Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 332
Drowned in Calamity

It was the Sovereign King’s badge, the Evil Realm’s Evil King City’s order badge!

Did something happen in the Evil Realm?

Su Yun thought.

Just at this moment, the Sovereign King’s badge suddenly released a set of black light, followed by a dense and powerful vacuum of Qi, causing the base to shake uncontrollably, as though it was trying to get free from his hand.


The Sovereign King’s badge dropped on the floor and released a large amount of Evil Qi. After that, a pitch black ferocious and gigantic door dropped down quickly from the sky.


Two figures walked out of the Evil Door, one of them had a blade on his back, while the other had a cane in his hand. Both wore black robes and emitted a dense amount of Evil Qi, with similar evil face engravings imprinted on the badges hanging on their waists.

The two of them were the two experts that Su Yun had recruited when he was leaving Evil King City, ‘Kuang Yu Xie’ and ‘Huang Dong Zhang’.

“Greetings, Master Sovereign King!”

Upon leaving the Evil Door, the two of them immediately knelt in front of Su Yun and greeted him in veneration.

“What are you two doing here? Quickly stand up.”

Su Yun was surprised as he asked.

“Reporting to Master Sovereign King, the construction of the void door is complete, we are here to report and receive new orders from Master Sovereign King!”

“Void door?”

Su Yun was stunned for a moment before immediately reacting, wasn’t the void door the one that Ling Qing Yu had instructed him to create as a transfer array door formation? With it, he could easily move through the Evil Realm and Sky Martial Continent. In addition, he would be able to easily mobilize the Evil King City’s forces.

Just that, the time needed to construct the void door was long and was estimated to take about two years, but two years had not even come, how could the array door formation be completed? Did they increase their speed?

Su Yun was astonished, and when he looked at the two of them again, he was surprised even further.

“When did the two of you attain the first stage Spirit Star Realm in cultivation?”

He remembered that when he recruited the two of them, they were just at the ninth stage Spirit Soul Realm in cultivation, and in just a timeframe of one year, they had crossed one level and directly broke through to the Spirit Star Realm, how was that speed not shocking?

“There was a first stage Spirit Star lord that led a group and attempted to attack our Evil King City, and fought against the experts in the city. My junior brother and I fought together and surrounded the leader. After killing him, we consumed his corpse, and our cultivation rose at the same time, reaching the Spirit Star Realm!”

Huang Dong Zhang explained.

“So it was like that.”

If that was so, then that explains things, as some Evil Realm beings could absorb cultivation through consuming their opponent’s corpses. However, it was not wise to underestimate the fighting prowess of the experts in the Evil King city, for even a first stage Spirit Star Realm expert was killed and eaten by them.

“This lowly one has to ask master, your cultivation is…?” Kuang Yu Xie hesitated for a moment before asking in a low voice.

The two of them were shocked to realise they were incapable of seeing Through Su Yun’s cultivation, and if not for Su Yun accidentally releasing his Qi, they would not have realised it.

“My cultivation?” Su Yun then leaked more of his Qi out without restraint. Causing a powerful pressure to immediately blanket the two of them, causing them to shiver and their faces to turn pale white.

Although Su Yun did not say it, but the two of them knew in their hearts that their Master Sovereign King was far stronger than them.

Seeing their reactions, Su Yun secretly heaved a sigh of relief, he had to pressure them down. Otherwise, the Evil King City would become theirs.

“We never expected master’s cultivation to attain an even higher level, this subordinate is convinced!”

Kuang Yu Xie said with veneration.

“I wonder, when does master plan to return to Evil King City?” Huang Dong Zhang asked.

“Why? Is there an auspicious date to return? Or is there trouble at Evil King City? Didn’t you guys previously say that some people had launched an attack on Evil King City? Could it be that many people are vying for our city?” Su Yun asked.

“The people from outside do not know of the situation in Evil King City, and thus explains such stupidity and absurdity to try and attack us! Only the experts who are familiar with Evil King City will not dare to be reckless.”

“Master, with your absolute strength, you defeated a Sovereign lord! No one dares to go against you. Furthermore, with the close relation between Evil King City and Evil Sword Sect, who would dare to attack Evil King City knowing that they would provoke the Evil Sword Sect?”

“It is just that recently, the young Miss of the Evil Sword Sect would come to Evil King City to ask about master’s whereabouts. This subordinate dare not offend her, and thus have nothing to answer her.”

“If master has time, please come back to Evil King City.”

Huang Dong Zhang and Kuang Yu Xie overlapped each other with supportive sentences, at the start they were in rhythm, but towards the end, they were all over the place.

Could it be Chen Yi Yun?

Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief and replied: “If Evil King City is fine, then I will not return for the time being. Oh right, since the void door is already completed, then quickly continue to gather materials to build more void doors.”

With Evil King City’s wealth, they could build at least 10 more void doors.

At the current moment, the most important was naturally to handle the Profound Sky Sect. Evil King City needed to become a strong force that could help me contend against the Profound Sky Sect, and I need to use it well. I currently have no information about them, so I will need to find out more and investigate them.

“Your subordinate will obey!”

“Alright, go back first. If there’s anything just use the order badge to inform me.”

“Yes, Master Sovereign King!”

“If Master Sovereign King wants to go back to the Evil Realm, you can just use your badge to directly access the void door.”

Huang Dong Zhang and Kuang Yu Xie spoke, then stood up and activated their order badge, summoning the void door. The two of them immediately jumped in and disappeared.

