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The Secret Plan of the Profound Sky Sect

At the side of the array formation stood a man holding a long halberd and dressed in a black gown. Upon seeing the group of them entering, the Halberd man took a look at them, and released a ‘tsk tsk tsk’ sound while shaking his head.

“Cong Hong Chang, you took so long, why did you take so much time today? Tell me, did you feast on some on your own while coming here?”

“Master, you really know how to joke, Hong Chang is doing everything wholeheartedly for you! How could I have the gall to do so? Oh! I brought back four this time, they should be enough to last you for two months right?”

Cong Hong Chang had her arms wrapped around her breasts, she leaned onto the wall beside the door and chuckled.

“Hmmm, let me take a look.” The man with the halberd opened his eyes widely and looked at Su Yun, Qing’er, De Zhen and Liu Jiu, then nodded his head and replied with satisfaction: “Not bad not bad! All of their talents are good, I am satisfied, but, I seem to be unable to see that man’s talent and cultivation.”

“He has a treasure that shields his cultivation.” Cong Hong Chang licked her lips: “If Master, you don’t feel right using him, you can give him to me.”

“You troublesome hussy! You’ve fallen for this pretty boy right? Heh, but I cannot reward you this time, your Master is about to rise to the Spirit Star Realm in cultivation, and is lacking a few snacks, so all of them will be used by me!”

With that, the man with the halberd walked over.

“He is a tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm expert!”

Liu Jie exclaimed.

“Hong Chang! What exactly is going on? Didn’t you say you are bringing us to look for Profound Sky Sect’s Treasure Deposit? Why is there nothing here? And what are the two of you talking about? Who is this man?”

De Zhen was completely stupefied, not only De Zhen, even Su Yun and Qing’er were confused.

The words between the two people made them extremely cautious: Could it be that everything was fake?

“A bunch of idiots, can’t you tell?” Cong Hong Chang sneered: “You truly think that I am bringing all of you to look for some Profound Sky Sect’s treasure deposit? I was lying! Under Master’s command, I quickly spread the rumors around, to lie and lure Profound Soul Realm cultivators to be food for Master, which he can use to increase cultivation, to train in a godly technique! There was never any Treasure Deposit, you are all just Master’s food!”

“What?” Liu Jie and De Zhen’s face turned pale white.

Su Yun was also shocked, he had never thought that the truth would be as such. Everything that Cong Hong Chang did, it was just for the man with the halberd to look for live food?

“Live humans as food? So on the way, Zhang Hu and Li Fu Zai’s death, were all your doing?” De Zhen suddenly seemed to have thought of something, and said in shock: “Could it be that you ate them?”

Hearing that, Cong Hong Chang’s face changed, and she anxiously replied: “You bastard, what are you saying?”

But at the next second, Chong Hong Chang’s chest was immediately struck, causing her to fly out, and crashing onto the wall, she spat out blood, and her complexion became rugged.

“Cong Hong Chang, I gave you my Spirit Absorbing Great Technique, because you have served me for so many years with all your heart, but I never thought that you would actually sneakily absorb food that belongs to me! He he, you have truly disappointed me!”

With that, the man with the halberd extended his hand out and grabbed thin air.

Cong Hong Chang’s body immediately flew and landed into his hand.

“Master Wan Chi, I did not steal anything! Master, spare me! I did not steal your food!” Cong Hong Chang screamed anxiously.

But the man with the halberd did not care, while grabbing onto Cong Hong Chang’s neck, he brought his head closer and directly bit Cong Hong Chang on her lips. He then extended his tongue into her mouth and activated a technique, causing layers of grey and white light to form between them. Cong Hong Chang’s delicate face started to transform quickly, after a short moment her face had become coarse and withered, her hair also became dull and ugly, as though she had aged over 20 years, looking like she skipped the prime of her life.

Wan Chi swung his hand, where Cong Hong Chang fell to the ground and gasped for breath intensely and weakly, her Profound Spirit Force was extremely weak, while Wan Chi’s profound Spirit Qi seemed to have gained a fair bit, and was much more lively than before.

