Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 334
Complete Extermination

“Who is this kid? Su Chi Tu?”

Xin Yue and Xing Yang walked over, looking at the frail and weak corpse, their eyes dilated and their hearts jumped.

Su Chi Tu, eleven years old, did not have much talent, came from a poor family, and adding to that, he isn’t really intelligent, so he was not suitable to cultivate Profound Spirit Force. He and Su Yun did not have much interaction in the current life. Nonetheless, in his past life, he was extremely close to Su Yun. As Su Yun had a weak cultivation, and after being pushed out into the outer family, he was shunned by many and suffered for a long time. This caused him to live in dejection, then leading to him giving up on trying. Practically no one bothered about him, and only a few would talk to him. Su Chi Tu was one of them. Every time Su Yun was famished without food, Su Chi Tu would steal sweet potatoes or yam for him. Of course, all these were not for free, as Su Yun would have to impart cultivation techniques to Chi Tu, but Chi Tu did not train seriously and was just doing it for fun. He knew that relying on his own talent would not allow him to enter any cultivation realm, so it was just a topic for them to talk about. Although Su Chi Tu was young and not very intelligent. He just had a pure heart, and did not care about Su Yun’s past. Whenever Su Yun was dispirited, it was always Su Chi Tu who was by his side, encouraging him.

Maybe when he did not have Qing’er, as well as the days when Xin Yue and Xing Yang were not around, the one who talked to him the most was this child who was 10 years younger than him.

“Damn it! You ingrates! You even killed the children! Presumptuous Profound Sky Sect acting like a righteous and upright sect, how are you different from the Demons and Spirit Demons?!”

Su Xing Yang’s eyes were red as he howled at the Profound Sky Sect’s people.

“Orders had been sent from our higher ups! We are to decimate the entire Su Family and not leave any alive! Hehe, from the way you guys are looking at us, it seems that your relation with the Su Family is not shallow!” The leader of the Profound Sky Sect walked out and said while looking at the three of them.

This man was more on the plump side. He was dressed in a large robe, wielding a single handed blade in his hand, with blood splattered over his body. It seemed like he had killed many people.

“Listen up, this great lord is Su Xing Yang! In a moment, the one to kill all of you is this lord!” Su Xing Yang snorted.

“What about you lass!”

“Su Xin Yue!” Xin Yue replied in anger.

“And you, kid!”

“Su Yun!’

The extremely pale white face man said in a low voice while standing up, and walked towards the fat leader.

When he spoke the name, it caused all the Profound Sky Sect’s people to shudder, and their eyes all landed towards that man.

“W-w-what did you say your name was?” The leader widened his eyes, as if he was in disbelief.

“I am Su Yun! Are you motherfucking deaf?”

Su Yun extended his hand out and seized the leader, pointing at Su Chi Tu’s body, he roared: “I am asking you! Who killed him? WHO!!!”

“You asshole! Don’t you dare be arrogant, kill them!”

Seeing that their enemies were so arrogant, the few Profound Sky Sect disciples behind roared and rushed towards Su Yun with their blades.

But in the next moment, Xin Yue and Xing Yang had already rushed over. Raising their hands up, a large quantity of numbing mist scattered out and the Profound Sky Sect’s people could not react in time against it. They were touched by the mist, and all of them dropped to the ground in numbness, as though they were intoxicated by alcohol. None of them had any strength to stand.


When the other Profound Sky Sect’s people saw that, their face turned white, they dare not attack anymore.

“Is this man the real Su Yun? The one who defeated the Spirit Demon Emperor, that Su Yun?”

“How many Su Yun’s are there in the Su Family?”

“Why is Su Yun back? Wasn’t he chased out by the Su family? Why did he come back to save them?”

The Profound Sky Sect’s people did not understand and were unable to comprehend why Su Yun would appear at such a time.

“Who did he say he is? Young Master Su Yun?”

“Yes! He is Young Master Su Yun! That’s him! It’s no mistake!”

“Young Master Su Yun is here! Young Master Su Yun is here!!! We are saved!!! Saved!!!”

“Why will Young Master Su Yun come and save us? Shouldn’t he hate our Su Family to the core?”

“How open minded is Young Master Su Yun? Why would he be so calculative about all these? This is still his home, how can be watch us die and not help us?”

The Su Family people were cheering as they looked at Su Yun with passion in their eyes.

A person who is extremely thirsty will yearn for hot soup the most, and a person who is walking in the coldest place in the world would naturally yearn to be around a bonfire, and Su Yun was the bonfire that just appeared!

“This brat, at least he came.”

Su Li Xiang who was amongst the crowd heaved a sigh of relief, holding onto the wound where his arm used to be and said weakly.


Just then, a ruthless sound of bone tearing came out. Everyone’s heart jumped as they looked over, only to see Su Yun using his hands and ripping the fat leader’s body apart!

Fresh blood splattered all across the floor, and the split body was flung to the side, this scene where Su Yun had killed without even blinking had caused a cold chill to surge through everyone’s body.

If a person who treated killing people as an ordinary matter like eating and drinking, then he was no different from a pervert homicidal maniac.

They did not know whether Su Yun was a homicidal maniac or not, but from his actions, it was no different from a pervert.

The Profound Sky Sect people were shocked. All of their eyes were as wide as cow eyes!

