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Su Yun had initially brought Xin Yue to directly chase after the group that was returning to Blossom Heart Valley, but before the two of them had left for long, they caught on to Jia Sha Zi’s Profound Spirit Qi. Relying on his cultivation level’s speed to chase would only take less than an incense stick’s worth of time to catch up. Su Yun might have been able to throw them off, but Xin Yue, Xing Yang and the rest were definitely unable to escape.

Since I can’t run, then I’ll fight!

Su Yun thought and took out the Evil Emperor badge from his storage ring, hiding it behind a boulder inside the forest. Upon activating it, he opened up all the tens of thousands of his Evil Spirit Essences in his entire body, bursting forth with Evil Qi, enveloping the Evil Qi released by the Evil Emperor badge. Jia Sha Zi and the others did not notice the order badge hidden behind the boulder.

Su Yun became extremely imposing, releasing a sword which screamed with a terrifying shriek, and pounced over.

“Overestimating yourself!”

He Ben shouted loudly and activated his Spirit Essences. Using his Spirit Qi, he formed two gigantic barriers that blocked against Su Yun’s sword.

Zzzzi zzzzi zzzi zzzzi!

A sound that resembled a poisonous snake came out, as large amounts of Profound Spirit Qi surged out from Su Yun’s body, they all transformed into different rays of trajectory. The Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword seemed to be attracted to the trajectories, quickly swerving about and slashing He Ben.

“So fast!”

He Ben was shocked, and immediately activated his treasure. The robe on his body immediately became tough, transforming into a turtle shell like armor and as the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword struck onto it, it only produced a spark and a sword mark on the turtle armor, unable to breakthrough the defense.

“Heh, what a joke, Su Yun, maybe you are very strong, but don’t you think it’s a little crazy for just you alone. One Spirit Star Realm cultivator is brazenly challenging four Spirit Star Realm cultivators?”

He Ben said coldly, his hand turned into a palm and struck at Su Yun’s chest, the palm seemed to be able to cut through everything, as the Profound Spirit Qi around Su Yun’s body were broken through, the palm struck his chest area.

“It’s over, I didn’t think that I, He Ben, would be able to challenge and win against cultivators surpassing myself!” He Ben’s eyes flashed a fervent look, his face was filled with excitement, as though victory was already taken.

But in that moment, the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword’s blade suddenly released a terrifyingly huge Evil Spirit. It was like an evil barrier that enveloped He Ben, and used its fierce claws to directly strike He Ben’s body.


The turtle shell cracked.


The terrifying sound of flesh tearing came out.

It was as though He Ben was thrown into a meat grinder. In just a few seconds, he was ripped to shreds by the Evil Spirit!

He was baited!

Liu Xin Hai and Long Zhuang Shan were stunned upon seeing what had transpired.

Su Yun had used his own body as bait, luring He Ben to approach and directly attack him. Then, he used a strange technique to counter him. It was an extremely dangerous method, and if Su Yun had misjudged it by a fraction, his heart and chest would be replaced by a hole created by He Ben’s palm. If he released the Evil Spirit too quickly, He Ben would have sensed it and would have retreated, causing the Evil Spirit to be unable to stick onto He Ben.

He was basically using his life as a wager!

Just that, while the two saw that Su Yun was fearless and ruthless, they did not know that Su Yun was forced to do it.

It was one against four! If he did not quickly get rid of his enemies, then he would lose, as the enemies would attrite him further.

“Master Jia Sha Zi!”

Just then, Liu Xin Hai turned his head and shouted to Jia Sha Zi who was standing in in a daze: “You’re at the peak of the third stage of the Spirit Star Realm, what are you standing there for? Quickly kill him!”

(TN: The chinese words indicated that Jia Sha Zi is a Spirit Soul Realm, but that’s impossible because when Su Yun first met him, he clearly sensed that he was Spirit Star Realm.)

“I do not need you to teach me what to do!”

Jia Sha Zi replied coldly, and his expression turned sinister as he rushed forward.

It has to be said that Jia Sha Zi’s strength and the other three had a disparity of heaven and earth. Upon reaching near, he released a tyrannical pressure that pushed on Su Yun’s body, causing his legs to sink down by a few inches, and his movements became rigid.