“Since you stole some of my food, then you have to repay me back with the interest. Hong Chang, I, your master has always been fair to my people, so you will have your own food, but not Master’s food, understand?” Wan Chi chuckled.

Seeing Cong Hong Chang like that, De Zhen and Liu Jie’s heart started to panic, Liu Jie’s body started to shiver, she was obviously scared, while De Zhen forced down the fear in his heart, and asked softly: “What exactly is happening? Who are you guys?”

“Us?” Wan Chi laughed: “We are from the Profound Sky Sect!”

“Profound Sky Sect?”

Su Yun’s eyebrow moved, he almost could not believe his ears.

“Why would Profound Sky Sect’s people be here? You are clearly lying!”

Qing’er spoke loudly.

“Heh, a group of naive junior generation, Profound Sky Sect is all over the Sky Martial Continent, and this is a formation array positioned by Profound Sky Sect, because it is involved in a big plan of the Sect, so all in all, I am lazy to explain in detail to all of you. I am an elite appointed by the sect to stand guard here, and Cong Hong Chang was a disciple that I took in while on the way here. She used to be a prostitute who did not know anything, but seeing that her talent is not too bad, I took her into play, and then passed down my sole consummate skill . Who knew, that in a just short span of 50 years, she entered the seventh stage Spirit Soul Realm, she is truly powerful. Much more powerful than I, her Master.”

As Wan Chi said that, he revealed a sinister and cold smile, and slowly walked towards Qing’er.

The moment the four of them had entered, his gaze had immediately landed on Qing’er’s body.

Such a perfect beauty, with such a breathtaking talent.

He could not leave the formation place, and thus all the food he needed for his Spirit Absorption Great Technique relied on Cong Hong Chang, but after so many years, Cong Hong Chang had lured so many people over, but not one of them were as pretty as the one in front of him now. (Qing’er)

“Truly a top grade quality.” Wan Chi licked his lips, his heart pounding as he thought.

“Master, you have previously promised me, after I find this round of livestock, you will clear the poison from my body, and allow me to leave Black Prison Forest, now I have already done it, Master, please give me the antidote!”

Cong Hong Chang who was lying on the floor spoke out.

“Oh, you want the antidote? Aren’t you good enough to fly out on your own, and look for your own food outside? How is that possible? You are a good fishing rod that I have groomed with much difficulty, and have not broken through to the Spirit Star Realm, how can I throw away my fishing rod, and throw away my own rice bowl? You have to continue waiting, and wait for this Master to truly step into the Spirit Star Realm, then you can get lost!”

Wan Chi sneered, he did not bother about her any further, and used a palm to grab out.

Su Yun’s eyes turned cold, his eyes became like a sharp ice dagger, filled with killing intent while staring at Wan Chi. He was about to make a move.

But right at that moment, De Zhen who was at the other side moved.

He did not hesitate at all, and immediately turned to the exit direction and rushed towards the big door, he was taking the chance to escape!

Wan Chi stopped his hand, turned and sneered, looking at De Zhen: “You want to leave? It is not so easy!”

WIth that said, Wan Chi’s body exploded forward, suddenly appearing in front of De Zhen, and then used his halberd to strike forward. De Zhen immediately used his Profound Spirit Force to block, but the halberd was so powerful, upon smashing onto his body, he felt as if a mountain had struck him instead, along with a herd of horses trampling on him. De Zhen was completely unable to withstand the strike, and immediately flew onto the floor, his chest ripped open.

Wan Chi turned his hand into claws, and fiercely grabbed and sunk his fingers into De Zhen’s head, his five fingers creating five holes on the tian ling points of the head, and as though his fingers were like straws, he frantically absorbed De Zhen’s vitality!


De Zhen’s complexion distorted, he was in extreme pain, he raised both of his hands up and activated an undisclosed technique, frantically trying to strike Wan Chi, but Wan Chi’s robes seemed to be of an extremely high quality, and completely ignored De Zhen’s attack as he used his five fingers which were absorbing his spirit and vitality to disrupt De Zhen’s attack.

