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Shapeshift Bone Piece

“Big brother Yun, so you’re alright? That’s great, that’s truly great!” Xing Yang was startled for a moment, then became ecstatic: “Big brother Yun, you say that they are your people? How did you manage to employ them here? Did you already plan to scare of the Profound Sky Sect’s people? So it was like that, Big Brother Yun is truly powerful, but also, can Big Brother Yun ask your friend to let me go.”

“Let you go? There’s no need for that.”

Su Yun’s mouth turned into a strange smile, he walked over, and he looked at the ‘Xing Yang’ in front of him, and laughed: “They are not people that I employed to scare your Profound Sky Sect’s people away, they are here because of you!”

“For me? Scare my Profound Sky Sect away?” Xing Yang was stunned, and revealed a look of bafflement: “Big brother, what are you saying? What Profound Sky Sect? You think that I have surrendered to them? That’s truly strange! Big brother, don’t tell me you don’t trust me? Don’t you know how I am?”

“Of course I know how Xing Yang is as a person!” Su Yun folded his hands across his hands and laughed: “But I do not know about ‘Sly’!”

With that said, ‘Xing Yang’’s face changed, his eyes grew wide, and he looked at Su Yun: “What are you saying?”
“You don’t need to act anymore.”

“R-really? How did you notice me?”

“My eyes are sharp!”

“Impossible! Needless to say, my disguise is flawless! Even many people in the Profound Sky Sect do not know that I have participated in this! You cannot break through my disguise just by looking!” ‘Xing Yang’ snarled in anger.

“Heh, I just know!”

“How can you possibly know?”

Sly widened his eyes.

Su Yun extended his hand out, and placed it in front of his eyes.

Sly: “Huh?”

“I calculated with my fingers.”

Sly: “….”

“Alright, I’ll stop bullshitting.” Su Yun put his hand away and sheathed his swords: “I heard that you have a perfect treasure to disguise yourself, take it out.”

“W-what did you say? I don’t understand.” Sly lowered his head and clenched his teeth while saying.

“Don’t tell me you want me to illuminate you all the way? Sly, for me to know that you have participated in this movement, to know that you disguised yourself as Xing Yang and plotted against me while I was escaping, I naturally know that your shape shifting ability is obtained from a treasure, so stop acting dumb in front of me. If you don’t have it over, I can only do onto you what you have done unto others.”

“Do onto me what I have done unto others?”

“It is said that you are the fastest and most hardworking one to mobilize amongst the eighty one sect elites of the Profound Sky Sect. Regardless of whether is it a big or a small mission, you would yearn to participate, because in this way, you can truly leave the sect, and kill people with reason.” Su Yun walked over, and closed in on Sly: “You yearn for the rush in killing, regardless of whether your victim is a man, woman, elder, or a young child, you wish to have the rush from killing to satisfy your cravings, and so badly want to hear people screaming and mourning, and desperately want people to die painfully in front of you. You do not want anything, but yearn for this pure torture, am I right?”

Sly was stunned, after a moment, his Xing Yang’s face started to change, and became a face covered with a mask with yellow eyes.

But in that moment, the look in his eyes started to change as well.

“Hahahaha I never thought that… I truly never believed that there would actually be people that understands me so well. Hahahah, you are too powerful Su Yun! You are truly powerful, not even the close senior and junior brothers of mine know about this, I never expected you to understand me so clearly, it seems that I have a whole new found respect for you!”

Sly laughed out loud, his voice and expression revealed that he was not afraid or panicked like just now, as though his entire personality and soul had changed into another person, and was completely different from just now.

“He is a real lunatic, I like that, hahaha.” Just then, Kuang Yu Xie walked over with a sinister laugh.

Sly stopped laughing, and turned to look, only to see Kuang Yu Xie with his blade that was dripping with blood walking over.

“Where are the Profound Sky Sect’s people?”
Su Yun turned and asked Kuang Yu Xie.

“Reporting to Master, I managed to kill some, but the others ran away!”

“Did they return to Chang Yu Xue?”
(TN: The names are similar in english, but sound completely different in chinese, Su Yun’s subordinate is called kuáng yù xié, while the Profound Sky Sect one is called cháng yǔ xuè)


“That’s good!”

Su Yun nodded his head, then turned and looked at Sly with a serious look in his eyes and said sternly: “Sly, I am giving you one last chance, hand over the treasure to me, or you will regret it!”

“Even if I gave it to you I will be killed! Unless you want to let me go?” Sly laughed.

“I will not let you go, but if you give it to me, I will let you die happily.” Su Yun replied earnestly.

“Hehe!” Sly suddenly brought his face closer to Su Yun, his yellowish eyes flashed a look of ridicule: “Su Yun, since I am still dying, I will not give it to you, let me see what will you do? Hahahaha!”

The fanatical laughter sounded out.

Su Yun remained expressionless.


Kuang Yu Xie’s arms were trembling, his eyes released Evil Qi, as he looked at Sly with a burning look in his eyes.


His hand loosened, and the blade that was dripping with blood dropped to the ground.

“Hahaha, is he angry? To the point that he cannot even lift his blade? That’s good, it’s good to be angry! Hahahaha seeing you angry makes me happy, hahaha” Sly laughed even more recklessly.

“No, he is not angry.” Su Yun cut his laughter, and revealed a devilish look on his face: “He is longing and begging me!”

Sly was stunned: “Longing?”

Su Yun looked at Kuang Yu Xie and nodded his head: “You may begin!”

