Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 326
The Ultimate Array

Liu Jie was completely shocked witnessing everything that was transpiring.

To be able to easily toss a person with a cultivation in the peak tenth stage of the Spirit Soul Realm, what cultivation would Su Yun be at? The Spirit Star Realm?

“Are you a Spirit Star Realm Cultivator?” She murmured.

Su Yun did not say anything.

But those words immediately caused Cong Hong Chang’s face to change completely, with her heart jumping frantically.

‘I was completely unable to defend against his speed and power, and my own Profound Spirit Qi was actually suppressed, I am completely not able to match up against him. He is like an immobile mountain.

Spirit Star Realm; he is actually a Spirit Star Realm Cultivator!’

Wan Chi clenched his teeth. Tolerating the pain in both of his arms, he stared dead straight at Cong Hong Chang thinking: ‘This stupid woman, she actually lured a Spirit Star Realm Cultivator here?’

“Since you’re a Spirit Star Realm Cultivator, why did you not save Big Brothe De Zhen?” Liu Jie looked at Su Yun, anger and resentment mixed in her voice.

“If he was willing to stay and fight Wan Chi together with us, I might had saved him. He is after all, someone who wields a ninth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivation. Although our strengths are not balanced, we will still be a force to be reckoned with, and maybe we would be able to carve a way to live… But he actually tried to escape without a sound, and did not care about our lives, why should I have saved him?” Su Yun replied indifferently.

Hearing that, Liu Jie was speechless.

In truth, ever since they had joined the group, everyone was secretly watching Su Yun, and although Liu Jie was the oldest, her thoughts were the most naive. Li Fu Zai and Zhang Hu’s mind were filled with lust, and had their own ulterior motives in mind, they should not have died so quickly. Cong Hong Chang was the most slick and sly, and could always easily talk her way through people, while De Zhen was the most secretive and deep person. With only the treasure deposit in mind, he was always cautious about each and every other person. If they had to choose the one that would most probably kill off all the other members after finding the treasure deposit to swallow all of the the treasures, that would be De Zhen, because only he had the power to do so. Although no one knew whether or not he would do it, judging from his expression towards the death of Zhang Hu and Li Fu Zai, he was most definitely not a kind person.

Su Yun did not feel any remorse towards De Zhen dying, furthermore, he only cared about Profound Sky Sect’s Great Plan.

So the reason for wanting Qing’er, isn’t it for this?

“Tell me, what use does this array formation point have? What is Profound Sky Sect’s great plan? Tell me everything you know, and if you do, not only would I spare you, I would also help you fix your arms, what about it?”

Su Yun knelt down and looked at Wang Chi who was lying down in pain.

“I am unable to, If I say it, I will die.”

Wan Chi clenched his teeth and growled softly.

“You will die? Are you afraid of Profound Sky Sect people coming to look for you? Don’t worry, I will not tell other people. This matter, other than the current people here, no one else will know! Profound Sky Sect will not know that you told me their plan.”


“If I wanted to implicate you, I just only need to make a move now, do you think you have the ability to go against a third stage Spirit Star Realm Cultivator?” Su Yun spoke with a low voice, he shut off Heavenly Scale Divine Eye, and a dense and powerful Profound Spirit Qi that seemed to cover the entire place rushed towards Wan Chi.

Wan Chi froze on the spot. He could not breathe, his senses were being suppressed by the intense weight, and his entire body was tingling with the sense of danger.

Is this the feeling that the weak feel in front of the strong?

Wan Chi’s eyes constricted, and his complexion turned pale.

“I’ll say it, whatever Master wants to know, I will tell you. I-I will tell you everything I know.” Finally, Wan Chi could no longer bear Su Yun’s oppressiveness, and growled.

“What’s Profound Sky Sect’s plan?” Su Yun squinted his eyes and asked.

“I-in truth, I do not understand much about Profound Sky Sect’s plan. Although I am an elite disciple of the Profound Sky Sect, I have already been tasked to station here for almost 50 years However, I heard something from the 32nd Clan Elder that taught me mystical techniques, that this plan is actually to create, and to link to the cultivation of our Sect Leader.”

“A plan to create? Create what? And what does that have to do with your Sect Leader?” Su Yun asked anxiously.

“I-I do not know. This sort of confidential matter, I will definitely not know.” Wan Chi shook his head immediately, his voice filled with anxiousness.

That is true.

Su Yun turned his gaze to the gigantic array formation on the floor, and asked: “Then you should understand what this array formation point is about?”

“This unprecedentedly huge divine array’s array formation point created by the Profound Sky Sect is a secret of Profound Sky Sect, and because I am part of the protection unit, I was fortunate enough to know about a few things. It is said that this array was created long before the second generation Sect Leader, and the current Sect Leader is already the third generation, making the scale of this is extremely huge!”

“The scale of this is huge? How huge is it?”

“How big Sky Martial Continent is, is how big the array is, because it was laid on top of the entire Sky Martial Continent, which means to say, this array formation’s ground is the entire Continent!” Wan Chi revealed.


Su Yun and the rest were completely shocked.

“They used the entire Continent as the ground for the formation? How is that possible?”

Qing’er muttered.

Who could had heard of such a thing before?

“The Profound Sky Sect is not something you can imagine! There are even some jokers that thought it was just subsidiary sect of the Immortal Sword Sect, but they are gravely mistaken, that is just a facade, the true Profound Sky Sect is one that the Immortal Sword Sect do not even have the qualifications to hold the shoes of!”

