Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 317
Black Prison Forest

In the sky.

Two people stepped on a pitch black longsword and soared through the sky quickly.

The clouds swept by them quickly, and grand birds soared beneath their feet.

Cold wind blew endlessly, causing their robes to flutter and ruffle.

“Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! We need to keep flying and leave this place!”

Ling Qing Yu’s anxious voice kept on coming out from the Sword Sheath.

Su Yun was perspiring all over while flying and controlling the Death Sword, he asked: “Qing Yu, what’s going on? Why are you so anxious to leave?”

“If you don’t leave, you will not make it!”

Ling Qing Yu immediately said: “If you stay in Qin Creek, you will only be at risk, it is best for you to leave! Understand?”

“Understand what?”

“You’re really an idiot, you still don’t get it? Regardless of whether it was the power bestowed by the Death Sword or the power absorbed from the Spirit Demon Emperor, they are not power that you cultivated out by your own!”

“What does that matter, furthermore, I am already a third stage of the Spirit Star Realm cultivator, even if I stay in Qin Creek, other than the three lords, who would dare to do anything against me?”

“That’s where you are wrong.” Ling Qing Yu shook her head: “Power taken from others are still powers from outside, and is basically different from power that you cultivated yourself, it is like a bag that can only carry 50 jin of weight, but forced to carry another 100 jin of weight, although it is already heavy enough, but the consequences are not just as simple as it sounds!”

(TN: 1 jin is about 0.5 kg)

“What you mean is….”

“Although your cultivation is now at the third stage of the Spirit Star Realm, your body is far from strong enough to contain it. Furthermore, the power is from a technique that was forcibly snatched from others. If I am not wrong, when the power bestowed to you by the Death Sword disappears, you will most probably….”



Before Ling Qing Yu could finish her sentence, Su Yun’s eyes rolled back, he suddenly became strengthless, and immediately fell amidst the black out.

The Death Sword wavered, and finally dropped from the sky.

Seeing this, Qing’er immediately caught Su Yun’s body, grabbed onto the Death Sword, activated her Profound Spirit Qi, then slowed down the impact of falling and landed into a forest.

She immediately placed Su Yun on the ground and checked on him. After finding out that he had just fainted, she heaved a sigh of relief.

After a while, Su Yun gradually opened his eyes, seeing Qing’er’s haggard face sitting and guarding him by his side, his heart ached.

“Qing’er, what happened? What happened to me?”

“Young master, you fainted. Big sister Qing Yu said that when the power that the Death Sword granted you disappears, your body will be unable to bear the stress from going through so many battles, and will definitely faint, so she anxiously made you escape while using the time before the power from the Death Sword disappears. Young Master had used the mystical techniques of the Evil Realm, adding that the Death Sword is such a miraculous sword, you will definitely attract the animosity and jealousy of others. Whether or not Qin Creek knows the right and wrong of the matter, if you stay, even if Yuwen Xiao Lin, Ye Liao and the rest does not find trouble with Young Master, there is no guarantee that the rest would not, so it is the best choice to leave earlier! If you had fainted in Qin Creek, the consequences would be inconceivable.”

“Ling Qing Yu is right!”

Su Yun nodded his head and breathed with difficulty. He took a deep breath, then put the Death Sword back in its Sword Sheath. He sat down leaning against a tree: “Now that the Death Sword’s seal has been removed, it is no longer an ordinary Primal Sword, it is currently much stronger than the Twin Swords, and while fighting against the Spirit Demon Emperor, I relied on the Sprite’s shadow’s consummate technique ‘Reverse Yin Yang Dragon Art’ to steal the Spirit Demon Emperor’s cultivation, resulting in the unprecedented swelling in my body. I already could not sustain the power of the Death Sword, and to even last till now is considered a miracle! I have thought about it, but at that time, too many things were happening, so in the end, I overlooked it!”

Initially, Su Yun thought that it was a good time to use the ‘Reverse Yin Yang Dragon Art’ to absorb the Spirit Demon Emperor’s cultivation. After all, not everyone knew the Spirit Demon Emperor’s ‘Spirit Extraction Divine Technique’, adding that his own fleshly body was too weak, by drawing external power without restraint, it would only result in his death with his body exploding. To absorb energy and raise his cultivation all the way to the third stage of the Spirit Star Realm was already a miraculous matter.

Now that the Death Sword had been unsealed, its might had been amplified. I have absorbed the Spirit Demon Emperor’s cultivation, and my body is incapable of containing the Profound Spirit Force. I will need to temper and train my body for the coming days, to be able to at least use the Death Sword and avoid injuring my body and destroying my cultivation.

“Oh right, where’s Qing Yu?” Su Yun suddenly asked.

“Big sister Qing Yu said she would return to the Limitless Sword Sheath to rest, and she does not want us to disturb her!”

(TN: I have changed Everlasting Sword Sheath to Limitless Sword Sheath)


After using the Contracted Victory Sword and after the long wear and tear, Ling Qing Yu had suffered much.

Every time Ling Qing Yu had just recovered, he would have to use her sword, and always made things difficult for her. Su Yun was feeling very guilty, and thought to make it up to her.

“Young master, the mystical techniques of the Evil Realm, did you learn it from over there?”

Just then, Qing’er suddenly asked.

“Yes!” Su Yun nodded his head, after a slight hesitation, he then told her about the majority of what had happened in the Evil Realm.

Qing’er listened attentively. After a long while, she smiled, and then held onto Su Yun’s hands with her small hand, and said gently: “Young Master, no matter what you turn into or look like, Qing’er doesn’t care, regardless of whether you are human or an Evil Realm being, Qing’er will always stay by your side!”


Su Yun was extremely touched.

Thinking about the torment and deprivation they had suffered, his heart sighed endlessly.

