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The Black Locket

It was three against two, but in terms of strength, Su Yun’s side did not hold absolute advantage. Jia Sha Zi’s strength was higher than Su Yun, and Long Zhuang Shan was a stage higher than Huang Dong Zhang and Kuang Yu Xie in cultivation. He alone could fight against the two brothers.

“Fighting with Master is truly different, the enemies in front of us are such powerful existences.”

Huang Dong Zhang said softly, but his words were in no sense casual.

“Senior brother, don’t tell me you’re afraid? “Kuang Yu Xie’s words had a sense of fanaticism in it. His eyes were filled with passion, his boorish face did not reveal any fear at all.

“Afraid? How is that possible?” Huang Dong Zhang replied: “I am only saying, now we are not as strong as them, so we can only outsmart them, and not fight head on!”

“Outsmart? How?”

Kuang Yu Xie did not know how.

“This.” Huang Dong Zhang lowered his head to think, and then with a stern and dignified face: “At the moment I have not thought of anything.”

Su Yun: “….”

Kuang Yu Xie: “….”

“You handle the two Evil Spirit beings, I’ll capture Su Yun! Move!” Jia Sha Zi bellowed, and rushed over.

Their speed was so fast that the two evil beings could not catch them.

“Follow me!”

Just then, Su Yun shouted out loud. Raising his Profound Spirit Qi, he controlled the thousand swords to fly at Jia Sha Zi, and then turned his head and rushed towards Martial Bone Mountain.

The two evil beings did not dare hesitate and transformed into two black smoke and followed Su Yun.

“You wanna run?”

Jia Sha Zi snorted, his body transformed into specks of sand and rushed along with the wind.

“Master Jia Sha Zi, wait for me!” Long Zhuang Shan bellowed, he did not fly, but sprinted, the ground beneath him shook whenever he took a step, forming footprints in the ground where he treaded.

Su Yun stepped on the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and looked forward, speeding his way. Huang Dong Zhang and Kuang Yu Xie who were behind barely managed to keep up.

“Master, where are we running to? That mighty cultivator is catching up.”

Huang Dong Zhang turned and looked behind, his expression stern.

“Just follow me.”

Su Yun replied.

The two dare not refute his order, and could only follow.

When Su Yun reached one of the mountains in Martial Bone Mountain, he slowed down.

Bang! Bang!!

Behind, Jia Sha Zhi had already caught up, he had struck out with his red spear in his hand, and the two rays of spear light flew and struck Huang Dong Zhang and Kuang Yu Xie. The two of them only cared about running, and by the time they sensed the attack, it was too late for them to defend. They were struck, and flew down from the sky.

“Zhuang Shan! You take those two, I’ll take care of Su Yun!”

Jia Sha Zi shouted, and ignored the two evil beings and directly rushed towards Su Yun.

The spear thrusted out into the air once again, the spear’s body blinked with red light, and following his movement, it erupted with another ray from the spear tip towards Su Yun.


Su Yun was struck by the spear and dropped from the sky straight to the ground. He rolled twice before stopping, and had difficulty standing, a look on unhappiness was revealed in his eyes.


Jia Sha Zi became suspicious: Why did Su Yun get hit so easily? The two evil beings are not on par with me in terms of speed, so them getting hit is normal. But he remained cautious, seemingly afraid of a trap.

Jia Sha Zi looked around, they were already close to the cliff, and there were nothing that obstructed his view, the only thing there, was a black tombstone. The tombstone seemed to be ordinary, and Su Yun laid near the tombstone.

If there was anything strange, then it would definitely be that tombstone.

But what can one tombstone hide?

Just then, Su Yun stood up, Jia Sha Zi’s hesitation had given him a lot of time to run, he once again released his flying sword, seemingly preparing to escape.

Seeing that, he could no longer resist and rushed over with spear in hand.


Just as he was about to rush forward, Su Yun who was preparing to escape suddenly turned his body, grabbed Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword which was floating in the air, then turned around and slashed at Jia Sha Zi!


JIa Sha Zi’s mind tensed up and immediately used his spear to block.

But, he had placed all of his focus on Su Yun, and never noticed Huang Dong Zhang and Kuang Yu Xie who had directly avoided Long Zhuang Shan!!

The two of them immediately summoned out all of their Profound Spirit Qi, converging into their hands, they struck out at Jia Sha Zi at the same time.


The two of them roared in unison, releasing all of their strength!

“What?” Jia Sha Zi suddenly turned his head and looked back, but he was not in time


Jia Sha Zi was directly flung out and smashed straight into the tombstone.

The moment he reached near the tombstone, the tombstone suddenly released an irresistible attraction force, and swallowed Jia Sha Zi in!!

Jia Sha Zi disappeared.

“Fragmented Void’s Gate!!!”

Long Zhuang Shan was surprised.

“That’s right!”

Su Yun patted the dust on his body, his expression regained back to normal, he turned and looked at Long Zhuang Shan: “Jia Sha Zi will be stuck inside for quite a while, but we can continue!”

Upon saying that, the three of them gathered around Long Zhuang Shan.

This time, it was truly one against three. Adding to that, Su Yun was a third stage Spirit Star Realm, Long Zhuang Shan did not have any possibility of attaining victory!

His face turned pale white, his entire body shivering, he retreated a few steps, clenching his teeth, he turned around and leaped to escape.

At the moment, only by running can I preserve my life!

“You wanna run?”

Kuang Yu Xie laughed sinisterly, and was about to give chase.

“Don’t chase!”

Su Yun shouted.