“Su Yun, I do not wish to become your enemy, or rather, I have been against what Profound Sky Sect is doing for the past few years, all the atrocities and outrageous acts. However, as someone from Profound Sky Sect, I cannot just watch as you massacre my sect’s people without doing anything, so Su Yun, stop resisting and let me capture you back to the Profound Sky Sect!”

Jia Sha Zi bellowed, and then exploded out, actually multiplying out nine by nine, with a total of eighty one figures, surrounding Su Yun from his left and right, completely trapping him within.

“Thousand Magnificence Shakes the Sky!”

The eighty one figures bellowed in unison, their fingers and palms moving frantically. From every finger shot out a large amount of frightening and peerless rays of stings, a total of 810 rays of stings were released in an instant, following that, the eighty one figures all started to converge, and transform into the original Jia Sha Zi, who was holding onto a dark yellow spear, which he thrust out following the rays.

It was an attack without any dead angles! Adding his original following closely behind, even if Su Yun could dodge the rays, he would find it difficult to defend against the original’s attack. And if he ignored the rays and defended against the original straight away, the outcome would be even uglier, the rays caused a commotion, and unless Su Yun was a fifth stage Spirit Star cultivator or above, he would definitely not be able to fight against Jia Sha Zi’s rays of stings.

“Just die!”

Jia Sha Zi shot his spear out.

But just in that absolute entrapment with nowhere to run, Su Yun, dressed in his black cloak, actually revealed a cold sneer.

“Huh?” Jia Sha Zi was stunned.

He raised his hand up, and revealed a lustrous black storage ring that seemed to shine on his finger, following that…


An earth shattering explosion occurred, following that, a stifling Scarlet Star Spirit Qi halberd soared down from the sky and directly smashed downwards on Jia Sha Zi.

Jia Sha Zi’s innards trembled, he immediately turned the direction of his spear towards the incoming halberd.


The spear clashed with the halberd, but the halberd’s power was far stronger than what anyone could ever imagine, Jia Sha Zi was instantly forced down from the sky and smashed into the ground!

Liu Xin Hai and Long Zhuang Shan who were at the side anxiously looked over, and saw a silhouette of a gigantic almighty figure soaring down from the sky, brimming with overwhelming power, landing in front of Jia Sha Zi, and brandished his halberd and attack fervently.

Jia Sha Zhi clenched his teeth, and continued to raise his spear to block the attacks, which proved to be extremely taxing on him.

Formless Battle God Seal!

One of the Sprite Shadow ring’s mystical technique!!

Boom boom boom boom!

Su Yun took the chance and flew around the ray stings, and then turned his body and flew out, without any hesitation and without any regards for Jia Sha Zi.

“Not good! Su Yun wants to escape!”

“Catch him!”

Liu Xin Hai shouted in anger, and immediately gave chase.

But after flying for a moment, he rushed into the forest and landed beside an upright stone, and turned to look at the two incoming people.

“Su Yun! Don’t think of escaping, obediently hold your hand out to be captured!”

Long Zhuang Shan roared.

“Hold my hands out to be captured? With just the two of you? Two second stage Spirit Star Realm cultivators?”

“Are you looking down on second stage Spirit Star Realm cultivators? Su Yun, you better not forget, there are two of us, if it was only one of us, then we would be slightly afraid of you, but if the two of us were to act together, even if we cannot defeat you, we can still suppress you, and when Master Jia Sha Zi arrives, the three of us can cooperate to kill you!” Long Zhuang Shan roared.

“So, it seems that you want to bully me by having numbers?”

“We are bullying you with numbers, so what? Accept your fate!” Liu Xin Hai sneered and rushed over.

Sou Sou!

Just as he moved, two pitch black light rays suddenly shot out from behind him and penetrated through Liu Xin Hai like arrows, instantly nailing him onto a nearby standing rock.

Su Yun took the chance and slashed.


The Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword cut Liu Xin Hai’s throat and directly cut his head off. Blood spurted through the air, painting the rock red, as Liu Xin Hai’s body twitched frantically.

Su Yun waved his hands again, and increased the number of swords and directly sliced Liu Xin Hai’s body into pieces!

Liu Xin Hai had died so tragically. Yet another Spirit Star Expert had fallen!

