Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 328
Ribbon Rings

In front of the quiet and vast public square.

A few figures walked over very quickly, and upon reaching, everyone turned, knelt down and greeted the man who had his back facing them. Other than the young man dressed in the purple blademaster clothes, everyone’s face had veneration and sincerity written all over.

“I heard about it.”

The man at the front produced a stern and serious voice: “The one who appeared in Black Prison Forest and attacked the array formation point was Su Yun, am I right?”

“Your information gathering will forever be much more astute than ours, my great lord!” The purple blademaster clothed man Jia Sha Zi laughed and said.

“Why did you not bring him back?”

“About that, you will have to ask Cultivator Xi Tu about it,” Jia Sha Zi scratched the back of his head and said.

“What? Four Spirit Star Realm cultivators were not able to hold back one Spirit Star Realm cultivator? Xi Tu? What exactly is happening! Tell me now!” The man’s voice was obviously starting to become sinister.

Xi Tu’s eyes were wide opened as he looked at Jia Sha Zi with astonishment in his eyes.

Jia Sha Zi raised his eyebrow, he chuckled and said softly: “Xi Tu, I saved your life, If not for me, I am afraid you would already be dead from Su Yun’s sword!”

Xi Tu swallowed his saliva, his eyes were trembling, he crawled up and kowtowed, and spoke out: “Reporting to Lord, the failure of the mission was completely due to this subordinate being weak. Su Yun is already a third stage Spirit Star Realm cultivator, and although we outnumbered him, we were still unable to fight against him. This subordinate, along with two others, fought against him, and after a while, this subordinate was about to be killed, but Master Jia Sha Zi rushed over. Su Yun used this subordinate as a bargaining chip against Master Jia Sha Zi, so to save this subordinate, Master Jia Sha Zi had no choice but to let Su Yun go, this operation’s failure was completely because of this subordinate. Lord, please punish me!”

The trembling voice resonated.

After a moment, everything became quiet again.

“Jia Sha Zi, you were wrong.”

The lord spoke out, his voice was gloomy,he did not directly scold Xi Tu or implement a punishment, but instead spoke to the purple clothed young man.

Jia Sha Zi immediately knelt down and portrayed a devout look: “Lord, please tell me explicitly.”

“He is trash, why did you save him? Why not let him be killed by Su Yun, and then you capture Su Yun! Furthermore, wouldn’t that save time? After you capture Su Yun, Su Qing’er will definitely not run away, and with her captured, our Profound Sky Sect will save so much time, Jia Sha Zi, you have truly disappointed me.”

Hearing that, Jia Sha Zi’s face changed, he seemed to have understood the intentions of the Lord.

“Alright. He Ben, Long Zhuang Shan, you can go back first, Jia Sha Zi, Xi Tu, you two stay.”

The lord said indifferently.

“Yes, Lord, this subordinate will excuse ourselves!” The two of them stood up, cupped their fists and slowly left.

Jia Sha Zi frowned, and stared at their Lord.

“Why do you look unhappy? Jia Sha Zi!” The Lord did not turn back, but every movement behind him, every expressions, were all captured by him.

“This subordinate dare not be.” Jia Sha Zi kept his playful attitude and spoke softly.

“Since you do not dare, then why did you not immediately capture Su Yun?”

“Because Xi Tu will die.” Jia Sha Zi said softly.

Xi Tu was already trembling from head to toe, he had also noticed the attitude of the Lord, but at that moment, who could save him?

“You reckon Su Yun can kill him?”

“Although it was the first time I had met Su Yun, but I could tell of his mood from his eyes, he was being a protector. Most definitely, he was protecting something he cannot give up, maybe it might be something else, or it might be Su Qing’er, but regardless of what he was protecting, it isn’t important, because at that time Su Yun was already crazy. Although he did not display it, I still saw it. A third stage Spirit Star cultivator going crazy, even if I were to make a move, Xi Tu will have no way of surviving! Other than letting him leave, I had no other way to save Xi Tu!”

“I did not say I wanted Xi Tu Alive! I want Su Yun.”

The lord raised his hand, and Xi Tu who was crouching on the ground suddenly flew up.

“Lord, be merciful Lord! Lord! Don’t kill me, Lord!” Xi Tu screamed.

But it was all for naught.

“My Lord! Stop!”

Jia Sha Zi’s eyes grew big, he shouted, but it was useless, he immediately rushed to save Xi Tu, and although he was powerful, his Lord was something else.


Xi Tu’s body exploded in midair, his body splitting into pieces, and blood flying everywhere.

Pitter Patter Pitter Patter

Xi Tu’s body parts fell all over, and the white slab stones were dyed red.

Jia Sha Zi’s eyes were opened wide, his expression was one of shock.

The surrounding became quiet again.

Everyone else had held their breaths.

Jia Sha Zi looked at Xi Tu’s body, and his hands clenched tightly.

“Jia Sha Zi, you should understand from now on right? The current Profound Sky Sect will not rest until it meets its goals, one or two people dying is not much, but most importantly, you must complete the task given to you, and do it without sparing anything to complete it, instead of skimping and do what you want to do.”

“Is that so?”

Jia Sha Zi walked over expressionlessly, and retrieved out a white cloth from his storage ring and assembled Xi Tu’s body, and wrapped him up.