The two of them stopped.

“Master, why do we not chase him to obtain victory? With the three of us, we can easily get rid of him!!!”

“I also wish to kill him, but at the moment we have already killed two Spirit Star experts. For so many experts to die, it would definitely shock the Profound Sky Sect, I am afraid they will send in even stronger reinforcements in turn. Also, if Long Zhuang Shan wants to live, he would head towards the location of the experts, so we will definitely meet them if we chase after him. If we are caught, we will definitely die!” Su Yun kept the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword into the sword sheath, and then said indifferently: “There will still be a time for us to fight the Profound Sky Sect, don’t be anxious!”

Hearing that, the two of them understood and nodded their heads.

“Since you two are here, don’t be too anxious to go, follow me first, I have a few things that require your assistance!”

“To be able to serve Master is this subordinate’s honor, Master, please do not be so courteous with us!” The two of them knelt down and said with reverence.

“Since we are going to battle, then we are not some subordinate and master anymore, we are friends! To ask friends for help, naturally I have to be more courteous!”

Su Yun laughed.

He did not know if the evil beings would accept that, but it is never a harm to be nice to people, and to rely on imposement to subdue subordinates was not a good long term plan.

The two of them looked at each other and did not say anything.

After leaving Martial Bone Mountain, Su Yun rushed for Blossom Heart Valley.

Since the two evil beings reeked of Evil Qi, he could only get them to stay in the forest outside of Blossom Heart Valley, while Su Yun himself rushed into the valley.

At the moment, the valley was in an uproar, disciples were rushing in and out, as the sudden influx of Su Family citizens had filled up Blossom Heart Valley.

Xin Yue and Xing Yang had already brought and settled the injured parties. Fortunately, the disciples could treat them, so it was not too stressful.

“Big brother Yun!”

Upon seeing the black cloaked figure step in, Xin Yue who was taking care of the injured called out in elation.

“Ah? It’s young master Su Yun!”

“Young master Su Yun is back?”

“Did you manage to push back those people from the Profound Sky Sect?”

Upon seeing him, the Su Family’s people who were still waiting for their arrangements while seated on the ground all stood up, and waved passionately at Su Yun, but even more people were trembling from head to toe, not daring to look at Su Yun.

When Su Yun was in his dire situation, many people had mocked and ridiculed him. Evidently, there were many people who humiliated and mocked him in the face as well, and even more came from the inner sect and main house.

“All of you, life is unpredictable, and a person’s ups and downs will not last forever, do you understand that now? When a person is in a bad state, it is nothing, because sooner or later he will flourish again. This time, if not for Young Master Su Yun saving all of us, we would all be dead by the hands of Profound Sky Sect! Now, Young Master Su Yun is the Patriarch of our Su Family, if he wants to kill someone, that person must die!”

An old and frail white haired man stood up and snarled in anger at the inner sect’s people, he was from the outer sect, and always suffered from the torments and bullies from the inner sect, but now there were no differentiation between the inner and outer sects, he became blunt with his words.

The old man might have said that, but Su Yun did not have much feelings for these people. They were just people that mocked him when he was in that bad situation in the past. It was not worthwhile to take their lives. Furthermore with the Blossom Heart Valley’s people present, he could not do anything to them.

“Where is the Main house of the Su Family?”

Su Yun looked around and asked.

“Majority of them died while protecting us while we were retreating!”

A middle aged man walked over, and bowed towards Su Yun and said respectfully.

He was the seventh clan elder of the Su Family, but his cultivation was not high.

“Is that so?”

Su Yun thought for a moment, then said: “It is not a long term plan for the Su Family to stay in Blossom Heart Valley! Seventh Clan Elder, in a while, I will notify Senior Pill King, and get the Blossom Heart Valley people to prepare medicine and bandages for all of you to use, prepare everyone, we will quickly leave Blossom Heart Valley tonight!”

“Leave tonight?” The seventh clan elder was stunned: “Many of them are injured, how far can we walk?”

“The matter of Su Family staying in Blossom Heart Valley cannot be hidden from the Profound Sky Sect, adding that I have appeared, I am afraid that the Profound Sky sect will send experts to kill the Su Family and capture me. Blossom Heart Valley is in imminent danger, this place cannot protect all of you either, so we need to leave as early as possible, because once the experts arrive, no one can stop them!”

Su Yun said, then turned and walked towards Pill King’s residence.

The Su Family’s people looked at each other at a loss.

Maybe in many of their hearts, they still did not understand how strong the Profound Sky sect was.

Su Yun explained the entire situation to Pill King after entering his residence.

The power of the Profound Sky Sect, although Blossom Heart Valley was publicly known to be fair and just, the world was still a place where the fists and power overrules, and words were nothing much.

Although Pill King was not afraid, but if the Profound Sky Sect truly fought their way in, Blossom Heart Valley would not be able to stop them.

So the plan was to get the Su Family to leave quickly, at least to find another chance at survival.

After discussing with Pill King, Su Yun immediately brought Kuang Yu Xie and Huang Dong Zhang away. If he remained in Blossom Heart Valley, he would attract more enemies. Leaving first was still the better choice.

After the three left Blossom Heart Valley, Su Yun brought them once again towards Martial Bone Mountain.

Huang Dong Zhang and Kuang Yu Xie were confused, and were completely unaware of what Su Yun truly wanted to do.

Su Yun brought the two of them to a valley gutter, then took down a black locket from his neck, and imbued Profound Spirit Qi inside it.


In a moment, the black locket released a black light, and was activated.