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Profound Sky Sect

An Evil Realm being reeking of Evil Qi and dressed in black robes was slashing his blade and chasing ‘Sly’.

The chilly and bizarre Evil Qi dyed the sky black, and the originally dark sky became even darker.

“Evil Realm being! That’s an Evil Realm being!!!”

Someone exclaimed out.

“Why did an Evil Realm being appear here? What’s going on?”

“Is he a companion of Su Yun’s?”

“He might be! If not why would an Evil Realm being suddenly appear here?”

The experts of the Profound Sky Sect were all discussing, there were already a few tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivators that rushed forward trying to block off the Evil Realm being Kuang Yu Xie.

Previously, when they mentioned fifth stage Spirit Star Realm, it was meant to scare off people, Kuang Yu Xie’s true strength was just at the first stage, and although he was not afraid of the tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivators, killing them instantly was impossible. Furthermore, definite fighting capabilities was not purely just on cultivation, treasures had to be considered, and Kuang Yu Xie, who used to be a wandering cultivator, his treasures could not be compared to the experts of the Profound Sky Sect.


An intense vibration occurred in the sky, causing undulations to ripple out in the air, and two figures separated. When people looked, the two were Sobbing Blood Old Man Chang Yu Xie and Blossom Heart Valley’s Valley Lord, Hua Lei Xin.

Sobbing Bloog Old Man retreated a few steps, and mixed into the crowd, he looked on cautiously at the steady and calm middle aged woman, with a look of unhappiness.

“Valley Lord truly lives up to her name.”

He said in a low voice, and quietly raised his skinny hands, and noticed that his palms were green.

Seeing that, his eyes enlarged.

I was truly struck by poison!

“Don’t worry about that poison, it will only nibble and feed off of your Spirit Essences and weaken some part of your cultivation, it will not take your life. Of course, if you continue to hang around here and not go, then as the Lord of the Valley, I will have no choice but to cripple your entire cultivation, and find a few procurers to tie you up and send you back to the Profound Sky Sect!” Hua Lei Xin smiled and said. The smile seemed to conceal some poisonous needles.

“You!” Sobbing Blood Old Man was so angry, his entire body was trembling.

Boom boom boom!

Just then, explosions occurred by the side, and great amount of Evil Qi pervaded towards them. A few of the Profound Sky Sect’s people were struck to the ground, their formation immediately becoming a mess.

“What’s going on?” Sobbing Blood Old Man shouted out anxiously.

“Master, an Evil Realm being appeared at our right flank! His strength is at least of the Spirit Star Realm, we… We cannot block him at all!” Sly screamed.

“Why is there a Spirit Star Realm Evil being?” Sobbing Blood Old Man was shock, he grabbed Sly’s collar and asked: “Weren’t you chasing Su Yun? Why did all of you come running back? Where’s Su Yun?”

“Su Yun he… Su Yun, Su Yun was killed by those Evil Realm beings!”

Sly clenched his teeth and said unwillingly.

“What?” Sobbing Blood Old Man was shocked.

“There were two Evil Realm beings, I do not know where they came from, but the other Evil Realm being is a fifth stage Spirit Star Realm being, they were hiding in ambush in the forest outside of the Blossom Heart Valley. They took the chance to sneak an attack suddenly when Su Yun was escaping. He was struck, and was caught by the Evil Realm beings. As he was being eaten by that Evil Realm being, I took the chance when they were killing Su Yun to escape and come back!!!” Sly spoke with a trembling voice.

“That’s right! They also killed senior brother Li!”

“And junior brother Zhang!”

“They killed many of our men!”
A few of the Profound Sky Sect’s experts who escaped from death all spoke with fear.

“Clan elder, what do we do now? Take care of them? Or take care of the Blossom Heart Valley?”

Someone by the side asked.

“You still need to ask this? Stupid!”

Sobbing Blood Old Man stared fiercely at Hua Lei Xin, and then released a palm towards Kuang Yu Xie.

Seeing that, Kuang Yu Xie immediately retreated, the surprisingly powerful Spirit Qi caused him to perspire in cold sweat. Sobbing Blood Old Man was ultimately still a peak fourth stage Spirit Star Realm cultivator, and was much stronger than he was.

Seeing that Kuang Yu Xie was retreating, Sobbing Blood Old Man immediately waved his hand and shouted: “We will leave!”

The Profound Sky Sect’s people did not dare to continue fighting, and uniformly soared backwards to leave.

They left super abruptly, and in a blink of an eye, everyone had scattered.

The departure of Sobbing Blood Old man allowed the chaotic valley entrance to once again become calm.

But the Blossom Heart Valley’s people were not relaxed, as everyone turned their gazes towards the Evil Realm Being.

Although the Profound Sky Sect’s People had left, this Cheng Yao Jin who had so suddenly appeared prevented them from relaxing.

(TN: Cheng Yao Jin was a chinese fictional general, wiki him up, they’re just trying to say that Kuang Yu Xie is powerful.)

“Why did Evil Realm beings suddenly appear out of nowhere?”

Pill King who was being supported by a few disciples mumbled.

Gui Mo Jue looked around, and then walked forward and shouted at Kuang Yu Xie: “Who are you?”

Kuang Yu Xie turned his head and looked at them, but did not say a word.

“An Evil Realm being is still an Evil Realm being, we should not converse with them, Valley Lord, we need to destroy it, we cannot let it go, if not it will harm even more lives!” Chen Mu Yun, who took the head of the Clan Elders walked over and bowed to Hua Lei Xin and said respectfully.

But, before Hua Lei Xin could speak, Kuang Yu Xie began to move.

He turned to leave, transforming into black smoke and soared into the air, disappearing in a blink of an eye without saying a word.

What is going on?