“From the start, I have already opposed your so called plan, and rejected using the blood of live people for the sacrificial ritual. Because of that, what difference is there between Profound Sky Sect and the whatsoever Spirit Demons and Demons? However, all of you continue to make me do such wicked things. Truthfully, I’ve had enough.”

He lowered his head while he spoke.

“You want to betray me?” The Lord raised his eyebrows slightly, his eyes turning red.

“I do not think that way. After all, I was raised in the Profound Sky Sect since young.”

“It is good that you think like that.”

“But you have changed, my lord, you are no longer the lord that I used to know.”

Jia Sha Zi wrapped Xi Tu’s body, and without turning his head, he left.


After leaving Black Prison Forest, Su Yun changed to a purple horned beast and without stopping, he rushed towards Persevering Pine city which was east of Black Prison Forest.

‘If everything had went well, then Qing’er would definitely be waiting for me at the teahouse in Persevering Pine City.’

Without any intention to stop, Su Yun rushed all the way without catching a break.

With the purple horned beast’s pace, in less than half a day, he rushed into the heart of Persevering Pine City.

Persevering Pine City was not any great big city. It did not have any outstanding features, and it’s only reason for existence was maybe because it was a place for travelers to stop for a break.

There were not much people in the city. Su Yun retrieved a cloak and covered himself, pulling on his lapels, he brought the purple horned beast towards the teahouse.

Before he had even entered the teahouse, a burst of Profound Spirit Qi resonated from outside the city gate.

The Profound Spirit Qi was strong, and if the person who released it was not using any treasures, then that meant that his strength was far stronger than Su Yun’s.

What kind of person can have such Profound Spirit Qi?

Su Yun frowned, his senses stretched taut.

Could it be Profound Sky Sect people?

Su Yun anxiously retracted his Profound Spirit Qi, and with the protection of Heavenly Scale Divine Eye, as long as the person did not specifically check for him, they will not sense his existence.

He lowered his head and quickened his pace towards the teahouse, and after handing over his Purple Horned Beast to the waiter, he entered the teahouse alone.

“Young master!”

Upon entering, a young lady with a veil over her head and red eyes rushed into his embrace.

Upon looking, he realised it was Qing’er.

“I disguised myself so much but you can recognize me?”

Su Yun was secretly shocked.

“Of course I can, young master. How could I not recognize you?”

Qing’er grabbed onto Su Yun’s sleeve tightly, and cried with joy.

Su Yun was startled for a moment, and then revealed a faint smile.

“Qing’er, this is an open teahouse, there are eyes everywhere, let us sit and talk.”

“En.” Qing’er wiped the tears off her eyes and nodded while smiling.

Qing’er brought Su Yun to the second floor, to a table by the window, where Liu Jie was seated, and when they approached, Liu Jie immediately stood up and bowed earnestly: “Greetings, Master.”

“Liu Jie, I’m not some master, just call me Su Yun, you don’t have to regard us as outsiders, sit down.” Su Yun said.

“Master Su Yun, you are a Spirit Star Realm cultivator, when placed in any sect, you are a person that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the sect leader, you don’t have to be modest.” Liu Jie said in a serious tone.

As long as she could form a relation with Su Yun, regardless of it being a sect or a family clan, Liu Jie’s position would undoubtedly rise, to be able to have a relation with a Spirit Star Realm cultivator, how many spirit cultivators longed to have such a thing?

How could Su Yun not know Liu Jie’s intentions? But he could understand it, and did not say anything.

Qing’er was surprised at Su Yun’s quick escape from the Black Prison Forest, and immediately asked him about what happened. Su Yun did not hide anything and told everything. And when the two ladies found out that Jia Sha Zi did not have any intention to chase after him, they were shocked.

Just as Su Yun, Qing’er and Liu Jie were talking passionately, the burst of Profound Spirit Qi resonated out again, and passed through the entire teahouse.

“It’s that Spirit Qi again?”

Su Yun’s heart tensed up, he looked out, to see a few figures walking towards the entrance of the stairs.

They were all ladies dressed in red and white. They all had Snow White skin and bluish lips, with beautiful stature. Regardless of whether they had long or short hair, they were all rather good looking.

When they walked up, everyone in the teahouse were immediately attracted to them.

“They look like goddesses”

Upon seeing them, Qing’er could not help but exhale and comment.


Su Yun looked over, to see the five ladies have found a table and sat down. But after they sat, they did not request for tea, but instead just sat there looking around with unease, especially the young lady with two ponytails. Her eyes that looked like blue gemstones cautiously looked over to Su Yun.

What are they so guarded against?

Su Yun was startled.

Of course, they are not possibly Profound Sky Sect people.


Su Yun suddenly noticed something, as his gaze landed on their fingers.

On the little fingers of their right hand, they all had delicate rings which resembled ribbons, which were extremely white, matching their long slender fingers, it was as though their fingers were made to wear the rings, without being out of sorts.

Seeing the rings, Su Yun’s eyes immediately become round, and a look of shock appeared in his eyes.

“Young master, what’s wrong?” Qing’er asked in a soft voice.

“Nothing” Su Yun retracted his gaze, and spoke in a soft and hurried voice, but his mind started to wander.