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“I think the moment that we entered this area, we were already caught by these Wandering Paleo Beasts.” De Zhen squinted his eyes and said softly: “Thinking about it, previously, the mist was an illusion released by their Profound Spirit Qi, it seems that they were by our side all these time.”

“So long-winded.” The seventh stage Spirit Soul Realm Wandering Paleo Beast scoffed and waved his hand: “Alright, quietly surrender, all of you are just food brimming with Profound Spirit Force!”

WIth that, all the surrounding Wandering Paleo Beasts rushed over.

Seeing that, Qing’er immediately wanted to unsheath her weapon, but was stopped by Su Yun.

She was startled, then turned to look at him. Su Yun shook his head: “You don’t need to do anything, someone else will settle this for us.”

“Someone else will?”

She was confused, but before she could continue any further, De Zhen who was at the other side started taking action.

Hmph, just a group of fifth stage Spirit Soul Realm beasts, what’s there to fear? Even if you’re in the seventh stage of the Spirit Soul Realm, in front of me, you are all just a group of goods whose heads will be sold in the market on sticks! Killing you? That will be no different from killing ants!”

De Zhen said coldly and immediately moved. He swept through the Wandering Paleo Beasts, releasing a large amount of destructive and dense Profound Spirit Force, which was like plasma, sticking onto the Wandering Paleo Beasts that were swept past by De Zhen.

Patter patter patter patter.

The prominent, clear sounds came out, where all the Wandering Paleo Beasts had De Zhen’s Profound Spirit Qi plastered on their bodies, and they seemed to be extremely sticky. Upon being plastered onto their bodies, they were unshakeable.

After releasing 25 palms, he landed in the center of the Wandering Paleo Beasts and moved his fingers.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

All their bodies started to explode, the dense, destructive Profound Spirit Qi were like blades cutting into their bodies. Even the seventh stage Spirit Soul Realm Wandering Paleo Beast did not have it easy, holes were formed in their bodies, and some even lost their arms.


The Wandering Paleo Beasts all screamed in pain.

“Beasts will always be beasts! As long as you can see that their cultivation is low, you can easily get rid of them. You may think I am a fourth or fifth stage cultivator as well, but you’re wrong. I am a ninth stage cultivator! You think you can fight against me? Even if you ambushed us, If I want to kill you, it would be as easy as flipping my hand!”

De Zhen said in a chilly voice. After that, he stepped out and smashed at the head of the Wandering Palo Beast who could not defend in time. Upon being trampled on the top of his head, he instantly died.

The overwhelming crushing impact showed the gap between the difference of the four levels, the disparity was huge.

Qing’er was shocked, but then she realised why Su Yun said not to do anything. It was because De Zhen was able to handle everything by himself.

After dealing with all of the Wandering Paleo Beasts, De Zhen immediately checked on everyone: “Is everyone ok?”

Li Fu Zai crawled back up. After removing the poisonous thorns from his body, he spoke out.

“It was nothing much.”

“I never thought that these Wandering Paleo beasts would be as crafty as what the legends say. Luckily, we have Master De Zhen, if not, I think the consequences would be unthinkable.” Liu Jie exhaled and complimented.

“Although nothing much happened to us, I think Zhang Hu might have some problems.”

Said Cong Hong Chang.

Hearing that, everyone turned and looked over to Zhang Hu, only to see that his situation was extremely terrifying. His entire body was pierced all over, with many black vines protruding out of his body. It was extremely horrible, and caused their hairs to stand.

De Zhen walked over and supported Zhang Hu up. He activated some of his Profound Spirit Force as he pulled a thorn out and inspected it.

“The poison in the thorn is not very strong, but Zhang Hu was pierced too many times. Even though one is not fatal, but with so many of them, I am afraid that the poison has become concentrated. We must clear the poison quickly, otherwise, it would be fatal!”

De Zhen spoke earnestly.

At the moment, Zhang Hu was in so much pain that he had fainted.

Cong Hong Chang walked over and pulled out a thorn from De Zhen’s body. After inspecting it, she revealed a look of consolation: “The poison in this thorn is the rampant green poison, it was formed from the congelation of rampant Qi using vegetation. Luckily, I know how to treat this poison.”

“Really?” De Zhen asked.

Cong Hong Chang revealed a bewitching smile: “Of course, Big Brother De Zhen, we are all here to look for treasure, and everyone holds an important position. If Zhang Hu falls here, It is also considered a loss for us. Although Black Prison Forest is huge, finding another person to replace Big Brother Zhang Hu is definitely not easy! Relax, I will treat Big Brother Zhang Hu.”

“That’s good!”

De Zhen nodded his head.

“But all in all, I cannot guarantee that I can completely cure Big Brother Zhang Hu since I am not a Spirit Doctor.”

Said Cong Hong Chang.

“Just do your best, little sister Hong Chang.” Just then, Zhang Hu revealed a weak voice.

Hearing that, Cong Hong Chang nodded her head.

Li Fu Zai and the rest did not suffer much from the poisonous thorns, and could easily detox themselves by using Profound Spirit Qi.

Su Yun looked at Hong Chang, and shook his head slightly.

“The sky’s getting dark, although many of us would prefer to hurry on as our vision is not affected, but at night, the stronger fierce beasts of the Black Prison Forest would come out of their nests to hunt for food. Everyone, why not we create a barrier enchantment here, and stay for the night?”

