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Indestructible Gold Body (Part III)


A low resounding sound came out from the pavilion.

The cauldron in the middle opened up, and green smoke pervaded out.

Su Yun was ecstatic, he anxiously removed the formation beneath the cauldron. After which, he leaped to the cauldron and looked down.

Inside of it was one golden yellow pill.

Indestructible Gold Body Pill!

Su Yun was ecstatic.

But why is there only one? Ah, maybe Dong Feng was lying to the both of them from the start? Maybe Zhao Ru would most probably be killed by Dong Feng in the end.

Currently, Zhao Ru, Dong Feng and Ouyang Que are dead, I can’t stay here for long. Luckily, no one saw when Dong Feng came to find me, otherwise, it would be troublesome.

Su Yun thought. He took the pill and quietly slipped out of the pavilion and rushed back to Sly’s cultivation jade platform.

Upon reaching, the enchantment activated and he soared into the house. He activated all the cultivation formation arrays in the middle of the house, and then consumed the Indestructible Gold Body Pill.

Although the scent that it produced was extremely fragrant, but in the end, it was concocted with two corpses, so it had a strange stench and taste, causing him to feel uncomfortable.

The Indestructible Gold Body was what Su Yun needed the most at the moment, with it, his body would strengthen, and he could consolidate the power that he absorbed from the Spirit Demon Emperor. After that, he could completely use his third stage Spirit Star Realm cultivation, and could then start progressing towards the fourth stage. More importantly, he could continue to remove the seal on the Death Sword.

Su Yun stayed in the house for three full days, before completely digesting the pill. At the moment, the skin on his body was emitting a set of gold light, and the veins, arteries, organs, bones, and muscles had all obtained perfect growth. Having reached an all new peak, his current body’s strength was at least 50 times stronger than his old body, and he felt that if he were to face an attack from the Spirit Demon Emperor now, it would not even be fatal to him.

“Very good!”

Su Yun stood up and stretched his limbs, feeling extremely happy.

“Your flesh body has strengthened so quickly? It seems that you had some fortuitous encounter again?”

Just then, Ling Qing Yu’s voice that hadn’t appeared for a long time came out from the Sword Sheath.

Su Yun took the Sword Sheath out from the storage ring. A white light flashed from inside, and flew out, landing in front of Su Yun, quickly transforming into a beautiful lady.

It was Ling Qing Yu.

She was still in the simple snow white clothes, yet she was intrinsically beautiful. Just by standing there, her delicate figure emitted a sense of obscure heroic spirit, her chest was moderate, lightly wrapped around by the clothes, and her long black hair dropped over her shoulders to her back, as though it was about to touch the ground. Regardless of what angle she was viewed in, she was flawless and beautiful. Such a person could only appear in the heavens.

Su Yun was caught in a daze looking at her, but who could blame him? Any man would become like that just by looking at her, he pushed his thoughts back and laughed: “Eh? Qing Yu, long time no see, you’ve recovered?”

“Humph, you only remember me at times of need? Every time, I will be exhausted by helping you and need to go back in to recover, and just as I recover, you will use me again! If I knew this will happen to me, I should not have cared about you at that time.”

Ling Qing Yu folded her arms around her beautiful breasts, and snorted, showing her displease.

“Are you regretting it now?”

“A little bit.”

“I am sorry, there won’t be a next time anymore.” Su Yun laughed in embarrassment.

Ling Qing Yu looked at him, then looked around and asked with suspicion: “This place is?”

“The Profound Sky Sect?”

“The Profound Sky Sect?” Ling Qing Yi was shocked: “Aren’t you enemies with them? Or have you been captured?”

“If I was captured by the Profound Sky Sect, I think I would be locked in a cell for questioning, forced to disclose Qing’er’s location, would you still be able to see a perfect me?”


“I’ve infiltrated the Profound Sky Sect.” Su Yun laughed.

Ling Qing Yu was stunned, and said: “Do you think the Profound Sky Sect’s people are idiots? To so easily let you infiltrate them?”

“They are not idiots, but I obtained a treasure that allows me to flawlessly shapeshift into one of them and sneak in.”

Su Yun then told her everything about Sly. Upon hearing that, she was extremely shocked, she never expected Su Yun to take the chance and sneak in.

“So what do you plan to do in the Profound Sky Sect? It isn’t to destroy them right? Truth be told, if you shapeshift into the Patriarch of the Profound Sky Sect, it might work, what’s the use of shapeshifting into one of their elites?”

“Shapeshift into the Patriarch? Then I need to kill him first. But if he dies, the Profound Sky Sect would not even chase after me or Qing’er anymore, aren’t you saying pointless things? Furthermore, I have never seen the Patriarch before, how can I impersonate him?”

Su Yun sighed.

“Then what do you plan to do?”

“In here, at least I am able to gather new information, and the most dangerous place is the safest place. I do not need to worry about them having to chase me. Of course, if there is an opportunity, I naturally wish to end this whole thing.” Su Yun laughed.

“Opportunity?” Ling Qing Yu did not understand, but she suddenly thought about something, her face revealed a look of astonishment, and looked at Su Yun in shock: “Don’t tell me this guy wants to.…”

“Oh yes, Qing Yu, I have raised currently my strength to the third stage of the Spirit Star Realm, my power has increased greatly and the has also improved greatly. Now, all that is left is to train in the last sword of the Four Sword Master Stage. Upon learning that, I will be able to control ten thousand swords. However, at the moment, I have not subdued enough swords from the Everlasting Sword Sheath, so I plan to enter the Sword Sheath World to take a walk.”

