landed, he rolled a few rounds, and fainted.

“Who the hell is Dai Tu Lou? He is my disciple’s disciple! You actually dare to call him Master in front of me? He is my grandson! Understand?” Guan Zi Hu stared at the disciples and roared.

Hearing that, all the disciples trembled even more.

Seeing their reaction, Guan Zi Hu’s rough and crude face became slightly happier, he nodded in satisfaction, and said: “Right, what did you all say? Dai Tu Lou wanted you all to retrieve Perched Phoenix Blood? How? Don’t tell me it’s these villagers”

“Reporting to Master, the villagers here have Perched Phoenix Blood in them. Senior Dai Tu Lou wants the blood for cultivation, and asked us to gather them, so we came to this village!” One of them said carefully.

“So it was like this.” Guan Zi Hu rubbed his chin, as though he was thinking about something. He suddenly turned, and with excitement in his face he spoke to Jie Xue, Su Yun and Xu Yu Lang: “Guys, would you like to try Perched Phoenix Blood?”

“Perched Phoenix Blood?” Xie Jue was startled, and then he realised: “Could it be?”

“That’s right!”

Guan Zi Hu laughed, he suddenly turned and punched towards his right, and a few villagers there immediately turned into mincemeat by the punch. Blood flowed out from the pile of mashed meat.

Su Yun was stunned.

“Perched Phoenix Blood is an exceptionally good ingredient to brew Phoenix Blood Wine, I never thought that the people here would have Perched Phoenix Blood, we are truly fortunate!”

Guan Zi Hu explained excitedly, then he turned to the disciples and shouted: “Go, gather all their blood in jars for me, and then bring it back to my jade platform. I want to use their blood to brew wine! Whatever that Dai Tu Lou is, go and tell him, this lord wants him to screw off!”

With that, Guan Zi Hu directly took flight and left.


The disciples all kowtowed and replied respectfully.

The village became quiet.

The only thing left was the smell of blood.

Su Yun stood in his place, he looked at the muddy and chaotic place that was slowly flowing with blood, a look of unrest and complication swept past his eyes.

Ling Qing Yu’s voice sounded inside Su Yun’s mind.

But this time, Su Yun did not refute her.

He took a deep breath and looked at the disciples who were preparing to gather the blood, he quietly clenched his fists, looked at Guan Zi Hu and the rest who were already flying, and said: “All of you, bury the bodies of the villagers, no need to gather the Perched Phoenix Blood anymore!”


The disciples all raised their heads and looked at Su Yun in bafflement.

“Do as I say!”

Su Yun said indifferently, he then leaped up and flew into the sky.