“Ah!!! Su Yun, you brat! Don’t be overly excessive! Just a mere Su Family dares to contend against the Profound Sky Sect? Truly seeking death!”

Just then, many sets of footsteps could be heard from behind and a team of Profound Sky Sect’s people arrived.

The person at the lead, who was the leader of the group, saw what Su Yun had done and immediately became enraged, directly thrusting out his spear towards Su Yun.


The Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword was unsheathed and struck at the spear without hesitation, the blood red sword blade shone with an unstoppable sharp light aura and instantly broke the spear’s body, and the sword blade immediately flew towards the man.


The sharp sword aura instantly cut through at the man’s waist! Blood spurted out and scattered all over the floor!

Instant kill!

The Profound Sky Sect’s people all sucked in cold breaths!

The disparity in strength was too great! It was too wide!

The Profound Sky Sect’s people never expected Su Yun to arrive so quickly!

“Without cultivation reaching the Spirit Star Realm, don’t try to challenge me!”

Su Yun stared at the group of people, then turned and headed towards the Su Family.

“SU LI XIONG!!!” He roared loudly: “Where is Su Li Xiong!?”

Hearing and seeing that, the Su Family people immediately opened a path straight towards Su Li Xiong.

Everyone knew that the Su Family patriarch and Su Yun had deep hatred between each other, and the reason why Su Yun was chased out of the Su Family was completely because of Su Li Xiong. Maybe Su Yun might be here to save the Su family, but definitely not Su Li Xiong.

“Su Yun, I’m here!”

Su Li Xiong’s weak voice came out.

He was not afraid or panicked, just grieved.

However as Su Yun walked over, he immediately kicked him down and used the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood sword to hover at his neck.

“Why is the Su Family being targeted?” He asked coldly.

“We are unable to grab hold of Su Qing’er, causing the lord of the Profound Sky Sect to be angry. Placing the anger on our heads, he decided to kill the entire Su Family to ease the hatred in his heart! As the saying goes: ‘Get rid of somebody after he has served his purpose, since the fox is unable to even catch the rabbit, what is the point of letting the fox to live?’” Su Li Xiong said slowly, his eyes revealing a cold look.

“Why does the Profound Sky Sect want Qing’er? Is it truly for her to marry to the lord’s son Tian She? And what is this matter regarding my parents? Aren’t they already dead? What are you trying to play?”

Su Yun asked with a sinister look in his eyes.

Su Li Xiong’s mouth was wide opened, and was about to speak when suddenly, a light aura shot out from the sky straight towards his heart.

Kill to silence the man?

Su Yun threw out his sword and blocked the light aura.

Bang bang bang bang!

Loud explosions came out from the sky.

A few men dressed in black robes lined with golden threads rushed over, without saying a word, they struck towards Su Yun.

“Xing Yang, Xin Yue, get them out of here!”

Su Yun bellowed and activated the Limitless Sword Arts, sending thousand swords flying out of the Everlasting Sword Sheath to attack the men.

They were all tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivators and were powerful. Although they could not match up against Su Yun, they were enough against the mere Su Family.

“Kill all the Su Family people, and not one shall be left alive! Kill!!!”

The experts of the Profound Sky Sect bellowed.


Everyone activated mystical techniques, as surging Profound Spirit Force gushed towards the crowd bellowed like a huge tide, the overwhelming power gushed down at the Su Family.

But at the next second, uncountable swords flew like ten thousand arrows and struck the Profound Spirit Forces.

Seeing that, their will to fight dropped as the Profound Sky Sect’s people dare not move up.

“Su Yun! You dare go against our Profound Sky Sect?”

The leading man who had short hair stared at Su Yun in anger and roared.

“Haven’t all of you always been going against me?”

Su Yun sneered, without bullshitting, he rushed forth.

His sword struck against the person’s broad blade, instantly cutting apart the broad blade. Following that, fearsome Evil Qi pushed forth and an evil spirit was released, it grabbed at the man’s shoulders and started to rip him apart.



The man’s arms were instantly torn off, Su Yun easily thrust forward into his heart.

Before he could even wail in pain, his body slumped and became soft and dropped from the sky, falling onto the ground, never to move again.

A tenth stage Spirit Soul cultivator had fallen in that instant.


Seeing Su Yun getting rid of an expert so easily, all the rest were instantly shaken to their bones, their will had flown away and the hairs on their bodies all stood erect!

“T-this man was the one who defeated the Spirit Demon Emperor, we-we are truly not his match.”

“What do we do now? Attack?”

“If we attack we are just throwing our lives away, I heard he is at the third stage of the Spirit Star Realm!”


Everyone drew in cold breaths.

“Third stage Spirit Star Realm?”

“Killing us would be as easy as killing ants!”

“We should not make reckless sacrifices! Everyone, we will retreat first and inform the Sect! Let the Sect send out almighty beings to handle Su Yun!”


Everyone nodded and turned to run.

But a figure flashed past, and appeared behind them in an instant.

He was Su Yun!

“Everyone, since you’re here, don’t think about leaving!” Su Yun laughed sinisterly.

“Su Yun, w-what do you want to do?”

“I want to exterminate all of you!”

His face turned cruel as he instantly raised his sword

The sky filled up with sword images, as heart wrenching wails sounded out and completely engulfed the entire Martial Bone Mountain.