The people of the Blossom Heart Valley were perspiring.

Pill King, Hua Lei Xin and a few others were quiet for a moment.

“We cannot let it run, we need to chase after it!”

Gui Mo Jue spoke up.

“That’s right! Evil Realm beings are more cruel and ruthless than the Spirit Demons and Demons, if we allow them to stay and move about in Martial Sky Continent, it will only bring about more disasters.”

“We need to inform the other sects, to be wary of the Evil Realm beings!” Chen Mu Yun said persistently.

“No need for that!”

Just then, Hua Lei Xin suddenly said.

Chen Mu Yun and Gui Mo Jue were startled and looked at her in astonishment.

Hua Lei Xin smiled: “Let that Evil Realm being go! Everyone, do not be bothered by it. Just treat it as though it had never appeared before. Alright, go and check on the Su Family and the injured disciples. Quickly arrange for the Su Family to leave. The Profound Sky Sect will not let this rest. From today on, Blossom Heart Valley will be in a state of emergency and act with caution, understand?”


Everyone shouted in unison.

Chen Mu Yun was still suspicious, but the Valley Lord had set an order, how would he dare to refute her? He didn’t ask any further.

In the vast sky, under the command of Chang Yu Xie, the group of Spirit Soul Realm experts sped towards the Profound Sky sect.

Everywhere around them were clouds. The group exhausted their Profound Spirit Qi to speed and hurry back, the torrential gust of winds swept against them, the injured people consumed even more Spirit Qi to travel, and swayed left and right as though they could fall any moment, but no one cared about them.


Just then, Chang Yu Xie who has been flying ahead roared.

Su Yun who was disguised as Sly frowned, but did not dare hesitate and immediately flew forward, and sounded out: “Clan elder, what orders do you have!”

“What is going on with the two Evil Realm beings? Why didn’t you capture Su Yun successfully?” Chang Yu Xie’s pale face was extremely sinister, as though he was extremely unhappy.

“Reporting to Clan Elder, this subordinate is not clear on this, but I heard one of the Evil Realm being speaking, it seems that they have always been waiting and lying in ambush. They should be Su Yun’s enemies. Su Yun is a Sky Martial Continent person but knows Evil techniques, he should have interacted with them before, and it is not surprising that he has enmities with them!”

“Not surprising? Humph, Su Yun is dead, and the connection to Qing’er is also gone! Sky Martial Continent is so big, I don’t even know how to find her, how will I account this to the Lord?”

Sobbing Blood Old Man roared softly in annoyance, he did not question Su Yun any further, and instead sped up and headed back towards the sect.

Their speed were extremely fast and did not stop at all. Su Yun did not know how the tired and injured people could last so long, but surprisingly, not one of them fell behind.

After going through three regions, they finally arrived at the sea by the south.

Profound Sky Sect!

Regardless if it was his previous life or his current life, it was the first time Su Yun had finally touched upon their territory.

It was a place hidden behind a gigantic mountain range overseeing the sea. Because the mountain ranges were extremely high, it was like a utopia separated by the rest of the world, who knew how the ancestor of the Profound Sky Sect was able to find such a hidden land to base their sect in.

As they went closer to the vast mountain range, and was preparing to close into Profound Sky Sect, suddenly, the people ahead all stopped.

Seeing that, Su Yun immediately stopped.

Chang Yu Xie who was in the lead shouted: “I am the Fifth Clan Elder Chang Yu Xie! Guardian Disciple quickly open the enchantment, and allow me into the sect!”

“Disciple greets Clan Elder Chang! I will now open the enchantment!”

A melodious and loud voice came out from within the mountains, following that, ripples started to undulate in the blue sky, and a strange energy was scattered out of the ripples. Su Yun wrinkled his nose, and carefully took a whiff of the Spirit Qi.

Enchantment? Doesn’t seem to be just one layer.

The enchantment opened, and the group opened up.

Chang Yu Xie led them straight into the mountain.

Su Yun flew slower, he felt the energy undulation in the sky, and the further they went, the more alarmed he became.

There is actually a total of 570 odd enchantments!! Is this just the defensive enchantment of the Profound Sky Sect? Isn’t that too many? Why are they so secretive?

“Master Sly, what are you doing? Please come through quickly, the guardian disciple is closing the enchantment.”

Someone inside shouted.

Su Yun trembled, he regained his senses and quickly flew in to catch up.

After going through the enchantments, he arrived at a grand scene.

Behind the mountains was a extremely vast land, with the ocean to one side and a vast land at the other. It was extremely vast, the ground was covered in jade colored rocks, and various structures spreaded out all around, and were where all the initial rank disciples stayed and cultivated. In the sky above the structures, floated glittering and dazzling jade platforms that were uncountable, all of the jade platforms were of different sizes, as though they became bigger and bigger the further and higher he flew in, every jade platform had houses and formations, the jade platforms emitted bright radiance, they were extremely dazzling.

And above the jade platforms floated an extremely huge and vast jade stone island! It was a floating rock that seem to cover the sky above Su Yun, he could only see the jade stone beneath the island, but could not see what was above the island, he could not even see the sky.

Such mystical jade platforms, how are they actually floating?

And, who owns that gigantic jade stone island at the top?

This is Profound Sky Sect? From the looks of its scale, it seems that they have millions of citizens, so robust! Compared to them, the Immortal Sword Sect is so small.

Su Yun who was flying looked around, and periodically looked down onto the ground, and looked at the jade platforms floating, exclaiming in shock.

“I will go and report to the Lord on this mission, all of you return to your cultivating residences!”

Chang Yu Xie turned and shouted to his disciples, then leapt up and went straight towards the gigantic jade stone island.

“So that’s where the Lord of Profound Sky Sect is?”

Su Yun stared at the place and thought.