Su Yun watched the two of them leave quietly, then kept the order badge. He took out the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood sword, threw it into the air and stepped onto it, flying away.


Various spirit doctors from all around the continent were gathering at the beautiful valley entrance.

They brought with them diseases, cold, pain, despair, all of it to this sacred and holy land that warms the hearts of people.

Regardless of whether they were impoverished children or wealthy nobles, everyone one were treated equally here, there were no hierarchy or ranks. To the doctors, everyone were ordinary patients.

Gui Mo Jue brought his disciples to the valley entrance as usual for a round.

The harmonious scene brought about a gratified look on his old face, without question, it was these ordinary days that were the easiest to make people feel blessed.


Just at this moment, a sharp piercing scream broke the tranquility.

The shout immediately brought attention from the valley entrance as all the patients turned to look at the origin of the shout, and a few Blossom Heart Valley disciples sprinted over.

It was a male who was covered in blood from head to toe rushing in in a panic, he had wounds all over his body, fear clouded his eyes, he was as scrawny as firewood and was in a terrible shape, who knew what he had endured.

“Save me! Save me! I want to meet Su Yun! I need to see young master Su Yun!”

He looked at the Blossom Heart Valley and screamed out in a heart wrenching manner, but after shouting those few words, his eyes rolled back and he fainted.

Gui Mo Jue’s face became extremely ugly as he shouted anxiously: “Quickly bring him over to be treated! Quickly!”

“Yes, Grandmaster!”

Two hours later.

Inside the Blossom Heart Valley’s great hall, Pill King, Second Elder Chen Mu Yun, Third Elder, as well as Gui Mo Jue and a few other elders were gathered.

As the previous bloody person was brought awake, he was supported by two disciples and brought into the large hall.

“Su family? Why are people from the Su Family here?”

Anxious voices came out from outside the large hall. It was Su Xin Yue and Su Xing Yang, and upon seeing the injured person, they were stunned.

“Su Gou? It’s you?” the two of them asked in unison.

“Xin Yue? Xing Yang!” He looked at the two in a daze, and started crying. He started to run out and screamed: “You two are here, so Young Master Su Yun is definitely here as well! Quick, quickly ask young master Su Yun to come out, our Su Family had met with a calamity, and only Young Master who had defeated the Spirit Demon Emperor can save the Su Family, only he can save the Su Family!!”

“The Su Family had met with calamity?” Su Xin Yue’s eyes grew round as she stared at Su Gou with a stunned look: “Su Gou, what did you say?”

Although the Su Family and Su Yun, along with Xin Yue and Xing Yang were not on good terms, that did not mean that they hated everyone inside. There were good people in the Su Family as well, along with people they were not willing to forget.

“What exactly happened, Su Gou, quickly speak coherently!”

Pill King spoke gravely.

Su Gou clenched his fists tightly, he knelt on the ground with tears still flowing from his eyes, he remained quiet for a moment, then spoke in pain: “The Profound Sky… Profound Sky Sect people have come! Th-they rushed into our Su Family and started massacring us, young and old, men and women, none were let off! The Patriarch formed a group to counterattack but were not the opponents of Profound Sky Sect’s experts. Under that helplessness, the Patriarch could only bring part of the family out and escape into the Martial Bone Mountain. I was instructed by the Patriarch, he ordered me to rush to the Blossom Heart Valley and seek help from Su Yun, only he, who was able to defeat the Spirit Demon Emperor, can save the Su Family from this disaster.”

“Oh? Now the Su Family is thinking of Su Yun? At that time, when the Su Family Patriarch joined with other powerhouses to entrap Su Yun, what were the rest of you thinking? Now that you’re in a difficult situation, you’re looking for Su Yun for help? Hehehe, all of you are shameless!”

“At that time when Su Yun was in a dire situation, why didn’t any of you help out?”

“Get lost! A group of helpless people who forget favors and violate justice! We will not let you meet Su Yun. Tell your Patriarch, everything that he reaps now, are things he sowed back then! Let him eat this fruit of evil outcome!”

Second Elder Chen Mu Yun said coldly.

“But the innocent people should not suffer from this!”

Su Gou started to bang his head on the ground as he kowtowed endlessly and screamed out loud: “Su Li Xiang already said, he is willing to bear everything, but the other people of the Su Family are innocent. They were just listening to orders. They are not bad at heart, regardless of what enmity there was, Su Li Xiang is willing to bear everything, but please be gracious! Save the Su Family, the Su Family cannot be decimated like this!”

Su Gou spoke painfully, his voice was reverberating through everyone and even Xin Yue and Xing Yang were stunned.

The other elders did not say anything, but that did not mean that they agreed to help.

“The Su Family has met with a great catastrophe, and I feel extremely terrible for it. I can only say that there are times where mistakes are made, and there won’t even be time to repent.” Just then, Pill King said that, he then walked over to pull Su Gou up, and said calmly: “It is not that my Blossom Heart Valley does not wish to help, but in truth, Su Yun is no longer in Blossom Heart Valley anymore. His whereabouts is unknown, and it is extremely difficult for us to get him to come here. Furthermore, Su Yun might not help the Su Family anymore, since they have hurt him too much.”

“You don’t have to worry about that!” Su Gou wiped the tears off his face, and said: “As long as you can find him, that is enough. The Patriarch told me that if we can find Su Yun, I must bring him back, because the Patriarch knows of information that is extremely important to Su Yun.”

“What information?”

“Information regarding his parents.” Su Gou explained.


Xin Yue and Xing Yang were both dumbstruck.