“Hehe, even if you didn’t say, it I would have pointed it out to you. In the period when I was resting, I met many Primal Swords. Su Yun, you are currently strong enough, and with Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and Death Sword, you can subdue other Primal swords without difficulty. I have eyed an extremely unique Primal Sword, If you are able to obtain it, it will definitely increase your personal strength substantially!”

(TN: 母剑, in real terms is twins swords, where by one sword can split into 2 or 3, and which the sub swords are called 子剑. But in LSG, 母剑 was originally called Origin Sword by yaoz and twin swords by me, but in truth, it’s real explanation in LSG is what I called 首剑, which is Primal Swords that can control other Swords, I will stick with Primal Sword because Mother Sword or Twin Swords are not apt for their description, whereby the 母剑 (Primal Swords) can control not 2 or 3, but thousands. I apologize for the confusion.)


Su Yun was roused and asked: “What sword is it?”

“It is a Primal Sword called the Desolator, just follow me and see.”

Ling Qing Yu said, and then transformed into a light aura and returned back to the Sword Sheath.

Su Yun swallowed his saliva. Without hesitation, he placed the Sword Sheath on the ground, activated it, then immediately entered.

Wooosh, the scene before him dazzled with white light, his surroundings changed, and he appeared in the place where he had long not visited.

All around him was a boundless blue sky, clouds floated all around with a gentle breeze blowing. One after another, palaces that had swords as their foundation floated across the horizon.

“Follow me!”

Ling Qu called out to Su Yun, and moved lightly, soaring like a dove. Su Yun brandished the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and leaped up, stepping on the sword. When the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword appeared, all of the sub swords that were subdued by it flew over, as though they were loyal bodyguards protecting Su Yun. The thousand swords flew together, forming a grand scene.

Su Yun followed Ling Qing Yu tightly as they sped through the horizon.

“Oh, Su Yun, I wanted to ask, do you think you understand the Limitless Sword Art?”

“Understand?” Su Yun was stunned for a moment, then shook his head bitterly: “My understanding is too shallow. Currently, I am just controlling the swords based on the imageries displayed, but it should be sufficient for now, since I am controlling so many swords to attack. So far, out of all of Sky Martial Continent’s mystical techniques, the Limitless Sword Art is definitely at the top.”

“Then have you learnt of sword formations before?”

“Sword formations?” Su Yun was startled.

“You should not have learnt it before right? Sigh, although you can control so many swords, you don’t even know of sword formations, one simple sword formation is always able to produce a might far stronger than the sword itself. Ha-ah*, why did Sword Elder die so early, you have not even learned about understanding the sword yet, when there is time, I will teach you a few simple sword techniques.” Ling Qing Yu said in a helpless tone.

(ED: * She was sort of sighing twice, but I didn’t want to leave it as “sigh sigh”. Think of it as someone sighing, with a pause somewhere.)

“I will have to thank you Qing Yu.” Su Yun laughed, and said with gratitude.

“I am just repaying my debt to Master Sword Ancestor!” Ling Qing Yu snorted.

The two of them continued to fly, passing countless of Sword Daos that were covered with sub swords, all of these glistening and dazzling swords caused Su Yun to open his eyes wide, always exclaiming throughout the journey.

The world inside the everlasting sword sheath is not something people could ever imagine, and I wonder how many more mystical places there are in this world that I’ve not seen.

Suddenly, Su Yun became somewhat looking forward to seeing the world.

“We’re here!” Just then, Ling Qing Yu suddenly stopped.

Su Yun stopped and looked ahead, only to see a black square shaped Sword Palace floating.

The Sword palace only had one Sword Dao. The Sword Dao was only about 10m long, and the Sword Palace itself was not big, much smaller than the Sword Palaces that he had seen before it.

“Is this the Sword Palace that you said the Primal Sword Desolator is in?” Su Yun asked.


“Why does it feel that it has subdued very few sub swords.”

“It truly didn’t subdue much, only 300 sub swords.”

“Huh? It is three times lesser than the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword.”

“The might of the Primal Sword is not proven by the number of sub sword it has, but by its power!” Ling Qing Yu revealed a strange smile, and then extended out her pure white arm, indicating Su Yun to go ahead, and laughed: “You can test its power!”

Su Yun stared at the Sword Palace and took a deep breath. He suddenly raised his hands, and activated all of his Spirit Essences, erupting with Profound Spirit Force.

Buzz buzz buzz buzz!

At the same time, the thousand sub swords around him all started trembling.

His cultivation level was currently sufficient to challenge all of the Primal Swords inside the Sword Sheath, and he was no longer clumsy like in the past.

Su Yun focused himself and stared at the seemingly simple and crude square shaped Sword Palace, he had a thought in his mind, and he rushed forward. In a blink of an eye, the thousand sub swords transformed into one thousand rays of lightning and rushed towards the Sword Palace.

The powerful Sword Qi opened up like a web and surrounded the Sword Palace.


In that moment, the Sword Palace displayed a strange action.

A set of grey ripple emitted out from the Sword Palace. Su Yun’s eyes contracted, he was about to move, but suddenly heard a ‘whooosh’ sound.

The entire Sword Palace was gone.


Su Yun’s heart tensed up.