“Thank you Master!” Kuang Yu Xie replied with a trembling voice, he nodded at Su Yun, and then like a famished tiger pouncing for food, he rushed towards Sly.

“Y-you, what are you doing?”

Sly was completely stunned, he tried to retreat, but how could he, his enemy was Kuang Yu Xie, and in a moment he was grabbed by the neck by Kuang Yu Xie.

At that moment, the two of them removed their disguise, and revealed their pitch black skin and sinister appearance, and a large amount of Evil Qi surged up like smoke.

“Evil Realm beings? The two of you are actually Evil Realm beings!” Sly’s eyes were wide opened as he looked in shocked.

“Yes, they are Evil Realm beings, and my subordinates! Sly, don’t tell me you don’t know? Evil Realm beings are born with the gift to erode the brain and seize memories, and this subordinate of mine loves to eat people like you, who have good cultivation. Since you are not willing to give up the treasure by yourself, I can only use him to eat your brain, take some of your memories, and then he will hand me the treasure!”

Su Yun walked over to a boulder and sat down, and said calmly.

“What?” Sly was shocked, he regained his senses and screamed fanatically: “No! I’ll tell you, I’m willing to gift the treasure to you, let me die happily! Please!”


Sly’s arms were torn apart, blood spurt everywhere, gushing out like a water fountain.

“Too late.”

Su Yun said indifferently.

His voice was cold, his expression did not fluctuate, facing Sly who was wailing in anguish, he sat there unmoving.

“Absorbing your memories will smash your consciousness, the pain is the most intense, since a life’s most powerful thing is the consciousness, please enjoy it, food!”

Kuang Yu Xie growled, and smashed his hand through Sly’s lower abdomen, pulling out a kidney, and stuffing it into his mouth.

“Ahh!!!” the painful cry screamed out.

Evil Realm beings were naturally masters of anatomy, they knew how to remove organs off a person without causing them to die, and even understood where the positions are with the most spirit essences, that after eating, would benefit and amplify their own strength.

Ordinary Evil Realm beings that devoured corpses to gain power were extremely few, but Kuang Yu Xie and Huang Dong Zhang are high rank Evil Realm beings, and knew of different evil technique, for them to be able to obtain the first stage Spirit Star Realm relied on devouring bodies. However, there were countless of disadvantages as well. Devouring was not an immediate gain in cultivation, but required a long process of digestion through a long time, and devouring high grade cultivator’s bodies had the possibility of having their minds corroded by the spirit of the dead person, with a minute chance of the other party taking over their body. In other words, the two of them were actually betting with their lives to obtain cultivation.

Sly was completely overwhelmed in the pain, his eyes were filled with fear, the yellowish mask also fell off, revealing a distorted skinny face.

But very quickly, the screaming died down, Sly’s body laid limp on the ground, his consciousness was growing thin, his life was gradually slipping away.

Blood flowed out from him, the terrifying bone cracking sounds sounded out, and the body continued to become smaller and more ripped apart.

Huang Dong Zhang did not even have the intention to have a bite, and just stood to the side.

After half an incense of time.


Kuang Yu Xie who had absorbed Sly’s mind was startled, as though he had found something, and retrieved out a red bone piece from Sly’s forehead, and handed it over to Su Yun.

“It’s this?” Su Yun took it and looked at it.

“And here I thought he would had kept it in his storage ring.” Huang Dong Zhang who was at the side said.

“I thought so too.” Su Yun looked at the bone piece in his hand and asked: “How do I use this?”

“Just by imbuing it into the bone in your forehead!”

Kuang Yu Xie pointed to Su Yun’s forehead and said: “From Sly’s memories, I have learnt a lot, this is called the Shapeshift Bone Piece. Inside it, there is a portion of the Immortal Monarch Shapeshift. It is said that it is the Immortal Monarch Shapeshift’s original bone piece, and does not belong to any category of treasure, so it has no grade. In order for it to be used, you only need to think of the image you want to become, and activate a bit of Profound Spirit Qi, then you’ll be able shapeshift.”

“So it’s like that.”

Su Yun nodded his head, without hesitating, he directly released a bit of Pure Divine Spirit Qi and cut the skin on his forehead, chipping off a bit of his own bone, he placed the Shapeshift Bone piece inside.

Huang Dong Zhang immediately activated a mystical technique to heal him, but was stopped by Su Yun.

“No need! This look is perfect! Everything is according to plan.”

Su Yun exhaled, and said: “You two will continue acting with me, and then go to Blossom Heart Valley to wait. As long as Blossom Heart Valley has any problems, you two must definitely help them!”

“Yes, Master!” The two of them cupped their fists.

“Alright, I have to go!”

Su Yun laughed, then turned and rushed towards Blossom Heart Valley, at the same time activating ‘Shapeshift Bone piece’.

In an instant, a strange energy seeped out from the bone piece, and wriggled all around him like calluses. After a few breaths of time, the calluses split apart, and ‘Sly’ was born.

He rushed forward very quickly, and produced explosion sounds once in awhile, the Spirit Qi all around were like turbid dirty mud, it was chaotic.

Su Yun, who had transformed into ‘Sly’, was running frantically.

Reaching Blossom Heart Valley, he screamed: “Help me! Save me!”

Outside of Blossom Heart Valley, the Profound Sky Sect’s people who were still fighting with Blossom Heart Valley experts all turned to look.

“It’s Master Sly!”

“He’s not dead?”

“Oh my god, what is that behind him?”

Everyone looked at the black cloud behind Sly, and exclaimed out loud.