Wan Chi was a peak tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivator, while De Zhen was an early ninth stage, although the difference was of one stage, but to be in the realm which was at the boundary of the Spirit Star Realm, the one stage difference was like heaven and earth.

Time seemed to have slowed to a crawl, De Zhen was incapable of stopping Wan Chi, and his vitality and spirit were frantically absorbed. Gradually, De Zhen’s skin started to dry up and wither, his body became extremely skinny, and in a short time, he became a corpse which resembled Zhang Hu, and died.

Liu Jie watched the entire scene in shock, her pupils revealed complete fright, she fell down to the ground weakly, her entire body was trembling, as though her heart was about to jump out of her throat.

De Zhen was a ninth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivator, to die like that… She was just a third stage Spirit Soul cultivator, how could she have the strength to fight against the opponent?

“Strong people truly taste good! Good food! Good food! Hahahaha!”

Wan Chi laughed fanatically, he licked his lips, looking like he wanted to continue, his eyes brimming with zealotry, he walked towards Qing’er, waving both his arms: “Now, it’s your turn! My beauty! Haha!”

With that, he made his move!

“Hold up a minute!”

Just then, Su Yun spoke out.

“Do you have a deal of some sort you want to do with me?” Wan Chi smiled and asked, as if he was extremely patient.

“I just wanted to ask, what is the plan involving this formation array point? What do you Profound Sky Sect people truly want to do?” Su Yun asked with a serious face: “According to what I know, your technique should be a Spirit Demon Dao technique, how did you learn it? Did Profound Sky Sect’s people pass it down to you?”

“You ask too much.” Wan Chi laughed: “I am sorry to inform you, I will not say anything! I just want to eat this beauty up right now!”

With that, Wan Chi made his move, and pounced towards Qing’er.

But the moment he moved, a vigorous and powerful hand grabbed towards his neck, it was much faster than him, and much stronger than him. Wan Chi did not have any time to react, and was grabbed onto by the hand, and raised high up.

Wan Chi was startled, the power coming from his neck made him unable to breath, his legs were lifted off the ground, and he felt terrible.

Cong Hong Chang who was at the side was dumbstruck.

Wan Chi, whom she had known to be all powerful her entire life, right in front of her, was being lifted up by someone else.

Su Yun then flung his hand and threw Wan Chi to the side, his body flew, and created a big pit in the ground, his skin started to tear, looking to be in a terrible state.

“You will not be eating anymore today, you better answer my questions obediently.” Su Yun said.

“Who are you?”

Wan Chi ignored the pain in his body and climbed up and asked.

“Su Yun!”

“Su Yun?” Wan Chi’s eyes revealed a slight puzzlement, as though he had never heard of the name before.

But Cong Hong Chang and Liu Jie were completely shocked!

“Su Yun! You’re the Su Yun that Profound Sky Sect have listed as a wanted criminal? And that Wu Qing’er is Su Qing’er?” Cong Hong Chang exclaimed.

Wan Chi was assigned the task to guard the array formation point by the Profound Sky Sect, and could not leave the place, so he had very few information regarding the outside world, but Cong Hong Chang was different, she could leave and enter Black Prison Forest and knew of outside information, so she naturally had heard of Su Yun.

“So you are a wanted person from my Sect huh!” Wan Chi growled, but his heart became even heavier, although the opponent’s strength was unknown, but from the move, Wan Chi knew that the opponent was extremely powerful, more powerful than him.

I need to think of a way to destroy him. Wan Chi thought.

But in the next second, the opponent had rushed over, his two fingers were like pincers, and directly grabbed onto his arm, and then…. Craccccckkkkk!


A wailing scream came out. Wan Chi’s arms were directly pulled off from his body!

“After all, you are still a tenth stage Spirit Soul cultivator, just in case, it would be better to cripple both your hands first!” Su Yun said.

His voice was extremely calm but his method was extremely ruthless and savage. With that move, it stunned everyone watching.