Long Zhuang Shan was stunned.

Just then, a large amount of Evil Qi floated to his side. Long Zhuang Shan immediately regained his senses and turned anxiously, noticing that beneath a huge boulder near him lay an order badge, quietly emitting Evil Qi, transforming into a vortex door, with two figures walking out from inside.

Observing the Spirit Qi, they were first stage Spirit Star experts. Although they were not comparable to Long Zhuang Shan, there were two of them.

The two of them had black skin and red eyes, and Evil Qi surging out of them. Long Zhuang Shan’s state of mind twitched, he could not help but ask: “T-they are Evil Realm beings?”

“It’s time for this to end!”

Su Yun’s eyes became extremely calm, he picked up the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword that was dripping with blood and walked towards Long Zhuang Shan.

When Kuang Yu Xie and Huang Dong Zhang snuck an attack on Liu Xin Hai, Su Yun knew that he had won the battle! Su Yun had emitted Evil Qi to mask the Evil Qi being released by the Sovereign King Order badge, so no one had noticed it. He also deliberately lured them to the order badge. The aim was to receive assistance from Kuang Yu Xie and Huang Dong Zhang, and deal with them.

“Master Sovereign King! Is it this the person you want us to kill?”

Huang Dong Zhang held his cane, his devilish eyes staring coldly at Long Zhuang Shan.

“Master, after we kill them, can you reward your subordinates with their bodies?” Kuang Yu Xie stared at Long Zhuang Shan greedily, his mouth seemed to be salivating.

“Don’t speak so much, he is a second stage Spirit Star cultivator, don’t be too happy, if you’re not careful you’ll lose your life!”

Su Yun roared, then waved his sword, the thousand swords flying over towards Long Zhuang Shan.

Huang Dong Zhang and Kuang Yu Xie did not dare be neglectful at all, although the two of them had come over to support Su Yun, they were still weaker than Long Zhuang Shan by a stage and the two of them cooperating might still not be enough to fight him. At the moment, there was only one of them, before Jia Sha Zi could react, they had to get rid of Long Zhuang Shan as soon as possible.

“Don’t look down on me!”

Facing the onslaught of three Spirit Star Realm experts, Long Zhuang Shan displayed the courage he ought to have. Clenching his teeth, his eyes dyed blood red, he stared at the enemies in front of him and continued to wave his fists.





In a short bout, he had released over a thousand fists, aimed at the chests of the three Evil Qi cultivators, with Su Yun enduring the most. The fists were not meant to create injuries, but meant to disrupt the Profound Spirit Qi in their bodies. With over a thousand fists, the mystical techniques of the three people were cancelled, it was actually rather difficult.

The faces of the three men changed!


Just then, a joyous exclamation came out from a distance, the Formless Battle God Seal had disappeared, and Jia Sha Zi was free! He leaped into the air, his hand grabbing towards his heart, releasing blood light from his fingertips, which quickly revolved around the spear in his hands, causing the dark yellow spear to turn red in a moment, and was thrown straight towards Su Yun’s head.

What kind of splendid attack was that! There were no superfluous movements, no sluggish movements, all of his Profound Spirit Qi were used perfectly well!


When the terrifying spear closed in on Su Yun, it suddenly transformed into a blood dragon!


Su Yun’s heart jumped, he immediately used the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword to block, but at the moment, his Profound Spirit Force was disrupted, and the thousand swords were all on the ground. He couldn’t even activate any mystical techniques, so how could he block it?

Fuck, I’ve looked down on Long Zhuang Shan.

Su Yun clenched his teeth, and could only dodge.

“Instant Teleportation!” In that moment of life and death, Huang Dong Zhang suddenly roared.


Black light suddenly appeared beneath the three Evil Qi beings, and their vision suddenly dazzled.

When their vision stabilized, they had already appeared around 100m away.

“What?” Long Zhuang Shan was shocked: “How can you activate mystical techniques without Profound Spirit Qi?”

“This technique does not need any! It only requires my evil blood!”

Huang Dong Zhang raised his left hand and sneered, his shoulder was bleeding, and pitch black blood still flowed.

I’ve looked down on Huang Dong Zhang too.

Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief as he thought in his mind.