But after leaving the Su Family and finally meeting after being separated for so long, they felt that everything was over.

“Young Master, let us find a place where there is no one but us, and avoid all the wars and struggles, so we can live the lives we have always wanted to live!”

Qing’er said gently, her eyes filled with the longing. For so many years, so many nights, she had been looking forward to it.


Su Yun nodded his head: “But before that, I need to look for Sacred Sky Mountain, and revive Sword Elder.”

Su Yun never forgot the kindness Sword Elder had for him, and regardless of anything, he need to look for Sacred Sky Mountain, and look for the Limitless Sword Sect.

Qing’er nodded her head adorably. Although the two of them had just broken away from the danger zone, but for some reason, Qing’er felt that she was in the best time of her life.

“Young Master, where do we go now? Are we going to look for Sacred Sky Mountain now?”

“I do not know where Sacred Sky Mountain is, and to look for it blindly is a waste of time. I do not have any clues to start from, and can only take one step at a time. Truth to be told, we still have to be careful of the Su Family and the Profound Sky Sect! But now that I have the Spirit Demon Emperor’s power, my own strength has increased, and the Profound Sky Sect should not be able to do anything to us!”


Qing’er nodded her head, it was the first time she became aware that her Young Master was so reliable.


Just then, an extremely soft sound came out.

“There’s people!”

Su Yun tensed up.

Qing’er’s delicate and small ears pricked up, she listened for a moment, then said: “There’s a ninth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivator, and other Spirit Soul Realm cultivators of various stages! There a total of five of them!”

Upon hearing that, Su Yun was secretly surprised: “Qing’er, you are able to sense their cultivation?”

“This is a consummate technique I learned in the Snow Jade Palace, I am able to hear the undulations in the remnants of a person’s Profound Spirit Qi, and then I can discern from there.” Qing’er’s face flushed red, and said: “Comparing against Young Master’s techniques, this is just a small skill.”

“All of those are from treasures, I do not have much talent.” Su Yun laughed, then said: “Then Qing’er, that Snow Jade Palace, how do you plan to resolve it?”

“I will write a letter and have someone send it back to the sect, and inform the Palace Master.” Qing’er sighed: “To avoid the people from the Profound Sky Sect, I hid inside the Palace and went under the tutelage of the Palace Master. The Palace Master saw that I have talent, and planned to use me, she wants to groom me and use me to marry into the Ink Blade Pavilion. I know about all of those, but I did not stop her, I was thinking to leave after the Mountain River List ranking competition was over, and since It has already ended, and I have obtained the top 100 rank for the Snow Jade Palace, It can be considered thanking her!”

Hearing what she had said, Su Yun was slightly pissed off: “That Palace Master of Snow Jade Palace actually wants to marry you off? How can she do that? Even if you want to marry, it should be to me!”

Su Yun is an earnest person, but to blab his mouth off in front of Qing’er with those words, it immediately made her face flush red, and she instantly lowered her head, showing her shyness.

Su Yun was not the least bit ashamed.

But it was not the time for them to chat idly, because the footsteps were heading towards them.

The two of them had sensed the five of them, and naturally the five would have sensed something as well.

It was a quiet forest, why were there so many Spirit Soul Realm experts? If it was back in Qin Creek, it was more probable, the matter between the Mountain River List and the Spirit Demons had caused a din in the Sky Martial Continent, and many experts had gathered at Qin Creek. Even the peak experts who had been in seclusion for so long all rushed over, causing the Spirit Star Realm to not look like an unreachable place anymore.

The two of them stood up, and looked further deeper into the forest, to see the five people walking over.

“Qing’er, do you know where this is?”

Su Yun asked.

“Young Master had flown for around half an hour, Qing’er has estimated that this should be the Mongol West Zone.” Qing’er said.

“The Mongol West Zone is very far from Qin Creek.”

Su Yun muttered.

Just then, the five of them came closer.

The two of them looked over and looked at the small group of three males and two females. The men were more ordinary looking, one of them looked extremely frail and extremely unremarkable, but no one could tell that he was the strongest out of the five. He was the ninth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivator.

The other two men were more sturdy looking, the flat top man was a fourth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivator, and the other man with a pigtail at the back of his head was a fifth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivator.

The two ladies were weaker, at the third stage Spirit Soul Realm. One of them was in simple clothes, and looked to be older at the age of 30-40. The other lady was completely in contrast of her, she was extremely alluring, her figure was flawless, her butt was raised and perked up, her purple clothes wrapping tightly around her body, as though everything was being flaunted. Her eyes were enchanting and seductive, and her red lips were raised slightly, causing every single one of the men to think that she had something for them.

Out of the three males, other than the ninth stage Spirit Soul cultivator, the other two were occasionally running up and down the woman’s body with their eyes.

“Oh! I still thought it was a wild beast, I never thought that there would be a sneaky couple here! Hehehe, the two of you actually chose the Black Prison Forest to be unfaithful, there certainly is the mood, ah!”

The beautiful lady smiled and said. But when she looked at Su Yun, her eyes immediately lit up, and she walked a few steps closer: “Oh, this brother is rather handsome, who are you under? What Sect are you from?”

“Who are you guys?”

Qing’er asked.

When she spoke, all of them all looked to her, and seeing her beautiful and delicate features, they were all praising in their hearts: A beauty unmatched in her generation.

(TN: There is another phrase complimenting her about her bright eyes and white teeth, but seriously, white teeth? So I left it out)

Although the charming lady was also beautiful, but in terms of bearing, she was incomparable to Qing’er. However, she was not annoyed by it and still maintained her smile.

“We are all from various sects, why are the two of you here?”

Just then, the ninth stage Spirit Soul expert spoke out, his eyes had a look of prudence, as though he was worried about something.