“This ultra huge array that is unprecedented in history has a total of 98 thousand array lines, thirteen thousand seven hundred array formation points, more than 7000 array diagrams drawn with 32 array essences, but I do not know the locations of the array foundations, I do not know what the use of this array formation point is either. My only responsibility is to guard the place, and did not participate in the construction of this array formation point.” Wan Chi explained.

Hearing that, Su Yun’s face darkened, in truth, he did not know much about Profound Sky Sect, and in his previous life, he did not have much information regarding the Sect Leader of the Profound Sky Sect. He only knew that he had slammed Qing’er to death with one palm, and had no further information.

But from the looks of how the Su Family treated the Profound Sky Sect, the strength of Profound Sky Sect was not what people explained it to be.

“A tenth stage Spirit Soul cultivator, if placed in a sect such as the Immortal Sword Sect, he would be at least a clan elder or an equivalent rank. Yet you are just an elite disciple and were placed in the Black Prison Forest to guard this array formation point, that truly proves the strength of Profound Sky Sect” Su Yun observed the array formation point for a moment, then noticed that inside the Profound Spirit Qi, he could feel that it was constantly releasing a strange Profound Spirit Force that was extremely ordinary, which then mixes into the energy in the surrounding and then disappearing, so he did not know what it was for.

“It was because I violated a Sect rule and got punished by the Sect, so I was sent to watch over this array formation point for 70 years. Usually, such an array formation point will have other people to guard it, with my strength, I should at least be standing watch over the array essences.”

“If what you say is true, then the other people guarding over the array essences should most probably know about half of the plan?”

“I do not know about that, but what I know is, very few people know of what the plan truly is, and I am afraid not one of the elites would know. Most probably, only the administrative clan elders have the right to participate directly.”

“Then, what is this “Spirit Absorbing Great Technique”, how and where did you learn it from? Is Profound Sky Sect passing down these mystical techniques to extract other people’s vitality and spirit?”

“That is something that I learnt out of my Sect’s teachings.”

“Is that so?”

Su Yun stood up, nodded his head, with a cold intent flashing past his eyes: “Seems like I cannot retrieve any more information from you.”

“You said that If I told you everything I knew, you would not kill me, isn’t that right?” Wan Chi asked with a trembling voice.

“Nope, we can always go against words that had been spoken! I am not some righteous prince anyway.” Su Yun said indifferently.


Wan Chi’s mouth was wide opened, he did not know how to refute.

Su Yun pulled out the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and walked towards Wan Chi. The moment he reached him, he slashed down.


Wan Chi released his last line of resistance, spitting out a ray light which struck Su Yun’s sword.

The sword had not reached his forehead. But in the next second, countless lights shot out from the Everlasting Sword Sheath, and in the next moment they struck horizontally at Wan Chi.


Wan Chi’s body became stiff and then fell to the ground, his corpse was split into many pieces, and a large amount of blood leaked out.

The scene stunned Liu Jie, while Qing’er bit her lips tightly, and a look of complication appeared in her eyes.

She looked at Su Yun, holding onto her sleeves lightly.

‘Young Master had changed, he had become more meticulous in his thinking and became even more ruthless and fierce, but what is the reason for this great change?’

“Wan Chi has to die, if not, he will inform the Profound Sky Sect about us barging into this place, and if that happens, Profound Sky Sect will summon an even greater force to chase after us, so we have to kill him. That way, the Profound Sky Sect will not know that we came here. I wonder if I have the preliminary information regarding their plan.”

Su Yun kept his sword, then took a look around the array formation point, lastly, he turned his gaze towards Cong Hong Chang who was lying at the corner.

Her face was extremely pale, and her Profound Spirit Qi was extremely weak. Her eyes were almost void of life, she looked to be on the verge of her last breath, and was about to say goodbye to the mortal world.

Su Yun frowned, then walked over and carried her up.

“Interheart Link?” Seeing that Cong Hong Chang’s chest area was completely red, Su Yun was astonished.

“That’s right, it is the Interheart Link.” Cong Hong Chang revealed a weak smile: “Wan Chi is very cautious, and thus linked us together, he was worried that I would betray him, so our hearts have a seal. If he perishes, then I will not live for long either.”

“I never thought that I would have implicated you.” Su Yun replied.

“Hehe, it doesn’t matter to me because right now, dying is better than living.” Cong hong Chang laughed weakly, no one could read through the misery in her eyes.

“Actually, I am not a bad person, I just want to continue living quietly, and training in cultivation was also to earn more spirit coins, but who can understand children like us from a poor family? However, If I could choose again, I would be more willing to be a prostitute than to be lured in by Wan Chi. I would have never chosen to cultivate.”

As she continued speaking, Cong Hong Chang’s hand slowly drooped down.

Pitiful people would definitely have hatred, and people who hated would naturally be pitiful.

Su Yun sighed, then placed Cong Hong Chang down on the ground.

Qing’er and Liu Jie stood by the side and did not say anything and watched as Cong Hong Chang closed her eyes slowly.


Just at this moment, by the side of Wan Chi’s corpse, an order badge suddenly released out sets of blue light, the light aura was extremely dazzling, and shot into mid air, and suddenly started to shake vigorously.

That was Profound Sky Sect’s summoning!

In the next moment, a gigantic light door appeared, producing light that shot in all directions, and light that came out from inside the door contained dense powerful Profound Spirit Qi.

There were actually three first stage Spirit Star Realm Profound Spirit Qi!

“Damn it!”

Su Yun’s face changed, he immediately grabbed Qing’er’s hand and shouted at Liu Jie who was at the side: “Quick, we need to leave!”

“Huh? Oh” Liu Jie who was stunned immediately regained focused, who would actually dare to delay? She immediately followed Su Yun as they rushed out.