Cong Hong Chang looked around, and then spoke: “That’s great, I also need time to treat Big Brother Zhang Hu.”


Zheng De did not refute, and immediately complied: “Everyone doesn’t mind right?”

“Not an issue!”

Everyone agreed, and began to retrieve various materials to create their barrier enchantment.

The enchantment was completely isolated from Profound Spirit Qi and from the naked eye. From the outside, it looked like a small tent, and everyone was able to rest safely inside with their own personal privacy, if anyone barged into the enchantment, it would immediately alert everyone inside.

Su Yun prepared two enchantments, but Qing’er thought that it was not needed, and insisted to stay with Su Yun in one enchantment. Su Yun was rather happy from her persistence, in the end, she was still his servant, and should be looked after.

The only people who were hurt by the poisonous thorns were Li Fu Zai, Liu Jie and Zhang Hu, the rest who were standing far away were able to dodge in time.

Inside the barrier enchantment, Qing’er sat cross legged quietly, with her bright eyes quietly gazing at Su Yun who was recuperating in silence.

“You’ve been staring for over an incense worth of time.” Su Yun opened his eyes and said with a tinge of helplessness.

Qing’er’s face flushed red, she immediately lowered her head, but her mouth smiled slightly.

“What’re you smiling about?”
“Young master said I have been staring for an incense worth of time, but isn’t Young Master staring at Qing’er for an incense worth of time as well? If not how would you know that I was staring at you?”



“Young master, actually this is nice, too.” Qing’er laughed: “Without the bitter training in the Su Family, and the anxious feeling back in the Snow Jade Palace… Now that I am with Young Master without worries, Qing’er is satisfied.”

“Dumb girl, the days to come will be better, don’t think too much.”

Su Yun caressed Qing’er’s head.

Just then, his mind was alerted, his nose seem to have caught a scent of a certain Qi.

It was something like Spirit Demon Qi, but it was not the same, it was also mixed with a trace of savageness.

He frowned, and closed his eyes, investigating the source of the strange Qi, only to find out in surprise that the Qi came from Cong Hong Chang’s enchantment!

“Isn’t Cong Hong Chang a third stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivator? But this Profound Spirit Qi released is only released by at least an eighth stage, what’s going on? And it is so savage, and so secretive.”

If not for Su Yun being at the third stage of the Spirit Star Realm in terms of cultivation, he would not be able to sense the hidden Qi.

“Young master, what happened?”

Qing’er asked in suspicion.

After thinking about it, Su Yun felt that there was nothing to hide, and told Qing’er about the matter.

“So Young Master is too strong, this enchantment barrier is unable to completely block off your perception.” Qing’er thought while perking up her adorable face, and suddenly said: “Since it is so, Young Master, why not we go check out what’s happening at Cong Hong Chang’s side?”

“Check? What’s there to check? Although my Heavenly Scale Divine Eye can see through cultivation, it cannot see through the barrier.” Su Yun replied.

There were no treasures in the Sky Martial Continent that could see through a barrier, or maybe no one was willing to create such a useless treasure.

“Young master, don’t worry, Qing’er learnt a secret technique in the Snow Jade Palace, and can easily catch anything that happens in a distance of 10 li around me!”

With that, Qing’er went into a meditative stance, her hands swayed gently around like water-lilies, her ten slender fingers moved delicately, causing people who were watching to feel an itch in their hearts, to have the urge to immediately grab her hands to play.

A layer of frosty mist appeared between Qing’er’s fingers, her lips moved faintly, as she muttered a chant, and then at the end, she finished it with: “Bind!”

Crack crack crack crack!

The frosty mist congealed and transformed into a bright crystal ice mirror.

Qing’er then extended her finger onto the mirror and drew a few symbols, and in a moment, an image appeared in the mirror.

It was Cong Hong Chang and Zhang Hu inside the image!

Su Yun’s eyes widened as he looked at the image in the mirror.

At the moment, all of the poisonous thorns were removed, and Zhang Hu was lying beside Cong Hong Chang.

Although Zhang Hu’s expression was one of pain, his eyes for Cong Hong Chang was brimming with lust.

“Sister Hong Chang, how do you plan to save me?” Zhang Hu whose entire body was black asked weakly.

“Big brother Zhang Hu, don’t be anxious, we are a man and woman alone here now, if you speak like that, you’ll make me embarrassed.” Cong Hong Chang glanced down at Zhang Hu, and spoke with an alluring voice.

Her eyes, and with the way she spoke, any man would not be able to tolerate it.

At this time, Zhang Hu suddenly sat up with strength that came from nowhere, he resisted the pain and hugged Cong Hong Chang.

“Little Sister Hong Chang, this big brother is unable to hold it back anymore! Quickly treat me, this big brother is feeling terrible.”

Cong Hong Chang acted shyly in Zhang Hu’s embrace and said with displease: “Big brother Zhang, you are so mean! Quickly lie down, stop aggravating your wounds, if you really become wounded, this little sister’s heart will be in pain!”

Cong Hong Chang’s mouth seemed to be covered in honey, causing Zhang Hu’s heart to feel extremely good, he could not be bothered with the pain anymore, but of course he immediately listened to the beauty, and obediently laid down.